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[Thread] #BharatKeMeiteiHindu This is the story of #RajaKhagemba the Pride of #Bharat and #Dharma The story begins in 1606 A.D in the Kingdom of Kangleipak State [Manipur & Burma] Having put down a rebellion led by his younger brother Sanogba the embers of war still shouldered.
2. The Antagonist of this episode was the Kings younger brother who after his first failed attempt sought the help of Muslims of Taraff - famed for their prowess with Muskets. The Royal Chronicle Cheitharol Kumbab remains illusive on the spark but there are clues.
3. Enter Muhammed Sani a 17th Century Noble man and ally of the renegade prince. Who also happened to be the Younger brother Muhammed Nazir the Ruler of Taraff located in modern day Sylhet. This rag tag coalition assembled their troops MS bringing a 1000 of his own crack troops.
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1. It gladdens my heart to know that 1947 was not merely a secular transition of power, but it had a ritualistic element in the form of #Sengol or Dharma-Danda given to the new head of Indian State accompanied by ritualistic performances.
2. For me this ritual establishment of Dharma-Danda (#Sengol) is more important than the establishment of independent, but secular state. However, the subsequent sidelining of it by putting in some museum under the heading of 'Golden Stick' though unfortunate is not surprising.
3. Indian State has been inimical to Hindu interests since independence, so sidelining of #Sengol is not surprising. However, I feel its re-establishment in the new parliamentary building is a good nimitta (indication) that may be there could be change of winds in coming decades.
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This is a threaded version of Ch 9:

“Civilization & the Travesty of Morals:

“*Gilgamesh, Enkidu, & the Uncivilized “Civilized” Man”

of *Who to Be: Identity, Authenticity, & Crisis* (2020)

by M. Adzema*

CLICK a link to read entire chapter...…

WTB 9/1
WTB 9/2 “…in taking away all freedoms & rights from Nature & all its planetmates, eventually the rights of any being were no longer seen as of any concern. What another wished, intended, or wanted became increasingly unseen as a consideration… #psychology
WTB 9/3 “What another wanted became increasingly unseen as a consideration, including, eventually, what a woman might want in terms of her body...& what a man might wish to do with his time...or his life. Power became the basis of morality”… #civilization
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Want the next gen to be comfortable with who they are? Here are a few thoughts. Feel free to add them
1. Talk politics in front of them - let them learn to listen - answer their questions. Teach them to be aware but not talk about it in school etc.
2. Talk caste - let them hear
it from you and not from someone who is going to guilt trip them
3. Talk about the ecosystem (esp D if u are in TN and how it will be loaded against you)
4. Teach them they neither have to be apologetic or do reparations for perceived atrocities
5. Teach them to respect every
person and religion but not to expect that it will be reciprocated
6. Teach them about doctrinal faith in other religions and how these religion view polytheistic or idolatry religions
7. Teach them how the law can work against them and how to conduct themselves in a group
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🧵#Jagadguru #Shankaracharya #SriSri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji: While engaging in noble deeds, one must not cause intense strain to one’s own physical body such as engaging in unduly long periods of fast. The physical body being the instrument to engaging in #Dharma must

also be taken care of. Likewise, one need not attempt to do what is much beyond one’s capacity. Not all can desire to perform the Atirudra Mahayuga. Instead, a Ekadasha Rudra performed with sincere devotion and faith will bring about one’s welfare.

The intention to engage in noble deeds is important & good but we must be principled even in such matters.Noble deeds must be engaged in without causing inconvenience or harm to others & without getting any kind of support from unrighteous persons.


#SanatanaDharma #Sringeri
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#Sringeri #Jagadguru #SriSri Chandrashekhara Bharati Mahaswamiji explains the importance of #Karma in simple terms & how it acts as a cleansing agent :

Sri Jagadguru, when asked about the necessity of karma explained that it is needed for the cleansing of mind. Though

1/n Image
the real happiness lies in us, we are not aware of it because of ignorance. This ignorance does not allow us to escape the attractions of worldly pleasures. We deweed, put manure, water and then sow the seeds in the field. We also continuously watch the growth

of the plants to get good harvests. So we should de-weed our minds of the #adharma or wrong behavior, manure it with #dharma or righteousness, and observe our behavior continuously and carefully to cleanse the mind. Then the mind becomes worthy and potent to realise the

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(1) A foster mother
(2) One who holds in the womb
(3) One who feeds
(4) The wife of the preceptor
(5) The consorts of one's chosen deity
(6) Wife of the father
(7) A virgin
(8)) A real sister
(9) The wife of the master
(10) Mother-in-law


@singhsahana @ShefVaidya
(11) Maternal grandmother
(12) Grandmother
(13) The wife of the brother
(14) The sister of the mother
(15) The sister of the father
(16) The wife of the maternal uncle

स्तनदात्री गर्भधात्री भक्षदात्री गुरुप्रिया।अभीष्टदेवपत्नी च पितुः पत्नी च कन्यका॥सगर्भजा या भगिनी

पुत्त्रपत्नी प्रियाप्रसूः । मातुर्माता पितुर्माता सोदरस्य प्रिया तथा ॥ मातुः पितुश्च भगिनी मातुलानी तथैव च । जनानां वेदविहिता मातरः षोडश स्मृताः ॥” इति ब्रह्मवैवर्त्ते गणपतिखण्डे कार्त्तिकेय-संवादे १५ अध्यायः ॥
#internationalwomensday #womensday2023 #Dharma #hinduism #WomensDay
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🚩An imp thread🧵 regarding #HoliFestival


💫 Clear confusion regarding date & timings of #HolikaDahan '23

🌉 #Holi Jagran Importance

🪅Harmful effects of #Chemical Colors

🎋How to make Alternative #Homemade #Organic Colors

🔮#VedicHoli with ♻️#Palash
Date & Timing of every #Hindu festival is considered according to the Panchang which is a detailed calculation & study of stars, constellations and planetary positions.

Hence this year #HolikaDahan will occur on 2 days based on the timings of sunset.
There are 4 Maharatris in Sanatan Dharma which bestow maximum spiritual benefits to the spritual aspirant who makes the most of this auspicious time.

#Mahashivratri, #Holi, Shri Krishna #Janmashtami & #Deepawali. The sadhana performed during these pious hours acts as catalyst.
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Here's a thread with key lessons from each chapter of the Bhagavad Gita.
Chapter 1:

Every duty comes with challenges. Learn to embrace the hardships - thats half the battle won.
Chapter 2:

You will never know peace, long as you are attached.

Peace comes from detachment.
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🧵Words of #Sringeri #Jagadguru #Shankaracharya #SriSri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji on his Parama Guru (Sri Sri Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati Mahaswamiji):

"As said in his Astottara, a lump of earth, a stone & gold were the same to him, & he did not value one above the other"

Brahmasri Sri Virupaksha Sastrigal was appointed to complete the study of the Sastras (for the new Guru). Sri Virupaksha Sastrigal, who was famous in those days for his erudition in Nyaya and Vedanta, was astonished at the intellectual power of the Sri Guru. The study which

took others three years to complete was finished by the guru in one year. Greatly surprised, Sri Sastrigal used to share his gratification with those around him.

The extent of scholarship acquired by the guru could be measured by the commentary which he wrote on

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Speech as a 20 year old in 1912 upon ascending the Vyakhyana Simhasana under the name of #SriSri #Chandrasekhara Bharati.

HH:All of us must jointly pursue the ways & means of protecting our #SanatanaDharma.Do participate in dharmic activities,pave the way for #Dharma rajya.

1/n Image
"It is your great devotion to the Guru, and the Peetha which has brought you here in your thousands travelling long distances to reach remote Sringeri. From Rameswaram to the Himalayas you have all assembled here. Is this not sufficient evidence of your awareness of the 2/n
greatness of this Sarada Peetha and Sankara Bhagavadpada? Where is sacred Sringeri, the spiritual abode of Rishyasrunga and where are the mighty Himalayas, the home of great seers? Where flows the river Tunga and where is the river Ganga? Yet, an old adage says, "Bathe in the 3/n
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Thanks ICP for publishing this essay on #Ritamic Decision Policy. Into year-3 of this series, this post summarizes manthan, research and study of the Vedic origins of sustainable decision policy and strategy, with contemporary examples all can relate to.
Post focuses on sustainable policy to make not one, but a series of interconnected decisions over time.

Can ideas of Vedanta be applied here?
short ans: Y.

Content is of interest to those making gov or private policy, designers, startups, #Ganita/stem students, young parents.
The post is divided into 7 sections with links to each at the top. Those who simply want a easy-to-remember idea of Ritamic decision policy can go to the examples- read how Air India altered its DEL-SFO route in harmony with Ritam.…
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Jagadguru Shankaracharya #SriSri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji: People may be classified as Astikas & Nastikas. An Astika has faith in the existence of God, Dharma, reincarnation, & the Vedas. One who has neither of these beliefs is classified a Nastika.
A Nastika cannot easily 1/n
be taught. Even a man who is completely ignorant can be taught. One who knows everything can also be told. But a Nastika is one who is like a man with half-baked knowledge.
अज्ञः सुखमाराध्यः सुखतरमाराध्यते विशेषज्ञः ।
ज्ञानलवदुर्विदगधं ब्रह्मापि नरं न रञ्जयति ॥

The #Shruti 2/n
(Veda) says – पुण्यो ह वै पुण्यः कर्मणा भवति पापः पापेन । – one attains joy by performing Punya and falls by sinning. It is our Dharma Shastras that decide what constitutes Punyam and what constitutes Papam (sin).

Duryodhana tried to cause trouble to the Pandavas even after 3/n
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#Bhagawadgita chintana🧵
Margasira sukla Ekadasi is revered as Geeta Jayanthi, the day Lord #SriKrishna counselled Arjuna with his famous preaching #Bhagawadgita. But it was not first time Supreme God preaching the philosophy and Arjuna was not the first person to be imparted with the divine knowledge.+
In 4th Canto #JnaAnaYoga (sloka #1) Sri Krishna says,
" I taught this imperishable Yoga (Bhagawadgita)
to #Vivaswan (Sun God-Surya);
He (#Surya) in turn taught it to #Manu (#Vaivaswatha) who in turn taught it to #Ikshvaaku (in whose dynasty Lord Sri #Ramachandra was born)". +
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#Jagadguru #Shankaracharya #SriSri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji: We have to take care to spend our lives every day purposefully. That is why it is said –
प्रत्यहं प्रत्यवेक्षेत नरश्चरितम् आत्मनः।
किं नु मे पशुभिस्तुल्यं...
“Man has to consult his conscience every day, as to how 1/5
his day went. He has to examine himself thus, “Did I live like a noble person or did I spend it like an animal?”. We must always remember that we can never shut our own conscience to errors we committed. A thief may deny that he committed a theft despite being roughed by cops.2/5
However despite his denial, his own conscience knows that he committed the theft.
Sri #AdiShankara states – नलिनीदलगतजलमतितरलंतद्वज्जीवितमतिशयचपलम् (The life of a person is as fragile as water drops trembling on a lotus leaf). Hence when we are blessed with this human birth,3/5
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In whatever way the universe came into existence,why not assume that the beings inhabiting it evolved the system of #Dharma by themselves?These and similar questions are asked by many people.#Srimad #Appayya #Dikshita has very cogently answered them in his work AtmarpanaStuti:1/n
क्षित्यादीनामवयववतां निश्चितं जन्म तावत्..It is a fact that must be accepted by all hands that all things which have parts must have come into existence at some time or other. To say that a thing came into existence but that there was none to make it come into being is quite 2/n
illogical.For, a thing is said to come into existence only when we conceive of that thing as non-existing before that moment.There must be some reason which brings about the coming into existence. It cannot be postulated that the thing itself subjected itself to the operation 3/n
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Finally decided to write.

It must be said unequivocally that the Safety of #Women is ultimately that of the State, Culture, Society, Family and Self and in that order.

The unfortunate death of Shraddha is ultimately on the State & Society. This failure is ours.

This failure was at multiple levels.

At one level, perpetrators dont fear the State. They dont fear the Police. They fear the Society the least.

The State has taken the agency away from the Society and People. Has made intervention very difficult.

In addition, Modernity has pushed Nuclear-Family so much that families are cutoff from their communities and have to deal with their crisis all alone.

This has also made it others to less intervene or not even recognize others problems.

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For dharmic people to Understand their enemy, they would need to understand the following tools adharmic people use all the damn time:
1. 5 rules of propaganda by Norman Davis
2. The Pyramid of Hate based on Allport's scale of prejudice)
3. Projection Theory.
Since Roman times, the five rules of propaganda are being used to ensure western monotheistic domination. Here are five basic rules of propaganda, courtesy of Norman Davies in his extraordinary book "Europe: A History". Image
The pyramid of hate is based on the Allport's scale. Observe it carefully and see how the 5 roman and adharmic rules of propaganda are applied at each level. What the topmost aim? Image
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#right·o | The Dead Reckoning:
16th Dec 1971, 93000 Xenophobic West Pakistani Armed Forces Eastern Command & co-perpetrators; Jamat e Islami, Razakars, Al-Shams & Al-Badr were set loose under the "pākistānēr atmasamarpaṇēr dalil" but never faced trial @IntlCrimCourt (1/9)
Maal e Ghanimat/Ghanimoter Maal: U.S, U.K, China, Iran, SaudiArabia & SriLanka supported Pakistans war, while 'Genocidal Rape' of over 2,00,000 #bengali #women was unleashed with the blessings of Pakistan's Islamist clerics declaring #Bengali & #Hindu #women "War Booty" (2/9) ImageImage
#HindusUnderAttack: Pakistani elites believed all rumors that #Hindutva was driving force in the Bangladeshi Revolt & as soon as a solution was found to the "Hindu problem" the conflict would be resolved. For Pakistanis, violence against #Hindus is a strategic policy. (3/9) Image
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Kailāsa is revived on this planet earth, to give superconscious breakthrough, and to revive ancient, enlightened Hindu civilizational nation.
Kailāsa is a civilizational nation. Even though we have a territory, defined territory, we are not just territory focused nation. With the grace of Paramaśiva, we do have a sovereign territory, sovereign land in more than one place.
The purpose of Kailāsa is to revive enlightened civilization. Many people asked Me, “When India is there, Nepal is there, why Kailāsa?” Kailāsa is not a competition for India or Nepal or Bali or Thailand or any nation! We are not a competition for any nation.
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Reference Varaha Purana

Sage Agastya asked Rudra "O Lord, tell me at which time are you Rudra, at which time are you Brahma and at which time are you Visnu"

Rudra Replied:

"Visnu is Supreme Brahman and in Vedas and sastras he is said to have 3 forms. Visnu for sake of Devas assumes human form in every yuga and praises me. For the sake of the world & gods, I worship these two forms of the lord (divine and human) in the Svetadvipa in Krtayuga.

At the time of creation, I extol Brahma and become time. And in that Krtayuga, Brahma, Devas and Asuras extol me.

People who seek pleasure sacrifice to me in my form as linga, and those who seek liberation sacrifice to me mentally in my form as the thousand-headed.
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Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna, was the incarnation of Varcas the son of Candra. When Lord Visnu promised Bhumidevi that he would incarnate on Earth to get rid of asuras who burden the Earth, Image

the devas too decided to be born on Earth. A conference took place between the devas. Candra told Devas that he does not want to send Varcas whom he loves but it is not correct to stand in the way of the plan of the gods. Candra put a condition that his son would born as

the son of Arjuna and he will not be separated for more than sixteen years. In the sixteenth year, Varcas will return to him.

This is why Abhimanyu was killed in his sixteenth year when he entered the Cakra Vyuha set up by Kauravas.
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Cet article nous apprend que l'enquête a été confiée à @CyberGEND. C'est un indice, en soit, sur le #ransomware impliqué dans l'attaque, même s'il n'est pas mentionné.
@CyberGEND Car voyez-vous, selon le #ransomware, l'enquête est traitée soit côté Gendarmerie, soit côté Police.… Image
@CyberGEND Les articles de presse donnent des indices. Par exemple, celui-ci suggère que les cas #Hive sont traités côté Police.…
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पूज्याय राघवेंद्राय सत्यधर्मरताय च।
भजतां कल्पवृक्षाय नमतां कामधेनवे॥
ಪೂಜ್ಯಾಯ ರಾಘವೇಂದ್ರಾಯ ಸತ್ಯಧರ್ಮರತಾಯ ಚ |
ಭಜತಾಂ ಕಲ್ಪವೃಕ್ಷಾಯ ನಮತಾಂ ಕಾಮಧೇನವೇ ||
Poojyaaya Raaghavendraaya satyadharmarataayacha
Bhajataam kalpavrukshaaya namataam kaamadhenave;

Above sloka is one of the most popular, meritorious and meaningful sloka on Mantralaya Guru SaArvabhouma Sri Raaghavendra Swamy; It is not an exaggeration that there is no devout Hindu household who doesn't know or recite this simple but powerful sloka; +++
It will B more devotional if this sloka is recited knowing its meaning/significance. For a common man it's a remedy, for a Vedanti (scholar) it speaks volumes about glory of GuruRayaru. Let's try to make novice understanding of this beautiful sloka yatha-shakti, yatha yogyata. ++
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