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You might be asking yourself, how can I be successful at leading my team through change when the very definition of success is a moving target? We're LIVE in 5 mins with @dessalen to inspire new ways to be the agile leader your team needs. Join us here:
What does it MEAN to be leading in uncertainty and how can you be agile? Perhaps you should be more concerned with having a case of "CERTAINTY". Like just waiting for your turn to speak, and not actually listening. #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents
Certainty - Is CLOSED and knowing. You claim to know all the answers already. You are certain of your ideas and show less curiosity and empathy. UNCERTAINTY is a better place to be, where you can be OPEN and learning. #LOUDtocrowd #TeVE #Leadership
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We're LIVE in 2 mins with Teala Beischer for today's #TeMasterClass. We want to show you how to adjust your moderation settings to successfully prevent censorship, limit bias, & build trust. Join us! #BringPeopleTogether #TeVirtualEvents #MondayMotivation
Follow along in this thread and click on #TeVE or #TeMasterClass to learn other best practices for running an exchange from previous #TeVirtualEvents.
Teala is such a knowledgeable host! She always sets us up with clear expectations and keeps us on time (30 minutes). Here is what we will be discussing today👇 #TeVE #TeMasterClass
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We're live in 5 minutes with Teala to discuss #backtoschool exchanges. Join us to get a set of recommended questions for different situations, templated introductory text, & a plan for working with your results to make it easy. #TeMasterClass #TeVE
We're live! Follow along in this thread and using the hashtags #TeVE and #TeMasterClass.👇#BringPeopleTogether #LOUDtocrowd #BackToSchool
This is what it's all about today. #TeMasterClass What does it all mean? Stay tuned. As always, we will wrap up with a Q&A in the most collaborative way... by running a #Thoughtexchange to make the most of our time together. 😊 #LOUDtocrowd #BringPeopleTogether #TeVE
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Ready or Not... We're LIVE with @dessalen in the first of our new #TeVE series. Today we're talking about "Getting it Wrong: What Every Leader Wants to Avoid" 😣. Follow along #TeVirtualEvents #BringPeopleTogether
Outdated conversations can lead to old ways of thinking and aren't in line with #virtualleadership in current times. Great #leadership starts with self-awareness! Self awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence 💜 #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents #BringPeopleTogether
Making people aware of #bias doesn't mean there will be action seen. They aren't necessarily connected. Awareness doesn't have much value to your team without actions.

"Don't make declarations that aren't supported by actions" - Dessalen Wood #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents
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We're LIVE with Teala and @AnnSkelcherte to learn more about the "WHY?" of Thoughtexchange. Join us here: #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #TeMasterClass #LOUDtocrowd
WHY #Thoughtexchange?
"It's a way to find out what is really meaningful to a community of participants.
Thoughts + ratings help to understand where there is agreement/disagreement"
^^ This is one of the top thoughts from our participants. #TeVE #Leadership
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Diversity and inclusion initiatives are needed now more than ever. Join us NOW for a virtual event that will explore how D&I is crucial to organizational survival. Click here to join: #BringPeopleTogether #KeepPeopleConnected #SuddenlyRemote #Diversity
We're live with @dessalen and we would like for you to join the conversation about #diversity and inclusion. We will be talking about:
Diversity as a business imperative,
Outdated thinking about remote work & diversity,
Remote utopia and
Enabling remote inclusion
We have problems as an organization if we only have one way to solve our problems, that's all we will be thinking about. We need to have MORE diverse solutions.

#Diversity has more than one dimension.

#TeVE #TeVirtualEvents #BringPeopleTogether
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This is what the connections look like when you're able to rate the thoughts of others 🤩 Running an exchange is SO much more than just contributing thoughts. Share, STAR and discover! #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #Exchangetochange #LOUDtocrowd
This exchange with Connecticut has been out biggest exchange in Thoughtexchange history! 🚀 Over a million ratings ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Jonathan Costa says that he was the “connector” not the “architect” of this process. It's a team effort, that's for sure. #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #COVID19
Putting together a statewide exchange was quick! In the first 72 hours we (@EdAdvance & @thoughtxchng) watched a massive amount of people join. Tens of thousands of people from the state of #Connecticut! #BringPeopleTogether #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE
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We're LIVE! With @dessalen (and surprise guest) to discuss which #leadership skills are "nice-to-have" and which are "must-have". You'll have an opportunity to provide your input. Join us here: #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #SuddenlyRemote
Tech Savvy - this has taken on a whole new meaning! You must be able to navigate multiple platforms. How many minutes have you wasted trying to connect technologies? Also, can you remain calm when it doesn't work?😱 Watch your tone of voice. #TeVirtualEvents #SuddenlyRemote #TeVE
Tech Savvy - You will lose credibility as being a leader. You're essentially wasting people's time⏰ You will isolate yourself and you will look outdated if you don't brush up on your tech skills. Prioritize tech building sessions for ALL! #TeVE #SuddenlyRemote #TeVirtualEvents
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Join @KafrissenKai & @schaser11 in 10 minutes for a #virtualevent on resilient and connected #leadership during crisis. "Leading with Heart: Reliance & Connection through Crisis" 💜. Join (for free) here: #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE
We're live with @schaser11 & @KafrissenKai! Discussing how communities with strong cultures are able to adjust and adapt better during hard times. Ongoing conversation builds trust capital. It's important to meet people where they are at. Here is an image that Kai elaborated on:
How do we reach out to families to help guide us in our reaction? It can be scary to hit “SEND” on the email to launch your #Thoughtexchange. The rate of response will help reassure you. (Might even surprise you). @schaser11
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Is anybody good at overlaying maps?
- Coronavirus quarantine areas
- Top human trafficking states
- Sealed indictments

In the spirit of full transparency the map overlay was not my idea - thank you @politicsTracy - it would be extremely helpful.

Another overlay someone mentioned - ports of entry
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OK in #Honduras trial this is it: the closing arguments, US 3 hours, Tony Hernandez 1 hour, then Judge Castel's jury charge. Last night's story here Below, @SDNYLIVE thread
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @HCHTelevDigital @unetvhn @HoymismoT @TN5Telenoticias @elpulsohn @UnivisionNews @radiohrn @DiarioLaPrensa @Mundo_PN AUSA Bove begins by saying Tony Hernandez help bring 1.6 *billion* doses of cocaine into the United States, each one of which could be a tragedy. He began his crimes in 2004...
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @HCHTelevDigital @unetvhn @HoymismoT @TN5Telenoticias @elpulsohn @UnivisionNews @radiohrn @DiarioLaPrensa @Mundo_PN AUSA: Tony Hernandez used the Honduran National Police. He stockpiled his money. By 2006, he was a supplier and a manufacturer with connections in Latin America. He put his initials on the cocaine....
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Interesting. #UnsealEpstein

Former MIT media lab staffer says leadership made it clear Epstein's donations were to be kept secret - CNN…
#Epstein = 'Voldemort'? 🤔 5:5?
#UnsealEpstein MIT has some 'splaining to do...
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#Iran-ian banker Hasheminejad is before Judge Nathan here in #SDNY. Steptoe wants to stay in despite JPMC conflict - thread
First step: upcoming Curcio hearing. Steptoe does not want #JPMorgan to have to waive conflict. Formally objects. @SDNYLIVE
Judge Nathan asks for Hasheminejad trial date. His lawyer says he had a trial next year that's tragically canceled. #Epstein
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Excited to sit in on the Innovation Lab “Law and Technology” Demos of the interdisciplinary collaboration of @NorthwesternLaw and @NorthwesternEng tonight! Follow #NLawCS for live tweets from the event!

@NLawBizTech @DanLinna
@ProfDSchwartz is talking about @NorthwesternLaw's many law and technology offerings. "We're trying to be at the center of a really exciting time for innovation in law and technology."
@KJ_Hammond is up next, talking about @Northwestern's unique CS+X initiative. "Some of the things that [CS] is building . . . will have impact on the nature of the law." "For us, we're going to figure out a partnership" between #computerscience and #law.
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Friends, it’s time for another case, tweetorial style. #medtwitter #FOAMed #clinicalreasoning
An 85M with ischemic cardiomyopathy (EF 20%) with an AICD for primary prevention presents with a syncopal episode. Pause and think of your schema for syncope, and then check out this approach by @StephVSherman from @BCM_InternalMed…
He reports feeling lightheaded with standing and exertion for the last few weeks. His partner witnessed him lose consciousness for about one minute after getting out of bed this morning. Pause and think of your 4 common syncope mimics...
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Je voulais profiter du #GeoSDIS pr interpeller (gentiment, hein 😇) les géomaticien-nes des #Sdis et leurs responsables (DDSIS)
Je lance un appel à déposer sur @datagouvfr les jeux de données des localisations des centres de secours de chaque Sdis et + (si affinités)
Actuellement, seuls 4 Sdis l'ont fait: @SDMIS69, @pompiersdugard, @sdis67 et @SDIS81, sans oublier @PompiersParis et @MarinsPompiers et je les en remercie.
Je n'oublie pas le @SDIS_10 qui sans les avoir déposés en #OpenData, nous les a fourni bien volontiers. Poke @DDSIS10 ;)
Sachez que la communauté #OpenStreetMap profite de toutes ces données #OpenData pour améliorer la sécurité de nos concitoyens par le biais de la cartographie #résilience
Nous sommes beaucoup à nous intéresser à ce sujet.
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The Council for National Policy has ties to voting machine vendors (thru Nelson Bunker Hunt, Jack Abramoff, & Ahmanson family) AND Cambridge Analytica (via KA, Bannon, & perhaps the many other members who cite “campaign election technology” as an interest)
Here are the White House disclosures, including those for KellyAnne and Steve Bannon (both members of the Council for National Policy) who have ties to Cambridge Analytica. Bannon was CA’s VP & Secretary. Kellyanne provided “consulting services” to CA.… 1/
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The right-wing, mostly evangelical Council for National Policy (CNP)—which plans to “restore religious & economic freedom...under the constitution”—is alive & well, toasting Kavanaugh’s success w/ beer & hosting a boastful & not-so-moderate @nikkihaley. 1/…
When I first learned about the CNP from @amandablount2, I was so horrified that I began researching and writing about it on Twitter & eventually transferred it all to this Medium article. It’s had over 62k views & 4.7k reads so far. Pls give it a look.… 3/
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On a atteint les 1000 circuits électriques du réseau @rte_france, routables sur #OpenStreetMap ce soir.
70% du réseau 400/225kV est routable, 400 circuits 225kV ont été ajoutés en 2 ans, le projet a débuté avant 2010 #thread
Au delà des liens, les nœuds du réseau sont aussi décrits, avec une topologie fine. On trouve les points d'arrivée de chaque ligne, les jeux de barres servant à aiguiller l'énergie et les appareils transformateurs, sectionneurs et disjoncteurs.…
3377 sites sont attribués à @rte_france en oubliant parfois que les sous-stations ferroviaires sont exploitées par @SNCFReseau par exemple
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#Khichdi के चार यार: आम, पापड़, घी, अचार

Besides nothing beats Urad-khichdi with laal-khadi-mirch-wala-ghee.
I learnt recently that Khichdi and Kadhi is a thing. And its not Punjabi kadhi, its some watered down Gujju kadhi.
Urad-dal #khichdi with red chillies fried in ghee, poured on top with the ghee 😍 #TasteOfUP
Image is copied from internet.
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