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I'm still in a state of horror that the @VancouverPD would evict so many people from their tents right before a stretch of extremely cold weather, & that they'd embark on this the very day of a major snowstorm. Also, where is media? #bcstorm. #vanpoli #bcpoli #Vancouver
I hope everyone who voted for these ABC ghouls - despite warnings that they were backed by Chip Wilson & were Dickensian - feels some remorse now. They've been in power a month & we have cops back in schools, corruption with one of their School Trustees, & now this.
For those voters who really believed Ken Sim was a centrist, despite who his backers are: Jason Kenney is also now styling himself as a centrist. And if you believe that, I have a bridge &c.…
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Snowstorm synopsis. A strong NW jet will intensify a surface low late Tuesday into Wednesday AM. Not a typical weak inside slider low as pressure deepens to ~985 hPa on approach to N. Vancouver Island.
Periods of snow intensify across VI later Tuesday afternoon, with mostly dry conditions across the Lower Mainland. There's a chance the snow is fashionably late.
Wind gusts close to 90 km/h are possible across exposed portions of the Strait of Georgia & S. Van Island Tuesday night. Expect some power outages with gusty winds and heavy wet snow clogging trees and powerlines.
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Hibernation Day #422 | OK. Pacific storm time. #BCStorm We are right on the Strait of Juan de Fuca which is supposed to get feisty tonight. Nothing that interesting yet, but a cold front coming, maybe snow by Tuesday. 1/
We still have some stocking up to do but we have enough food for three or four weeks at current consumption. If it snows seriously in Victoria, we are basically stuck at home for a few days. It never lasts longer than that, until it does. 2/
COVID is fading into the past. Of course you could have said that this time last year and then Omicron showed up and everyone, jabbed and unjabbed, got sick. We need a full year without the Vid to say we're done. 3/
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Wanted to point a few things out about this year's extreme drought and temperatures in the PNW that honestly leave me pretty speechless, never seen anything like this before.
First of all, the majority of the PNW has only seen about 1-2 mm of rain over the past 3 months. To put that into perspective, Hurricane Ian produced that much rain in 60 seconds.
Our "average" for the last 3 months should've been about 110mm.
The longest stretch in history of 19C+ days in October for Vancouver was only 4 days. So far we are at 3 days in a row and aren't expecting highs below 19C for AT LEAST another 7 days. If this comes true, which it probably will, the record I mentioned will be absolutely smashed.
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This feels like it should be bigger news. More There have only been 4 periods in the history of the pandemic where more in #BritishColumbia have (officially) died WITH (yay, thanks BC for obscuring data) COVID than occurred in the first week of May (May 1-7).
#bcpoli #BCStorm
This is all because BC has intentionally distorted the data. As of April 2, all deaths where a positive test occurred within 30 days are being counted. Die of a car crash + covid test positive? Covid death!

Of course, CDCBC *COULD* easily go back &retroactively apply this definition to the start of the pandemic (this would help us understand what the increasing #'s mean in context), but of course that would severely increase the official count of COVID-19 deaths. Bad politics?
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Wild Weather: Our World Under Threat | Knowledge.c
#lytton bc #bcstorm #bcwildfires #bcheatwave
#bcheatdome #heatdome…
#MichaelMann telling the truth👀😳 on what happens at 2°C + #TellTheTruth #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateScientists #RapidGlobalWarming
Mann also simply explains why Australia is a Climate Canary.. it's already barely on the edge b4 Global Warming started amping up.
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Today the entire @bcndp caucus clapped and hollered as Minister @BruceRalston boasted about being the gov't to welcome the largest #LNG investment in BC's history.

Shocking behavior for “climate leaders”, and shameful given the context of my question. 1/ #bcpoli #ClimateCrisis
They did this just after being told the following:

The national inquiry into #MMIWG found that man camps and resource extractive industries directly cause increased violence against Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2 Spirit People. 2/ #bcpoli #Reconciliation
2) Scientific studies have demonstrated birth defects, cancers, and asthma in communities near fracking.

3) Methane is 28 times more potent by weight than carbon dioxide meaning gases leaked from #LNG production are as highly polluting as coal.

3/ #bcpoli #ClimateCrisis
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On Nov 15, 2021 an #AtmosphericRiver hit the #Fraser Valley and Canyon. In support of a BC Salmon Restoration Innovation Fund #BCSRIF project and with support from @HakaiInstitute, we flew the Fraser Canyon to document the #floods and #landslides that occurred. 1/18 #BCStorm
Our research examines how the size and frequency of landslides in Fraser Canyon affect river morphology, flow dynamics, #salmon migration, and their genetics. What follows are names, pictures, and coordinates of #landslide events we identified, both big and small. 2/18 #BCStorm
Wahleach Slides (49°14'10.01"N; 121°40'40.35"W). Debris flows tracks that fail every few years on East side of Fraser River near the Wahleach Hydro Plant. They cross the TMX pipeline construction. There are two major deposits on #Highway1 and many smaller failures. 3/18 #BCStorm
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This report on possible impacts of climate change on the Coquihalla done over a decade ago found 14 high priority risks - every single one relating to extreme precipitation from Atmospheric Rivers… #BCStorm 1/?
That report inspired some focused work on future projections of and risks related to Atmospheric Rivers… #BCStorm 2/?
This in turn led to BC'd Chief Engineer championing requirements to take climate change into account as he talks about in this video produced for BCs engagement on our adaptation plan #BCStorm 3/?
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Saw incredible grit in Abbotsford today, as farmers and community members rallied to rescue dozens of cattle stranded by #bcflood with boats, dinghies, a jet ski and even a hover craft. Heard these scenes were playing out across the valley.
Photographed for @reuterspictures:
More scenes from the great cattle rescue:
So many people today said they’d seen floods before, but never like this:
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This will be my thread for the flood update from the province. Starting now. #bcflooding #BCStorm
Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth send condolences to the person who died on Highway 99. Holding back tears. Asking people who believe loved ones are missing to reach out to RCMP. #bcpoli
Farnworth says travel warnings were sent out regularly on weekend. Says impacts were greater than expected. Says more than 20 receptions centres are open. #bcpoli
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The economic damage we suffered in the storm is still being significantly understated. Canada has no trade access to Pacific tidewater for the 1st time since the completion of the railroad. Each day of lost movement results in someone accruing a loss that is not recoverable.
It won’t be noticeable for a few days, but the endless flow of goods East to west grinding to a halt is difficult to overstate with respect to the harm it will cause.

The big one is energy — there’s a 150,000 barrel per day backlog building for every 24hr Trans Mountain’s down.
Ships are floating off Vancouver right now waiting to unload goods to be shipped by rail lines that are severed. The same lines fill them. They won’t be able to load/unload until that flow is restored. Others are on the way & will arrive to find a system brought to a standstill.
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Heavy rain, mudslides and flash flooding in British Columbia have effectively cut off B.C.’s Lower Mainland from the rest of the province. #bcstorm #BCFloods 📸Kelly Allen
Two mudslides have trapped hundreds of people along Highway 7 since Sunday evening, leaving many without access to food or water.
The entire city of Merritt is being evacuated, and Abbotsford and the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island District have declared local states of emergency amid flooding.
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🧺 Picnic Point: Even nicer than last time #victownhall #yyj #bcstorm
#urbanspaces #yyj #victownhall #negative
This place has way more people than last time! #yyj #victownhall
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New day, new thread. And the Nooksack will soon be in "major flood" territory, if it is not already, which has big implications for the Fraser Valley.
This morning, we'll be updating this story, with the highway latest, power outages, evacuations, etc.:
Schools closed: Chilliwack, Mission.
Open: Abbotsford, Langley
Pro-D days in Fraser-Cascade
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This U.S. river should be what everyone in the Lower Mainland is watching. When the Nooksack floods, it frequently runs north into Canada and Abbotsford. It has the potential to shut down Highway 1 between Chilliwack & Abbotsford and refill Sumas Lake.…
This is a long-standing issue (the quote below is from 2016), but while there was a whole task force on the Nooksack to look at cross-border flooding, it didn't meet once between 2012 and 2019. Anyways, worth keeping an eye on that gauge.… Image
The City of Abbotsford, at least, has been doing work on this. Last year it produced this report. Part of the goal was to show senior levels of government of the need to prevent a future flood.…
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Incessant heavy rain will pile into the Pacific Northwest, USA 🇺🇸 & British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦 in the next 72 hours due to a significant atmospheric river event.

Flooding & landslides are highly likely. The atmospheric warmth & moisture can be traced all the way to the tropics.
A strong meander in the jet stream allows Alaska to cool under Arctic air but also helps lift Tropical warmth & moisture into British Columbia & the Pacific Northwest.
Notice how the atmospheric moisture aligns and focuses on the same area. This is like nature's firehose. Extreme rain and locally very high freezing levels expected. Meteorologists call this an atmospheric river.

Some refer to this atmospheric river as 'the Pineapple Express'.
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We're LIVE for the first of our 3-part #EquityInEducation Series! It's not too late to join us... Follow along in this thread ⤵️ @EquitySupt1 @ShaneSkjerven12 @KafrissenKai @CosimoTangorra #BringPeopleTogether #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE
@KafrissenKai opens with a heartfelt welcome. In this work we are supporting each other! We (@thoughtxchng) are learning & growing (with you). We are committed to showing up at co-conspirators, we won't let "perfection" immobile us in starting this important work! #Equity 💜 Image
@kaileymetcalfe, thank you for standing by to jump in for @KafrissenKai in case of a #PowerOutage! Are any of you joining us from #BritishColumbia today? Quite a storm we are having! #BCStorm 🌬️🌨️ #BringPeopleTogether
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Upside down cloud mountains
#BCStorm ImageImage
They might be just a closeup view of mammatus clouds, not sure
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