@RepSteveStivers 1. Did you tell @CapitolPolice that a #MetalDetector is #Unconstitutional? Why is it that #WeThePeople have had to go thru 1 when we enter a #FederalBldg for yrs? I've had to be #Screened numerous times! Why is this #Unconstitutional for #GOPMembers but not for #WeThePeople?
@RepSteveStivers @CapitolPolice 2. Talk about a #DoubleStandard! What's good for #WeThePeople is good for all #Politicians! Why is it that @GOP can't do what needs to be done for #CommonGood? #Elitism And #WearADamnMask!
@RepSteveStivers @CapitolPolice @GOP 3.And how is giving the @CapitolPolice a hard time supporting the @CapitolPolice! #GOPHypocrisy

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9 Jan
@nytopinion @karaswisher 1. #Trump should have been banned permanently from all #SocialMedia a long time ago. Say when he started promoting the #Birtherism malarkey. #SocialMedia & #TechCompanies played a role in the #CapitolRiot & they must own up to it! Their failure to monitor their platforms has…...
@nytopinion @karaswisher 2. allowed the lies and conspiracy theories to spread like wildfire. #SocialMedia needs #Regulation. The laws haven't kept up with the #Tech & they need to be updated. Perhaps if this had been done ages ago, all the crazy stuff that is out there wouldn't have such a large....
@nytopinion @karaswisher 3. audience! #SocialMedia & #TechCompanies must monitor individual accounts so that their services aren't used to bully or to spread misinfo or create terrorists groups here & overseas! Didn’t #SocialMedia play a role in the spreading of ISIS ideology? W/O #Regulation, all the...
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28 Dec 20
1. In Nov 2016 my mom was diagnosed w/#Dementia w/#AuditoryHallucinations. As she left our house at 12AM & wandered around our neighborhood, we had to put her in a #NursingHome. She was a very limited #EnglishSpeaker & very few of her caregivers spoke #Portuguese. She wasn’t used
2. to #AmericanFood. Throughout her life she cooked the food she started cooking at 7 in #Portugal. For these & so many other reasons, I visited my mom every day. I brought dinner for both of us & spent several hrs w/her. She had gotten used to the #Routine we had established...
3. in the 3 yrs she was in the NH. In her stage of #Dementia she was still aware of time & if I didn’t show up on time, she would become upset. The voices in her mind might tell her that I wasn’t w/her bc I had been murdered by my imaginary stalker. This was just one of many.....
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14 Dec 20
@Rac1ngSnak3 @Marmel @JoJoFromJerz @SenatorLoeffler I'm not religious so I haven't studied the #Bible but it seems to me that this quote applies well to you. I'm tired of those who profess to be #Christians but are just plain #Hypocrites. My illiterate peasant g-mother couldn't read the Bible but she could.....
@Rac1ngSnak3 @Marmel @JoJoFromJerz @SenatorLoeffler 2. teach you & your #SelfProclaimedChristians buddies a thing or 2 about being #Good #Kind #Decent #HumanBeings. Before we left Portugal, I spent a lot of time w/my GM. I remember sitting at her kitchen table sharing a meal w/a beggar on more than 1 occasion. Our family was...
@Rac1ngSnak3 @Marmel @JoJoFromJerz @SenatorLoeffler 3. very #poor but there were others much poorer than us. The #beggars knew that when they knocked at my GM's door they'd be welcomed & that they'd always have at least a bowl of soup to eat! My GM & her equally #Illiterate daughter, my mother, both taught me to help those less...
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19 Nov 20
@realDonaldTrump 1. @RealDonaldTrump What did you do yesterday? golf?watch TV? tweet AGAIN that you won? search for a 2012 tweet? sulk that you just keep loosing those feeble attempts by the #HasBeen @RudyGiuliani to #StealTheElection? Are you really paying him $20K a day? Did you remember.....
@realDonaldTrump 2.that millions of Americans need help to get thru the
#TrumpNightmare? Did you have a #Covid19TaskForce
meeting? How about working out a #BipartisanPlan to #DefeatCovid & then get the #Economy going? I could go on but I doubt that you did anything to help us!
@realDonaldTrump 3.Well I'm happy to report that my #PresidentElect did a least one thing yesterday to help him better understand how #RegularAmericans are faring these days! @JoeBiden met virtually w/a firefighter, a homecare worker, an ICU RN, & a teacher to talk about their experiences as...
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13 Nov 20
@Acyn 1. @DukeMedSchool @RandPaul This man has a MD from your school? Is he your best? Isn't this #MedicalMalpractice? Did he take the #HippocraticOath? Aren't you embarrassed? Your school should #RevokeRandsMD. This is what #ResponsibleExperts say: "The evidence is very clear:....
@Acyn @DukeMedSchool @RandPaul 2. controlling community spread of COVID-19 is the best way to protect our societies & economies until safe & effective vaccines & therapeutics arrive within the coming months. We cannot afford distractions that undermine an...
@Acyn @DukeMedSchool @RandPaul 3. effective response; it is essential that we act urgently based on the evidence." @RandPaul is endangering American lives! @DukeMedSchool #RevokeRandsMD @AmerMedicalAssn @AmerAcadPeds @KYMedAssoc #KentuckyBoardOfMedicalLicensure File a grievance: kbml.ky.gov @GOP
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