We're LIVE for the 2nd in a 3-part series around #EquityinEducation! We are grateful to have @DrDBL & @SuptEnfield joining us today for this important conversation. Follow along in this thread ⤵️ #BringPeopeTogether #TeVirtualEvents @EquitySupt1 @KafrissenKai Leading for DE&I While White - The 2nd Part in a 3 part seri
@KafrissenKai starts us off with a group activity to recognize our White Privilege. Kai acknowledges that she is showing up today in her own way, and leaning into these conversations as best she can. How are you showing up today? #BringPeopleTogether #TeVirtualEvents
@EquitySupt1 reminds us why we are bringing people together for this work. 90% of school district leaders in the US are white. 90% also stated that the work of #DEI is important but only 20% believe that they are equipped with the skills and talent to lead this work! #Equity
@EquitySupt1 - Hope is not a strategy! For marginalized populations hope is the only thing they have to hold on to, unless leaders like us pick up this work and accelerate it. #BringPeopleTogether #DEI #Equity #EquityInEducation
@SuptEnfield tells us that when she moved to Highline public schools (diverse population) she was criticized for moving too quickly in this work. There is a sense of urgency because we are so behind and we are playing catch up! #EquityInEducation #DEI
Highline Public Schools is richly diverse with over 100 different languages spoken in their district. @SuptEnfield recognizes that as a minority in her district, leading this #DEI conversation is not a choice, it's a mandate. She asks "how are WE as adults doing for our kids?"
@DrDBL (has been in #education for over 50 years!). She speaks about taking hope and turning it into action - How do we do that? Inside out approach - First know who WE are in relation to those we serve.

Privilege = responsibility = action
@DrDBL - You don’t just TEACH #equity training - you LIVE it. It's not about being an ally, speaking FOR someone, they have their own voice! We open doors for those conversations so that they can be there to speak for themselves. 💜 #AlwaysLearning #BringPeopleTogether
We are now #crowdsourcing some fantastic thoughts in a safe and anonymous space. Our Speakers will take turns answering the top thoughts once our exchange is closed (in less than 4 minutes!) while @KafrissenKai & @EquitySupt1 facilitate the conversation and keep us on schedule.
@SuptEnfield - You don’t change people’s beliefs by TELLING them. You change beliefs & mindsets by giving them a different experience. Exposing them to examples of that which we aspire to. It will come from peer pressure - not from leaders! #TeVirtualEvents
@DrDBL - How do we change mindset? We can’t change peoples minds & hearts. We CAN create the conditions where they can examine their own thoughts & beliefs. Just seeing something in action can sometimes help people change their opinion. #BringPeopleTogether
@DrDBL - Well-facilitated dialogue that asks people to confront the problem. Breakthrough questions - break through long held assumptions and biases! Bring the biases to the centre of the dialogue - confronting with DATA. You can’t deny the DATA. #BringPeopleTogether
Discussing now the word cloud from our #Thoughtexchange. The general feeling is that white leaders have a lot of work ahead of them! #BringPeopleTogether #LOUDtocrowd #DEI #Equity
@DrDBL - A SAFE environment is VITAL for these conversations. It is NOT always a comfortable environment, but it must be safe. #BringPeopleTogether #EquityInEducation
@SuptEnfield Building trust happens through clear commitment & follow through. Highline started an annual #equity symposium (3 yrs ago) for all staff in August. 1st year started mild, 2nd year, Implicit bias class was mandatory to establish common language. #BringPeopleTogether
@SuptEnfield - Annual #Equity Symposium is meant for staff to engage & launch the school year from a place of “what is most important". Their equity symposium still happened these year (virtually) - Over 3000 people joined on @zoom_us! #EquityInEducation
In closing - @SuptEnfield - This work is messy, we will screw up regularly. Be forgiving of yourself and one another! 💜

Thank you to everyone who joined us today, especially @DrDBL & @SuptEnfield! Stay tuned for the replay & join us for our next #EquityInEducation event Feb 3.
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