The people behind #CommunicationRights are not obstructionist behaviorists. @NeuroClastic has speech language pathologists, psychologists, educators, OTs, MTs, researchers, neuroscientists, & nonspeakers who communicate through AAC, spelling, & sign. #ActuallyAutistic #Autism
These people may have an aggressive approach to bullying autistics & our allies out of our own narratives & using their white (that's all white people) privilege to maintain the #monopoly on #Autism, but they are NOT allies. They are #oppressors. We can and do communicate. See?
We have orgs, individuals, & initiatives championing #CommunicationRights. @U4CommChoice @Communica1st @ekverstania @autselfadvocacy @awnnetwork_ @ReachEveryVoice and so many more. It's 2020, and we are #nonCompliant with a #Behaviorist agenda that parades itself as #science.
The #Disability community is ALL THE WAY DONE with having others claiming ownership of our #autonomy, voices, and #SELFDETERMINATION. We are all the way done with being #colonized. We are all the way done with saviors, martyrs, & pseudo-progressives talking over us.
Yes, maybe they are scientists. We have had their #evidencebased science used on us for long enough to justify institutionalization, lobotomies, forced sterilization, #eugenics, #restraint, #seclusion, #rationing, #euthanasia, and #conversionTherapy.
How dare they say "Ask us about #FacilitatedCommunication #RapidPromptingMethod." No. Ask autistics. We are not anti-science. We have the same credentials. We are parents of children with high support needs and some of us have high support needs.
It's way past time to retire this network of self-aggrandizing denizens of #DunningKruger. Neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, and #DisabilityRights have rendered them dinosaurs leveraging public prejudice to sell their dogma.
You don't get to tell us that our lived experiences are #pseudoscience and have that go unchallenged anymore. Don't use our hashtags or co-opt our narratives and put a price tag on it. It's gross. It's time to retire your privilege and pass the mic.
We have chosen our allies, and you're not championing #autistics. It's gross to go on Twitter and use the #HumanRights hashtag to speak against us when you're a part of a small group who has bullied and silenced us for over two decades. Literal online bullying of #nonspeakers.
You don't have autistic endorsement. We have vehemently and clearly communicated that we don't want you evangelizing your "gold standard" abuse. We don't want you around our children. Get out of the way. #apraxiaisnotcontroversial #apraxia #HumanRightsViolations #aac #autcomm
Here's Susan Gerbic bullying a Black woman who is a university Dean (plus screenshot in case of dirty delete) for not submitting to her bullying. Gerbic is the person behind "Guerilla Skeptics of Wikipedia," now renamed. Image
Here's Susan Gerbic's Guerilla Skeptics of Wikipedia TRACKER since the first time they bastardized Tito Mukhopadhyay's, a BIPOC nonspeaking autistic's Wikipedia page. How damn disturbing is this? These people are not our allies. ImageImage
Here's Jason Travers telling people that we (autistic self-advocates) are extremist ideologues and to ignore us. We "don't want evidence, information, or progress.” This is dismissing the community he purports to serve as a “good person.” Image
Here’s Hemsley and crew trying to get Asha to issue position statements against Facilitated communication and RPM. Eventually they (the specific group of people in the original tweet) were successful. More on that to come: Image
Here’s Travers calling a coalition of autistics and allies privileged ableists and nonspeakers puppets. And himself “dedicated to serving people with disabilities” 🙄🤢🤮 Image
Here’s James Todd calling autistic people with communication partners actual Ouija.
Here James Todd chides Autism Speaks for “bringing RPM to the US” because Cure Autism Now brought Tito Mukhopadhyay and his mother, Indian immigrants, to the US to learn how a “severe” autistic can type. Autism Speaks apparently published a blog about RPM (see next tweet) Image
After pressure from this crew and Jill Escher from the NCSA, Autism Speaks said it was a mistake and verified their commitment to ABA Image
Here Jason Travers bullies a college professor from NYU and demands a scientific experiment be done on an autistic college honor student who types independently.
Here Travers claims that Syracuse University is just an ineffective collection of anecdotes. At the same time he champions single case design (anecdotes) research to validate ABA, a whole field based on anecdotes that are often horrifying
Here Hemsley quotes James Todd insulting ASAN @autselfadvocacy and implies they’re deluded about their nonspeaking board members and willingly and knowingly accept it as a “sham.”
Here’s Travers bullying a BIPOC professor at UVA, one of the most respected research universities. Check who RT Travers

• • •

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21 Nov
I want to apologize for my responses to the Sia movie. Nonspeakers had replied, but I didn't see it. It was erasing their input by asking people to listen to them. I also should have used my personal account and not the publication account. (cont)
My personal perspectives are very affected by my experiences & are not universal among our contributors. I am really sad for all the constant pain & erasure & misrepresentation autistic people experience. I definitely don't ever want to invalidate any of that. We deserve better.
I (Terra Vance) will do better to use my personal account to respond to things that are not an issue that is pretty universal among our contributors and apologize for not doing that. I made mistakes and missed things that were relevant to inform a full and fair reaction.
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21 Nov
I want to clarify a few points about my thread about the Sia movie because I think in my long thread, I still wasn't clear enough on a few points. I'll try to condense them to one thread at a time.
1. I wanted the point of the thread to be about how we as a community were addressing the issue was often using talking points and language that doesn't reflect the best language for nonspeaker rights.
2. Many of the things said about Sia were things that are tacitly ableist and can cause harm.
Read 17 tweets
21 Nov
I’m having a hard time with the discussion about the movie, Music, written and directed by @Sia. First, everyone is referencing NonSpeakers as “non-verbal.” NonSpeakers are nonspeaking because they are apraxic, and that means they can’t coordinate their movements to speak.
They often also can’t coordinate their bodies. They do things without being able to control themselves. Asking them to act in a movie where they have to do very complex ordered tasks would be overwhelming.
It can take a NonSpeaker a week to write an article because of the difficulty of spelling to communicate. But when we publish articles by nonspeakers, nobody reads or shares them. They are our lowest traffic demographic despite that I put 10x more effort in promoting them.
Read 32 tweets
20 Nov
Thread: I’m going to put a trigger warning on this for attempted suicide, but is good news. A couple days ago, I announced to Twitter what had been told to me: that someone I cared about profoundly had died from suicide. He was an autistic 22-year-old.
That was what the family was told. He had tried to save someone from an abusive situation, but it resulted in him being shunned and scolded and written off as a troublemaker. But what he did was brave and heroic, which I’d been saying daily. I was afraid this would happen.
But, and my details are incomplete right now, he is ALIVE. What happened (I think. Will confirm) was he was on a ventilator for his family to say goodbye, but he continued to breathe when they took him off the vent. He was triaged for 18 hours, & finally his vitals stabilized.
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7 Oct
Let me explain why autistic people may perform better with robots. It’s not their “Easy to read” social cues, it’s because they’re honest and predictable. They aren’t going to give an exasperated sigh or treat us like we’ve verbally assaulted them by expressing a need (cont)
They’re not going to call us into the office and tell us they have “concerns” because they misinterpreted our responses. We aren’t going to find after six months of mistreatment that someone has been harboring a grudge because they misunderstood OUR subtext. (Cont)
They won’t assemble in groups in the break room and stop talking when we walk in. They aren’t going to think we are angry at them if we don’t wrap every instruction up in platitudes or remind them they’re a good person if we need to ask them to do something differently. (Cont)
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7 Oct
@NSF @VanderbiltU @Cornell @Yale @GeorgiaTech This is the most disrespectful and dehumanizing thing I’ve ever seen, and that’s a high bar. Somebody needs to do a survey of autistic suicidal ideation after reading about this. Disgusting.…
I assure you that our ability to tolerate suffering is monastic already and that your testing of our patience is already a Sisyphean marathon you can’t fathom. Maybe the reason we are underemployed is because your nonsense is a parody straight out of Swift’s Laputa.
To be autistic is to be the narrator in Gulliver’s Travels. There are not enough words to express how abjectly fucked this is. You want us to act like human beings? Start with treating us that way.
Read 11 tweets

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