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Here's a little perspective for everyone bashing Corbyn over this election result:

Tories lost 3 successive times:
1997 = 165 seats
2001 = 166 seats
2005 = 198 seats

Corbyn's election
2017 = 232 seats
2019 = 202 seats

Not bad considering Brexit and the MSM wall of hate.
The point I am making is that Corbyn's socialist Labour is not as toxic as people are making out. The Tories did worse in those elections, and the last one was after the Iraq war, which must have puzzled Tory voters as much as we are puzzled about people voting for Johnson.
I think it's safe to say that people are just unpredictable. Politicians pitch their case and the people pick a side. Labour lost this time badly, which was a shock. Not so much the time before, which was a shock for the Tories. The next election will be on different issues.
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I have the privilege of working with some of the best and brightest young men in our nation, who are destined for great futures. I know first hand that they live in a vacuum. In other words, if it’s not happening immediately around them, they are not aware of it. (thread)
I am also well aware of the fact that they do not have the same opportunities as other college and university students to just “let their hair down” so to speak. It’s the little things that offer a little fun and excitement to their lives.
I have had my fair share of encounters with people who thought my skin color made me less than them. I will be the first to say that racism and supremacy ideologies should have no place in our military or in our nation. However...
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Regressing $XRP against time starting Jan/1/2018 using a linear regression forecasts price to hit zero next February. #Perspective
When running regressions on time series, the choice of starting point can be entirely arbitrary and have a dominant impact on conclusions.
This is not a prediction. Used $XRP and a simple statistical model to illustrate the bias introduced by choice of starting point or sample.

=> long bias: regress from starting point or lowest price point.
=> short bias, regress from the top.

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The billionaire.
Self-labeled “philanthropist”
One of the richest rappers in history
“Rags to Riches” graduate

Only raised $6 million for education...

That’s him literally giving us the coin in his pocket.

And y’all think that’s more than enough 🥴🥴🥴
In case anybody needs context on how much $6Million is to a BILLIONAIRE...…

The relative cost is how much these things would cost you if you had a billion:


Let that sink in...
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Thread: Q's Army

Do you think #QsArmy is just a bunch of people sitting at the computer doing nothing?

Do you think #Anons are stealing valor?

Do you think #DigitalSoldiers are wasting their time, not doing anything to help?

What is #QsArmy?

(Read ☟💊)
The first thing you have to understand is the #RippleEffect. When you find a #Fact, you share it. Now the #information has a starting point.

Everyone is a starting point for someone.

👥 👥
👥👥 👥👥

We call it #RedPilling. 💊☟
It can take a long time to find all the #facts. Hours of #digging.

Imagine if you were being told #lies by the #news and no one was willing to take time out of their day to find the #Truth. No #Opposition! No one watching [them].

#WeAreTheNewsNow. The protectors of truth. ☟
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Deliberately, I will put this down here, then we shall return to this when the media hype cannot cope with reality on ground again. I promise you, I will come back to this tweet much later maybe in the next 365 days.
Don't get me wrong, #MediaHype is a good strategy and as far as I'm concerned, it shows any Governor that is involved in such ESPECIALLY early enough is intelligent to know the meaning of #Perspective in life.
However, calm down & THINK through before you are caught unaware.
For me, 100 days in office is simply ceremonial, it does not really tell a complete story about any Governor in the final analysis.
E.g, who could have imagined within the 1st 100 days of Okorocha in Imo that he would turn out to be building STATUES as his VISION for Imo State?🤣
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@SecNielsen @CBP @ACLU @HomelandDems @RepBarragan @RepEscobar @RepBonnie @DLind @ImmJusticeNOW @axidentaliberal @ifindkarma @SirineShebaya @jomareewade @mle_goldman @Alyssa_Milano @DemocracyStorm @TrinityResists @HMAesq @yashar @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @SusanBChurch11 @BryanDawsonUSA @RAICESTEXAS @JeffMerkley @hr_indivisible @AdamParkhomenko @SaysHummingbird @brycetache @maydaymindy9 @LiteraryMouse @kathygriffin "A baby bottle filled with milk can be seen in one photo next to a child sleeping outside on dirt, and in another, a woman is seen sitting on rocks leaning against a wall clutching a child."

CBP says they don't have capacity to deal with all the migrants.…
@SecNielsen @CBP @ACLU @HomelandDems @RepBarragan @RepEscobar @RepBonnie @DLind @ImmJusticeNOW @axidentaliberal @ifindkarma @SirineShebaya @jomareewade @mle_goldman @Alyssa_Milano @DemocracyStorm @TrinityResists @HMAesq @yashar @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @SusanBChurch11 @BryanDawsonUSA @RAICESTEXAS @JeffMerkley @hr_indivisible @AdamParkhomenko @SaysHummingbird @brycetache @maydaymindy9 @LiteraryMouse @kathygriffin I am beating a dead drum about this, I'm sure, but DHS was allocated over $400MILLION in February for humanitarian aid, including for more personnel. Why, in all the Circles of Hades, are they not using it?

Why are ripped, open-sided tents being used to "shelter" people?
@SecNielsen @CBP @ACLU @HomelandDems @RepBarragan @RepEscobar @RepBonnie @DLind @ImmJusticeNOW @axidentaliberal @ifindkarma @SirineShebaya @jomareewade @mle_goldman @Alyssa_Milano @DemocracyStorm @TrinityResists @HMAesq @yashar @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @SusanBChurch11 @BryanDawsonUSA @RAICESTEXAS @JeffMerkley @hr_indivisible @AdamParkhomenko @SaysHummingbird @brycetache @maydaymindy9 @LiteraryMouse @kathygriffin Why are they not contracting out to a service company to provide care for the immigrants, especially for the women &children, instead of pulling CBP Agents off their Border Patrol duties?

This was asked by the @HomelandDems during their visit a month ago & never answered.
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🕵Q's Army🕵

Do you #think #QsArmy is just a bunch of #people sitting at the #computer doing nothing?💻

Do you think #DigitalSoldiers are #stealing #valor?🎖

Do you think #QSoldiers are wasting their #time, not doing anything to #help?🕰

If so then please read #thread.
The first thing you have to #understand is the #RippleEffect. When you find a #Fact, you share it. Now the #information has a starting point. #Everyone is a starting point for #someone.

👥 👥
👥👥 👥👥

We call it #RedPilling. 💊
It can take a long time to find all the #facts. Hours of #digging.

#Imagine if you were being told #lies by the #news and no one was willing to take time out of their day to #find the #Truth. No #Opposition! No one watching [them].

#WeAreTheNewsNow. The protectors of truth.⤵
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Amazon hasn’t turned a profit for many years which, per US tax code, allows it to certain tax breaks. As I noted earlier, companies like Uber and Lyft are also basically operating as giant nonprofits, while employing tens of thousands of people.

2. Uber lost $4.5 billion last year while people around the world benefited from its services; its salaried employees got generous benefits like 17 weeks of paid parental leave, which even federal government’s own employees don’t get. Tesla, Spotify operate at massive losses too.
3. Tax code offers tax credits to companies who:
(A) Invest in R&D (Amazon invested $22 billion in 2017: > Apple, Google, Microsoft)
(B) Give employees stock options (as Amazon does)
(C) Invest in infrastructure (Amazon built $1.49 billion air cargo hub in Cincinnati = 600 jobs)
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Tweeps, have you been to the landmark @LouvreAbuDhabi #Louvre #AbuDhabi? No worries. Got @twitter. Had the chance to visit while in the #UAE for the @MilkenInstitute #MIGlobal #MENASummit. Follow this thread for a #TwitterTour of highlights.… #art #museum
Hello #LouvreAbuDhabi! @LouvreAbuDhabi ~ in all directions, the #magic of art & creativity on display. Crossing borders. Crossing cultures. #artmatters #museumlove
#Stunning. This two-headed figure is one of the oldest monumental statues in the history of humanity. It is some 8500 years old. On display at the @LouvreAbuDhabi. 👥

@VisitAbuDhabi #AbuDhabi #LouvreAbuDhabi
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Just landed in #Thailand & looking forward to speaking at the @AfiForum. At the event? Come say hello. #AFIF2019.
500+ of the world’s leading #investors & #FI will explore investment opportunities to foster inclusive financial markets across #AsiaPacific
#Davos #WEF19 or here at the Asia Financial Institutions Forum @AfiForum #AFIForum 2019 in #Bangkok: something to ponder this #MLKDay weekend & beyond. #microfinance #accessstocapital #fintech #finance #inequality
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(1)QARMY🕵So you #think the #QArmy is just a bunch of #people sitting at the #computer doing nothing?

You dont think of us as #DigitalSoldiers?

Do you think we are wasting our #time and not doing anything to help?

If so then please keep reading this #Thread

⬇READ ALL or 🤐⬇
(2)🕵The first thing you have to understand is the #RippleEffect. When you find a #Fact, you share it. Now the #information has a starting point. Everyone is a starting point for someone.

👥 👥
👥👥 👥👥

We think #info is important!⬇
(3)🕵It can take a very long time to find all the facts about something. Hours and hours of digging.

#Imagine if you were being told #lies about everything going on and no one was willing to take time out of their day to #find the #Truth. No #Opposition! No one watching them!⬇
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#Perspective #SyriaWithdrawal #Syria
No matter what or when, leaving an area gives opposition opportunity to potentially regroup... This is true.

To bend to this argument would mean PERMANENT occupation.

Think about it.
There does come a point when the folks of a region need to become responsible and accountable to themselves.
We cannot continually hold everyone's hand.
I must say the liberal left has tied themselves into knots on this issue proving its not about issues currently, it's about opposing Trump.
They didn't want the troops there in first place... Calling for immediate withdrawal... Until Trump announced the withdrawal that is. 🙄
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Whatever team Paul Simon is on, consider me an in kind member.

His haunting & magical performances tonight on #SNL were needed & inspiring.

To the haters, get some empathy (humanity) and a life while you're in the checkout line.

There are different kinds of perfect.

Tina may not have the same moves she did at 50.

Billie Jean King might not have the same swing she did at 30.

And Paul Simon may not have the same range.

But you what? When they had it they had like no one before or since. Be grateful you lived to witness such greatness.

At 77 Paul Simon has earned the right to sing with whatever voice the gods have seen fit to leave him with, and I am quite certain, for the vast majority reading this tweet, even now his abilities far, far eclipse what you will ever be able to do.

#perspective #PaulSimon #SNL
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Let's discuss this thread for our #GlobalEChats!

So what do you make of the wave of #ecommerce these days? Come delve into the ins and outs of it with us!
So #Entrepreneurs out there, what is ecommerce?

It just refers to electronic transactions done in the name of #sale and #purchase.

In simpler terms, you buy and sell things online with the #internet! That's it!
But to whom and from whom can these #transactions take place between? Surprisingly, it's not just between #business (B) and #Customers (C)!

It can take place between:
1. B2B
2. B2C
3. C2C (or P2P)
4. C2B
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Thread: #Gold vs #Equity (Original Content)

Because I'm sick about that dollar bill crashing versus gold & I explain why it's uncomparable👇
The chart I'm talking about
My comment:
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With our politicians and their media counterparts endless meddling by manipulating emotions and playing it very loose (if as l all) with facts…

Who needs any Russians???

Seriously. They’re just mad Russia invaded their turf. “Hey, hey! Only we lie and manipulate!”
Emotional manipulation, verses logical issue based reasoning in political persuasion, was pioneered by Bill Bernbach in the 1964 presidential campaign .
He was the driving force behind LBJs advertising.
The infamous daisy ad actually only aired once prior to the 1964 election and was just one of a few other ads that ran more often.
It was the daisy commercial that is still talked about to this day.…
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#perspective 2018's first 12 days have been a rollercoaster of Trumpian reactive oxygen-sucking media cycles, ranging from the "i got a bigger nuke button" to @MichaelWolffNYC s Fire&Fury to the shithole controversy, to finish w/ Stormy Daniels 1/
Sober,rational analysts of our current feverish "moment" are few&far between- @RadioFreeTom @NoahCRothman @ianbremmer @umairh try to provide sustenance to who are interested in immediate&mid-long term consequences of the circus show started on the gold plated escalator in 2015 2/
Throwing my hat into the ring, some random observations to pierce the #Trumpian-media feedback loop (ICYMI @MattGertz's must-follow tweets) : Trump's #Outsourced Presidency could have lasting consequences as it paradoxically shows 2 facets 3/
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If @narendramodi can furnish 3 lac cr by Dec 31, 2017, I'll believe that "money doesn't become white just because it is deposited in banks".
Left: Chart by Ajit Ranade that has gone viral.
Right: Chart with same numbers & Y axis intervals, but with Y axis beginning 0. #Perspective
3 charts that plot quarterly GDP growth with identical numbers, and only one of them doesn't attempt a visual trick either way. #Perspective
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