As the old miner said to his donkey:" All the world's crazy except me and thee and sometimes I wonder even about thee"
4/cuckoo Miner to his donkey: "All the world is crazy except you and me, and sometimes I wonder even about you"
5/cuckoo (🐉)
6/cuckoo (🐍)
7/cuckoo #CCPapologist #IncrimentalImperialism #CreepingAcquisition "Defence is offence and Offence is Defence"
8/cuckoo says 🐉🐍 who vetoed India's membership of #NSG
9/cuckoo 🐉🐍 (thread)
10/cuckoo 🐉🐍 "Vinash kale, vipreet buddhi"
11/cuckoo 🐉🐍
12/cuckoo 🐉🐍
13/cuckoo 🐉🐍 critical thinking means supporting #CCPgenocide #CCP #religiousCleansing #EthenicCleansing
14/cuckoo 🐉🐍
16/cuckoo Grizzled old Miner to his donkey: "All the world is crazy except me and thee, and sometimes I wonder even about thee"
17/cuckoo 🐉🐍
18/cuckoo 🐉🐍
19/cuckoo 🐉🐍
20/cuckoo 🐉🐍
21/cuckoo 🐉🐍 "South China Sea and East China Sea are Chinese seas, Indian Ocean is not India's Ocean"
22/cuckoo 🐉🐍 "bully the bully"?
8/cuckoo 🐉🐍 #UK the world's 6th largest economy and #India the 5th largest economy (as of 2019) are, "relatively small places" that can be bullied.
9/cuckoo God 😇summoned me to the mount & handed me a map of #PRC, bordered on West by #West #China #Ocean (#WCO), formerly Atlantic, on East by #East #China #Ocean (#ECO), formerly Pacific, in South by South China Ocean(#SCO) & in North by NorthChinaOcean. All hail emperor Xi 🐉
10/cuckoo 🐉🐍 #CCPlogic
23/cuckoo🐉🐍 No role for People's republic of South Tibet or is it Peoples republic of South Nepal? One country two system?🤡
25/cuckoo 🐉🐍 As the old miner said to his trusty donkey "All the world's crazy, except me and you and sometimes i wonder even about you."
26/cuckoo 🐉🐍 #CCPlogic (Hint: Serious discussion of solutions to long-standing disputes creates problems, which "might is right" will take care of eventually)…
27/cuckoo 🐉🐍 🤡 "We ❤️#CCPPLA mafia's nail & barbed wire studded clubs😍🥰,"
29/cuckoo 🐉🐍 Old miner to his donkey: "All the world is crazy, except me and thee, and sometimes I wonder even about thee"
30/cuckoo 🐉🐍 Its "brilliant" when #CCP does it "madness" when others do the same thing:
31/cuckoo 🐉🐍 Insider leak🤡 says, "Three soldiers were killed on the Chinese border on July 15, when the lubricants in the jeep they were traveling in cumbusted spontaneously and blew up the petrol tank. Corruption is suspected in supply of lubricants"…
32/cuckoo 🐉🐍 MCP: "We ❤️ openness, diversity, and transparency" 🤡
33/cuckoo 🐉🐍 This is #Not about #Xinjiang or #Uighur(🤡)
34/cuckoo 🐉🐍 History is what the General Secretary of the Communist Party decrees it to be. With a mandate from Heaven, he can even change the time ordering of events (what came 1st, 2nd or 3rd).
36/cuckoo 🐉🐍 "I make the first move, after that we can meet half way" (puse, start all over again🤡):
37/cuckoo 🐉🐍PCP🤡:"CCPPLA has done stellar economic development work on the Indian border, the South China Sea & East China Sea, to lift millions out of poverty." 🤡
38/cuckoo 🐉🐍"we have helped India become a major power by vetoing it's (permenant) membership of #UNSC & #NSG, saved thm funds by stopping their patrolling in Pangong Tso+Depsang, & gifted them huge trade deficits, yet these wretches are ungrateful"🤡
39/cuckoo🐉🐍 "peaceful reunification of China" with "overseas chinese" lands & seas? (Hint: Overseas Chinese are found in Japan, Korea, Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Central asia)
40/cuckoo 🐉🐍#LFlo? don't! #CCPpla: "South China Seas is #China's sea, but Indian Ocean is not #India's Ocean"
11/cuckoo 🤡Diplomatically Protesting aggression🐉 is an illegal provocation🐍 #CCPgeobbles…
12/cuckoo 🐉🐍 (Hint : The number of murderers in HK has already doubled or tripled in last few months 🤓)
41/cuckoo 🐉🐍 Humpty Dumpty: When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less." "The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."🤓🤡
43/cuckoo 🤡 Guess who/what is lying🐍, the communist🐉 or the satellite pictures from march 2020 and June/July 2020?
44/cuckoo 🐉🐍#CCP The west has to unlearn Chinese post WW1 history, learnt from the #CCpcollaboraters and/or #CCPapologists!
45/cuckoo 🐉🐍 CCPchina (#CCPHK ) As the #CCP said to its pet snakes, "All the World is crazy except me & thee, and sometimes I wonder even about thee."
46/cuckoo 🐉🐍 "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less." "Q is," said Alice, "whether U can make words mean so many diff things." Old miner to his donkey, "All the world is crazy except me & u, & I wonder even about u"
47cuckoo So happy to have company in my lonely effort to shine the light on #CCPgeobbles 👍🏼
51/cuckoo 🐉🐍 #CCPchina "Ignorance is bliss" One can assert anything as it doesn't contradict anything one knows 🤓🤡

• • •

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18 Nov
Progress on restoring April 2020 status quo ante in Ladakh, was interrupted by IA thwarting 2 aggressive PLA patrols across LOC & Xi's fear of ultra-nationalist reaction (before elevation to top pantheon of CCP), resumes. 60% probability of PLA, Hot-spring withdrawal, by Dec 31
3/pla Traditionally #PLA #Creeping #Acquisition has been attempted between the dotted lines(👇🏼). Since August 2020 all such attempts have been #successfully #resisted. All reported construction is in areas under PLA control for decades(ie btwn top line & next dotted line)
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#India-#US bilateral military ties will continue to broaden and deepen, based on the overlap of national security interests!
2/indus #Inda-#US B2B is critical to long term cooperation in defence production and weapons development:
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An efficient #GST with high boyancy, needs uniform 15% rate on 3/4th of Goods & services, exemption(0%) on basic food, drugs, health services & education(~1/10 of G&S), & higher rates (avg 30% inclusive of cess) on cigarettes & Autos(~1/10th). Drop higher revenue/rate obsession
2/gst The #GSTcouncil's obsession with immediate revenue raising by increasing rates, is damaging macro economy, by negatively impacting MSME/informal employment, income & consumption, and doing long term damage to inclusive growth and sustained higher revenues for development
3/gst Though in normal circumstances I recommend revenue neutral reform, in current depressed environment, revenue negative reform of GST is preferable to revenue positive GST reform, because it will provide a demand stimulus which will quickly recover the short term revenue loss
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52/ru My view: "All farm subsidies must eventually be #integrated into a direct cash transfer (#DCT) system, which delivers subsidy directly into the mobile wallet of every farmer, farm laborer & farm household!"…
54/ru #Rural #Agricultural: Does Rule of law matter to #LIMPs? Regulatory framework for land:…
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13 Aug
Let there be no mistake about it(Ilusion/delusion): #USA lost to #Pakistan its first 21st century #Hybrid #war. #Taliban was merely an instrument! This defeat should by a case study on how to win a Hybrid war against a (powerful) democracy!
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13 Aug
The #Pakistan #Army learned the lessons from the #Vietnam war and carefully controlled the Western #narrative and the level of aggression in Afghanistan, the #US military apparently didn't, and lived in an imaginary wonderland created by its friends in Pakistan!
2/usa #BeAware: Unless #US foreign policy experts learn the correct lessons from the US post-war experience in the Indian sub-continent (& Asia more generally), they cannot be trusted to give sensible advise on S Asia to the US congress and US govt
3/usa This is solid competition for #CCP🤡, but #PRC will still win hands down! 🤓
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