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Lots of folks excited today about the classified documents found at #Biden's think tank, so let us chime in.

Firstly, the response ought not to be that the FBI should raid Biden's home as well (for this), but that #Trump's should not have.
The right ought to be against the politicization of law enforcement and prosecution, as opposed to favoring its use against the left.

The right should want to return to a freer and more constitutional state, rather than a banana republic and police state where those in power
currently put those out of power in prison, as is the case in much of the world.

If the point is to show the double standard of the media, and the alarming & ruthless bias against conservatives which permeate the government bureaucracies, including the DOJ, then by all means.
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A dark day for football fans and FIFA. We are just being released from police station 4 hrs after finish of the game, while 3 of our friends still are in custody. Crime? Wearing #WomanLifeFreedom T-shirts. Are you watching @FIFAcom @FIFAWorldCup
They were not violent to us; actually tried to be nice but another person was dragged on the ground when being arrested for wearing the Royal flag (ShiroKhorshid)T-shirt. They are very strict about taking videos and that’s why not many news come out but the situation is horrible
مرسی بچه ها، ما خوبیم و دوستانمون رو هم آزاد کردن، البته ازشون تعهد کتبی گرفتن برای فعالیت سیاسی نکردن و تیشیرتشون رو هم گرفتن.
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"Le privé est politique" disent les féministes depuis les années 70. L'affaire #Bayou l'est d'autant plus que l'homme mis en cause est peut-être, de tous les "responsables" politiques, celui qui a le plus instrumentalisé la cause féministe ⬇️…
Sa "défense" avait déjà entaché sa crédibilité d'allié. Rappelons que #Bayou parlait de "maccarthysme", de "dévoiement du féminisme" & que c'est LUI, dès juillet, qui exposait son ex avec violence dans la presse pendant qu'elle était hospitalisée suite à une tentative de suicide.
Au sein de la #RelèveFéministe, il nous semble CRUCIAL de revenir sur cette affaire. Déjà parce qu’on croit les victimes, toutes les victimes qu’on les soutient. Mais aussi et surtout parce que leur histoire concerne les violences dans le milieu politique et militant.
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@AmerIndependent @RepNancyMace
1. For years I’ve had to go thru a #MetalDetector every time I’ve entered a #FedBldg. Apparently there is a law that prohibits Americans from bringing guns into a #FedBldg. Doesn’t the #US Capitol qualify as a #FedBldg?…
@AmerIndependent @RepNancyMace 2. It’s my understanding that this law was put in place to protect #FedEmployees. I’ve been screened numerous times when I’ve been called for #JuryDuty or when I’ve had to go to the local #SocialSecurity office. One time I had a 4 inch nail scissors in my pocketbook when I went..
@AmerIndependent @RepNancyMace 3. to my local @SocialSecurity office. I wasn’t allowed to take it past security. I had to leave it with #Security until I finished my business in the bldg. I’ve had to go thru #MetalDetectors @MACourts. Americans have to go thru this process for the #CommonGood & what is good
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@FrankBruni 1. These people are unbelievable & they’re #InCharge? Either they don’t know our laws or they think that they’re #AboveTheLaw! Americans can’t enter a #FedBldg w/o going thru a #MetalDetector! I’ve been screened numerous times thru the yrs. @mtgreene:…
@FrankBruni @mtgreene 2. Once I had a 4 inch nail scissors in my pocketbook when I went to my local #SocialSecurity office. I wasn’t allowed to take it past security. I had to leave it with #Security until I finished my business in the building. I’ve also had to go thru a #MetalDetector when....
@FrankBruni @mtgreene 3. I’ve gone into a #StateCourt to serve on a jury. I’ve done this numerous times as well! Now #GOPReps are having #Tantrums about having to go thru the same process we’ve all been doing for ages! What a #DoubleStandard!
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@RepSteveStivers 1. Did you tell @CapitolPolice that a #MetalDetector is #Unconstitutional? Why is it that #WeThePeople have had to go thru 1 when we enter a #FederalBldg for yrs? I've had to be #Screened numerous times! Why is this #Unconstitutional for #GOPMembers but not for #WeThePeople?
@RepSteveStivers @CapitolPolice 2. Talk about a #DoubleStandard! What's good for #WeThePeople is good for all #Politicians! Why is it that @GOP can't do what needs to be done for #CommonGood? #Elitism And #WearADamnMask!
@RepSteveStivers @CapitolPolice @GOP 3.And how is giving the @CapitolPolice a hard time supporting the @CapitolPolice! #GOPHypocrisy
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@comcast WHERE was your OUTRAGE when the so called "PEACEFUL PROTESTING" AKA 2020 RIOTING, was HAPPENING?
1-) At least the Capitol Building wasn't BURNING, (like many cities in 2020...) during in the DC break-in! The LAWMAKERS, MEDIA, & others who DOWNPLAYED the massive LOSSES of...
@comcast 2-) ...PORTLAND, & other CITIES in 2020, have no idea how the INNOCENT citizens of Portland, or other destructed cities, felt! EVERYTHING was going on around the citizens of PORTLAND!!! Their BUSINESSES were BURNING, & getting LOOTED, AND PEOPLE WERE getting MURDERED!!! ...
@comcast 3-) ...MEANWHILE the Portland Riots & others, happened for MONTHS!!! DC was stopped quickly in comparison, As a result, less people died, & less were hurt. We feel bad for those injured & the 4-5 people who died, we don't take that lightly, even ONE death is too many! ...
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Thread...People are critical of #China enforcing its citizens to speak #Mandarin, however locals can still speak dialects in #Xinjiang #InnerMongolia and #Tibet but if you can’t speak the national language of the country you live in, what future job prospects do you have?
When I lived in #Shanghai for 7 years, all locals speak Shanghainese, they love their local dialect, but TV, radio, schools are #Mandarin only, this is important as it’s the language that unites this diverse country of #China
#Mandarin is the most popular language around the world. Western families send their kids to Mandarin kindergartens, politicians like #DonaldTrump grandkids speak fluent Mandarin, but when #Chinese government enforces Mandarin in #China its consider a crime 🤔 #doublestandard
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Sustainable sexism - a thread...
My 10yo daughter needed shoes. In the sporting goods store, she asked, “Mom, why do they only have pictures of girls stretching or posing, but the boys are doing something athletic?” 🤔
Truthfully, I hadn’t noticed. So I looked around. 1/
Sure enough - another girl, posing... @SCHEELS 2/
...and another - fixing her hair... @brooksrunning 3/
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This is your daily pension update: Not about pensions....but I can't resist...COVID gets thousands of educational workers laid off across AB but not UCP staffers! #ABLeg #doublestandard #looksrealbad…
The irony of the UCP going to Trudeau for monetary handouts to keep there employees shit tweeting him is too rich to ignore.

Speaking of irony, how about that #yyccbe audit report? #ABLeg
The only financial mismanagement was a Gordon Dirks/Gene Zwosdesky decision from years ago. To be fair, there is some good things in it like bus cost rationalization and getting a board coach, but I suspect getting rid of the UCP candidate board member improved things. #ABLeg
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#Finland's lawmakers adopted the UN convention on drugs as-is in 1971. Harry Anslingers #racist legacy reached these northern shores one vote past the bar.

Ever since #Cannabis has been the #media evil, where #alcohol kills thousands yearly.

#cannabis #denial #doublestandard
#Finland's local media has been working hard lately.

The local papers in co-operation with associations like #YAD have been generating lot of articles on how #cannabis is somehow responsible for #polydrug-use, or #abuse of drugs among #young people.

#Alcohol never mentioned. 😅
Meanwhile, Statistics #Finland's numbers on kids reveal, that 44% of finnish 14 to 16 year-olds use #alcohol.

This is never mentioned in any of the papers writing #exploitation and #scare stories on #cannabis.

Neither are the other abused #drugs: rx #medication, #amphetamines.
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Should the #story of the woman caught in #adultery be removed from the #Bible?

Um, #NO, and here is why:
The story of the woman caught in adultery is one of the most powerful historical events to be found in the Gospels. It speaks to the heart of God’s love and mercy, a love that we are to share in our hearts, a love we are to share with the world. It is also a foreshadowing of the
gift of grace and salvation to come, a gift won by the physical death and resurrection of Christ, a gift that can bring about our own spiritual resurrection. Who cannot feel compassion as this woman is dragged before the public, an invisible scarlet letter emblazoned on her chest
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.@DonaldJTrumpJr has spent 30 hours testifying over a 20 minute phone call. Hunter Biden made millions from his fathers office and hasn’t been asked to testify once. #DoubleStandard
.@DonaldJTrumpJr says @realDonaldTrump is the establishments biggest fear. An outsider getting elected to office and actually fulfilling a checklist of promises he has made to the voters. The establishment has been making these promises for years and never fulfilled them.
.@DonaldJTrumpJr wants to see @realDonaldTrump go up against sleepy @JoeBiden 1-on-1 for 5 months.

I am with him on this one. I would love to see President Trump devour him.
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My thread on the interim decision of the Swiss Federal Tribunal in the @caster800m case.

Full decision in French at…

It highlights key features of the #LexSportiva & the ‘complicity’ of Swiss law in sheltering it from review.

#Sportslaw #CAS
1. The #SFT reminds us that its control of #CAS awards is narrow. Hence, it orders interim measures only if it is ‘very likely’ that an appellant will prevail.

This is because Swiss law is traditionally favourable to international arbitration.

#Sportslaw #Arbitration #Semenya
2. This is extremely problematic because #CAS arbitration unlike international arbitration is in general not based in consent (see ECtHR in #Pechstein) and should not enjoy the same quasi-immunity from state control.

#Sportslaw #Arbitration #Semenya
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Thread: #MeinungvsFakten
In einem Leserbrief zu meinem Essay in der ZEIT wurde mir Unwissenschaftlichkeit vorgeworfen. Mein Text ist ein persönlicher Erfahrungsbericht mit vielen offenen Fragen, nicht mehr, nicht weniger. Aber darf ich das als Wissenschaftsjournalistin? (1/5)
Auch in #maiLab Videos teile ich manchmal meine Meinung - deutlich als solche von den Fakten abgesetzt. In den Kommentaren löst das Reaktionen aus wie “Bleib bitte bei den Fakten und behalte deine Meinung für dich.” Interessantes Reasoning. (2/5)
Die Öffentlichkeit ist voll von Menschen, die nicht nur ihre Meinung sagen, sondern sie mit Fakten vermischen, ja sogar als Fakten verkaufen. Darunter Menschen in machtvollen Positionen. Ich bin für klare Trennung zwischen Meinungen und Fakten, und das setze ich auch um. (3/5)
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Humanitarian Wars for democracy and freedom are false and lying - 13

The so-called "moderate rebels"

#Syria #WarCrimes #FakeNews #lies #terrorism #aggression #Hypocrisy #FalseFlag #bastards #IillegalWar #Criminals #CriminalDamage #DoubleStandard #ModerateRebels
What was the UN created for?
What was the United Nations charter created for?
What were human rights associations created for?
What was the International Criminal Court created for?

Enough of double standars and hypocrisy. Enough is enough.
If wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by truth.”
- Julian Assange -
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Remember when former EPA Administrator lied three times under oath but only the Executive Branch could’ve held her criminally responsible, we all know how that went. @GOP need to grow a pair and start defending @EPAScottPruitt #MondayMotivation…
Oh look, there’s former @EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy hanging out at the Olympics in Rio and guess what? She flew there first class🔍✈️💸 #BootPruitt #memories
Gina McCarthy hooked her buddies up at Harvard with $45 million in grants, for an alleged independent study but it was in close contact with them the whole time but all we’re going to hear about is a $43k sound booth in a government office🙄 #ScottPruitt #Hypocrisy
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#velotaf 1er PV à vélo ce matin dans Paris enneigé. Feu rouge franchi pour être 2m devant les voitures au démarrage. Pressée? Non, juste envie de rouler sereinement. Raison de ma présence sur la voie : piste cyclable seul endroit non déneigé de Paris. #doublestandard #thread
#velotaf Voiture de police qui s'arrête à mon niveau quand je tente de bouger un scooter garé en travers de la piste cyclable. pour m'aider ? non c'est pour me verbaliser. Vélo verbalisé, scooter sans pv. #cyclingtowork #parisavelo
#velotaf pas de PV non plus pour la camionnette garée sur la piste 50m + loin. "on ne peut pas tout faire en même temps", disent-ils avant de repartir sans s'arrêter ni pour le scooter ni pour la camionnette #cyclingtowork #parisavelo
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