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Is Yellow fever vaccine safe for multiple sclerosis patients?

1. Yellow fever vaccine is recommended for people who are 9 months old or older and who are traveling to or living in areas at risk for yellow fever virus in Africa and South America.
#YellowFever #MultipleSclerosis Image
2. There is a doubt whether yellow fever vaccine can be given to patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, who are using disease modifying immunotherapies. There is a concern that yellow fever vaccine can trigger a relapse of multiple sclerosis.
#MedTwitter #neurotwitter
3. A recent study assessed the risk of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis worsening after yellow fever vaccine.
One-year annualized relapse rate and time to first relapse were similar among the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups.…
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New from me, in @ConversationUK
"#Dengue in France: tropical diseases in Europe may not be that rare for much longer"…

A bit like #scabies, we do have Neglected Tropical Diseases in Europe
#ntds #beatntds
Few dozen cases of local dengue transmission, more than has been observed before (bit of a theme for #infectiousdiseases in the recent past...)

An infected traveller would have returned to France, been bitten by a local mozzie, with onward transmission from biting new humans.
Seeing more mosquito-driven disease in Europe. Loads of #westnile virus in the lowlands in northern Italy, plus a few cases across other Euro countries
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Today is #WorldMosquitoDay!

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals in the 🌎🌍🌏 as they can transmit diseases such as:
🔸 Malaria
🔸 Dengue
🔸 Filariasis
🔸 Chikungunya
🔸 Zika
🔸 Yellow fever

🦟 borne diseases put the lives of billions at risk. Illustration of a mosquito ...
Today is #WorldMosquitoDay 🦟!

Over 600 000 people die from mosquito-borne malaria every year.

Sleeping 💤 under insecticide-treated nets is one of the most effective ways to prevent #malaria. Mother and baby are in thei...
WHO recommends broad use of the first malaria vaccine (RTS,S) among children living in #malaria endemic areas with moderate to high transmission. The life-saving vaccine has been shown to have high impact in real-life use - to significantly ↘️ severe malaria, & ↘️ child deaths. Image
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Here's the #Ivermectin saga, people.
1.) In the 1960s Japan's Satoshi Omura did chemistry work, trying to find a medicine to kill helminth worms in livestock.
2.) In the '70s he joined forces with Max Tischler at Wesleyan in USA.
3.) They brought...
...@Merck & @Kitasato pharma companies on board.
4.) Omura discovered a bacterium that emitted a powerful anti-helminth chemical.
5.) William Campbell @Merck tested it. Using synthetic chemistry, they made "ivermectin" -- 25Xs stronger than the bacterial chemical.
MORE Image
5.) The @Merck & Kitasato companies were thrilled to discover it cured a long list of livestock worm & parasitic diseases & a huge veterinary market opened.
6.) In 1981 Bangladeshi Mohamad Aziz showed that #Ivermectin could cure River Blindness, a terrible disease...
MORE Image
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1/ I loved writing this new @ASMicrobiology article. I talked to Dr. Derick Kimathi (@Toinoti, medical researcher in Kenya), about using fractional doses of yellow fever #vaccine. I hope you find this as interesting as I did #IDtwitter #epitwitter…
2 / This is a follow up article to the one I wrote back in May that briefly detailed the history of #YellowFever in the United States, and how the development of #diagnostics for the disease as well as modern research stemmed from that #history.…
3/ The #YellowFever #outbreak that started in Angola in 2015 ravaged major cities like Luanda & Kinshasa, and resulted in 11 imported cases in China - a country that harbors the mosquito that spreads the yellow fever virus and has a population immunologically naïve to YF.
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Happy 130th Birthday to us!

The TTFNC was founded on July 10th 1891 in order to: “...give pleasure to its members by observation of animal, insect and plant life in Trinidad”.

This thread will revisit some key milestones in our long history! 1/n #130yearsofTTFNC Image
In 1892, the first issue of our peer-reviewed journal was published as an outlet for our members to publish interesting and novel #NaturalHistory observations. It continues to this day as "Living World, the Journal of the TTFNC".… 2/n #130yearsofTTFNC Image
The first issue of our journal included J. E. Tanner's breakthrough discovery that #leafcutter #ants (locally known as #bachacs) cultivate fungus & feed it to their larvae, rather than eating the leaves directly as previously thought. 🐜🌿🍄3/n #130yearsofTTFNC ImageImage
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🔴 We reported on April 30th that people could access their #COVID19 jab status via the 'acute medication history' part of the #NHS app.

"Immunisation has no relevance for entering the UK" - what do you mean by this @SimonCalder?

🔴 Maybe @DHSCgovuk didn't get the memo about @WHO advising *against* #vaccinepassports.

@SimonCalder @Independent are misleading the public about Annex 6 info from the IHR (2005) regarding certified vaccination, e.g. #yellowfever. Image
🔴 Did @DHSCgovuk @SimonCalder *read* the WHO guidelines on an SVC?

Note the last line. Under the IHR (2005) these recommendations *do not exist* & *cannot* exist from EUA only & unlicensed, not fully tested jabs until the end of 2023.

These conditions of travel are *illegal* Image
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While immunization services begin slow recovery from #COVID19, millions of children around the 🌍🌏🌎 remain vulnerable to deadly diseases.

More info 👉
According to WHO data, 6⃣0⃣ mass immunization campaigns are currently postponed in 5⃣0⃣ countries, putting around 2⃣2⃣8⃣ million people - mostly children - at risk for diseases such as #measles, #YellowFever and #polio.

More info 👉
To support the recovery from #COVID19 and to fight future pandemics, we must ensure access to lifesaving vaccines and routine vaccination services are protected in every country in the 🌎🌏🌍.

More info 👉
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137 years ago, to the day, Carlos J. Finlay, Cuban physician and researcher was born. He discovered that #YellowFever is transmitted by the mosquito #AedesAegiptis. In his honor @opsoms established December 3 as #DiaDelMedico in #Latinoamerica Carlos J. Finlay, in full Carlos Juan Finlay, (born Dec. 3,
Juan Carlos Finlay y de Barrés was born in Puerto Príncipe (now Camagüey), Cuba to Scottish-born Dr. Edward (Eduardo) Finlay and French-born Elisa (Isabel) de Barrés.
A graduate of @JeffersonUniv, #Philadelphia (1855), he returned to #Cuba, where he practiced medicine in #Havana. In 1825, Jefferson became the first medical college in the c
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WHO's mission is to
promote health,
keep the 🌍 safe,
serve the vulnerable.

By 2023 we aim for:

1B more people benefiting from #HealthForAll

1B more people better protected from health emergencies

1B more people living with better health & well-being.

To achieve 1B more people benefiting from #HealthForAll:
WHO welcomes:
- #UNGA 2019 political declaration on Universal Health Coverage
-@IPUparliament Resolution on UHC
WHO Results Report 2018-2019:

Although access to health services has expanded, the 🌍 is still far short of the 1B target & financial protection has weakened.
SO WHO has created a special programme on primary health care to provide more broad-based support to countries.
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Global shifts in mammalian population trends reveal key predictors of virus spillover risk. Out in Proc Royal Society B @RSocPublishing @CKreuderJohnson @EpiCenterUCD @PREDICTproject @OneHealthUCD @ucdavisvetmed @LairmoreDVMDean @NIH…
Co-authors include @petaleeh @PanditPranav, @SmileyTierra, Julie Rushmore, Cristin Young, and Megan Doyle. The study was supported by @PREDICTproject and @NIH
The study concludes that the exploitation of natural habitats is not only a conservation issue, but an important driver of spillover transmission zoonotic viruses. Here is a thread that discusses three key points highlighted from study.
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Increase in the no. of Lassa fever cases across the country has left many Nigerians asking why it keeps recurring

The answer is not lack of preparedness!

We are victims of our own success. Improved awareness & capacity to detect = detection of more cases

#NCDCSundayReflections ImageImage
The Lassa fever virus is spread by infected rats. These rats are found nearly everywhere in our environment and are very difficult to eliminate

With infected rats and without a vaccine, our country and several others, remain at high risk of #Lassafever transmission Image
Over the last 3 years, we‘ve invested in our diagnostic capacity for #Lassafever

In 2016, we had only 2 labs in #Nigeria for #Lassafever testing. Currently, there are 5 molecular labs running at full capacity & providing testing for all states in the country. 1 new lab=N100M Image
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Last week, it was an honour to host the Honourable Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire at our @NCDCgov National Reference Laboratory (NRL)

Deeply grateful for HMH's leadership and commitment to strengthen Nigeria’s public health lab network

#NCDCSundayReflections ImageImageImageImage
With our network of labs mostly for epidemic prone diseases we support;

* Supply chain management
* Preventive & corrective maintenance
* Training & capacity building
* Standardisation of testing methods

& other functions

We’re building a public health lab network,for #Nigeria ImageImage
While hosting the Honourable Minister at the National Reference Lab, we shared our commitment to build on the structure we have developed for the NCDC network of labs and ensure improved coverage across #Nigeria ImageImage
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#Dengue is currently the fastest spreading mosquito-borne viral disease in the world.
@WHO_Europe @WHOAFRO @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO Pakistan 🇵🇰 is battling one of the worst #dengue outbreaks the country has experienced. Over the past months, thousands of patients have been admitted to hospitals with headache, muscle pain & high fever, all classic symptoms of dengue.
@WHO_Europe @WHOAFRO @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO The #Dengue outbreak in 🇵🇰 is blamed to the prolonged monsoon rains🌧️, which promote ideal breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes that carry the virus and thrive in warm, humid conditions, laying their eggs in used tires, flowerpots, tree holes & any water-filled container.
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We are live now!

NCDC DG, @Chikwe_I discussing recent #yellowfever updates in #Nigeria. Tune in NOW to ChannelsTV by via:

“Unlike #lassafever, #yellowfever is not a disease we should be having because we have a very safe and effective vaccine to prevent it” ~@Chikwe_I
”Its the #yellowfever vaccine that protects, not the card. Many people get the #yellowfever card without the vaccine. Please ensure you are vaccinated to stay safe from yellow fever” ~@Chikwe_I
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For the last two months, the #NCDCTeam has been working with colleagues at @NphcdaNG & in states, to respond to an outbreak of #yellowfever in #Bauchi and four other states.

Outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases provide a setback for health security

#NCDCSundayReflections ImageImage
#Yellowfever is a disease that has a vaccine that provides life-long immunity once taken.

This means that people who have the disease in Nigeria either:

1. Missed the vaccine given at routine childhood immunisation
2. Traveled to Nigeria without getting the vaccine Image
While we at @NCDCgov continue to respond to these outbreaks, it is important for Nigerians to take better responsibility for their health.

Ensure you, your family members, friends, colleagues and workers are vaccinated against #yellowfever Image
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Happening now at #NFELTPX19: Presentation on Outbreak of Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis in Nigeria 2018-2019 season: epidemiological features and lessons learnt by Rimandeyati Yashe
The major lesson we learn during our study was that the availability of Cerebrospinal Meningitis (CSM) guidelines and preparedness plans at the lower levels did not translate to usage- Rimandeyati Yashe at #NFELTPX19
States should institute measures to ensure prudent use of antimicrobial agent in poultry production- Abubakar Isyaku urges in his presentation on AMR Profile of Salmonella Isolates from Chickens in Sokoto, 2019, at #NFELTPX19
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#NFELTPX19 is finally here!!!

Theme: Applied epidemiology: providing evidence for public health action
Stay with us for updates as we highlight the great strides in Health Security in Nigeria.
Watch live:
@NCDCgov @Chikwe_I @AFENETAfrica @AfenetNigeria @PHE_uk @Fmohnigeria @Ecowas_cdc @OoasWaho @ResolveTSL @CEPIvaccines Looking through the #NFELTPX19 agenda, I can see a stellar list of speakers who will impart new knowledge and skills and advance public health science- @solaruna at the 4th Annual NCDC/NFELTP Conference
@NCDCgov @Chikwe_I @AFENETAfrica @AfenetNigeria @PHE_uk @Fmohnigeria @Ecowas_cdc @OoasWaho @ResolveTSL @CEPIvaccines @solaruna @NigeriaFELTP @drasatrust @USCDCNIGERIA @InfectiousDz .@NAIISNG is a national representative HIV population-based survey conducted in Nigeria's 36 states and FCT. We targetted over 100,000 households and about 170,000 participants- Stacie Greby at #NFELTPX19
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You might have heard of a report of a Yellow Fever outbreak in Nigeria as reported by the NCDC, according to available data and reports, Of all suspected, probable and confirmed cases, 55 deaths have been recorded with 13 deaths
among confirmed cases only #YellowFever
Confirmed cases have been recorded in 14 States (Kwara, Kogi, Kano, Zamfara, Kebbi, Nasarawa,
Niger, Katsina, Edo, Ekiti, Rivers, Anambra, FCT, and Benue States): in 27 Local Government areas
(LGAs) #YellowFever
Yellow fever is a type of disease called acute viral haemorrhagic disease, it is transmitted by a kind of mosquito and has the potential to spread rapidly and cause serious public health impact. It has no specific treatment, but it is preventable by a Vaccine #YellowFever
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Am I surprised? No!
1) It is transmitted by Mosquitoes (Our Roommates)!
2) In Nigeria, we bribe our way through, get yellow cards without actually being vaccinated and we feel Cool about it!

#VaccinesWork and are Free in Primary Health Centres.
A single dose of the vaccine is effective. In 80% of people it gives immunity within 10days. And in about 90% gives immunity in 30 days from dose.

It is a Viral Haemorrhagic fever. Meaning there is fever and Bleeding from orifices just like Lassa and Ebola, in late cases.
Early detection and Good supportive treatment in hospitals improve outcome as there is no specific anti viral drug for #YellowFever.
Symptoms include:
head ache
jaundice (Yellowness of the eyes)
muscle pain
and fatigue.
Be aware. Don’t self medicate
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