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Not gonna let technical difficulties stop me from commenting on @1a w/ @labelleverite & @judithheumann about #ADA30!! Here are the comments I wanted to share

#CripTheVote #1a #ADA #DisabilityRights #COVID19
Eugenics & ableism is a HUGE issue.

In Texas, a Black disabled man named Michael Hickson died 6 days after doctors withdrew nutrition and hydration because he had the coronavirus and his doctor
didn’t believe he had enough quality of life and this is a very real fear disabled have with the medical industrial complex, that we’re not seen as we really are or valued.

You cannot conflate disability with poor health or quality of life.
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Tons of other disabled people on Twitter have done a great job over the last few days calling out #Progressives and #Resistance people who play up Trump’s appearance of physical impairment or illness. It’s ableist. It hurts disabled people to hear it. #CripTheVote
What I’d like to add is that it’s also superficial and lazy. #CripTheVote
It’s superficial because the kinds of impairments people are attributing to Trump don’t typically have any impact on what we want Presidents to do. #CripTheVote
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Vice President Biden has just released his disability plan. There are some important policy commitments reflected within it that are worth highlighting. #CripTheVote
The plan promises to restore the Obama Administration's aggressive enforcement of disability rights law, including through Olmstead enforcement, directing DOJ to review state guardianship laws and protecting the parenting rights of people with disabilities. #CripTheVote
The Trump Administration had previously revoked DOJ guidance applying Olmstead to employment services - Biden would restore that guidance and has highlighted employment as one of the areas for Olmstead enforcement. #CripTheVote
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#AutisticWhileBlack #COVID19 #DisabilitySolidarity #CripTheVote It's time for us to repeat in an OpEd that this premature reporting of every little medication that disabled folks depend on being used in COVID19 clinical trials is the most #ableist thing ever. 1/
First Lupus patients were impacted by irresponsible touting of hydroxychloroquine as a cure: Potential Shortages of Hydroxychloroquine for Patients with Lupus During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic /2
Next, it was asthma patients impacted by the run on albuterol inhalers: Albuterol Inhaler Shortage Due to COVID-19 Could Impact People With Asthma:… 3/
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Love that we have seamlessly transitioned from "what do you mean, you need plastic straws to live because it's the only way you can drink? Think of the sea turtles!"


"What do you mean, you're immunocompromised and need a mask? Think of the Drs!"


The common denominator seems to be the idea that :

1. Disabled people are not reliable narrators of our own experiences, so we probably don't really *need* that thing to live

2. Even if we do, other lives are more important than disabled people's

[ableism, COVID-19]

Meanwhile, now that abled people are worried about surviving, it's suddenly okay again to use single use plastics

It's heroic, even! You're saving people's lives by reducing infection rates
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A thread on #coronavirus, vulnerability, and power

Disabled people know what it means to be vulnerable and interdependent. We are modern-day oracles. It’s time people listened to us. 1/x…

#HighRiskCovid19 #COVID19 #COVIDー19 #CripTheVote #SuckItAbleism Graphic with a black background and a photo of an Asian American woman in a power chair. She is wearing an orange-red jacket and black pants. She is wearing a mask over her nose attached to a gray tube and bright red lip color. Her hands are resting over her joystick. Photo credit: Eddie Hernandez Photography
Even before the coronavirus pandemic, systems have always tried to kill and oppress marginalized people.

These crises and assaults reconfirm who is considered disposable and unworthy of assistance, resources, attention, and treatment. 2/x
This time feels different for me with the very real threats of health care rationing and shortage of ventilators for critically ill patients in the United States. 3x

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From the University of Washington Medical Center resource allocation guidelines in response to COVID-19:…

We are likely to very shortly see rationing decisions with regard to scarce medical resources, especially ventilators. It is essential that we raise our voices now to ensure that this rationing does not discriminate on the basis of disability. #CripTheVote
In Italy, we are already seeing such discrimination. Some are pushing for American hospitals to adopt similar measures.… #CripTheVote
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Putting on my former legal aid lawyer hat for a sec to explain why it’s so important that we temporarily halt “continuing disability reviews” for #SocialSecurity disability benefits as part of #coronavirus response (as @mattbc & I have been urging).

@mattbc For people who rely on SSDI or SSI benefits, continuing disability reviews (CDRs) are periodic fire-drills that generally require not just lots of paperwork, but also multiple dr visits, trips to the #SocialSecurity office, and in many cases, visits to SSA consulting docs.

@mattbc The bottom line: Continuing with CDRs as scheduled right now would make it impossible for SSI & SSDI beneficiaries to observe the #coronavirus social distancing protocols urged by the CDC and public health experts at this critical time.

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Considering whether #Warren should endorse, I go to my favorite question for students: what would we need to know?

What would we need to know to understand whether Warren's endorsing someone would advance the goal of securing universal health care and paid leave?
We would need to know if it would move any voters. Her supporters were evenly split, but we need to know if some were never Bernie/ never Biden. We could find that out; it would be harder to find out whether her supporters are likely to be moved by endorsements (I'm not).
Next we need to know if Warren has a better shot at advancing her agenda w/o endorsing now. There are 3 ways this could happen.
-Biden wins plurality. Endorsement= platform bargaining chip;
-Biden better against Trump; or
-Warren endorsement hurts Bernie, somehow.
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Elizabeth Warren: I have a plan for everything.

America: Well, I didn't vote for you.

Elizabeth Warren: Fu*k it, gonna have some fun dancin' on SNL for 5 minutes.

America: Elizabeth Warren should stop dancing & save the country. Who does she think she is?
Hey, so this got popular overnight. Cool cool.

Introductions: I'm a disabled writer & speaker. I bought a house last year living in SSDI poverty. It needs $50k in work. My Venmo is BeingCharis if you wanna help.

Also: check out #CripTheVote to learn about disability issues.
Here's my piece about buying my house if you wanna read it.

ID: an old, small cream colored house visibly in disrepair below a dark sky with a rainbow…
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I’m standing in line to wait to vote.

It’s been almost 25 minutes so far. There are no seats.

I have dysautonimia that makes it hard for me to stand for long periods and am starting t get lightheaded.

It shouldn’t be this way.

I waited in line for an hour and was only 1/3 through the outside line, and there’s another double back line inside.

I almost passed out, so I am now in my car and waiting in a vehicle line for curbside voting. But I’m seated with AC and water.
I just voted.

One hour and forty minutes, and that was with the miracle of curbside voting.

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#CripTheVote I want to talk about how ableist #covid19 media coverage is. 1/
2/ According to the American Community Survey (ACS) the overall percentage of people with disabilities in the US in 2016 was 12.8%. Meaning 12.8% of us are at high risk of severe illness or death from this coronavirus infection.
3/The Census Bureau lists the number of people age 65 and older in the United States at 14.9 percent of the total population. They are also at extremely high risk for this coronavirus infection and one senior has lost their life already here.
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Just found some new info I haven’t seen reported about @MikeBloomberg yet & it greatly concerns me as a disability policy student ⬇️…
The federal government sued NYC in 2011 after Bloomberg’s administration refused to make 20% of its taxis wheelchair-accessible. Even though the Gov. & State Legislature supported making the taxis accessible, Bloomberg opposed it and took it to court…
Brooklyn Centers for Independent Living sued NYC for lack of emergency preparedness for people w/disabilities during disasters, including Bloomberg’s failure to evacuate people w/disabilities during Hurricane Irene AND Hurricane Sandy:…
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This is a thread of some of the disability programs President Trump is proposing cuts on in his new budget.

The President's budget probably isn't going to happen. It's a statement of values. It seems pretty clear that President Trump does not value disabled people. #CripTheVote
President Trump wants to completely zero out funding on Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) training. LEND helps train professionals like doctors, therapists, and even dentists to better serve people with intellectual disabilities.
President Trump wants to cut funding for State Developmental Disability Councils almost in half. State DD councils provide local leadership and guidance from stakeholders on developmental disability community priorities.
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Watching @AllRiseCBS because I am writing about #disability on TV shows and this #disabled character is trying to explain to a non-disabled attorney the awful line disabled people have to "walk" to try and avoid being abused/taken advantage and the attorney doesn't get it.
He can't imagine what it would be like to have someone else bathe him, have physical power over him at his most vulnerable.
There is a #disabled actor in the role--I have seen him in something else. Will check imdb and add his name to this thread.
The actor is Michael Patrick Thornton. He was #disabled at 24 after a couple of strokes (!!!). He is 41. He's been a character on a number of series.

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I'm proud to have worked with a fantastic group of activists to help develop @BernieSanders's disability policy plan. (1) #CripTheVote
@BernieSanders It's an impressively comprehensive document, worth reading in all of its 13,000+ words, but there are a few items I think are particularly worth highlighting: #CripTheVote (2)
@BernieSanders The plan starts with a number of actions the executive branch can take to advance disability rights without relying on Congress. Given the current state of gridlock, that's a big deal. (3)
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"Some of the problems facing people with disabilities are endemic to the process of caucusing...Iowans intent on caucusing are required to be present at a caucus site a specific time, and be prepared to stay sometimes for hours."…

#IowaCaucus #CripTheVote
"Caucusing also requires participants to move around physically, as candidates without enough support are eliminated and people move to join their next choices."
"Caucuses are often held in schools, churches and community centers, not all of which have accessible entrances, and the rooms can often get overcrowded, cacophonous and chaotic. All of this can be overwhelming for people with a variety of disabilities..."
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Here's my latest* update to my vetted collection of Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness hashtags. Please share it!

Thank you :-) Graffiti background. Foreground in black letters on a  white background to the left reads “Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness Hashtags”<br />
This collection is current as of 01.30.20, previous Twitter update 09.11.19.

There's a PDF version coming up this weekend, to be posted to my Kofi profile. I'll add the link toward the end when it goes up, after the questions, where you can also sign up for email updates.
This version has added

- community suggestions,
- mental health hashtags,
- Medical crowdfunding hashtags,
- and a section for cancer-related hashtags.
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Good morning, #GaPol and fellow election geeks! Another day, another state election board meeting in Georgia! Starting off-a state legislator who says the new rule on machines per voter subverts legislative intent. Great start to a cold wintry day!
A @GeorgiaStateU student and @GACollegeDems expresses serious concern over rollout - and notes that several counties have yet to receive their machines. Absentee ballots go out in 2 weeks. 😬
Numerous blind voters are expressing concern over accessibility-the printout is far too small, and right now the only verification method is reading the print-out. #CripTheVote
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I am running to serve and unify a diverse nation and I’ve made it a priority to build a campaign that reflects all Americans, including the disabled community.

Some @PeteForAmerica staffers and supporters have shared their stories here:
^ Consistent with our 'Belonging' rule of the road, we strive to make our offices, website, rallies, and community inclusive.…
As president, I will retrofit our government so it works for—not against—people with disabilities. I will appoint people with disabilities at all levels, including in the White House, so we can advance the rights of people with disabilities at home and worldwide. #CripTheVote
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My plans strengthen rights and supports for people with disabilities—since all issues impact this community. My plan is intersectional, recognizing how disability is visible and invisible, how the challenges are urgent, and how we must combat disparities:
I worked with our disability policy team—led by people with disabilities—to develop our plan with extensive input from disability leaders and stakeholders with different backgrounds.
Our plan will end the subminimum wage and double labor force participation of people with disabilities by 2030. We'll make inclusive education a national expectation and fully fund IDEA. We’ll end the SSDI benefit cliff and increase accessible public housing and transportation.
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For too long, society has built up physical and invisible obstacles for people with disabilities, and the disability community is tired.

Tired of not having their voices heard.

Tired of being their own strongest advocates.

Tired of struggling for their own basic access.
It’s unacceptable that in almost 20 states, parents diagnosed with a disability can lose custody of their kids. It’s unacceptable that hundreds of thousands lack accessible transportation. Decades-old programs and policies have kept people with disabilities on the margins.
Breaking down these barriers is incredibly urgent. We need both bold, massive shifts in federal policies and a national effort to create a more inclusive, accessible, and welcoming society. #CripTheVote
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Trumps never miss an opportunity to punch down. Attacking Biden for his stutter is ableist and harmful to #disabled kids. FIVE PERCENT of kids go through a period of stuttering and 1% never overcome the disability. Still more have cerebral palsy &Tourette's. Vile.
Biden is a politician. This may make his stomach flip over as it did mine, but he isn't harmed by it. But I think of my friend's kid with cerebral palsy, how he struggles to speak do to his spasticity and #disability and how this gross #ableism harms kids like him.
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THREAD: I feel for this family, I really do. My mother was DXed with schizophrenia at 18. Our family went through hell trying to find actual good help for her; she died at 46. This article is an example of everything that's wrong with how we understand & respond. 1/
First, the title: "What schizophrenia does to families." The focus is ALWAYS on the caregiver. I had to read thousands of words before hearing from Aaron, the actual subject of this story. When he tries to complain about what's happening to him, he is cut off by his mother. 2/
The article seems like an advertisement for Involuntary Outpatient Commitment, rebranded as "Assisted Outpatient Treatment," the pet program of the Treatment Advocacy Center. Maryland is called out for being one of a few states NOT to have an AOT law on the books. 3/
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