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I’m not in an affected area but I was working through scenarios on what I would do this week since this is only a matter of time as a disabled medical baseline customer in San Francisco. Some thoughts 👇

#PGEshutoff #PSPS #SuckItAbleism #CripTheVote #SF
1) there is 1 community resource center per county that is open only during the day with capacity to serve 100 people based on what I read.

How in the world would that be adequate in San Francisco? If I went there to recharge some equipment imagine the wait time!
2) I live in a multistory building and while power outages are not uncommon, an outage of 2-5 days would trap me in my home since the elevators will be out. If I had to evacuate I would have to leave my power chair which is several hundred pounds.
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I just wrote a long thread 📌about the cost of being #disabled ♿ and/or chronically ill🏥 in America & my hand went spastic & deleted it & honestly that is the perfect coda.

I so desperately want to be able to get out of my house to go somewhere other than the hospital.
I have needed a wheelchair lift and an automatic wheelchair since I was paralyzed. Despite the exorbitant premiums charged by my health insurance company, which is one of the largest in the country so I know they can afford it, they don't provide such things.
It is frankly driving me mad to be trapped inside all the time with the same view and never to be able to have a break from that. The nurse practitioner comes to the house, as does the nurse navigator. I am fighting to get the physical therapist back. It's just so arduous.
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Some thoughts on healthcare proposals and disabled voters …

I feel like a narrative may develop where a certain subset of disability activists could get a reputation for being categorically against Medicare For All proposals. 1/9

It’s true, we tend to have unusually detailed & specific technical questions about every healthcare proposal we run across. We kind of have to, because how these proposals would work or not work is a matter of life, death, and independence. 2/9

But it’s also true that we tend to value certain key characteristics of Medicare For All proposals, especially the parts that would firmly take eligibility and ability to pay out of the healthcare equation. Those are massive selling points for us. 3/9

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Here’s my latest update to the list of Twitter #Disability & #ChronicIllness Hashtags.

- previous update 02.24.19 -

Please share it! Thank you. :-)

@ImageAltText Graffiti background. Foreground in white letters on a  red background to the left reads “Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness Hashtags”
There will be a PDF version up for download on my Ko-fi, likely tomorrow morning. The link is at the end.
Hashtags For Personal Narratives.

These hashtags are for sharing your stories & experiences. Also good for crowdsourcing solutions.

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This made me tear up. The disabled corner of the #KHive went through an emotional rollercoaster today. People on the left and right told us how to feel. Then Kamala told us it was ok to be hurt, and that she was sorry. She exceeded expectations, she restored and validated faith.
Holding your breath to see if someone walks the walk as well as talking the talk is a horrible feeling. Especially when people try to invalidate you or use you as pawns. I couldn't be more proud of her right now. She was Presidential. The contrast between her and others is clear
Holding someone to high standards isn't an attack, it's a byproduct of believing they are the best candidate for the job of leader of the free world. It's part of believing they are a good and decent person, who doesn't want to harm others, even accidentally or unintentionally.
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During a rally, a voter referred to Trump's actions as "mentally retarded", prompting @KamalaHarris to laugh and say, "well said, well said."

I hate amplifying content I know the right will seize on and twist for their own hypocritical gain, but this hurts my heart. #CripTheVote
@KamalaHarris Using "retarded" as a slur and an insult is never, EVER "well said", @KamalaHarris, no matter who it's against and no matter the larger point being made. It's ALWAYS a betrayal of the disability community.

We need—and expect—better from you. #CripTheVote
@KamalaHarris @slooterman if you want to amplify the video without amplifying the Daily Wire reporter (since they are the wooooorst), here it is! I can also DM you the file if you want (so you don't feel obligated to boost my tweet specifically).
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Thread. Been contemplating a lot on this recently. In my researching, it seems like 99% (basically all) of the literature on DOCs or Online Health Communities (OHCs) focuses on how participation benefits health. This has always irked me. 1/x #AcademicTwitter #DOC #dsma #hcsm
I get it. And that makes sense. DOCs and OHCs are important because they DO SOMETHING for folks. It isn’t all good all the time, but overall, people seem to benefit in some way by talking to others like them. By sharing their stories. 2/x
What irks me, is that research has yet to move beyond health implications. And, it isn’t because that’s all that is happening there. It’s because it is what health-researchers care the most about. They're asking the questions, and they're all related to individual health. 3/x
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Peter Meijer, 31, heir to a multi-billion $ supermarket chain, is running for Congress, challenging @justinamash (who quit GOP over current admin policies) for MI3 seat. The award-winning @DragSyndrome was scheduled to perform at a venue Meijer owns.
Meijer cancelled the #DragSyndrome appearance. Why? To “protect” them, he says.


The members of the UK-based troupe have #DownSyndrome (as does my daughter). Never mind that they’re adults, talented, successful, with full agency, who’ve performed around the world...
Meijer says he knows better. Claims he’s “protecting” “differently-abled” people. (Hey Peter: say “disabled.” As in “Americans with Disabilities Act.”)

My daughter’s whole life, people tried to exclude her (violating IDEA, another federal law, btw). They called it “protection.”
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There is no “bringing back” institutions (& asylums). By no stretch of the imagination have they closed. There are still people being held in captivity... some have been for their entire lives. Advocacy efforts to keep them open is alive and well.

The closing of total institutions is the surface. Institutions for Disabled people are scattered throughout all of our neighborhoods. They look like houses or apartments. Go inside and everything is plexiglass w/multiple locks on the doors and minimal furniture.

The surveillance is tight, but not sophisticated. It doesn’t have to be, because the majority of us believe it’s in their best interest. The same way most of us believe people labeled as “criminals” should be surveilled.

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So, I’ve noticed a pattern (incoming thread):

1) A white person gets caught doing something racist and/or violent.
2) Other white people avoid talking about the racism by changing the subject to mental illness.

3) This is usually framed as concern for “getting them the help that they need”. Where them = the white perpetrator or future white perpetrators or all sad white people or all scary-because-disabled white people.

This is bad for a number of reasons.
One reason this is bad is that it tends to involve prioritizing the needs of white perpetrators over the needs of their victims of color.

Here’s an important thread by @RVCBard about that:
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Let’s talk bodies, self, and the ethical use of biotechnology. A thread on what a human is, the differences between individuals, and autonomy as the bedrock principle of the biotechnological age. 1/x
Here’s the previous discussion on science, legitimacy, and social capital if you missed it
I’m a molecular biologist. I work with the bits and pieces of biology that are shared by every single living thing on this planet - DNA, RNA, and protein. 3/x
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Please read the work by disabled people on why this rhetoric & conflation is harmful to the disability community @AndrewYang & everyone else giving their hot takes on the

#CripTheVote #ableism #sanism #MentalHealth #SuckItAbleism #ElPaso
By @MADtastically & @Azza_Alt:

Efforts to Address Gun Violence Should Not Include Increased Surveillance…

By @Imani_Barbarin:

Ableism Is the Go-To Disguise for White Supremacy. Too Many People Are Falling for It.…
By @sesmith:

Don’t Blame the Mentally Ill. Blame the Guns.…

Video from @RootedInRights:

People With Mental Health Disabilities Shut Down Dangerous Ideas About Gun Violence…
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Excited to have several entries in The Katherine Schneider Journalism Award for Excellence in Reporting on Disability from 3 different publications.
Attention to #disabled journalists writing #disability stories is paramount when the CDC says 1 in 4 Americans has a disability.
Most often it is non-disabled people writing the stories of #disability and #disabled people, which means everything is seen through the lens not of disabled people but of non-disabled people viewing disability. Quite a different POV.
Just the way non-disabled people have reported on the primary and the candidates provides an entrée into what I mean: How many of the candidates are addressing THE largest minority in the country? Z E R O.
And one candidate, Marianne Williamson, has a complicated history on this.
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Marianne Williams is the worst. She is a scam artist and grifter, profiting off of the helplessness people feel about illness. The worst thing is that she is an eloquent speaker and hides her scams well…
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I spent weeks interviewing #LGBTQ people for my three-part series on #disability.
At #ADA29 it's critical to remember #disabled Americans are THE largest minority group, yet most invisible.

LGBTQ disability and Pride: The case for inclusion…
The 2nd installment of my series on #LGBTQ #disability addresses the impact of being queer and #disabled. Exclusion from our own communities is common for disabled people--and a layer of macro-aggression disabled people fight daily.
The 3rd installment of my series on #LGBTQ #disability deals with access, employment & discrimination. The unemployment rate for #disabled Americans is double that of non-disabled and can be even higher for people with LGBTQ identities.
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So for the last few years I've watched with growing alarm as one of the few openly disabled Hill staffers and the only openly autistic Hill staffer as this has played out. #CripTheVote
There's no denying that ADAPTers played an absolutely critical role during the Summer of ACA Repeal 2 years ago. And because of that fight, the general public is now far more aware of the importance of protecting Medicaid than it ever was before.
ADAPT has also conducted actions aimed at ensuring the FDA at long last finalizes its ban on shock torture devices for human beings - a key human rights issue as well as a longstanding goal of the community.
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The health care of tens of millions of Americans is on the line. This lawsuit to undermine the #ACA is personal to me. #CripTheVote #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake /1
15 years ago I was #paralyzed by a random bullet. I woke up from an induced coma to learn I had lost my #healthcare & I was now bankrupt, my family as shattered as my spine. #CripTheVote #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake /2
Over the next several years, I struggled. It was a constant fight to get the equipment, medicines and therapies I needed to survive. I lived in poverty, often having to decide which was more important: medicine or food. #CripTheVote #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake /3
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Pretty furioius to see @Sephora re-cut their "We belong to something beautiful" ad to excise @aaronphilipxo, a black trans #disabled model who was in the original ad in the opening sequence.
Just saw the recut @maddow on @MSNBC.

This is the fab Philip.

Here's the original, with @aaronphilipxo in the opening. So you can see what was cut. And ask @Sephora why.

.@aaronphilipxo was just featured on the cover of @papermagazine.
June 2019 by Myles Loftin, and interviewed by Naomi Campbell.
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Listening to @SFdirewolf talk (with a dash of salt) about why needing supports doesn’t negate innate independence & autonomy. And how public funding of supports keeps PWD like her in the community, & out of institutions. Even when it’s not easy—& she still feels vulnerable.
@SFdirewolf @sfdirewolf: The annual redetermination process is laced with anxiety for people who depend on it. And it is a poverty trap! She can’t earn more than $2K (<2.5x the poverty level) without losing benefits. So she has to pass on paying opportunities all the time.
@SFdirewolf ...This is not in keeping with the spirit of the Olmstead decision, e.g., a lot of disabled people do not have the freedom to move between states, because anchored to state-specific benefits.
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I have been trying to get answers from top tier candidates for several months on their stance on #disability. #HillaryClinton had broad policy & #disabled people on her team in 2016. ONE in FOUR Americans has a disability. We are THE largest minority in America.
For those who need a template for a candidate on #disability, here was #HillaryClinton in 2016. We should expand on that, not move backwards.…
And there is #HillaryClinton's archived policy, which included #autism, #Alzheimers, #disabilityrights, #mentalhealth, universal healthcare for all, #HIV/#AIDS, paid medical leave, Social Security and Medicare protections, addictions & substance abuse.
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As a disabled woman & wheelchair user, I’ve been fending off my insurance company’s cuts for years. Today, they finally got a judge to side with them—and now I can’t go back to college next semester. The American healthcare system has just, quite literally, ruined my future.
What does it say about our country when a for-profit insurance company can tell me, my doctors, and several independent medical experts that we’re all wrong about my care needs, thereby preventing me from ever living independently? #CripTheVote
They’ve nearly cut my care hours in half. This will prevent me from having an aide help me get dressed, shower, go to the bathroom, etc. At this point, my family and I are talking about what will happen if my Mom has to quit her job to stay home and take care of me. #CripTheVote
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1/I know folks are nervous or frustrated with calling for #impeachment. Many would prefer to focus on policy, organizing, and GOTV in 2020. I think we can do both. Also saying, 'We just need to vote Trump out' is not going to be as easy as folks think. Why? Voter Suppression.
2/I firmly believe that Trump and members of the GOP have every intention of continuing to suppress the vote in 2020. They've already started. How? Let me count the ways! Let's start in FL. Florida's Amendment 4 expands voting rights to as many as 1.4 million reentrants.
3/ The FLGOP lead House proposee that those with "felony records" need "to fully pay off all pay court fines and fees — including fees that were not imposed by a judge as part of their sentence — before they can regain their voting rights."…
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Three weeks ago I was abruptly informed that my internship would be ending early as a result of the "unpredictable nature" of my chronic illness/disability...

Hold tight, y'all. This is gonna be a thread. 1/?
Even tho there is only one month left in the semester.
Even tho my clinical skills are consistently referred to as excellent.
Even tho I was the first social worker and first intern to present at Grand Rounds in my department and my recommendations are already being implemented.
But apparently my track record for pushing back against oppressive policies matters more than my skills. And my disability is an easy target.
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So in my city #SSI pays $771 a month.
I was just informed that I don't qualify because although I make below the poverty level in annual income, that income makes me ineligible.

The SSI person was very nice as I coughed through our conversation, but it's over.
How is anyone supposed to live on this amount of money in a big city? It's beyond belief. Who sets these income levels? Where are #disabled people supposed to live? How are they supposed pay for a phone? Even a burner costs $25 a month. What about utilities?
The insanity is, I just qualified for #SNAP because I live below the poverty level, but that "entitlement" as the #SSI person explained, counts against your income limit. The woman was very nice & commiserative, but she closed out my file. My application for #Medicaid is pending.
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