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#Thread on the great Gupta Emperor Samudragupta

Samudragupta built a strong foundation for the Golden Age of India, ushered in by the Gupta Empire.

#GuptaEmpire #History #GoldenAgeOfIndia #Hindutva
Samudragupta was the son of Chandragupta I & Kumaradevi (Lichchavi Princess)

320 CE: Samudragupta is coronated after Chandragupta I nominated him as successor. The Allahabad inscription, which presents comprehensive details about reign of Samudragupta, describes it thus 👇
The Allahabad inscription describes first the complete subjugation of kings of the northern India, with his capital at Pataliputra.

In the first phase of Samudragupta's conquests, the territories of current UP, Bihar & some parts of West Bengal were annexed.
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தேவையற்ற சிந்தனை
ஆணும் பெண்ணும் கடவுளின் அருளாலும் இயற்கையின் சராசரி தத்துவத்தினாலும் நிகழகூடியது, மத விருப்பத்தின் அடிப்படையில் அல்ல.
பல குழந்தைகள் பெற்ற நாத்திகவாதியும் உண்டு குழந்தை செல்வத்திற்கு ஏங்கும் ஆத்திகவாதியும் இங்கு உண்டு.
பல லட்சோப லட்சம் வருடங்களாக பல அரக்கர்களையும்
சர்வாதிகாரிகளையும் தான்டி இன்றுவரை வ்யாபித்திருக்கும் சனாதன தர்மமும் அதன் வழி நடக்கும் சனாதனிகளும் மத த்வேழம் கொள்ளாவிட்டால் கொல்லப்படுவார்கள் அழிக்கப்படுவார்கள் என்று ஓங்கி முழங்கி சாதாரண குடிகளிடையே பயத்தையும் குழப்பத்தையும் விளைவிக்கும் பதிவினால் எந்த பயனுமில்லை.
மதமாற்றத்திற்கு முக்கிய காரணம் சாதாரண குடிகளுக்கு தேவையான உணவு உடை உறைவிடம் சனாதனிகளால் தரமுடியாததே.
ஒவ்வொரு சனாதனியும் இல்லாதவர்கள் இயலாதவர்களுக்கு முடிந்தவரை உதவவேண்டும் என்று ஓங்கி உரையுங்கள். அவர்கள் எந்த மதத்தவராயினும் அப்படி உதவும் சனாதனிகள் மேல் தீராத அன்பும் நன்றி கடனும்
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A long personal rant post as I’m tired of my local drama. In the middle of this #COVIDEmergency2021 there are a bunch of uneducated bullies in my hometown who want to prioritise their bloated egos against two girls and organise a mass gathering for community discussion-why?
They weren’t satisfied with bullying and life threats for over three months, spreading misinformation on local media and doing everything possible to make it look communal without fearing the local police, that now they want to be the judiciary and pronounce public verdict
All of this bcz they don’t give a damn about the administration/fear the local police enough to keep their drama in their pockets. Even after being told by the officials to do away their tantrums, they want to teach “girls” a lesson, like the 3 months of harassment wasn’t enough
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First, @byrdiebeauty publishes the article #Halal Vitamins Can Help You Simplify Your Supplement Routine…, which deviously promotes Islamic practices to non-Muslims.
Next @byrdiebeauty publishes @panini_party's article How Casteism Manifests in Yoga and Why It's a Problem. Here are some comments:
"@panini_party checked off every #subaltern label" "shallow and erroneous reduction of #karma and #dharma"
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#Istha #Devata Slow #Thread

The starting point is to find where #Atmakaraka is placed in the #Navamsa Chart. This is called #Karakamsa
@mmpandit @HinduMediaWiki @Vedang_Jyotish @JyotishApp
#Istha #Devata Slow #Thread
The 12th in D1 - Physical freedom or lack of it (Bandhana)
The 12th in D9 - Moksha. JeevanaMukta)
The 12th in D10 - Freedom/bondage at career
The 12th in D60 - Real cause of your rebirth
Focus on the 12th from AK in D9.
@mmpandit @HinduMediaWiki
#Istha #Devata #Slow #Thread
The AK is GOD in your chart. The 12th from AK (in #Navamsa or #Dharma amsa) is GOD giving everything to you. This act of giving from god is #Moksha. This is the function of Ishta Devata.
@mmpandit @prachyam7
Do RT forward for wider reach.
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Since birth we undergo various types of churning or Manthana. External and internal churn. The sagara manthana was the churn of milky ocean, 54 suras and 54 Asuras with the tortoise as the base support. This is Kurma Avatara. #Thread
RT fwd. Image source - Wiki Image
In this life, we are being pulled in all directions by forces that need our karmas to be burnt. Karma = KURMA (Avatara) = Shani. #Saturn
RT Fwd
Let us try to derive and understand a few simple concepts. Karma = 10th house = = Capricorn (Natural 10th) . #Mars, #Agni gets exalted 10th = Burning of Karma.
The one who understands and wants to help us in this churn is Sri Kurma. @mmpandit
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@Astrology_us Remember an interesting tale from #Mahabharata on this tweet

At d start of #Kurushetra muhurat was set for d #battle date & time to begin it coincided with #Amavasya #NewMoon

#Krishna knew if #war began on Amavasya it was advantage #Duryodhana

So using his Krishna neethi 1/n
@Astrology_us So in order to confuse & convince it was #Amavasya a day before #NewMoon

He did tarpanam as a mark of respect to ancestors which is customary in our tradition

Seeing this msg went upto to all devas including #Sun & #moon tht today is Amavasya #surya #chandra #astrology... 2/n
@Astrology_us Immediately #Sun & #Moon rushed to earth to meet #Krishna

Askng him, on reachng bhoolokam why is he observng #Amavasya today while its actually further away

To this Krishna replied when #Surya & #Chandra are before me at d same time & place is it not #NewMoon #astrology.. 3/n
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1-#Gayatri destroys the three kinds of #Taapa or pain.

Gayatri bestows on one the four kinds of #Purushartha, viz. #Dharma
(#righteousness), #Artha (wealth), #Kama (desired objects) and
#Moksha (#Liberation or freedom) (1/13)

2-It destroys the three Granthis or knots of ignorance, #Avidya, #Kama and #Karma.

Gayatri purifies the mind.

Gayatri bestows on the Upasaka Ashta-#Siddhis

Gayatri makes a man powerful and highly intelligent. (2/13)

3-Gayatri eventually gives Liberation or emancipation from the wheel of birth and death. (3/13)

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Mini-#Thread on the austere lifestyle & spiritual capabilities of Wise Brahmins of India as recorded by Apollonius of Tyana (15-100 CE), the legendary Greek philosopher & famous anti-Christ whose works have reached us thru Romans like Philostratus & his Greek disciple like Damis.
As per Apollonius, based on his visits to India in beginning of CE, 👇#Hindu #sanatandharma #brahmin #brahman #sage #Dharma #History
“The Wise Men’s (Brahmins) nature and their way of life on the hill are described by Apollonius himself, since in one of his addresses to the Egyptians he says, ‘I saw the Indian Brahmans living on the earth and not on it...
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Thread: #HappyDiwali. This Diwali, join CoHNA's campaign promoting awareness about Swastika via #SwastikaIsNotHakenkreuz. Check out and download our booklet on Swastika and sign up for our campaign at 1/n
WHY THE CAMPAIGN? Swastika is one of the most sacred symbols for over 1.5 Billion Hindus, Buddhists and Jains around the world. Through #SwastikaIsNotHakenkreuz, we aim to foster a mutual understanding of Swastika and remove misconceptions about this sacred symbol. 2/n
Through #SwastikaIsNotHakenkreuz, individuals can learn to distinguish between the Swastika and the Hakenkreuz (Hitler's symbol of hatred) and rightly denounce the Hakenkreuz for what it stands for, rather than the Swastika, which is a symbol of peace and well-being. 3/n
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#Thread to counter this (pseudo) logic making rounds in the trads circle to justify their imaginary restriction of women to study and chant Vedas. #vedas #SanatanDharma #women #dharma #chanting
This one is concerned to the anatomy of females which according to them are not suitable for chanting of Vedic hymns. Trads/tradcells (inspired by their Gurus) claim chanting of Vedic mantra affects the reproductive organs of women,..
.. by burning their uterus over period of time, while in case of men their organ remains intact !
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Major studios including #Dharma, #RedChillies, #YashRaj, #AamirKhanProductions file a civil suit in Delhi High Court against #Republic #ArnabGoswami #RahulShivshankar #NavikaKumar for their derogatory, defamatory remarks against #Bollywood. #BollywoodStrikesBack
This comes in the wake of these channels using highly derogatory words and expressions for Bollywood such as “dirt”, “filth”, “scum”, “druggies” and expressions such as “it is Bollywood where the dirt needs to be cleaned”, “all the perfumes of Arabia cannot take away the stench
and the stink of this filth and scum of the underbelly of Bollywood”, “This is the dirtiest industry in the country”, and “cocaine and LSD drenched Bollywood”. Courtesy: Press Release
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Let's discuss point by point. How many of u learned of the detailed account of how much was looted during #BritishRaj ? Look how #Hindus were made to suffer. From a surplus country with all the riches in the world to the daily average per capita income of 5pices/2 1/2 cents...1/n Image
#ConversionMafia propagates, "if British didn't rule India, then there's no India at all." #SleepingHindus fall for such false information and become an easy prey, as they don't know what actually happened.

If the levied tax on land is 65% more than the produce, how Image
will farmers survive?
Our #Hindu rulers used to provide almost free education to all the people in their Kingdoms. Look at how much #Britishers spent on Indians education. They never cared about our sanitation, but all they cared was our army, spent whooping 330 millions Image
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Rivers !!

They are the veins, arteries and capillaries of Bharatiya Dharmic civilization, even before the nation India is formed !!

They are the bloodlines that shaped Bharatavarsha and enabled the ancient Rshis like Marichi, Atri, Bhrgu, Angiras, Pulaha, Pulastya and Image
Kratu to discover the cosmic system of living viz. the Sanatana Dharma. This discovery the passed on through Vasistha, Agastya, Bhardwaja, Gautama, Parasara, Vyasa and Valmiki to reach us through their works called the Mahabharata, Ramayana and the Puranas.
Ganga with Yamuna forms the largest river network of Bharata as seen in the map with light blue color. The Ikshwakus at Sarayu central to Ramayana & the Bharatas at Ganga-Yamuna central to the Mahabharata, both are from the Ganga river network. This network contains almost
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#Dharma Dharma and Nyay: This, as narrated in Quora gave a very different perspective to life. Also what a person who is truly steeped in Indian culture and values will do. Slightly concise view. A boy and a girl married early in their 20s.
Wife was 21 , husband was 24 when they got married in mid '80s. We don't know what went wrong at delivery time she had some complications and became almost all insane. No one was in a position to look after the baby. DiLnot in a position to recognise her husband, Mil or kid.
After few months of treatment, her parents side people said she won't become normal, she doesn't have parents and they are not ready to spend money on her treatment. They advised the boy to remarry and they are ready to give a signed willing letter on her behalf.
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Good Morning!

Continuing our #Dialogue on #Gems and #GemTherapy, today we shall dwell on the next two #GemStones.

#YellowSapphire and #Diamond. (1/13)

2-Yellow Sapphire is D highest quality Gemstone used 4 #Jupiter.

Substitute Gemstones for Yellow Sapphire are Yellow Tourmaline, #Citrine, Yellow #Zircon and #Topaz.

In my view, I have seen that Yellow Sapphire is one of the most widely prescribed Gemstone. (2/13)

3-Being related to #Jupiter it is bound to activate within you – the #Energy of the #Universal #Guru.

Out of the four #Vedic #Purusharthas, of #Dharma, #Artha, #Kama and #Moksha, Yellow Sapphire well and truly stands for #Dharma.


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#Dharma, a family of ransomware first spotted in 2016, continues to be a threat to many organizations— especially small and medium-sized businesses.

(a thread... 1/4)
Part of the reason for its longevity is that its variants have become the basis for ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) operations—the fast-food franchise of cybercrime.

Three recent attacks documented by SophosLabs and Sophos MTR have revealed a toolset used by Dharma “affiliates” that explains why attacks from so many different Dharma actors seem so identical, down to the tools and commands they use.

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0/n: #RamRajya has been an inspiration for millions of Indians since time immemorial. Essentially referring to the rule of Lord Rama, ~7000 years ago, it broadly refers to a utopian stage of society with perfect systems and people.
1/n: Despite being an ancient concept, it has been invoked umpteen times. From SantTukaram to Mahatma Gandhi, to most recently, @narendramodi, the imagery around #RamRajya has continued to inspire India's consciousness for millenniums. In this thread, we explore what is RamRajya?
2/n: To explore, I explored #ValmikiRamayana, #TulsidasRamcharitmanas, and various commentaries on Ramayana and as a student of Governance, was pleasantly surprised at the details that the texts offer on various elements of society. The next tweets cover the elements of #RamRajya
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1. #Happy #Emotional No words to express. After 5 centuries getting a home for our #RamLalla How many sacrifices are done over this time period. Isn't this the Living Proof of tolerance & patience #Hindus have?

#Ayodhya #AyodhyaRamMandir #AyodhyaBhoomipoojan #RamMandir2RamRajya ImageImageImageImage
2. Isn't this what #SanatanDharma teaches? #Truth & #Dharma wins at the end. No where in the world can such beauty & miracle can be witnessed. All the Indians who lost their way and left our Dharma should do a #Gharwapsi

#RamMandirNationalPride #RamMandirAyodhya #Ramrajya ImageImage
3. Indians will truly be indebted to many stalwarts & heroes who made this day possible for a billion #Hindus to witness this in our lifetime with their perseverance. Thanking them from the bottom of our hearts. #Justice is delayed but not denied. Light a #Diya
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#Thread on Shivalinga - a symbolic representation of the all powerful, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent Mahadev, and His Shiv-Shakti manifestation. #SHIVA #shakti #SanatanDharma #Hinduism #Dharma #Hindutva
Shivalinga consists of two words - Shiva and Linga.

Shiva word means ‘Kalyan’ or welfare and happiness for all, irrespective of caste, creed, gender etc. Hence, when we chant ‘AUM NAMAH SHIVAYA’ , it means we humbly surrender before the all powerful, omniscient, omnipotent..
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@Vichaar_Manthan - kudos to you, and mainly to Drishti Mae (@Drishtii_ ), for this thoughtful conversation on her journey from Islam to the Hindu tradition 🙏🏼

Though raised in a relatively moderate Muslim family in the UK, Mae said she was raised with constant fear of hell, a hatred for Hindus, and a whole bunch of other mysogynistic, patriarchal ideas that she could not question without being pushed back or punished.
Being a brave, intelligent, and persistent lady she found a way out. While learning about Greek and Hindu philosophies, the Hindu tradition resonated with her due to its pluralism and the nuanced spiritual guidance it offers while encouraging questions.
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Here is a brief parable of a Hindu Temple in England.
A parable of how lawyers and accountants benefited from the infighting of #desi trustees and NRI businessmen out for influence and power, driven by #ego and disregard for #dharma. It's enough to turn you #atheist. Read on...
I'll start near the end; Here is the penultimate chapter in this sorry saga of greed, ego, arrogance and hubris of men (yes they're all men). This notice appeared in the Public Gazette.
Yes you read it right. This company (#TTBT) could not pay its own lawyers and so ended up here
But it started with noble intentions, hard work, dedication and sacrifice by public spirited men (yes men can be public spirited too). In the early 1990s a group of men - mainly doctors set up a charity called SVBT (Sri Venkateswara Balaji Temple) and raised money.
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#Thread #DidYouKnow
A Formal Debate of #Shringeri #Jagadguru Versus a #Missionary!
Following is an interesting debate that took place between the Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Shringeri Sharada piitam, Shrii Shrii Abhinava Vidyathiirtha Mahaswamigal (1931–1989) and a Christian
Missionary, sometime in the year 1973.
The missionary had come to Shringeri to debate with the Acharya and establish the "superemacy" of Christianity over the #Hindu #dharma. After exchanging a few words of formality,
Jagadguru: What is the purpose of your visit ?
Missionary: Swamiji, I intend to open a Christian church and an ashram just near you mutt.
Jagadguru: What's the objective or motivation for doing so?
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1-A lot of people sometimes contact me – for what is perhaps unique to #India!

They call it #HoroscopeMatching.

And it is undertaken mostly just before the marriage season commences – around the end of #October. (1/29)

2-Over the years I have gathered a certain little understanding about this beautiful aspect of #Vedic #Astrology

And today, we shall dwell a little on it (2/29)

3-Though, our #Scriptures have a very clear and definitive commentary on this aspect,

..I have found the works of Hart De Fouw particularly helpful for a #Learner.

Here is a #simplified version of the understanding. (3/29)

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