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我党我军我国各族人民公认的享有崇高威望的卓越领导人,伟大的马克思主义者,伟大的无产阶级革命家、政治家、军事家、外交家,久经考验的共产主义战士,中国特色社会主义伟大事业的杰出领导者,党的第三代中央领导集体的核心,“三个代表”重要思想的主要创立者江泽民同志的遗体5日在北京火化。#China 1
习近平等党和国家领导同志到医院为江泽民同志送别并护送遗体到八宝山火化(3)《12月5日新华社电,CCTV新闻视频》#China #World
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My #FGM Heartbreak💔
"FGM Shattered My Life!"
Chemutai, 45 Years Old, Recalls Hers:
"I will never forget that night. It was cold and they held me down and did what they did. First, they poured really cold milk on me. They said that would help with the pain. It took me a long time ImageImage
to heal; going to ease myself was so hard…
I did not know the way they cut me had anything to do with this urine problem but when I went to a hospital, a nurse told me that I had a big scar and that it might have prevented my children from coming out properly.
I am childless now
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@alainhoupert L'Anglais est donc la langue officielle du "burgundy"...
Et qu'on me parle pas de tourisme ou de langue "internachionaule" (de la #World #Idiocracy #idiocratie).
Et cet élu de la République française (juste pour en profiter) ne voit pas le soucis...

@alainhoupert "En même temps", rien à attendre d'un énième "élu" se pavanant avec un iphone, merde hors de prix (preuve d'incompétence, d'inculture et de bêtise)....
@alainhoupert Encore une imposteur de l'ère #Sarkozy osant s'afficher "Républicain" pour tuer ce qui reste de notre belle République Gaullienne meurtrie par Giscard, Mitterrand, Sarkozy, Hollande, Macron... #ClassePolitique ...
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The global economic outlook is worrying than projected last month, the International Monetary Fund confirmed on Sunday. #world #economy #IMF

IMF cited a steady worsening in purchasing manager surveys in recent months.
It blamed the grim outlook on tightening monetary policy coupled by persistently high and broad-based inflation, weak growth momentum in China, and ongoing supply disruptions and food insecurity caused by Russia’s war on Ukraine.
The global lender last month cut its global growth forecast for 2023 to 2.7 percent from a previous forecast of 2.9 percent.
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#childabuse: A Nine-Year-Old Girl Set To Give Birth In #Zimbabwe 😭
Recall the painful death of 14-year-old Anna Machaya (in the pix) while giving birth in a #church shrine in July 2021, a 9-year-old #girl (Grade 3 Pupil) has been admitted to the United Bulawayo Hospital (UBH) as Image
she is 33 weeks pregnant and expected to give birth by caesarean section this November.
She was just 8 when she fell pregnant, and is being monitored by a team of specialist doctors and nurses owing to the delicate nature of the pregnancy.
She has refused to give police the name
of her abuser though shockingly, her 29-year-old father claimed that the goblins🤷🏾 visited the 9-year-old #girl on the nights only when her mother was away from home and inserted things into her privates. The police believe she's being threatened!
There are only 6 known cases in ImageImage
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The last decade has seen the eight warmest years on record. A look at the developing climate crisis

#unitednations #climatecrisis #world Image
In 2022, the global mean sea level has continued to rise

#globalwarming #sealevelrise #carbondioxide ImageImageImageImage
Rising global heating is making extreme weather more severe, more frequent

#drought #atmosphere #climate #africa ImageImageImageImage
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THREAD: A picture is worth a thousand words. Let's look at a few of the globe's largest #ETF's & their graphs & see if we can make some sense of the current market environment.

What a year it's been for #Oil & #Energy! Only positive YTD #MSCI #Sector.


#Global #CleanEnergy #ETF relative to Global #Energy shows an interesting picture.


#EmergingMarkets #ETF seriously lagging #DevelopedMarkets ETF, mostly due to disinvestment from #China.

#SouthAfrica might be down over 1YR, but $EZA performance in USD (-15.9%) is still way ahead of both $URTH (DM -22.2%) & $EEM (EM -28.9%) over the same period.
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Hi #world this is a picture of Soviet-Denmark. We had an election yesterday. The red areas are now socialist. Never mind that our socialist Prime Minister broke our constitution, deleted the evidence, and even used the army against farmers. #UkraineRussiaWar Image
Since the socialist government owns the media, so it doesn't really matter, that the socialists break the law. The socialists control the media via funding schemes. Most journalists are also socialist, so are schools and universities. This is our socialist PM Mette Frederiksen. Image
When the "media" interview Mette, they only ask easy questions. She replies without even having to think #softball. Also, she even have a safe phrase. She can just say: "I will not address that", and the socialist journalists will automatically change the subject! #dictatorship
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Put out the metaphorical fires of the world with everyones puke while uncovering the truth …

🦅 🦅 🪨


The people all around the world can do exactly as [evil] needs everyone doing while awakening, [Evil] that’s been doing these acts upon humanity know [they] failed
So [evil] needs everyone to destroy this world for [them] & destroying yourselves so the truth of who has been doing these evil acts upon humanity can never see the light of day ..

How many food processing plants have gone up in flames ?
The people didn’t have anything
To do with any of them going up in flames, that’s for sure ..
The only thing the people have done is uncover the truth & the easiest way for the People ALL AROUND THE WORLD to do so, has been symbolism ..

[EVIL] has always had the [NEED] to beat [evils] chest, throwing
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Why does the #World has to experience Major #inflation after mid of January #2023 to September 2023.

Planetary alignments :

1) Movement of #Neptune with #Saturn in Aquarius.

2) #Uranus & #Rahu Close Conjunction

3) Saturn trine relationship with Ketu.
4) 8th Month stay of Mars in Square to Saturn.

5) Jupiter, Uranus & Rahu conjunction in aries with Saturn 3rd aspect on Aries.

6) later Neptune will move closer toward Jupiter.
Uranus & Neptune has major role in creating Upsets in Economy via geopolitical crisis, whenever they make alignment with Outer planets I.e Saturn, Jupiter & Nodes.

We are experiencing this situation from February 2021 and after Mid of January 2023 this can be more problematic
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Those of you who know my work on #privacy, #identity, and #HumanRights in #data these past 18 years - mostly through @NO2ID & @medConfidential, and in other areas besides - won't be surprised at my involvement in @WEDF_foundation.

This [Thread] is an invitation to join us...
...and help define what I believe is one of the most crucial discussions of our time; on the #personal, #civil, #political and #planetary consequences of the #world(s) we are building - and the #values we want to underpin them. Image
I spoke at last year's @WEDF_forum about '#Engineering for #Ethics', just a couple of months before the #GPDPR #GPdataGrab was announced in May.

My talk was an attempt to reflect on and draw lessons from my years of campaigning and work around #data...

Engineering for Ethics  Big...
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JUST IN: #BNNArmenia Reports.

In an official visit to Russian Federation, Armenian delegation is having meetings with the representatives of all factions of the Russian State Duma. #World
The Armenian delegates met with the representatives of the RF Communist Party. Issues on the Armenian-Russian cooperation agenda were discussed.
There was a meeting with the Faction of the New People Party. Issues regarding the CSTO activities, the scope of the problems on the RF citizens’ residence status were discussed.
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Thiruvannamalai (Annamaliayar) #Mandir was built before 1100 years & #architecture of the mandir has its contribution frm various KINGDOM from Cholas, Pandias, Sambuvarayars Posalas, Vijayanagara, Nayaks, Nagarathargal, Cheftains & Zamindars. The mandir
#LongThread @LostTemple7
possesses more than 1000 statues & 450 stone inscriptions. The mandir has more than 100 sannidhis. Various moorthies, bronze vigrahas, paintings, 1000 pillar mahal & gopurams are the specialties of the mandir. Mandir is very enormous with an area covers around 25 acres.
East Gopuram built by King Krishnadevaraya with a height of 217 ft (11 storeys) is one of the largest Gopuram in India. Mandir also consists of vallala Maharaja Gopuram, kili Gopuram. The main deity of Mandir is Annamalaiyar & Unnamalai Devi.
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"The Stone That the Builders Rejected Has Become the Cornerstone"

Sept. 5, 2022 (EIRNS)—…

#NATO, #EuropeanUnion, #World #War, #Russian #sanctions, #Russia, #WorldWarZ, #Ukraine, #EnergyCrisis, #inflation
"The #NATO countries & the EU, that were going to “crush” #Russia with monster #sanctions & vast supplies of their most advanced weaponry, they're themselves being torn asunder by an #economic explosion, visiting runaway inflation & production breakdown..."
..."on their own #populations and industries, and #famine on the #developing #nations. And they're facing an #Autumn and #Winter of mass unrest, under a threat of #world #war. ..."
#EuropeanUnion, #NATO, #Russian #sanctions, #Russia, #Ukraine, #World #War, #Nuclear #war
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I have a #telegram channel, where you can learn many things at once, teach others. #Movies, #songs, #wallpapers, #mobile #applications and #computer #software, can be #downloaded. You can post ads for #learning #tutorials, #jobs.
To get different services you can get #service with the help of this channel.

I need #sincere friends like you to strengthen all these services. #Sincere people exist in every part of the #world. In this channel of mine,
people from #different #countries of the world can become a part of this channel and provide their services to others.

With the help of this one #channel, many #services can be accessed at home.
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The one-China principle brooks no distortion or challenge. The connotation of the one-China principle is crystal-clear, i.e. there is only one #China in the world & #Taiwan is part of China. The Government of the #PRC is the sole legal government representing the whole of China.
The #one-China principle is a prevailing international consensus and widely accepted basic norm in international relations. It is affirmed in #UNGA Resolution 2758. It is the political foundation for interactions between #China and all countries in the world.
181 countries have established diplomatic relations with #China on the basis of #one-China principle. This fully shows that standing up for the one-China principle is the right thing to do. It has the overwhelming support of the int'l community & represents the trend of #world.
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Today marks the 85th anniversary of the “#Lugou Bridge (Marco Polo Bridge) Incident”. 85 years ago today, #Japanese militarism created the so-called “Lugou Bridge (Marco Polo Bridge) Incident” to launch full-scale invasion of #China.
After bloody battles and unyielding fight, the #Chinese people defeated the heinous #Japanese militarists and won the great victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. The #CPC was the pillar in achieving this great victory.
The victory was also an important part of the #World Anti-Fascist War. It was a victory for the #Chinese people and for people of the world. China believes that to grow China-Japan relations, it is important to see history as a mirror and look ahead to the future.
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Nepalis generally struggle--or have difficulties--with a lot of things.

Here is a list of things that, as far as I am concerned, a lot of Nepalis find #INTELLECTUALLY #challenging.

1. imagining others DOING things that they can't imagine themselves doing


List of things a lot of Nepalis find #INTELLECTUALLY #challenging:

2. imagining others #WANTING things that they can't imagine themselves wanting

3. imagining others #THINKING about & in ways that they can't imagine themselves thinking

List of things a lot of Nepalis find #INTELLECTUALLY #challenging:

4. imagining others #BELIEVING things that they can't imagine themselves believing

5. imagining others #REPRESENTING things that they can't imagine themselves representing

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Why the #oil embargo #sanctions is a disaster for #Europe & what you are not being told. A thread. Inflation of energy prices are is at all time high. In #USA which is a large producer #fuel #gasoline are up 48 % & 100 % over a year. Situation is much worse in #EU
In fact #EU is pumping more #oil from #Russia than before the #WarInUkraine. The #sanctions decided by the #EuropeanUnion are going to be imposed gradually & touch only #oil transported by sea. But you are not being told the truth . #Energy prices are hitting hard the consumers/2
will continue to grow while #Russia will make more money off gas & exports this year by exporting less, yes you read that right, because when you reduce the offer, the prices go up. But surely our leaders know what they do & have a long term strategy./3…
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#FabricsofIndia, #TextileArt, #textiles
#India, #World
Beautiful Fabrics of India which mesmerise your eyes..
A #Thread
Khadi, Paithani, Patola, Jamdani, Chikankari, Chanderi, Devnaagri, terracotta, Banarasi silk, Kanjivaram, Kalamkari, Sambalpuri silk, Ikat, Pashmina, Phulkari,
Bandhni, Mysore silk, Madras Checks plaid, Muga Silk, Kasavu, Narayan peth Sari, Bhagalpuri silk, Lepcha, Kota doria, Ajrakh, Kantha, Kunbi, Bagru, Ilkal Sari, Mangalgiri, Sangneri, Bomkai, and Kinnauri Shawls,
Textiles of India Image
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The US$ accounts for:

▶️ 88% of all forex trades
▶️ 59% of central banks reserves
▶️ 40% of the world’s debt issuance

But, how did US Dollar become the world’s darling currency? 🤔

Let's find out in this thread ⤵️

#MONEY #economy #USD
Gold, with a fancy name - ‘Gold Standard’, dictated currency prices some eight decades ago.

Each currency would mean a specified quantity of gold & international trades were settled by transfer of gold.

#Gold 🪙
But the two World Wars turned the tide for US$.

In the wars, the US marched in quite late & came out relatively unharmed.

With resources still intact, it became the supplier of weapons, goods as well as a lender for other countries.

#World #USA
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Being a superpower isn’t just economical or military.
It’s a brand.
And a brand that should sell.
And history has shown that all great powers were brands that sold. And the humans of earth bought with their heaters and minds.
#superpower #world
Quite simply, now, #Russia and #China haven’t made themselves institute strong brands
The #Chinese are lately realising this. The #Russians no
They won’t
Not how they work and think
Being super BRAND power means humans of Earth wanting to be like the citizens of a superpower.
Being a super #BRAND power means your educational institutions, #lifestyle, #habitus, #culture, #language, #food, #traditions EVERYTHING is presented as the best on the planet.
And it usually is.
In the superpower game, 💩 sells some of the time. Not all.
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It's weekend and it's the end of the month. The #markets are closed.

So there is the perfect time to analyze the #momentum & relative #strength of the markets.

This information is relevant for all #investors, but especially for #trend #followers 📈📈📈


The #momentum of the markets are one of the most powerful forces in the evolution of the #asset #prices.

The #reversion to the mean is the opposite force, which is equally powerful. Momentum works on a short and medium term (up to 3 to 5 years).
There is a ton of academic research related to the momentum and the benefits of using it and relative strength. But presenting it this is not the purpose of this #thread.

Relative strength is actually a comparison between the #momentum of two or more #markets.
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Water & Wine/Fire = PEACE !!!



I tried SHOWING everyone #WHY this whole #WORLD was created for 1 person, 1 individual who is GIVING IT ALL BACK
To His people !!!

Water & Fire/Wine = PEACE !!

Watch The Water, #WW (Wet Willy) !!!!!!!
The Man Who Souled The World !!!

I Got Soul but I’m not A Soldier !!!!

The Man who SOLD the world = …And JUSTICE for all !!!

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