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The International Court of Justice of the Amsterdam District Court concluded that Polish courts are no longer independent and asked the @EUCourtPress about the consequences for the #EuropeanArrestWarrant regime.
Long🧵with my assessment ⬇️
1/ This is not the first time a national court has doubts as to whether suspects/convicts should be surrendered. For quite some time national courts denied surrender on various human rights grounds, in contravention of the black letter law of the Framework Decision on the #EAW.
2/ 🇬🇧 & 🇩🇪courts demanded assurances in relation to the detention conditions in certain issuing MSs already since 2013. They refused surrender in cases where they were not satisfied with the guarantees provided.
See footnote 29 in:…
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Während d Medien d #Frauenmörder #SaulFletcher noch als Freund von #BradPitt
heroisieren, wird d Frau, d seinen #Gewaltexzess mit ihrem Leben bezahlen musste,
zum namenloses Opfer

Am 22.07.2020 gab es 3 Frauen in Deutschland, deren Leben von Männern attackiert wurden
Schicksal der am 22.07. in Essen durch Messerstiche lebensgefährlich Verletzten
ist ungewiss

Ebenso #Rinteln 02.07.2020

Trotz #GG, trotz #CEDAW, trotz #IstanbulConvention haben im Jahr 2020 mindestens 112
deutsche #Femizide stattfinden können.
01.01.2020 #Borken († 52)
04.01.2020 #Langerwehe († 45)
04.01.2020 #Langerwehe († 60)
05.01.2020 #PreußischOldendorf († 54)
06.01.2020 #Borgholzhausen († 38)
11.01.2020 #Hannover († 23)
11.01.2020 #Walsrode († Alter unbekannt)
12.01.2020 #Starnberg († 60)
13.01.2020 #Flörsheim († 43)
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🚨 Wayfair is a SICK Company!!!
•Waif-a stray person or animal, homeless
•Fare-the price attached
—>interesting title choice you monsters! #SaveTheChildren #WayfairTrafficksChildren #Wayfairtrafficing #wayfairgate
2. Try to send this tweet for the 3rd time!
•Wayfair is attached to GEORGE Soros!
•Ghislaine Maxwell pictured with Wayfair President of Operations Bill Hutcherson.
•Q says these people won’t be able to walk the streets! Now we know why! SICK!!
3. Well, well, well & whose name is attached to Wayfair?
•Hillary Clinton & Michelle Obama awarded Wayfair Director, Andrea Jung, with the 2010 Clinton Global Citizen award.
•Hillary is pure evil! Watch! Trump said Hillary stole a whole village in Haiti
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Headline in the Times.
Ironic if a company owned by citizens of 2 countries with appalling human rights records sack a man for thought crimes and nasty tweets.
Wierd condemnation given that the hotel's owners are members of the ruling regimes in countries where homosexuality is illegal.
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I don't know what to call this!
It will blow your mind off tou!!
If I post to expose them- I am being threatened by @instagram for my account to be deleted .
She is a very popular Turkish pop culture singer!
And these photos are from her video clip🙄
What y'all think? Image
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1. The face of #Pakistan’s Anti-#Kashmir agenda globally, Shireen Mazari- the Federal Minsiter for Human Rights in Pakistan- is the perfect candidate for covering up Pakistan’s occupation of foreign territories as well as ongoing corruption in the govt.
2. Ironically, Shireen Mazari had assumed office in 2018 with a bang, campaigning to end corruption through accountability & transparency, the very foundations her career lacks.
3. A book released in 1996 titled ‘State and Civil Society in #Pakistan: Politics of Authority, Ideology and Ethnicity’ by I. Malik, reveals that the Mazari family are defaulters of 49,742 Million Rupees to the national exchequer, including Shireen Mazari.
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With #GOP donor #Chevron doing a #Blacklivesmatter pledge it's time for some clarification.

Let's call it "Chevron & the war on everyone.", or #FuckChevron

Summary: @Chevron is bad for people & planet, even in comparison with other oil companies. Prepare to get angry. 1/25
None of this started today. It's been decades in the making, systematic and global. Chevron's goal is to make money and whether that (literally) tramples on individual humans or our collective future does not matter to the people of Chevron.

Chevron is ruthless. 2/25
Chevron is one of the few globally integrated oil companies. They own Texaco. They are complicit in too many human rights violations, environmental devastation, and violence against activists to list (..), so in this thread I'll share some typical examples. 3/25
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💠Condemnation of the Iranian regime by international figures for launching a new wave of arrests and imprisonment of dissidents in #Iran.
1️⃣ ISJ Urges @UN to Secure Release of Iran’s Political Prisoners.
💠The international condemnation of the #Iran'ian regime for #HumanRightsViolations & the start of a massive wave of arrests of dissidents.

2️⃣ #Nobel Laureates Call for Release of Elite Iranian Students.
💠Internl Condemnation of #Iran'ian Elite Students’ Arrest & Calls 4 @UN to Intervene

3️⃣ The #Romanian Parliamentarian Committee for a #FreeIran condemned the Iranian regime’s arrest & torture of 2 Iranian elite students, #AmirHossainMoradi & #AliYounesi…
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Since Boycott China has been trending at the top in #Pakistan
Here is thread on how
#HumanRights &
#AnimalRights are being violated in #China openly
Also, the culture and super hit songs of China against other nations
China is responsible for #coronavirus Image

This is how the administration treats #women & kids in #China

Boycott China


Brutally Killing People, shooting them with pallet guns & violating #HumanRights is a common practice in #China

Boycott China
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The Evil #Brahmin.

Why the Evil #Brahmin is #Abused in Indian #society ?

The Evil #Brahmin used to give #education for #free!

The #Evil Brahmin used2provide

#medicine & #medical
care4 #free,
only what
the #patient
AFTER being #Healed
was accepted as payment!
The Evil #Hindu #Brahmin used2not
differentiate in
upper or lower class
eg #SriKrisna & poor #Sudhama
#studying in the same #Gurukulam (#school)
or being good #friends!

The #EvilBrahmin did not use #sword 2convert ppl !

The Evil #Brahmin advocates #vegetarian lifestyle!
The Evil #Brahmin is projected as being Godly or spiritual but he is only the holder of scriptural #knowledge for #Hindus & thus him,
being #ungodly
is only a #scam 2justify attacking him
2justify a #Brahmin #Genocide even today by #commies!

The "Evil Brahmin" #genocide is
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The disgraces by the federal government don't end…
Can Congress do anything about these abuses?
Any thoughts about showing a #soldier some respect for his service?…
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2.🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
#regimechange #ProtectBolivia #ProtectDemocracy
1. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia…
By @telesurenglish
The Bolivian Air Force said that a presidential helicopter that was moving to @evoespueblo had to make an emergency landing due to a mechanical failure, near Colquiria, La Paz, where the president was inaugurating a road.
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Game plan to depict #Kashmir 'normalcy'
-Bring Neo-Nazi friends to #Kashmir
-fill o/w empty schools by forcing compulsory exams for 60k students
-Stage sycophantic pictures/tweets

Dear #India, why work so hard?According to u hasn't Kashmir been normal all along?
Imp Thread👇🏾
22 out of the 28 @Europarl_EN's members visiting #Kashmir are far-right MPs who are visiting India in a private capacity - organised by an NGO (2/21)…
#India is orchestrating the visit of these far-right politicians to show the world that #Kashmir is normal despite India's illegal actions in Kashmir; especially given that India is facing extreme international condemnation on this issue. (3/21)
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* Felon & unindicted co-conspirator conspires with Russia to steal the Presidency,
* gives away classified info to Kislyak & Lavrov privately—ALONE
* spends 2 hours with Putin—ALONE
* grants top security clearance to family grifters...
* spends Fed monies on self-enriching trips to Mar-a-Lago et al...
* undisclosed tax returns + inauguration foreign $$,
* Ivanka STILL has her ™️ for voting equipment & ZERO investigation,
* #HumanRightsViolations at the border—10 DEAD CHILDREN,
* constant RACISM...
...influencing increased hate crimes,
* constant LIE after LIE after LIE, betraying, manipulating & confusing the public,
* gutting necessary Federal departments/agencies to our detriment,
* conspiring with #MoscowMitch to obstruct DEM-bent legislation,
* lying to Mueller...
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#Brazil: Millions of workers are on strike for 24 hours today against a proposal for pension reform from the far-right gov't of #JairBolsonaro.… #GreveGeral #strike
Video: @jornalodia, road block in #RiodeJaneiro.
#Brazil: Right now police crackdown at the roadblock in #Guarulhos, São Paulo. Cars of Federal Highway Police advance on the protesters. #GreveGeral #strike
Via @mtst
#Brazil: Oil workers at state-run Petroleo Brasileiro SA have begun a 24-hour strike in eight Brazilian states as part of nationwide protests against a government proposal to reform pensions. #GreveGeral #strike #14J…
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Ronald Reagan was #NWO puppet influenced by
Manley P Hall, occult, M@sons, and a Bohemian Grove attendee who was under thumb of #Illuminati power elite like Henry Kissinger.

#WeThePeople #TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight
#Qanon #Qresearch #RonaldReagan’s circle of influencers
Ronald Reagan furthered
#NWO Corporatocracy agenda.

Reagan’s "patriotic" call to arms and support for US militarism, enlarged the military-industrial complex, and
made possible a new wave of American imperialism and regime changes world wide.

Used for AIDS crisis/Eugenics
Leaders of Scottish Rite of Freem@sonry were so proud of Ronald Reagan they made him an "Honorary Scottish Rite Mason" near the end of his 2nd term.
The M@sonic ceremony was held at the White House & made front page of their official publication, "the New Age" magazine.
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.@POTUS .@GenFlynn .@LarryEKlayman .@TomFitton

(1) Yesterday I had a meeting with an attorney. The #FBI rolled in before I got there & spread their usual Bravo Sierra disinformation package. As usual, they had their street monkeys waiting outside & engaging in street-theater.
(2) You can tell when the #FBI "primes" disinformation recipients, because they have common bogus narratives which they disseminate, obviously based on their perversions,, sexual deviancy and psychopathy.

The attorney refused to listen to any of my statements ....
(3) was verbally abusive and then began to insult a specific family member - whom (unbeknownst to him) #corrupt #FBI personnel & #JTTF have targeted as well.

The insults were based on the separation between us, which the #FBI initiated and exacerbated. As a cheap ....
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Trump Administration - explain to me why no one has been able to discover who murdered Jenny Moore @SHF7
Why with all our vast intel capabilities (huge waste of tax payer money) has this not been accomplished already.
All of us RAMC survivors she was helping want answers now.
@SHF7 Jenny Moore will not be forgotten. Those of us in the worldwide community of #RitualAbuse #MindControl survivors will keep banging our drums until we get justice for Jenny Moore @SHF7 and our fellow trafficked RAMC survivors.…
@SHF7 Based on the investigative research Jenny Moore was doing on my behalf and some of the wastes of skin involved in my situation alone - Henry Kissinger, Lt Col Micheal Aquino, Roman Polanski⌛️Hugh Hefner, HRC,
I believe Jenny Moore @SHF7 was murdered.

Use the NSA data!
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