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१९९९ साली, एन.डी.टी.व्ही ला दिलेल्या मुलाखतीत बाळासाहेब म्हणाले होते, 'ज्या माणसाचा (शरद पवार) वाजपेयी सरकारच्या पाडण्यात हात आहे, त्या माणसासोबत मी (शिवसेना) जाणार नाही'' !
आणि त्यांनी त्या वेळेला 'स्काउंड्रल' (बदमाश, बेभरवशी) असा शब्द प्रयोग राष्ट्रवादी काँग्रेस च्या सर्वेसर्वांबद्दल केला होता. बाळासाहेबांनी, त्यांच्या हयातीत तरी कधी, शरद पवारांसोबत, राजकीय हातमिळवणी केली नाही कारण त्यांना ज्ञात होतं कि जिथे
यांचा हात लागतो तिथे ज्याच्या सोबत हात मिळवला जातो त्याचा ऱ्हास होतो !
भाजपा आणि शिवसेने मध्ये सुरुवातीपासून वाद होते का ? ह्या प्रश्नच उत्तर निश्चितच 'हो' असं आहे, आणि यात काहीही वावगं नाही, कारण दोन राजकीय पक्ष म्हणलं कि मतभेद हे होणारच !
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1/2 "#COVID-19 infection, including long-COVID, is associated with increased short- and long-term risks of #CVD and mortality."

#cardiovascular #disease #health #COVID19 #SARSCoV2
2/2 "Ongoing monitoring of #signs and #symptoms of developing these #cardiovascular #complications #post #diagnosis and up till at least a year post recovery may benefit infected patients, especially those with #severe #disease."

#PASC #LongCovid
1/2 "Compared to #uninfected individuals, the likelihood of #COVID-19 patients dying was up to 81 times higher in the first three weeks of infection and remained five times higher up to 18 months later."

#SARSCoV2 #COVID19 #cardiovascularhealth
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@elonmusk Hey, girl, you up?


You don't have 1/1000th of the strength and resilience of any woman on social media.

And you're never up.

(Don't believe what the girls you pay for their company tell you; it doesn't happen every single time "To all guys.")

Quinncy on Post.
How was your trip to the bosses, veruca musk?

Did they spank you for being a fucking sweaty loser at your job?

Did they tell you that your evil father is laughing at you from hell?

Or did they just remind you what happens to employees who disappoint them?

Hey, veruca.

Friend saw this thread and asked a great question.

Is that where your father crammed the blood emeralds which are the only reason you got powerful jobs to begin with?

Because that's a fuckton of emeralds.


Am on #Post as Quinncy.
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#covidlong : 1er webinaire de nos amis suisses des @Hopitaux_unige et de @UnisanteVD destiné aux #physiothérapeutes, animé par @mayssamnehme et avec la participation de
🔹#FrancisMcGuire @my_physio qui a expliqué la façon dont il prend en charge les patients et notamment :
❌pas de squat ou de burpee
❌pas de programme tout fait qui ne respecterait pas le patient et sa forme le jour où il est présent
❌pas de travail à haute intensité
❌pas de test susceptible de développer des #MPE (malaises post effort)
❎un programme adapté au patient
❎importance du soutien psychologique
❎des attentes correctes et correspondant aux possibles
❎la tenue d'un journal de bord au début pour comprendre ce qui pour le patient engendre de la fatigue (cognitive - planification, concentration,
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@shank4556 Disclosure has been acted out upon the world stage for the last 7 years. Everything from 2012 on has been scripted to ACTO OUT DECLASS in real time—SHOWING what was happening for as long as it has been, How [they] did it all, got away with it all & #WHY it all was done.
@shank4556 ALMOST Everything you see happening in the world today, for the last 7 years has been what you would read on A piece of paper when declassed/disclosure .. The disclosures documents is the script, using good & bad actors wearing masks, SHOWING/ACTING out the past ..
@shank4556 Most of The people are thinking DECLASS that’s being acted out is reality .. It’s not reality, it’s what the people want to know but the blind have been leading the blind ..

How many times have I said if you’re not rich, famous, a politician, have A blue check mark NOTHING one-
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[1/9] Starker Post zum Thema @FlareNetworks #API-Portal! 💪

Die Schnittstelle schlechthin um z.B. über #HTTP-#GET (+#POST) Anfragen, Zustände (#States) der angefragten #Blockchains (+#DLTs) zu erhalten

Mein praktisches Beispiel für die Zukunft: Ein 🧵
[2/9] Für alle die meine Zusammenfassung zur #FlareNetworks x #GoogleCloudTech (#GCP) Partnerschaft verpasst hatten, hier der Deepdive:

[3/9] Ich pflege derzeit für ein Portfolio von Assets (#Cash, #Immobilien, #Aktien, #Edelmetalle und #Krypto) eine selbstgebastelte Excel, die mir per API, je nach Wunsch, aktualisierte Zahlen liefert 💪 Types of Investments: Stock...
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#post : बुडत्याला काडीचा आधार, कॉंग्रेस ची सध्याची परिस्थिती !

काँग्रेस समर्थकांसारखे बुद्धिहीन आणि बावळट लोक या पृथ्वीतलावर कोणीही नाही हे त्यांनी आणि त्यांची ५२ वर्षाच्या चिरतरुण नेत्याने कायम सिद्ध केलं आहेच आता ते तसंच काल पासून करत आहेत. 1/7
जगात घडलेल्या कुठल्याही राजकीय घडामोडीची संपूर्ण कल्पना यांना असते असा भाव मनात बाळगून हे त्यावर टिपण्या करत फिरत असतात. काल ऋषी सुनक याने इतिहास घडवत ब्रिटन मधील सर्वात मोठ्या राजकीय पदावर अर्थात पंतप्रधान पदावर तो रूढ झाला. 2/7
या गोष्टीमुळे भारतीयांना आनंद व्हावा अथवा दुःख वाटावं असं काहीही नाहीये !

पण काँग्रेस समर्थक या घटनेचा आधार घेत इटालियन बाईला भारताने कसं स्वीकारलं नाही हे दिवाळीमध्ये शिमगा करत सांगत बसले आहेत. 3/7
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“What Is #LongCOVID—and How Are We Going to Solve It? This potentially life-altering post-viral syndrome may have affected as many as 23 million Americans (and counting)”

Contains quite a bit of discussion about #MEcfs…


1/ Image

“We’re starting to gain more understanding of what’s driving #longCOVID & who is most at risk, & the more we understand, the more it will help us get a grip on similar chronic illnesses, like #MECFS, that have been largely ignored for far too long” - @VirusesImmunity

“In those who felt ill from #postCOVID19 syndrome for at least six months, the most common symptoms were fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, & post-exertional malaise (a triad that besets many people with #MECFS), according to the study” of 3762 patients by @patientled

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#POST : राजपथ ते 'कर्तव्यपथ' !🇮🇳
इंद्रप्रस्थ असल्यापासून ते न्यू दिल्ली पर्यंतचा या शहराचा आणि शहरामुळे संपूर्ण भारताचा प्रवास हा मोठा रोमांचक आहे हे वेगळे सांगणे गरजेचे नाही. दिल्लीने अनेक राजवटी पहिल्या.
स्वकीय, परकीय अश्या सगळ्या राजवटींना स्वतःमध्ये सामावून घेत असताना या शहराचे स्वतःचे अस्तित्व काही प्रमाणात धूसर झाले असे म्हणणे वावगे ठरणार नाही.
मुघल आले त्यांनी इथली नवे बदलली, शहरांची नावे स्वतःच्या राजवटीला साजेशी आणि केवळ साजेशीच आहेत म्हणून नाही तर स्वतःचे वर्चस्व गाजवण्यासाठी म्हणून बदलली.
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People are getting more web3 jobs on Discord than on LinkedIn or Twitter.

5 Discord servers to join in order to kickstart your web3 career.

A Thread 🧵
1. metaintro

Metaintro is a Discord server solely dedicated to web3 jobs.

A ton of opportunities for developers, designers, community managers, writers etc.
2. Pyme

Pyme is a marketplace for hiring and work in web3. Check out the #jobs channel in this discord.
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#post #edit #postchat pro tip: As an editor, possibly the greatest separator between “pro” and “not pro” is how you deal with notes. A thread: (1/
If you are hired to edit content (scripted, reality, doc, trailers, promos... anything), you will be given notes by the “stakes holders” (producers/directors, but I've been given notes by PA's, accountants, lawyers, writers, spouses, friends, strangers, security guards...). (2/
(For the uninitiated, “notes” are changes/revisions that the people paying you to edit want to see in their program). (3/
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The Evolution of a #PhantomBlockade

1/ Dec-June
UN - Impending famine
GOE - No famine
TPLF - There is already famine

2/ June
UN - Impending famine
GOE - Humanitarian ceasefire
TPLF - Ceasefire is a joke
3/ July
UN - Aid needs to get to Tigray
GOE - We need to check the trucks
TPLF - Invade Afar

4/ August- September
UN - Aid needs to get to Tigray
GOE - Will cut number of chk points
TPLF - Will Invade Amhara & massacre civillains
5/ Sept
UN - Our trucks are missing
GOE - No backlog of trucks on the road to Tigray
TPLF - Fuel shortage, drivers refused
UN - TPLF says 'no fuel, no drivers' but road is safe

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VK, Jr., Question 4 you both... Can we please change their Diapers now?They are FULLY LOADED and so many people/children are really starting to stink up the place pretty badly. What they were all SHOWn these last 2 days, does not matter. Nothing will ever be good enough until it
comes from one of you..
The saviors of mankind = the Military & They are the only ones I truly speak to on here daily, maybe A few others too. The people most of the time but in or complain because they don't understand what is being left for them to figure out.

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#LongCOVID19 thread.
Even only #chronicSmellingLoss #Anosmia can be devastating emotionally:
Affected people loose any enjoyment in domains like food, ignore bad smelling warnings of many hazards, can become anxieux about body odours or house odours they aren't aware of ect.1/
Besides, a #MaxPlanKInstitute team got data suggesting #chronicSmellingLoss means brain access: " #SARSCoV2 can enter the nervous system by crossing the neural–mucosal interface in olfactory mucosa..penetrating defined neuroanatomical areas.."2/ #LongCOVID…
NB: Authors also suggest the existence of "other mechanisms or routes of viral entry into the brain " As we were able to detect #SARSCoV2 RNA in some individuals in CNS regions that have no direct connection to the olfactory mucosa..." #LongCOVID 3/…
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#11Sep #Economía #Post-Covid19 #Venezuela | El economista Luis Vicente García (.@lvgarciag) explica cómo podría ser la economía en Venezuela en el 2021. #EnVivo
#11Sep #Economía #Post-Covid19 #Venezuela | .@lvgarciag: En Venezuela vamos a tener una economía que se va a seguir reduciendo, hay empresas que tendrán que redefinir, porque nuestro modelo de negocios ha cambiado. #EnVivo
#11Sep #Economía #Post-Covid19 #Venezuela | .@lvgarciag: Sí hay productos y servicios que se necesitan en Venezuela. Realmente hay empresas que cambian su línea de producción, así que hemos tenido cambios por ejemplo, el delivery. #EnVivo
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#Demystifying #EIANotification Part III (Cont)

Today we deal with #Post EC #Monitoring.

All #Prior #Environment #Clearance (EC) letters to projects carry #Conditions that a #Project #Proponent (PP) is required to fulfill during
a) Construction phase
b) Operation phase
c) Post operation phase (especially in cases of mining projects)

It is extremely important that these conditions are not only available in public domain but that public is actively involved in the #Monitoring thereof.

#EIA2006 and #DraftEIA2020 provide that
In respect of Category ‘A’ project, it shall be mandatory for the #PP to make public the #EC granted for their project along with d conditions and safeguards at their cost by prominently advertising it at least in two local newspapers of d district or State where d project+
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/08/2020-2…

The radical technologies to keep offices clear of coronavirus | Free to read | Financial Times…

#technologies #offices #radical #coronavirus
Evictions likely to skyrocket this summer as jobs remain scarce. Black renters will be hardest hit. - The Washington Post… 

#jobs #renters #summer
The Metaverse Is Coming And It’s A Very Big Deal… 

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LOVERS of SENIOR DOGS: JUPITER 91957, 10y, abandoned on street, HI PRIORITY, #nycacc, NH only! A sweet guy who may need a bit of time & understanding (& snacks) 2 warm up! SEE 3 VIDS! Can look serious but tail wagging! Walks nicely on leash, & got BLUE behav from vet: v good! ⬇️
JUPITER 91957, 10y, #nycacc: SOS also = SaveOurSeniors! He so deserves a GRT LOVING 🏠, maybe w/you? No kids <13, per ACC. 2 #adopt or #foster, PLS PM 4 ASST now on FB 2: DogsLivesMatter-SavingNYCDogs, OR✏️ OR APPLY DIR 2 Rescues! HELP HIM! #RT #sh🆘
TO #pledge to help SAVE JUPITER 91957, #nycacc, pls go 2 his FB page, or 2 @TomJumboGrumbo!
PLS #RT #share #adopt #foster #post #pledge C’mon, let’s help sweet senior JUPITER 2 leave ACC! He’s been waiting! 🆘🆘🆘
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Henri Bergson (1859-1941) and his processual approach to self, matter, creativity, intuition and free will had an influence not just on continental philosophy but also on #existentialism and #personalism in the #Islamicate milieu - a thread on #postcolonial #Bergson 1/ ImageImageImage
I first came across #Bergson notions of creativity, duration and time in the work of Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938) in his Reconstruction (my copy as an undergrad) and Bedil in the Light of Bergson… 2/ ImageImageImage
Years later I came across the work of Souleymane Bachir Diagne and Abdennour Bidar (b. 1971) that indicated the abiding #postcolonial interest in #Bergson #Iqbal and #Lahbabi 3/ ImageImageImage
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🔎📝 Guía para triunfar con tu TFG / TFM / tesis

🎓⚡Cómo plantear el tema de manera correcta:…

#genially #doitgenially #blog #tesis #TFG #TFM
🎓⚡Consejos para formular los objetivos y las hipótesis:…

#genially #doitgenially #blog #trucos #consejos #universidad
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WEF coverage on #COVID19 is like a lesson learned of the #TheLeft championing #Globalist ideals thru the lens of COVID19 (catalyst) climate (destination)

#GlobalistLeft view the pandemic as a stepping stone to change policies on health, social, economics

#thread ...
Jun 2019: A new agreement with WEF World Economic Forum gave multinational corporations influence over matters of global governance. #WEF & #UN signed a memo of understanding to partner with each other. UN quietly turned itself into a public-private partnership
2008 Labour #British PM Gordon Brown & #French President Nicolas Sarkozy made calls for a new International Governance System for a (#WEF Global Redesign) to overhaul the int'l financial architecture” akin to the 1944 Bretton Woods…
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1 @PMOIndia. #POST CORONA BHARAT. New Bharat United Bharat. Top Priority, Request Unite India Economically, Socially, Politically, Morally & Ethically. Responsibility, Authority & Accountability should be d policy Direction for all aspects of Governance & functioning of Bharat.
2. It is time now to introduce Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in the Country for all Citizens of India. Need to ensure strict obedience of UCC, rule of Law and Constitution of India. Poverty eradication through efficient economic policies where all Strata of Society get boost.
3. Introduce reforms for all Central Police Organisations (CPOs) earliest. Ex DGP Shri Prakash Singh Committee Recommendations for Police Reforms be made effective immediately. Mil. Uniforms & colours of transport be forbidden for all other Security Agencies at earliest. Jai Hind
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