Here's the #Ivermectin saga, people.
1.) In the 1960s Japan's Satoshi Omura did chemistry work, trying to find a medicine to kill helminth worms in livestock.
2.) In the '70s he joined forces with Max Tischler at Wesleyan in USA.
3.) They brought...
...@Merck & @Kitasato pharma companies on board.
4.) Omura discovered a bacterium that emitted a powerful anti-helminth chemical.
5.) William Campbell @Merck tested it. Using synthetic chemistry, they made "ivermectin" -- 25Xs stronger than the bacterial chemical.
MORE Image
5.) The @Merck & Kitasato companies were thrilled to discover it cured a long list of livestock worm & parasitic diseases & a huge veterinary market opened.
6.) In 1981 Bangladeshi Mohamad Aziz showed that #Ivermectin could cure River Blindness, a terrible disease...
MORE Image
...caused by a West African fly that lands on human eyes and passes tiny worms into eye fluids. The worms drill down & eventually blind the victim.
7.) For that human use the drug was repackaged and named #Mectizan in 1987.
8.) In a landmark deal, @Merck gave...
MORE Image
...#Mectizan for free to @WHO to eliminate Africa's #1 cause of blindness.
8.) Ex-#POTUS #JimmyCarter joined forces, raising $ & logistics to get 2B dose to remote pts of Africa, curing blindness.
9.) In 2015 Omura and Campbell were awarded #NobelPrize in Chemistry.
MORE Image
10.) The generous precedent set by @Merck -- donating human #Mectizan for human use, while profiting from livestock #Ivermectin use -- was used in '90s by AIDS activists to argue for discounted anti-#HIV meds for poor countries.
11.) In early 2000s the drug was...
MORE Image
..shown to kill some other human parasites, including scabies & head lice.
12.) Wide use of #Ivermectin to treat lice ensued in Latin America -- so much so, that people started treating it like aspirin, for everything. Despite no evidence it worked for other uses.
MORE Image
13.) Recently it was found that treating certain mites with #Ivermectin made rosacea disappear -- linking the skin inflammation to the parasites. @US_FDA approved that use in 2017.
14.) During the 2015-16 #Zika epidemic in So America the drug was used widely. And..
MORE Image
...despite lab studies that indicated #Ivermectin blocked virus entry into cells, no clinical use showed benefit.
15.) The same was seen with #dengue #YellowFever #Chikungunya & other insect-carried viruses: seemed to work in vitro, not in vivo.
MORE Image
Key review, anti-virus: "The activity of #Ivermectin in cell culture has not reproduced in mouse infection models against many of the viruses and has not been clinically proven either, in spite of ivermectin being available globally."
nature.com/articles/s4142… Image
16.) On Aug 27, 2021 @US_FDA warned large doses of #Ivermectin cause “nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, facial or limb swelling, neurologic adverse events, sudden drop in blood pressure, severe skin rash potentially requiring hospitalization & liver injury.”
MORE Image
17.) In 2017 researchers in West Africa non-River Blindness uses of #Ivermectin was dangerous. Of 1668 off-label uses:
- 25% had pruritus
- 14% severe headaches
- 7.5% dizziness/vertigo
And 156 had "serious neurological disorders."
MORE Image
18.) A 2021 W Africa survey found the same neurological problems with #Ivermectin overuse or incorrect use, as well as, "Serious post-ivermectin encephalopathies," -- brain injuries. journals.plos.org/plosntds/artic…
19.) A hallmark of the drug: it can get into the brain.
20.) At this point every major medical and public health organization in the US & Europe has denounced use of #Ivermectin to "treat" #COVID19 . It is the #hydroxychloroquine of 2021.
21.) In February @Merck -- which stands to profit from wider use of the drug --
MORE Image
... said NO, stop it. This is not an appropriate anti-#COVID19 drug. Period. merck.com/news/merck-sta…
It is inconceivable that a for-profit company would said, "don't buy this" unless it was 100% certain #Ivermectin didn't work for COVID & might be risky.
22.) Meanwhile, 100s of millions of people worldwide have taken #COVID19 #vaccines, with very few side effects. They have been far more rigorously tested than has #Ivermectin use to treat the disease. vaers.hhs.gov

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6 Sep
ICYMI 3 excellent graphics from @TheEconomist comparing immune responses with & w/out #vaccines to alpha vs #DeltaVariant #SARSCoV2.
First, efficacy dropped in UK for both @AstraZeneca & @pfizer vaxes against Delta, once it took over the #COVID19 landscape.
2/ When the UK switched from alpha #SARSCoV2 to the #DeltaVariant dominating the #COVID19 landscape, the key change was in the ability of @AstraZeneca or @pfizer vaccines to prevent infection.
3/ Curiously, in the UK when UNvaccinated folks got re-infected with alpha #SARSCoV2 they mustered weak antibody responses, despite prior exposure. But with #DeltaVariant a 2nd infection in unvax'ed people elicited a BIG antibody response. Why? Who knows? Merits study.
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27 Aug
Many #COVID19 #vaccine refusers say there's "something" in there -- a transmitter @BillGates uses to monitor us, magnets, 5G signalers.
Let's take a look:
1.) Whatever "it" is must be small enough to pass thru a 0.152 mm (aka 0.0035 inch) wide hole at the tip of vax needle.
2.) It must be powered somehow.
3.) and it should last a long time to be worth the cost & trouble.
So, how does that stack up with reality?
World's smallest battery is 150 nanometers, but doesn't last long -- minutes. Tiny 3.5 mm lithium batteries work, but that FAR too big.
World's smallest transmitter is 5 by 9 by 4.8 mm in size, transmits up to 120 meters, requires a 1.5V battery.
Too big.
Smallest Bluetooth transmitter runs on 0.6 milliwatt battery but needs a 14 mm antenna.
Too big.
And any transmitter needs a microphone --
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26 Aug
Folks @TheEconomist reckon failure to make #COVID19 #vaccines available to the whole world will cost the global economy more than $2 Trillion.
2/ The financial pain of delayed global distribution of #COVID19 #vaccines will be unequal, will hurt GDP growth, and will persist out to 2025, says @TheEconomist Intelligence Unit.
3/ As with every other calamity on Earth, the poorest countries will pay the highest costs, in terms of their economies, for delays in #COVID19 #vaccine rollouts --- because the rich countries are hording vaccines. From @TheEconomist Intelligence Unit.
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18 Aug
Don't like the use of past tense references to #COVID19, but conclusions seem right:
"COVID-19 was not a black swan event. It may also constitute a dress rehearsal for a far worse #pandemic, which could come at any time."
"We must prepare for a world where pandemics are..."
more frequent & increasingly dangerous. Preventing
them & never again allowing the human costs & economic damage that we have seen in the current
crisis, must be a central obligation of national and global governance."
"It fundamentally requires thinking internationally & not just domestically. We cannot prevent or quickly contain the next #pandemic thru domestic measures alone.
"In a historically unprecedented way, security for people around the world depends on global
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16 Aug
Nailing this down. About 2000 children are hospitalized with #COVID19 now - small % of them are in ICUs. Pediatric ICU nationally is 5115 beds. Overall pediatric beds = 23,085, per Boston Children's Hosp.
The % -use of Ped ICU varies widely by State.
2/ Among the hardest hit are Texas hospitals.
"On Thursday, the DFW Hospital Council announced that there are no available pediatric ICU beds in North Texas."
3/ The Amer Acad of Pediatrics reported a 7X increase in child cases just in the 1st week of August, w/abt 2% of them in hospitals.
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30 Jul
What has hair on fire in Atlanta HQ @CDCgov ?
Excerpts (thread) cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/7…
"In July 2021, following multiple large public events in a Barnstable County, Mass., 469 #COVID19 cases were id'ed among Massachusetts residents who had traveled to the town during..."
"...July 3–17; 346 (74%) occurred in fully vaccinated persons. Testing identified the #DeltaVariant in 90% of specimens from 133 patients. Cycle threshold values were similar among specimens from patients who were fully vaccinated and those who were not."
3/ "Vaccine prods rec'ed by persons experiencing breakthrough infections were Pfizer-BioNTech (46%), Moderna (38%), & Janssen (16%)...
"79% reported signs or symptoms, w/the most common being cough, headache, sore throat, myalgia & fever."
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