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@Michael_J_New has posted beautiful tributes to #prolife heroes since passed. See thread.

Now Share your tributes and honor those who did not live to see the day that Roe fell.

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Disingenuous. We put kids as young as 10 on #PubertyBlockers. There is no waiting time when rogue providers are able to prescribe cross-sex hormones with no face to face appointments. Look up Gender GP.
You are dangerously ill-informed.
Let us not draw attention to the #Eugenics angle that shows autistic people are 7 times more likely to be referred to Gender Clinics. It would be a shame if people drew the conclusion that we are sterilising autistic kids.
This does not make sense. How can you “pause” puberty if it is an irreversible intervention? Also precocious puberty is an entirely different condition. Often for girls whose onset of menses occurs in girls as young as 6. There’s much less research on the impact on males.
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1/: The world's fate as we know it is at stake. Pseudoscience is dominating the news. My appeal is based on the appendix of Michael Crichton's book 'State of Fear', which clarifies why politicised science is dangerous. It is more topical than ever. ⬇️a thread⬇️ Image
2/: Imagine a new ‘scientific theory’ that warns of an imminent crisis and points to a way out. This particular theory quickly draws support from mass media, leading scientists, politicians, and celebrities/influencers worldwide.
3/: Research is funded by renowned philanthropists and conducted at prestigious universities and research institutes. The crisis is reported frequently in the media. This science is taught in college and high school classrooms. ImageImage
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In remarks reminiscent of the darkest days of the #eugenics movement, @CDCDirector said that the fact that #COVID19 predominantly kills people who are “unwell to begin with” is “encouraging.”
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#MyDisabledLifeIsWorthy #EugenicsByCDC 1/…
"The overwhelming number of deaths, over 75 percent, occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities," Walensky said, "so really these are people who are unwell to begin with, and yes, really encouraging news in the context of Omicron."
Walensky’s comments were condemned by doctors, scientists and advocates for the disabled as an embrace of eugenics by the Biden administration.
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OK #Covid_19 #COVID19 #Covid #uspoli #canpoli #ukpolitics #EU #worldpoli are you or one of your family members one of the 1/100 predicted to get severely ill from #Omicron the #COVID19 #Covid_19 #Variant despite being 3-4X vaccinated and following public health advice?
And so it seems world leaders around the globe have finally come together - to declare that 1/100 people with #Omicron experiencing severe disease and/or death is an acceptable number for "a productive economy" - what does that mean if YOU or an at-risk family member is 1/100?
First you must accept the cold hard fact that nobody any longer gives a single solitary flying shit that you or your family member(s) are now after 2 years of "we're all in this together" staring down the very short barrel of a rapidly increased mortality risk from #Omicron.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/08/2021…
As Bradford pears remain a nuisance in South Carolina, methods of attack range from bounties to bans…

#InvasiveSpecies #landscaping #BradfordPearTrees #EcosystemDamage #mitigation
Build Back Better’s Insulin Pricing Benefit Isn't Enough…

#pharmaceuticals #insulin #PriceCaps #legislation #consequences
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Today on his IG story, Cawthorn boosted a post by this “traditional aesthetics”/“western aesthetics” page. What’s up with this page? ImageImage
Their book recommendations caught my eye. A book that describes slavery favorably, a book by a Holocaust denier, a book about how politicians (ie Cawthorn) are bad people, and Jordan Peterson. ImageImageImageImage
This one advocated for… government-organized marriage to select for better genes and stop “the unfit” from breeding. #eugenics ImageImage
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This is WORSE than I thought!! MUCH WORSE!! 😡👎…

"Vichy Starmer

Starmer’s latest slogan – after his ‘WTF’ fiasco was unsurprisingly a catastrophe – appears to be:

Community, family, country
"Starmer claims in his ‘essay’ that these not Conservative ideas – but the words are strongly reminiscent of the motto of the Vichy France government that collaborated with the nazis during the second world war, “Family. Country. Work”:

"Contribute or starve?

The #Labour press release claims that #Starmer’s essay ‘sets out vision for a “contribution society”’ – an idea that will rightly send cold shivers down the spines of this country’s millions of disabled or unemployed people and those in poorly-paid and..
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1/210: Markus Kerber's Apollo 13

In March 2020, the German Ministry of the Interior @BMI_Bund issued a #strategypaper that weaponized fear in order to accomplish compliance with #COVID policies. The authors' emails were litigated under #FOIA request. My analysis. #MEGATHREAD ⬇️ Image
2/210: The @BMI_Bund emails have been released to the public as they were successfully sued by lawyer Niko Härting in a FOIA proceeding. They can be requested directly from @BMI_Bund/ @rki_de via @fragdenstaat. Download it here: Image
3/210: The emails originated March 19-25, 2020. They are so explosive because they map the inner discourse of the @BMI_Bund's now infamous #COVID-19 taskforce, which produced several crucial domestic policy documents. @OttoKolbl
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How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health | The Corbett Report (05/02/2020) #documentary…
Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World | The Corbett Report (05/09/2020) #documentary…
Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid | The Corbett Report (05/18/2020)  #documentary…
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1/ Early morning #McAfee #Afterlife telegrams today 👇:

1106 812 814 1005 807 1111:

... and MUCH MORE. Go to:…

2/ We've seen this vault password before 👇 Image
3/ The Clown Show Ends This Week ...



John McAfee.

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It is very important in this period of humanity to take a serious look at what is happening in the world friends.

Watch this video first in its entirety & reflect upon current situations critically.

#Menticide is here & with it, a new attempt to establish a "#TechnoTotalitarian" rule over the lives of American citizens.

The final variant of #Coronavirus could very well be the manifestation of a #NewWorldOrder under #totalitarian rule.
That may sound absurd, but what is very concerning is that many talking heads in the media & even public figures are now making very carefully worded emotional appeals to logic to further induce a totalitarian #masspsychosis.
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Check out "The Roots of #Redlining," a new article @lwinling & I wrote that was just released in the @JournAmHist. Here's the link… but an illustrated thread with summary & our major findings follows ... (1/17)
@UrbanHistoryA @SACRPH
We trace the intellectual roots of #redlining to economist Richard T. Ely and his students & colleagues affiliated with the Institute for Research in Land Economics, which he founded in 1920 ... (2/17)
While a faculty member at Johns Hopkins, the University of Wisconsin & Northwestern from the 1880s-1920s, Ely trained scores of economists, sociologists & historians -- including future president Woodrow Wilson ... (3/17)
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"As many persons with disabilities said during the visit, they are being offered the choice between a nursing home and medical assistance in dying."
- Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities Dec 19 2019…
#CdnPoli #WhyUs
Before #BillC7 amendments were tabled this Report was published demanding a review of the 2016 C14 Medical Assistance in Dying Legislation

Review of the Legislation was outstanding and instead of properly reviewing they put forwards C7 with unprecedented radical policy changes
Among the most radical of these changes is the removal of the requirement that death be reasonably forseeable to access state-assisted suicide

This takes the legislation away from true euthanasia by definition and creates a two-tiered suicide response by the government
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Things you should consider when talking about crimes against disabled people (such as the #Potsdam killings)

A thread
1) There are no such things as „mercy killings“

The idea of killing disabled people to deliver them from their pain is deeply intertwined with the ableist perception that living with a disability is a fate worse than death.
Stressing that the murderer cared selflessly for the victims is playing into the stereotype that disabled people and their needs are a burden. Both arguments grossly undermine the humanity of disabled people.

We don’t need pity, we need human rights.
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Yesterday, four disabled people got murdered, another one severely injured in a care home in #Potsdam (Germany) – and almost all people engaging with this on social media are other disabled people.
Dear activists, dear fellow human beings, where is your solidarity with disabled people? Especially in a country that has a history of systematically killing disabled people, especially those of us being institutionalized?
Dear politicians, dear fellow human beings, where is your solidarity with disabled people? Especially in a country that has a history of systematically killing disabled people, especially those of us being institutionalized?
@BMG_Bund @BMAS_Bund @RegSprecher
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What makes disabled people #HighRiskCOVID19? I'm lesson prepping for next week's lecture on disability justice, so I made a list!

Heads up: Only the 2 items are directly medical. The rest have to do with sociopolitical issues related to ableism.

THREAD. (Please add to it!)
Starting with the obvious:
1. Medically, some disabled people are more likely to die from COVID or have severe cases if infected. Chronic conditions related to immune, respiratory, & cardio systems are major factors here, but this isn't anywhere near a comprehensive list.
2. Disabled people have to work. The choice to "stay home" is a false one for most disabled folks. We have to pay rent, medical bills, food, and other basic living costs. Further, many disabled folks are kept in entry-level positions in "frontline," public-facing (riskier) jobs.
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I’m so fucking sick of this shit, we’re now in the middle of a third wave, with a province wide shutdown, and we’re getting no help from the government despite Covid cases rising here in Ontario, and with everything from increased costs of using grocery delivery services ... 1/9
the rising cost of groceries, plus having to buy PPE, this is, well, let’s just call it what it is, the genocide and culling of disabled people by the government (both provincially and federally), especially when the only option in front of us is MAID ... 2/9
which the government has made clear by passing Bill C7, honestly how the fuck am I and others relying on social assistance expected to survive this pandemic, hell we’re not even prioritized early on the vaccine list despite many who are immunocompromised ... 3/9
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Important report by @NCSCgov on China's predatory campaign to collect the genetic data of millions of US citizens, and the CCP's eugenics operations targeting Uyghurs and other minorities in China.…
"At least 15 Chinese companies were licensed to perform genetic testing or whole genomic sequencing on patients in the U.S. healthcare system, giving them direct access to the genetic data of patients in the U.S."
"PRC government as part of this [eugenics] effort include mass arbitrary detentions, severe physical and psychological abuse, forced labor, oppressive surveillance used arbitrarily or unlawfully, religious persecution, political indoctrination, and forced sterilization"
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PLANDEMIE : Le complot contre les peuples...part 1

Les développeurs du #vaccin #AstraZeneca liés au mouvement eugénique britannique rebaptisée #British #Eugenics #Society ainsi qu'avec d'autres institutions liées comme le Wellcome Trust. 🔽

#COVID19 #plandemie #coronavirus
Le 30 avril, #AstraZeneca et l'Université d'Oxford ont annoncé un "accord historique" pour le développement d'un #vaccin #COVID-19 🔽🔽…
Bien que le partenariat ait été annoncé en avril, le Jenner Institute d'Oxford avait déjà commencé à développer le #vaccin #COVID-19 des mois auparavant 🔽🔽
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Here's what happens when a disabled man writes about being 18, newly paralyzed, at a rehab facility, in 1978. And he publishes the essay in a national #bioethics journal.
ID: Bill Peace, aka The Bad Cripple, white man in a blue shirt w/ gray beard sits next to my former persona, Tipsy Tullivan, blonde. Mouth covered by headline "A Blowjob from the 1970s & the Censorship of Disabled Writers." Audio and #transcript avail from…
This happened in 2014. What has bioethics, as a field, done since then, to inspire the confidence of us #disabled people? #MedicalTwitter
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23 die in Norway after receiving Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: officials…

The Epoch Times: Hundreds Sent to Emergency Room After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines.…
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An interesting conclusion from the #Polyamory thread: in the past, even societies had significant differences in fertility between different people. This was partly achieved with a huge infant mortality rate mediated by wealth (horrific, but also #eugenic)
We also know that historically most men never reproduced, but most women did. The ratio varies between about 2 women who reproduce for every 1 man, to as high as 17:1.
Christianity in Europe was a form of sexual communism (one woman per man), but infant mortality and wealth-mediated fertility meant that there was still an element of selection. And extra-pair couplings would have been with genetically or economically superior males.
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