Mary Jennings Hegar (MJ) is an American politician, United States Air Force veteran, and teacher. In 2017, she published the memoir “Shoot Like a Girl” which describes her service in Afghanistan.She also sued the U.S. Air Force to remove the Combat Exclusion Policy. #TXsen
“We must create a public option to make Medicare available for all those who want it. The best health care I’ve ever had was when I was on military-provided Tricare, similar to Medicare, and I believe that kind of high-quality care should be made available to all Americans.” 2/20
“I will oppose any effort to privatize, dismantle or undercut #Medicare, including raising the eligibility age.” ~ MJ Hegar, candidate for #TXsenate 3/20
“Medicare and Social Security are not entitlements – they are promises made to every American. I will also oppose any “age tax” insurance companies seek to impose against older Americans.” ~ MJ Hegar, candidate #TXSenate 4/20 #Medicare #SocialSecurity
“I support federal law codifying Roe v. Wade so that reproductive rights are not subject to the whims of an increasingly partisan Supreme Court.” ~ MJ Hegar, candidate #TXSenate 5/20 #RoevWade
“The increasing spread of anti-immigrant, white nationalist ideology is a serious threat to our safety, as proven by the shooting in El Paso that targeted Hispanic members of our community.” ~ MJ Hegar candidate #TXsenate 6/20 #Immigration
“I took an oath to support and defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, so I want to be crystal clear: we must mobilize against this epidemic of domestic terrorism here at home.” ~ MJ Hegar candidate #TXSenate 7/20 #DomesticTerrorism
“We must set aggressive goals for the expansion of clean, renewable energy, and invest in clean energy manufacturing and sustainable transportation.
We also must modernize our energy grid so it is equipped to handle increased load during peak usage.” ~ MJ Hegar, #TXsen 8/20
“Far too many Texans struggle from crippling student loan debt. We must put an end to the government profiting off loans by lowering interest rates on student debt” ~ MJ Hegar candidate #TXsenate 9/20 #StudentDebtCrisis
“We need to raise wages and work to lower the cost of housing to ensure workers can provide for their families, and use tax credits and incentives to support small businesses instead of giving tax breaks to companies that ship their jobs overseas.” ~ MJ HEGAR #TXsen 10/20
“I’ll always support the rights of workers to unionize and collectively bargain for safe and healthy working conditions, fair wages, and to secure benefits and pensions.
In addition, I will fight efforts to cut pensions, Social Security, and Medicare.” ~ MJ HEGAR #TXsen 11/20
“As your senator, I will always seek to make good on our promise to our service members by ensuring they receive quality health care, housing assistance, and help starting careers or businesses as they return from serving our country. “ ~ MJ HEGAR #TXSen 12/20
“We must pass common-sense gun safety legislation to require background checks on every single gun sale, including closing the gun show loophole-a proposal that a recent Washington Post-ABC News survey found was supported by 88% of gun owners. MJ HEGAR #TXSen 13/20 #GunReform
“We must also stop the sale of assault weapons to the public, pass red flag laws limiting access to firearms for domestic abusers &those who would commit acts of domestic terrorism & fully fund the CDC to reverse the damage of the decades-long ban on gun violence research.”14/20
“Americans are sick and tired of watching DC politicians put special interest donors and political games over the needs of the people.”~ MJ HEGAR #TXSen 15/20
“It is time to clean up our broken system and return the power back to people. That’s why I am refusing to accept any corporate PAC money and am proud to be endorsed by End Citizens United.” ~ MJ HEGAR #TXsen 16/20
“I strongly support legislation, including the #EqualityAct, to extend and secure critical civil rights protections for #LGBTQ+ Americans in employment, housing, public spaces and services, credit, education, and federally funded programs.” ~ MJ Hegar #TXsen 17/20
“The private prison industry continues to profit from mass incarceration, the immigration crisis on our border, and historic policies of racial injustice.” ~ MJ Hegar #TXSen #PrivatePrisonIndustry #IncarcerationNation 18/20
“PACs and executives of private detention companies have contributed over $90,000 to John Cornyn’s campaign. As senator, I will work to end the federal government’s practice of contracting with for-profit detention companies.” ~ MJ Hegar #TXSen 19/20
“After centuries of injustice, we have so much work to do. For too long that work has fallen on those harmed by our system -especially Black Americans.We must all step up to protect the rights of each & every American & enact the reforms needed to do it.” ~ MJ Hegar #TXSen 20/20

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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Protecting Disability Rights
Only one party has a specific plan to secure the rights of Americans with Disabilities and will fight to enact all appropriate legislation that addresses these rights. 1/9 #NoBarriers Image
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Protecting Disability Rights
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Protecting Women’s Rights
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This part is called: Achieving Racial Justice and Equity
Only one party has a specific plan for healing the wounds of systemic institutional racism and the legacy of slavery & for achieving equity-the other party denies they still hurt 1/10
#Democrats believe it is unacceptable that schools are more segregated today than they were in the late 1960s. 2/10 #DemPartyPlatform #racialjustice #Edupolicy
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Achieving Racial Justice and Equity/Only one party has a specific plan for healing the wounds of systemic institutional racism & the legacy of slavery and for achieving equity-the other party denies they still hurt 1/15 Image
The extreme gap in household wealth and income between people of color—especially Black Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and certain Asian American and Pacific Islander communities—and white families is hurting our working class and holding our country back. 2/15 Image
#Democrats are committed to improving economic mobility for people of color. We will fight to tackle intergenerational poverty and close the racial wealth gap.3/15 #DemPartyPlatform #WealthGap #RacialJustice Image
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