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Wagner is engaged on multiple fronts, but its battlefield worth is in question—most recently in a seemingly unending & futile attempt at capturing #Bakhmut. But why would a famed outfit struggle so much?

A new look at #WagnerPMC



1 of 48 PART ONE: In the Shadows  W...
Studies on #Wagner, a unofficial quasi-state military apparatus, illustrate #Kremlin shadow efforts aimed at enabling foreign policy objectives.

Simply, Wagner brings to bear the levers of organized violence where (official) #Russian forces cannot.

This violence is an enabling force, but also a restrictive one. It is, in effect, Wagner's primary capability.

All other internal efforts (media, power-projection, political maneuvering) are oriented towards enabling and maintaining this capability.

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152mm Giatsint-B Howitzers in #Lugansk
Chechen Special Ministry of the Interior Regiment soldiers in #Popasnaya, Donbas region, a city where a battle is currently ongoing ImageImageImageImage
#RussiaUkraine #Mi8
Reportedly remains of one (of the two) UKR Mi-8 helicopters that took part in the attack on a village in #Bryansk Region (Russia) on April 14, was shot down by a S-400 SAM system on it's way back
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Report from the #Azovmash factory in #Mariupol, which was one of the UKR strongholds in the city
#RussiaUkraine #Denazification #AzovRegiment
Senior Lieutenant Vitaly Gritsaenko, the deputy commander of "Azov" in Mariupol with call sign "Gogol" was killed Image
Near #Nikolaev as a result of shelling a factory and warehouses caught fire
The name of the company is not disclosed by the Ukrainian media.. The area effected by fire is 900 sq.m ImageImageImageImage
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The previously mentioned Mikhail Podolyak was quick to use the #Bucha "massacre" to ask for more weapons
It's worth noting that the Rus Army left the town on Mar 30,,,,4 days ago but footage appeared only today
#UAV footage of a strike on a Ukr target during the battle for #Izum at the end of March
#LPR Artillery....some awards given to distinguished crews
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#RussiaUkraine #Mariupol
Rus MOD:
1 x Mi-8 was shot down & crashed near the village of Rybatskoye.

2nd Mi-8 was damaged by a missile hit, flew towards the sea, but crashed 20 kilometers from the shore.
Interestingly, trophee Stinger Manpads were used
There were 15 KIA at the Mi-8 crash site and 2 x WIA.
Reports that the deputy commander of the #Mariupol defence with call sign "Kalina" was onboard are not confirmed atm
Video of interrogation of one of the wounded survivors
#RussiaUkraine #Volunteers
Volunteers from all over Russia who signed up to go to Ukraine undergoing training at a training centre in #Chechnya
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@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
The deputy commander of the Ukr 503rd Independent Marine Infantry Btn has been captured in #Mariupol. He say the remnants of the unit have broken up in small groups to try to make it through the blockade
@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
Georgian Dato Gobedzhishvili & Belorussian Dmitry Apanasovich from the "Georgian Legion" have reportedly been killed at #Irpen near #Kiev ImageImage
@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
First footage of combat use of the new #ISDM Remote Mining System in the #Kharkov area
More info in link…
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#Ukraine Volunteer Breaks Down, Finds Out #War Is Not a Video Game


via @YouTube & @richimedhurst
Let me offer a 3rd pint, middle ground position, to the dichotomy raised by @richimedhurst in recruitment of these mercenaries for Ukraine.

I say this as one who has recruited staff for many emergency relief ops (tho not mercenaries) in #Africa and #MENA. 1/n
3rd point*
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#DPR Tank duelling with Ukr AT Missile crews
#RussiaUkraine #Chechens
Footage of Chechens during street fighting in #Mariupol
The launchers they're firing seem to be disposable RPO-A with thermobaric rounds
#RussiaUkraine #Chechens
Chechen unit in a large weapons depot they captured in #Zaporozhye Region
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#LPR troops during the night conducted successful battles against Ukrainian nationalists from several directions inside Severodonetsk and Rubezhnoye, - the Russian Defense Ministry
This is in the same general area as the attached post
#RussiaUkraine #Su25
#RuAF Su-25 in Ukr ...night footage
(Repost...better quality video)
The Russian Defense Ministry will soon provide new information about the work of American biological laboratories in Ukraine and developments in the field of biological weapons.
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NEW: #Russia "Advances continue to be generally stalled" near #Kyiv, per a senior US defense official

"No tangible progress" but rear forces are being moved forward, per official

#Ukrainians still holding town of #Brovary to the east, per official

#Mariupol isolated w/#Russia forces north & east of the city, per a senior US defense official

#Mykolaiv - no major changes/Russian forces still outside the city, per official

#Odesa-US observing more naval activity & shelling nearby likely by Russian warships, per official
US not seeing indications YET of #Russia|n amphibious assault targeting #Odesa, despite the increased naval shelling, per a senior US defense official
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Local media reports that the UAF troops from the territory of Ukraine launched a rocket at #Belgorod, which is a Russian city near the border with Ukr. It was reportedly shot down
Captured UAF Manpad and #NLAW in the #Kiev area ImageImageImageImage
The Rus Army captured a large UAF field camp in the #Kherson region with large quantities of supplies and equipment
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First use:
#USA in the #Vietnam #War, called "#Napalm".
The TOS-1 Buratino is a Russian self-propelled multiple rocket launcher (MRLS) that saw action in global hotspots like Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq & Syria:

via @YouTube
#Thermobaric #Weapons, mostly ground based,
but also via aerial Bombings -USA Vietnam,
are used against an enemy that is #Dug-in:
#Fortifications, #Bunkers, #Forests & #Cities.
#Russia didn't use them yet, to #Protect civilians:
TOS1: No Joke
via @YouTube
Russia deploys its deadliest weapon near Ukraine:
- #TOS-1 #Thermobaric rocket launcher.

The appearance of #NATO military, #Militants & #Mercenaries in the area #Bordering Ukraine,
forced #Russia to deploy heavy #Flame #Throwing systems:

via @YouTube
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Étant d'origine Russe, ayant de la famille sur place, j'en ai plus que marre du #RussianBashing des médias français, et des occidentaux moralisateurs en général. Que dirait les USA si la Russie allait installer des bases opérationnelle avancées au Mexique et à Cuba ? 1/2
De plus, n'oublions pas que les accords de Minsk ne concerne que les territoires de la Crimée et du Donbass. Les termes était l'arrêt de l'avancée des pro-russes au-delà de ces territoires. C'est ce qui a été fait. Poutine ne fait que reconnaître une république qui a déjà 8 ans.
Biden et les représentants de L'OTAN n'ont qu'à arrêter de prendre les gens pour des cons. N'avaient ils pas promis en 1989 de ne pas s'étendre en direction des frontières Russe ? Qui sème le vent, récolte la tempête.

#Ukraine #RussiaUkraineCrisis #Russia #UkraineCrisis #Donetsk
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Which is the greater military power: #PRC with 60,000 troops massed on India’s border(for ~2 years) or #RF with 100,000 troops massed on Ukraine border(for ~ 2 months)?
2/rus #Russian massing of troops around Ukraine is not just a message to #USA and #Europe, but also to #China and #India, not to write off its Military power & ability to use it; even though Russia’s economic power is now much less than that of USA, EU, China, India.🧐🤔
3/rus The #Russian’s have learned from the #PRC aggression against India in 2020, which rapidly lost credibility after Galwan. They have done everything to ensure that the threat of invasion is credible enough to achieve their coercive objectives without fighting.
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1. Sad to watch #Шустер today: While the Kremlin is amassing troops at the border of Ukraine, its political elite is drowning in a scandal around the aborted operation to catch 33 members of the notorious Wagner PMC.
2. The underlying assumption is that:
(a) the arrest of 33 Russian experienced and ruthless #mercenaries in a passenger plane would have been a successful operation with no collateral damage and civilian victims, as well as that
3. (b) such a successful operation would not have had led to a major escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian war, or other negative repercussions, such as a debate about the admissibility of secret operations endangering foreign civilians.
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1. Razminfo has found new evidence that #mercenaries from #Syria were located in #Azerbaijan and included in the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) of Azerbaijan.

2. The photos published on September 30th by Idlib Post (@IdlibEn) show armed men in new uniforms of SBGS of Azerbaijan. They are not shaved, which suggest that they are not SBGS troops.

3. The room where the #Syrian #mercenaries have taken the selfies is in the military unit of the SBGS of #Azerbaijan, located in #Horadiz. The same room was previously shown in 2015 TV report about that border military unit.

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#Azerbaijan #Turkey #Syria #NagornoKarabakh #Armenia #mercenaries

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented, over the last 48 hours, a spike in the death toll among Syrian mercenaries in the battles between Nagorno Karabakh, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
The new fatalities have risen to 36. Since the breakout of the battles in Azerbaijan, the death toll of Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries rose to 64 in total, while dozens of fighters were injured and went missing.
On the other hand, Turkish security companies and intelligence continue to transfer and train large numbers of members of Turkish-backed factions to fight in Azerbaijan.
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More and more rumours on #mercenaries, fighting on the side of #Azerbaijan in the current escalation over #NagornoKarabakh are coming out. There are #Turkmens from #Syria, brought to #Azerbaijan thanks to help of #Turkey. Let`s sum up some decontextualised facts. #THREAD 1/13
I mentioned this information on Sunday in that Thread: , after seeing a video showing masked fighters, going on the top of their pick-ups to the front, to fight against Armenians and shouting “Allah Akbar”. 2/13
The credibility of this info has been confirmed – their uniforms, equipment, spoken language etc. A little bit later @Reuters spoke with two of them:…, even gathering info about their salary (1500$/mounth) 3/13
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More info about detained in Belarus #WagnerGroup mercenaries is coming out. According to the Ukrainian media – it was planned for several months operation of Security Service of Ukraine #SBU. This story shows interesting trajectories of #ForeignFighters from Ukraine. #Thread 1/16
The aim of operation was to found and detain people responsible for shooting down the MH 17 plane in July, 2014 – both member of 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade of the Russian Federation and cooperating with them – so called pro-russian separatists (mainly mercenaries). 2/16
Operation has been planned and preparated for more than year by General Intelligence Board at Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine #SBU and war crimes department at Attorney General's Office of Ukraine. 3/16
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