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My #FGM Heartbreak💔
"FGM Shattered My Life!"
Chemutai, 45 Years Old, Recalls Hers:
"I will never forget that night. It was cold and they held me down and did what they did. First, they poured really cold milk on me. They said that would help with the pain. It took me a long time ImageImage
to heal; going to ease myself was so hard…
I did not know the way they cut me had anything to do with this urine problem but when I went to a hospital, a nurse told me that I had a big scar and that it might have prevented my children from coming out properly.
I am childless now
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1/ The Qatari Royal Family has stepped in to ban beer sales at stadiums during the #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022, creating a big conflict for FIFA with sponsor Budweiser. /
2/ Qatar is also warning that female fans who dress immodestly could be arrested. #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022…
3/ LGBT fans traveling to Qatar may not find a welcome mat when they arrive. #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022…
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Please Note: a few days ago @Marvel @MarvelStudios announced that in the next Captain America film due out in 2024, one of the key characters will be an Israeli Mossad Superhero as played by Israeli actress Shira Haas. As if the character isn't offensive enough against the...
...#Palestinian and the #HumanRightsViolations committed by Israel, she's named "Sabra" - highly insensitive to the memory of the Sabra and Shatila massacre which Israel was behind. I deplore this announcement by Marvel and this is eloquently and passionately conveyed on...
...Instagram by the well-known Palestinian chef and author Joudie Kalla:…
You can also view the news piece here:…
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@EthicalHourNews @BrendaChoi19 I'm other words, #Mattel corporation will, after 8 yrs, sell, as a successful, expdnding business, even more items, but each wrapped in 75% current environmentally catastrophic fossil-fuel-derived plastics. In short, @Mattel MIGHT do a little less wanton harm
@EthicalHourNews @BrendaChoi19 @Mattel This is how corporations trashing ecosystems, polluting & clogging, for millennia, oceans, soils, our bodies, with plastics, microplastics, toxic plastic breakdown products, cunningly deploy otherwise ethical organizations, institutions to do their marketing.
@EthicalHourNews @BrendaChoi19 @Mattel Let's not admire and praise ruthless, greedy, selfish companies, run by members of the #BillionaireClass, devastating environments, societies, whenever they issue, for PR purposes, proclamations of "green" proposals, not to stop, but slightly reduce the immense damage they do.
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Today I have a dinner with my friends who are working for different UN agencies, related to #HumanRights. We had a discussion on the latest @amnesty report on Ukraine. You know, they also published some unpleasant data on Ukraine but…
2/ The UN data is more precise, of course, they anonymize their respondents, but they are clear abt places and institutions. They try not to use these clickbait headlines as the @amnesty did regarding #Ukraine
It rises a lot of questions, why the home-office @amnesty wasn’t involved to provide some context. Sometimes it takes months to establish a vocabulary, one from the International orgs could use to understand the victims of the #war or #HumanRightsViolations in the concrete area
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Human Rights Violations in the United States of America—

1. 1.5 million people killed in firearms violence between 1968 and 2017 in the US.

2. More than 45,000 people were killed in gun violence in 2020 alone. 693 mass shootings in 2021 under Biden, up 10.1 percent from 2020.
3. The US is the 10th worst country for racial equality, finishing lower than China.

4. Anti-semitism, Hinduphobia rising rapidly. 2022 UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues report—Treatment and position of minorities in the US has deteriorated. #HumanRightsViolations
5. In 2021, Biden admin detained more than 1.7 million migrants including 45,000 children at southern border of the US.
6. US killed over one million people including around 400,000 innocent civilians in its wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, & Pakistan in last 3 decades
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It's OFFICIAL: #Indonesia Military Finally Ends ‘Virginity Test'🙌🏾
Indonesia’s armed forces have finally ended all so-called “virginity tests” as part of the recruitment process for women.
Last week, Indonesian armed forces spokesman Maj. Gen. Sudirman announced that all three ImageImage
branches of the military – the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force – had “effectively ended virginity tests” for recruitment.
The military’s first actions against this abusive practice began in June 2021 when then-Army Chief General Andika Perkasa issued an order to army commanders
that female recruits should only be assessed on their ability to take part in physical training.
He also ordered that the fiancées of male officers who applied for permission to get married no longer needed to get a medical check, including a “virginity test.”
But despite the
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@ir_rkp Hienoa, täytyykin viestittää @ZelenskyyUaaa'lle että kieltää Suomen vale oppositiopuolueet, siionistien @persut ja Kremlin @kokoomus laittomina.
@ir_rkp @ZelenskyyUaaa @persut @kokoomus Voi kysyä lupaa myrkyttää Suomessakin, epämiellyttäviä kansanryhmiä.
- Esim. Candida albicans on tuottoisin 'sairaus' 100 vuoteen. #BigPharma sanoo sitä 'syöväksi'.
#Candidiasis ei parane 'syöpä'hoidoilla, vaan potilaat menehtyvät tuskallisesti n. 5 vssa.
@ir_rkp @ZelenskyyUaaa @persut @kokoomus #Nuremberg 2.0, #sotarikos ei vanhene.
#VAERS Summary for #COVID19 'Vaccines' through 3/4/2022 | Mar 12, 2022
- Covid -sotarikokset jatkuvat Suomessakin, haavoittuvassa asemassa olevien teurastaminen #BigPharma'n voitelemana.…
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Ukrainian militias roaming the streets committing human rights violations in broad daylight.
Photo evidence of human rights abuses and tortures against civilians in Ukraine. ImageImageImageImage
Two girls got beaten for God know what by this newly formed militia thug.
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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No joke! Back home from holiday, my 8 y old daughter's 1st ❓: “Do you know what's going on in #Kazakhstan? The president allowed to shoot the population.” I think my son "briefed" her. My oldest daughter received videos from her colleagues in Kazakhstan. My thread bellow 1/1 ImageImage
#EUforeignpolicy: @EmmanuelMacron & @vonderleyen demanding the violence in #Kazakhstan cease adding #EU is ready to help calm the situation & assist where it can. @JosepBorrellF reiterating that it's important that rights and civilian safety is ensured #HumanRightsViolations 1/2
#US @SecBlinken: not clear why #Kazakhstan feel the need for any outside assistance. It would seem to me that the government certainly have the capacity to deal appropriately with protests to do so in a way that respects the rights of protesters while maintaining law & order.1/3
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Palm oil corporations, whose products are found in so many of our foods, are gaslighting us & greenwashing a horrifically exploitative & damaging industry. They are responsible for deforestation and are driving many species to extinction.
#SayNoToPalmOil… ImageImageImageImage
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The ongoing imprisonments of Yasin Malik & thousands of Kashmiri political prisoners on trumped up charges by India highlight the #Modi regime's contempt for #HumanRights.

We ask for urgent action from international bodies and governments to end this tyranny.

Over the recent weeks, JKLF UK President Syed Tahseen Gilani has written to a number of govts & diplomatic reps to draw urgent attention towards baseless and outrageous imprisonment of Yasin Malik amid his rapidly deteriorating health.

JKLF members across the UK have also been contacting their local MPs to build pressure on India to end political imprisonments. Earlier this year, the UK Parliament held a debate on #HumanRightsViolations in Jammu Kashmir.

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💠Press Conference: Live Stream
🔸Legal complaints in #Scotland & Britain against the #Iran|ian Regime’s President Ebrahim Raisi for Crimes of Universal Jurisdiction

🔸Date and time:
13 October 2021, 12:00 CEST

🔸𝗣𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲
🔸Legal complaints in #Scotland & Britain against the #Iran|ian Regime’s President Ebrahim Raisi for Crimes of Universal Jurisdiction
🔸Date and time:
13 October 2021, 12:00 CEST
🔸Live Stream: 👉…
The press conference of the office of the @iran_policy began with the speech of Hossein Abedini.
The conference is sponsored by Struan Stevenson & Taher Bomedra.
Call for the arrest and trial of #Iran'ian President Ebrahim Raisi.
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[Cruise ship drug case] Mumbai Court will shortly hear remand of #AryanKhan and 7 others arrested for alleged involvement in the #ncbraid conducted on a Mumbai-Goa cruise.


NCB will also be producing two new arrests for first remand; Achit Kumar, who is supposedly linked to #AryanKhan and a foreign national allegedly involved in international trafficking.

Chief Metropolitan Magistrate RM Nerlikar has presided. The accused will be produced shortly.

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Each morning I come onto @Twitter I pray there is some kind of @Hopeforjustice for #AmbroseGGBall.

But instead to witness @DavidLammy posting the most #sadistic #Facebook post to date knowing how he has treated the mother of murdered @forambrose1984 leaving her with a body in
@haringeycouncil without a single word from @NCLCCG_Haringey or #AndrewWalker since last June 2020.

Toni aka Ruth Lovell has been telling @GREATBritain how she has been treated by @metpoliceuk @MPSBarnet @MPSHaringey @MPSEnfield @CPSUK @IOPC_Help #CindyButts, @VpoDr
#bernardhoganhowe who has told the world how much we trust the #PoliceState, well 80% I do believe he quoted, to then be allowed to walk off
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Lets get #REAL .

@HumanRightsCtte has proved to never exist as I am sure many #VictimsOfDoubleJeopardy can confirm.

@CookPolitical @BBCPolitics #PoliticsLive can and will #NeverAgain will ever be trusted for as long as @UKParliament
that has continued to be ignored by @David_Cameron whose watch the ongoing #coverup of #TheTruth in the death of #AmbroseGGBall is addressed.

We no longer have #FaithNFreedoms that @WHO has to tell us while totally ignoring not only a body that still remains
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