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A thread about #whales🐳 in the latest @IPCC_CH report on climate.
1) We are already seeing, with a high level of confidence, reproductive failures and declining abundances due to warmer polar oceans and reduced sea ice.
2) North Atlantic Right and Gray whales are the two most vulnerable marine mammal species, both of whom are already critically endangered. #NARW
3) The extinction of the these #whale species (and reduction in others) will disproportionately eliminate unique and important evolutionary lineages as well as functional diversity, with consequent impacts THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MARINE ECOSYSTEM.
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Yo les kheys ! Apparemment c'est la saison des tops, donc à moi de vous proposer le mien. Voici les 13 #Crypto sur lesquelles je vais compter en 2022 avec mes réflexions perso et triées en 4 catégories de risque. Let's go 🧵

Avant de commencer, je rappelle quelques règles basiques 👇

✅ Ce n'est pas parce que je mise sur ces tokens que vous devez en faire de même, faites vos devoirs !

✅ Je peux parfaitement me planter, certains tokens peuvent partir au placard, donc gestion du risque !

✅ Inutile de venir me chercher parce que votre token favori est absent, c'est mon wallet et il ne bougera pas sauf quand je l'aurai décidé.

✅ Mes choix sont faits après des analyses techniques et fondamentales. Je ferai au mieux pour détailler ma démarche.

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Yo les kheys ! Nous y voilà, dernier jour d'une année 2021 qui aura été exceptionnelle à tous les niveaux. Je profite de cette occasion pour vous proposer mon bilan de l'année, mes échecs, mes réussites et mes objectifs pour 2022. Let's go 🧵
Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas, je suis arrivé relativement tard sur le marché crypto (fin Janvier 2021). Avant cela, j'étais surtout sur de l'investissement traditionnel (ETFs et assurance vie notamment) comme tout boomer qui se respecte (j'aurai 30 ans en Janvier).
J'avais déjà quelques connaissances sur la technologie de la blockchain, ayant rapidement travaillé sur le sujet lorsque j'étais chez Ubisoft, mais je ne m'étais jamais intéressé à l'aspect spéculatif de la chose.
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#رشتو #کریپتوکاوی
بهترین پروژه های حوضه Web3 به صورت خلاصه. توضیحات در ادامه رشتو.
از بهترین ها
پتانسیل بالا
Ocean, BTT, HNT
تحت بررسی
Arweave, RNDRD
1. Polkadot ( #DOT )
دات در سال 2016 توسط بنیانگذار #اتریوم گاوین وود تاسیس شد. از گاوین وود بخاطر ایده ی یک اینترنت غیر متمرکز بر بستر بلاکچین که سال 2014 آن را مطرح کرد به عنوان پدر وب3 یاد میشود.
هدف Polkadot این است که تأثیری انقلابی بر روی بلاک چین داشته باشد که به..
قابلیت همکاری واقعی، مقیاس پذیری تراکنش های بیشتر، نوآوری آسان تر و محیط امن تر که از همه محافظت می کند، بپردازد.

2.Kusama ( #KSM )
#کوساما که خود را "عموزاده وحشی پولکادات 🤣" توصیف می کند، یک پلت فرم آزمایشی بلاک چین است که برای ارائه یک چارچوب قابل همکاری و مقیاس پذیر
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The 24 Gurus in our life....a #Thread

In general, humans work hard to nurture religion, economic progress, sense satisfaction, and spiritual knowledge, with the goal of extending their lives, gaining reputation, and enjoying material riches.
श्रीब्राह्मण उवाच
सन्ति मे गुरवो राजन् बहवो बुद्ध्युपाश्रिता: ।
यतो बुद्धिमुपादाय मुक्तोऽटामीह तान् श‍ृणु ॥

Many spiritual gurus have protected me. I now travel the planet in a liberated state, having obtained transcendental wisdom from them. Pay attn as I explain them to you.
पृथिवी वायुराकाशमापोऽग्निश्चन्द्रमा रवि: ।
कपोतोऽजगर: सिन्धु: पतङ्गो मधुकृद् गज: ॥
मधुहाहरिणो मीन: पिङ्गला कुररोऽर्भक: ।
कुमारी शरकृत् सर्प ऊर्णनाभि: सुपेशकृत् ॥
एते मे गुरवो राजन् चतुर्विंशतिराश्रिता: ।
शिक्षा वृत्तिभिरेतेषामन्वशिक्षमिहात्मन: ॥
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#Web3 Nedir?
'İnternet Kültüründe bir değişimdir! Tek cümle ile internetin bir sonra ki çağı. Web3, demokratikleştirilmiş ve Merkeziyetsizleştirilmiş bir İnternete doğru bir paradigma kaymasıdır'

Web3 hizmet eden Projeler⬇️
1-)Web3 teknolojisini algılayabilmek için öncelikle daha önceki sürümleri Web-1 sonrasında Web-2 teknolojilerini hakim olmak gerekir.
2-)Web-1 İnternetin ilk aşaması ve kullanıcıların başlangıçta web ile etkileşime girme şekli ile karakterize edilebilir. Web 1.0’da çoğu kullanıcı, içeriğin pasif tüketicileriydi. Bir başka deyişle, Web 1.0 yazmakla değil; okumakla ilgiliydi. Dinamik değil, statikti.
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Models project that #ocean #phytoplankton will become increasingly starved of #nitrogen as #climatechange progresses.

If realised, this has implications for #fisheries.

But how can we monitor this change in the real ocean?

Nitrogen isotopes!
What are nitrogen (N) isotopes?

There is a heavy isotope (15-N) and a light isotope (14-N).

Some processes prefer to use 14-N more than 15-N. When phytoplankton use nitrogen, they prefer 14-N.

This increases the ratio of 15-N to 14-N in seawater.
But when N is scarce, phytoplankton have less preference.

Like if there was only one kind of pizza at a party, you don't have the option of being picky (you have to have the pineapple).

In this case, phytoplankton no longer increase the ratio of 15-N to 14-N in seawater.
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This tiny crab trapped in 100-million-year-old amber is the most complete fossil crab ever discovered! But how did a crab get trapped in amber in the first place? Here we tell you the story… #Science #Evolution #SciComm 1/n Image
Transitions from marine to non-marine environments (e.g., land, brackish & freshwater) are an infrequent even in most animal groups. And yet, true crabs, or #Brachyura, have done it independently over a dozen times! #ocean #freshwater #evolution 2/n Mangrove tree crab, Aratus ...
Amber is like a time capsule that preserves organisms like frozen in time. While most fossils in amber are land-dwelling animals—principally insects—, aquatic organisms such as crabs are extremely rare! #amber #jurassicpark #Cretaceous #Crabs Photo by @LidaXing1982 3/n Image
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The #WEF Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network (#C4IR) "develops, implements & scales up agile & human-centred pilot projects that can be adopted by policy-makers, #legislators & regulators worldwide."

There are now 4 "global centres" & 12 "affiliate centres".
In 2017 the global headquarters opened in US. #Salesforce founder Benioff (WEF board of trustees) serves as inaugural chair.

3 additional global centres opened in 2018:



There are now 12 affiliate centres.

4.Israel ["compliance"]…

WEF: "As the world undergoes a #greatreset, our ability to harness & disseminate the new tech. of the #4IR will play a key role."
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Come be my colleague!

@Uni_Newcastle #EarthScience is hiring!

We have three, ongoing Level B roles open today:
1. #Coastal & #Ocean #Geoscience
2. #SpatialInformationScience (#GIS)
3. #Hydrogeology

Applications due 8 Nov.

#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter [🧵1/5]
All three roles are mixed #teaching-#research roles based at Callaghan Campus in #Newcastle.

I'd be happy to chat to anyone who's interested about what it's like to work at UON/live in Newcastle or feel free to ask questions here.

Please share far and wide!
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1. Both predators and prey animals use camouflage to their advantage.

Prey animals blend in with the background, so hungry predators pass right by them.

🧵 Start of a thread with some amazing videos on #Camouflage.

I like this one. 🙂

#cats #pets

2. But predators use camouflage too.

The striated frogfish (Antennarius striatus) walks the seafloor right up to its unsuspecting prey.

It has a prognathous mouth that launches an attack on prey in as fast as 6 milliseconds.

🧵 #ocean #fish #nature

3. The wonders of nature is a theme you can read about in The Planet newsletter.

Subscribe to The Planet and start your day with stories about the beauty of #nature, or threats like #climate change.

➡️ Please subscribe 🙏

🧵 Thread
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There’s a gaping (loop)hole in #climate reporting, calculations & countermeasures—#BlueCarbon!

Must finally put #Seabed #CarbonSink on agenda for #COP26...

Here too #China leads world in #carbon damage—by far.

Time for accountability on #RoadToGlasgow!…
#Ocean covers 71% of world’s surface..<10% mapped w/ modern sonar.

Salt marshes, mangroves, seagrass beds & ultra-deep abyssal #seabed absorb large quantities of #CO2 from atmosphere & balancing critical #climate systems.

Disrupting risks grave & potentially irreversible harms
.@Nature: “#marine sediments are the largest pool of organic #carbon on the planet.”

Est. vol. ~7 trillion metric tons—>3X cumulative anthropogenic #CO2 emissions since 1750.

Bottom trawl #fishing & #seabed mining—both #PRC-led—risk damaging disruption.…
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#MoonDay 2021: 52 years of 1969 #Lunar #moon landing; History & Significance:
Millions of people around watched live telecast #mission. Success of mission, #NASA @NASA @NASAMoon described landing "single greatest technological achievement of all time.”
#Thread #technology #tech Image
Day when man first walked on moon. #Apollo11 #spaceflight carried Commander #NeilArmstrong and lunar module #Pilot, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. National Moon Day proclaimed in 1971 by then #US #USA #President Richard Nixon to honor #Anniversary of man's first moon landing.
Not only celebrates #historical human landing on moon but also opened opportunities for #future #Missions.
“That one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong’s first words from moon heard all over Earth on this day in 1969.
While Alridn and Armstrong made
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🙋‍♀️Bonjour, c'est Fatima Jomaa, doctorante à @IGE_Grenoble, qui travaille avec l'équipe C2H (Climat, Cryosphère et Hydrosphère). ⤵️
🔎L'équipe C2H cherche à mieux comprendre les interactions entre le #climat, la cryosphère et l'hydrosphère dans les régions froides de la planète, et leur positionnement dans le système climatique global. Suivez mon fil de discussion pour en savoir plus sur mon travail !🧐
➡️Les risques naturels associés aux précipitations extrêmes, tels que les #inondations 🌊 et l'#érosion côtière, ont provoqué la mort de milliers de personnes et d'énormes pertes économiques. Image
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Hi everyone, I’m Dr. Boisvert! Today I want to talk to you about the parts of the #ocean that freeze over, like this sea ice just outside of Thule, Greenland in the Arctic taken during an Operation #IceBridge campaign in 2016. 🧊🧊🧊🧊#WorldOceansDay
The seas in the mid-Atlantic and the Arctic are very different, but they’re part of the same global ocean! Here’s me ‘floating’ on sea ice off the coast of Greenland in 2016 and me again floating on Ocean City Beach in Maryland last weekend. 🧊🧊🧊🌊🌊🌊#WorldOceansDay
In the Arctic the ocean is cold enough (-1.8ºC🥶) to freeze saltwater and create sea ice. But here in the mid-Atlantic, the ocean is much warmer thanks to a massive current known as the Gulf Stream, which transports heat from the tropics.🌴🌎🌴 #WorldOceansDay
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#Whales & #dolphins are facing many manmade existential threats: depletion of food by overfishing, drop in birthrates due to industrial pollution, killing by discarded fishnets & plastics etc
#Watch #Seaspiracy. It’s #seas #piracy. It’s #conspirasea
Over 300,000 #whales and #dolphins are killed as bycatch in #fishnets every year. People eating #seafood is the reason that fishing trawlers go to sea & cause these deaths of whales & dolphins. #Boycott #seafood. It’s #seas #piracy
Watch #Seaspiracy
3/6 🦈
Every year at least 50 million #sharks are killed as #bycatch in commercial #fishing. 90% of sharks have been lost in the last few decades. Eating seafood contributes to the bykill of sharks and other #sealife.
#Boycott #seafood
#Watch #Seaspiracy
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హిందూ మహాసముద్రం ప్రపంచంలోని మహాసముద్ర విభాగాలలో మూడవ అతిపెద్దది, ఇది 70,560,000 కిమీ, భూమి ఉపరితలంపై 19.8% నీటిని కలిగి ఉంది. దీనికి ఉత్తరాన ఆసియా, పశ్చిమాన ఆఫ్రికా, తూర్పున ఆస్ట్రేలియా ఉన్నాయి.
#Ocean Image
ఉపయోగంలో ఉన్న నిర్వచనాన్ని బట్టి దక్షిణాన ఇది దక్షిణ మహాసముద్రం అంటార్కిటికాతో సరిహద్దులుగా ఉంది. హిందూ మహాసముద్రంలో అరేబియా సముద్రం,లాకాడివ్ సముద్రం,సోమాలి సముద్రం,బంగాళాఖాతం,అండమాన్ సముద్రం వంటి కొన్ని పెద్ద ఉపాంత ప్రాంతీయ సముద్రాలు ఉన్నాయి.దీన్నే అర్ధ మహాసముద్రం అని పిలుస్తారు Image
ఈ సముద్రం ఒడ్డునే ఉన్నాయి. తూర్పు ఆఫ్రికా మరియు ఆస్ట్రేలియా ఖంఢాలను వేరుచేస్తుంది. ఎండాకాలంలో ఈ సముద్రంలో తుఫాన్లు ఎక్కువగా వస్తాయి. అన్ని సమద్రాలకంటే వెచ్చని సముద్రమని పేరు. Image
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A thread (Part 1)

The Law of the Lord Is Perfect (Ps. 19:1-5 ESV)

To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David.
The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
Day to day pours out speech,
and night to night reveals knowledge.
There is no speech, nor are there words,
whose voice is not heard.
Their voice goes out through all the earth,
and their words to the end of the world.
In them he has set a tent for the sun,
which comes out like a bridegroom leaving his chamber,
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Nuevo #HiloInstintoFinanciero 36

📅 | 27/04/2021 | #MundoCrypto

🔸@echave_nicolas = $ADA
🔸@AgusMartinezBH = $OCEAN
🔸@JuanAranguez1 = $MATIC
🔸@LibertarianLoki = $BNB
🔸@flmealla = $MITH
🔸@gabisantillans = $XRP
🔸@GusiSarich = $ANK
🔸@mxgxe = $LTC
🔸@VdeValentino = $WIN
🚀 | $ADA | Cardano

🔸 Es el rival directo de #Ethereum

¡OJO! a tener cuidado, no es lo mismo Cardano que Ada

🔸 Cardano es una cadena de bloques de código abierto, así como una plataforma para ejecutar contratos inteligentes
🔸 ADA es la criptomoneda de Cardano
Pero, ¿en qué se diferencia #Ethereum de #Cardano?

🔸 El creador de Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, era uno de los creadores de #Ethereum pero su objetivo para el proyecto era que sea rentable, pero a los otros dos creadores no les parecía correcto. Por ende, crea su propio proyecto
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In the #LongFoodMovement report, we're reminded that the world’s 30 million artisanal #fishers and workers provide nearly half of the #fish we eat (@IPBES, 2019).

But with #climatechange & island/ocean grabbing, small-scale fishers & their communities are in peril.

🧵Thread 👇🏾
Island/#ocean grabbing is likely to intensify as countries seek to solidify their influence, their #food supply chains, & their global sourcing and distribution networks. For example, in the #RedSea region, conflicts over fish & other marine resources threaten rich #biodiversity.
Meanwhile, in the South China Sea, said to
have some of the highest marine #biodiversity on earth, #China has been building airstrips, ports & other facilities on disputed islands & reefs, w/ the apparent aim of establishing military bases (cf. Ives,
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/21/2021…
Debunking Piketty and the Left's Celebrity Economists | Mises Wire…

#Piketty #debunk
How a Small Rise in Bond Yields May Create a Financial Crisis | Mises Wire…

#FinancialCrisis #bond
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Attention all #SciComm-ers #journalists! Looking for a #paid (full-time, long-term) #job doing what you love in a beautiful place (#SantaCruz @CityofMonterey #California) at an impactful #nonprofit #ocean #research institute?!! Apply to come work with us at @MBARI_News.
Tagging a few others to see if they can help amplify the ad. Thanks in advance! @Revkin @PREAUX_FISH @WhySharksMatter @MiriamGoldste @KatyCroffBell @deepseadawn @shahselbe
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/12/2021…
Large-scale commodity farming accelerating climate change in the Amazon…

#ClimateChange #forest #farm
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