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Y #Ivermectin doesn't work
1 #ivermectin craze 4 #COVID19India started in South-America, spread like wildfire to USA/Europe. Heavily criticized in countries upholding #science, didnt find place in guidelines. BUT, nw it reached #India, into minds/hearts of doctors not due to... Image
2...the #science, but bcoz National institutions such as @aiims_newdelhi/ certain govts @goacm endorse it - without getting into the science of it. Nw, #ivermectin is slowly bcoming nationalist boy scout of #medicine in #India, wrngly endorsed by naïve students/senior professors. ImageImage
3 Ivermectin is broad-spectrum antiparasitic approved by @US_FDA, proved to be safe at dose of ≤200 µg/kg. In a 60 kg man, the max conventional dose in 12 mg.
Caly et al (not Baba Ramdev) identified in-vitro (cell study) anti-#SARSCoV2 ivermectin activity
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#ivermectin does not work.
1/Ther is more than meets the eye.
This paper was first sent 2 @FrontiersIn special issue
But issued a rejection after they identified “series of strong, unsupported claims” in paper as it "didnt offer an objective nor balanced scientific contribution
Read the Chief Editor Frederick Fenter's media statement on the same…
The paper made series of strong, unsupported claims based on studies with insufficient statistical significance, and at times, without the use of control groups.
Further, authors promoted their own specific #ivermectin treatment wich was inappropriate 4 a systematic review/metanalysis article. This paper does not follow @PRISMAStatement guidelines
Authors missed astute risk of bias/heterogeinity assessments
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@jonbruceharris 1/- Is there no integrity?
I am dumbfounded that CMO #PaulKelly made this statement but not surprised. The same man who said there was no medical evidence #Ivermectin works as a treatment for Covid. There are 54 clinical trials and 92 studies.
@jonbruceharris 2/- Does he think we are all stupid?
To his claim of 60M new cases/wk in India implying India will reach herd immunity of 50% in 12 weeks???
Referring to the John Hopkins data the current mortality is 28K/wk and at 60M new cases/wk the Infection Fatality Rate IFR is only ~ 0.047%
@jonbruceharris 3/- So CMO #PaulKelly creates fear in Australia by stating 60M cases/wk estimate in India but does he think nobody is going to use that figure to check IFR which calculates as ~ 0.047% indicating it is not severe life threatening.
India annual mortality is 0.73% estimate 2020.
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Hello doctor. You can answer 2 ur own tweets.
Y call your non-medical friends? U hav been tweeting utter nonsense, polypharmacy 4 treatment of #COVID19India against all evidence based pooled data and analysis. Answer to why you want to use anti-depressants, diuretics and NSAIDs?!
You have tagged ICMR, when they dont recommend any drugs for 'variants' as your treatment suggest. U have tagged PMO India! That's intense, but he's MIA. What will Yogi Bisht, UP-CM discuss wit regards to covid protocol? He's busy arranging oximeters 4cows. U might hav read news
Also read more on the FLCCC alliance crap. The @NIH clearly recommend against #ivermectin use and these maverick groups are wasting everyone's time. Two handles you tagged are from these pariah medical groups - BIRD and FLCCC. That's not very credible.…
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IMPORTANT THREAD on #COVIDTreatments - What Works & What Does not. Will be an ongoing threat.

Start with Dr Zarir Udwadia of Mumbai.
Link to Dr Udwadia's Video

1st Point: 90000+ Medical papers on Covid. UNFORTUNATELY, big divergence in Observational Studies impact and Real World impact of a rigorous RCT
RCT is Randomized controlled trial.
A Good website is

2) What Works ?
(A) Steroids are essential. #DEXAMETHASONE 6mg/day for Critically ill Covid Patients. Reduces Death by 33/20% for Patients on Ventilators & Oxygen. ImageImageImage
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Dr. Lionel Lee and his family came down with #COVID19. Dr. Lee himself experienced the worst symptoms— and had debilitating shortness of breath. Dr. Lee received in an email sbout #ivermectin from FLCCC Alliance co-founder Dr. Paul Marik.
Nieuwe WHO-studie: Ivermectine werkt. Meta-analyse laat sterke daling sterftecijfer zien.
De studie maakt deel uit van het door de WHO gesponsorde ´ACT-accelerator´ programma.…
Ivermectine „zeer effectief” bij corona
Ivermectine, een middel dat al decennia wordt gebruikt tegen worminfecties en bij schurft, blijkt uitstekend te helpen tegen #Covid19.…
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There was so much in the @Covid19Critical talk with Dr. Kory that I don't know where to start. Please take time to watch it.
Here are some of his comments about WHO
-WHO 1948 - Almost all member contributions
-WHO now - Almost ALL contributions come with strings attached
- Major contributors- USA, Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and the UK
-WHO employed consultants but invites scientists
-"completely compromised"
Re #ivermectin
" The efficacy is proven. How many more trials to I have to go through?! "

Why is ivermectin blocked
2. 💰
3. 💵

Ivermectin dosing
-The FLCCC will be altering the doses in the next few days
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16Apr Telegraph article "Fears Covid variants are escaping vaccines as cases of South African strain double” is behind a paywall but I speculate @lauradonnlee frames it by putting the cart in front of the horse. Thread.
There seems to be confusion about why variants evading vaccines arise, even Prof Paul Hunter on BBC lunchtime news mis/dis-informed us! Due not only to random viral mutation (normal) but from selective pressure of widespread use of experimental vaccines (highly abnormal)
The escape variants exist BECAUSE of this novel attempt to vaccinate against a coronavirus, lockdowns and other NPIs, not despite them. This is the vicious circle embarked upon:
vax->variants->vax->variants, ad infinitum.
Who benefits?
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Moest net bij de #huisarts zijn (niks ernstigs).

In gesprek bleek dat ze corona patiënten nog steeds naar huis sturen met een paracetamol. Ik heb haar verteld vd rammelende NHG studie waarop huisartsen het advies kregen om HCQ early treatment niet te geven. Ik heb haar verteld
over het onderzoek in het Isala ziekenhuis in Zwolle waaruit 53% IC reductie bleek bij gebruik HCQ en dat het NIET wordt ingezet.

Wist ze allemaal niets van.😳
De jonge vrouwelijke arts nam me gelukkig serieus; misschien door mijn achtergrond in combinatie met mijn leeftijd,
maar hopelijk vanwege de inhoud. Ik heb haar verteld begrip te hebben voor het feit dat zij geen tijd hebben om alle onderzoeken te lezen. En dat ik t daarom jammer vond te constateren dat de brief over HCQ studies, die ik aan hen zond in mei 2020, kennelijk niet was gelezen.
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I have several @YouTube videos uploaded on my channel and this is the first one that they have removed for, "violating their community guidelines".

That means you should watch it :)

Dr. Ryan Cole, CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics on Vitamin D, Ivermectin, vax.
Dr. Cole:
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People with low #VitaminD levels are 7% more at-risk of catching covid | 20 March 2021
- #Chicago University study of ore than 4,600 people found those who have low vitamin D levels are 7% more likely to test positive for #COVID-19
The withholding of known remedies is a crime of magnitude by government | March 29, 2021
- The problem with #Ivermectin used in conjunction with #VitaminD, C and #Zinc is that had it been deployed from the start to treat a very treatable bug,…
COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos…
COVID-19 deaths strongly correlated with percent having less than 10 ng of Vitamin D in a country– July 1 2020
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GO follow 👇👇and make sure we are all connected to spread the word on #Ivermectin and early treatment.

The WHO, the NIH and the FDA have nothing on the people across this globe who will fight for their rights to early treatment to survive this pandemic. 🔥🙌
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CDC: "Impending Doom." Watching this w/ my kids (8 & 10). My son said "What?! No worries. We have #ivermectin" The media used to ask questions, investigate & seek out the source:frontline docs. But today, unless blindly following public health guidelines, they are simply ignored
👆👆Dr. Urso @richardursomd also testified: TX Senate 3/11 #ivermectin 286 patients, zero hospitalizations 👉Testimony

🔥Need an doc to prescribe you IVM off-label? See here👉…


🔥Check out what doctors across the country really think about Ivermectin... a doctor's blog: ✅Comments Under👉👉…

One doctor below, Dr. Dawn Linn is the doctor in my own city prescribing #Ivermectin to patients. Grateful 🙏

👇👇 Thread 👇
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1) The leading doctors of #COVID19 who's cheap life saving protocols have been ignored/dismissed.

'It's astonishing we've had so much pushback. People just don't believe us. People think it's dangerous. It's perplexing as our mortality data proves that it works' #DrPaulMarik
2) "These are very inexpensive drugs, and there are executives flying in their Lear jets who don't like this. Because it's threatening to making money" (#DrPaulMarik MATH+ & iMask Protocols)
3) "When you early adopt something, especially from a group of your peers there is a lot of professional jealousy. It's like the politics that you see everyday. You are seeing same thing in medical field. For proof they want a big trial" (Dr Joe Varon MATH+ & IMASK Protocol)
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we no october end december english and french wave where fake. Massive injection of pcr and antigenics test bought in part by Gates in urge to help vaxx to be autorised.
LumiraDX bought with markets in Swiss, Brazil and Japan.
And for mortality massive jab on 70+ in house care.
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Has anyone wondered why there isn’t an horrific #C19 death toll in Africa?

Regardless of testing there would be a significant number of XS deaths & that was only seen in two countries: Zimbabwe & South Africa

Guess what: they don’t have national #Ivermectin programs ... 1/3
After a govt minister died from #C19 the Zimbabwe govt did an about face and authorised #Ivermectin for #C19

The chart shows the spectacular results

In S Africa, word spread & demand for #IVM grew rapidly: with deaths ~ 50,000 people were desperate, using veterinary #IVM... 2/3
3/3 ... black market products and legally from the brave doctors who prescribed it. Again the chart speaks for itself - vaccination so far is less than a million.

So we’re faced with the most incredible of course coincidences or the most incredible treatment

👉🏾 #Ivermectin 👈🏾
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Has anyone wondered why there isn’t an horrific #C19 death toll in Africa?

Regardless of testing there would be a significant number of XS deaths & that was only seen in two countries: Zimbabwe & South Africa

Guess what: they don’t have national #Ivermectin programs 1/2
After a govt minister died from #C19 the Zimbabwe govt did an about face and authorised #Ivermectin for #C19

The chart shows the spectacular results

Word spread & demand for #IVM grew rapidly: with deaths ~ 50,000 people were desperate, using the veterinary version ... 1/2
2/2 ... black market products and legally from the brave doctors who prescribed it. Again the chart speaks for itself - vaccination so far is less than a million.

So we’re faced with the most incredible of course coincidences or the most incredible treatment

👉🏾 #Ivermectin 👈🏾
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Mal angenommen…Drosten hätte
1. keinen PCR-Test rausgehauen +
2. seine falsche Behauptung korrigiert, dass die Chinesin bei Webasto Andere angesteckt habe, ohne selbst Symptome zu haben
3. Merkel hätte nicht gelogen (damals war HCQ schon bekannt!) es gäbe keine Therapie und 1/5
nur die Impfung könne das Problem lösen(Ärzte verwundert- Impfung würde viel zu lange dauern/zu spät kommen)
und Ärzte (wie Tegnell) und nicht fachfremde „Modellierer“ hätten das Management bestimmt.

Dann wäre 2020 als Jahr mit stärkerer, aber nicht der stärksten Grippewelle 2/5
kaum aufgefallen.
Therapien wären eingesetzt worden (#HCQ, Zink, #Ivermectin, #Budesonid)
man hätte Alte durch Vit D + Proteinzufuhr geschützt.

Wir hätten Kontakt zu unseren Verwandten, wären in Urlaub gewesen, wie immer, würden unsere Freunde treffen, die Wirtschaft würde 3/5
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1/ Why has the government NEVER undertaken a comprehensive impact assessment before approving & re-approving highly intrusive & costly lockdowns?
2/ Why has the govt not been fast-tracking safe, inexpensive, & effective drugs like #Ivermectin for early intervention, when Ivermectin has shown excellent results in clinical trials & would likely substantially reduce the rate of Covid hospitalisation & death?
3/ Why are you toying with the idea of a vaccine passport when we know that the vast majority of travelers run minimal risk from Covid-19, most serious cases occur among elderly & ill patients, & therefore it is sufficient if at risk patients take the vaccine?
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1) 'Journal of American Med Assoc published “Effect of #Ivermectin on Time to Resolution of Symptoms Among Adults With Mild COVID-19” on 4/3/21. Our reporting found study participants were told the study drug was “D11AX22 Molecule” instead of “ivermectin'…
2) 'Eduardo López-Medina in phone conversation, use of “D11AX22 Molecule” instead of “#Ivermectin” necessary to improve recruitment of volunteers to study. Pts were likely to know of ivermectin & low risk of adverse events. As such, might not seen need for participating in study.
3) 'López-Medina confirmed this publicly in a comment to #JAMA on March 23, 2021:

“Regarding the question of whether the informed consent form (ICF) used “D11AX22 Molecule” to refer to #Ivermectin, the answer is yes.”' #Covid19
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@PaiviAnttikoski @THLorg Rajoitukset eivät voi perustua pseudotieteeseen, Suomessa väärin käytettyyn PCR -testiin, CT=40, eli 60 miljoonakertainen monistus, joka antaa virheellisiä positiivisia.
- WHO on ohjeistanut laboratorioita käyttämään enintään CT=35, CDC CT=33.…
@PaiviAnttikoski @THLorg WHO Finally Warns PCR Test Positives at High Cycles Are Garbage | Jan 26
- Dr. Fauci knew this in July when he said that tests with a Ct above 35 were likely picking up viral debris or dead virus.…
@PaiviAnttikoski @THLorg Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test technique, shared the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
- 'PCR is just a process -it does not tell you that you are sick.' @TampereUni @helsinkiuni @yliopistolehti @Laakarilehti @Ruokavirasto @Fimea @STMValmius @ECHR_CEDH…
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UK Scientists/doctors/GPs brainstorming how to overcome the gate keeping involved with #Ivermectin and how they can possibly circumvent to use it to save lives. Won't see this discussed on MSM #covid19
2) Doctor talks on prescribing off licence drug. Quotes WMA declaration of Helsinki part 37 "may use an unproven intervention if in judgement hope of saving life, reastablishing health or alleviating suffering #COVID19 #Ivermectin #PatientFirstApproach
3) "The sooner UK Doctors prescribe it, become aware or create the logistics of having it available and actually putting it in mouths, saving lives. It will convince people that what we're talking about is good and right" #Ivermectin #BIRDMeeting
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„Dr Violaine #Guerin therefore explains to us that 30,000 doctors treat Covid EARLY WITH TREATMENTS
and that this AVOIDS RESUSCITATION (& therefore #deaths).
▶️ 🙏🏻 to all those brave doctors

and shame ..who do not benefit from their experience“

Quoting/translated one of many replies

„He finally recognized the USEFULNESS of #AZITHROMYCIN, after a year.

Do not despair ... 🙄“

Quote/translate from interview with Violaine #Guerin, #Immunologist, #Gynaecologist, #Endocrinologist

„..when one treats EARLY..
for eg, #antibiotic.. [for] all respiratory complications that functions extremely well..“

(1:30 min

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