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@DrLoupis Ivermectin - The Story of Its Journey to Here - Worldwide South African News
June 2020: "#Ivermectin inhibited the replication of SARS-COV-2 in monkey kidney cells…
@DrLoupis When I read the Wuhan study Feb 2020 I was mortified by the monkey kidney & foetal cell-lines which were used as a "culture" before rt-PCR amplification. Isolation was never satisfactory at any stage thereafter.
The genome sequence was computed from this.… Image
@DrLoupis Only poisoned monkey kidney cells 'grew' the SARS-CoV-2 'virus'
"This week, my colleague Sally Fallon Morell brought to my attention an amazing article put out by the CDC. The link to the article is here, and it was published in June 2020."…
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thread… Image
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#Metformin RCT on 41% prevention of #LongCOVID with acute #COVID19 treatment is now published in @TheLancetInfDis at:…
N=1126 with long term follow up (~5% lost by 9mo)
10.4% vs. 6.3% LC incidence.
Double blind RCT using identical matched placebo.
Cost $1 Figure: Cumulative incidenc...
The distribution of symptoms reported over time was similar as others have found. The figure (a new additional from the original pre-print) displays the freq of symptoms reported over 9 months among those wih a long covid diagnosis vs. no diagnosis. Image
#LongCovid symptoms interfered with both the ability to work and affected leisure activities in about half of those with LC. This very, very slowly decreased over time. Image
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Metformin's benefit for #COVID19 is from an anti-viral effect.
3.6-fold greater reduction in #SARSCOV2 viral load over placebo equating to: -0.56 log10 copies/mL (95%CI, -1.05 to -0.06,p=0.027) #IDTwitter…
We observed no virologic effect of #ivermectin at median of 430 mcg/kg/day x3 days or of low-dose #fluvoxamine at 50mg 2x/d.
Metformin Virologic Effect was generally consistent across subgroups, larger in the unvaccinated at -0.773 log10 copies/mL (95%CI, -1.408 to -.139) Image
Metformin is a $1 therapy.
At Day 5 antiviral effect over placebo was 0.47 log10 copies/mL for metformin, 0.30 log10 copies/mL for molnupiravir, & 0.80 log10 copies/mL for nirmatrelvir; and at Day 10 was 0.64 log10 copies/mL for metformin and 0.35 log10 copies/mL for nirmatrelvir
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Look MA, an NPR article showing Malarial mosquitoes would die if they fed on someone taking #ivermectin. Not for horses - for humans. It even has a quote from Peter Hotez hinting that he needs to get paid for a study first before it gets used widely.…
Dr. Peter Hotez, who was not involved in the study and is dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine, says bigger studies need to be done before ivermectin is seriously considered as part of a natio Image
But "I think ivermectin has potential as a supplemental strategy for malaria control and prevention," Hotez wrote in an email to NPR. "The drug has an excellent safety track record from its use in mass drug administration campaigns in Africa." Image
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Corona virus studies have been conducted well before the “pandemic”. In fact, the science was settled by 2016. Through their research, #DARPA concluded that #Ivermectin was by far the best medicine for #Corona. This recommendation was made to the #CDC & is well documented, so……
Answer: The goal was always to get everyone vaccinated. An emergency use authorization was required to avoid regulatory compliance measures and to get the vaccine into the arms of the world’s population. If any alternative medicine that is proven effective is available, an……
💣💣💣💥💥💥‼️ #ivermectin #HydroxyChloroquine
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TGA #Australia has announced today (3 May 2023), that from 1 June 2023, prescribing of oral #Ivermectin for ‘off-label’ uses will no longer be limited to specialists such as dermatologists, gastroenterologists and infectious diseases specialists.

#COVID19 Image
Excerpt from the document (Notice of final decision) shows how and why it is still considered that #Ivermectin is not a useful prophylaxis/medicine for COVID-19 and instead COVID-19 vaccines and treatments should be preferred.

🤡 👉 🌏

#COVID19 ImageImageImageImage
Note that Pharmacy Guild of #Australia wrote to the panel and advised AGAINST removing the Appendix D entry because they think that if #Ivermectin is available, people may choose not to get vaccinated.

This is greed - nothing to do with health.



#Australia ImageImage
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@teppaniaki #Denmark #Minkgate:
Buried #corona mutated zombie minks rising from the graves, may have contaminated groundwater in Denmark scientists warn - some resurfaced from the mass graves as gasses from the decomposition process pushed the mink out of the ground
@teppaniaki Tanskan pääministeri #Frederiksen Korkeimpaan Oikeuteen.
- Totalitaarinen epidemialaki perustuslain ja ihmisoikeussopimuksen vastainen.
- Valehteli luvasta #lockdown :iin ja 17M minkin teurastamiseen.
- Levitti paniikkia valheellisilla sähköposteilla.
@teppaniaki #Denmark #Minkgate #covid19dk #VaccinePassport
Danes take to the streets at night to protest traffic ban and #Corona dictatorship
- credit: 'No Restrictions No #Masks #KBF @ NoGreatReset'
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Dr. Vladimir Zelenko : #Covid_19
Ils sont partis d'un virus naturel et ils en ont fait une chimère qui s'attaque au poumon.
En 1999 le Dr #Barrett a modifié un coronavirus de chauve souris et une protéine de surface, afin qu'il affecte les être humains.
Puis cette recherche est devenue illégale aux 🇺🇸, elle a été ensuite envoyé à #Wuhan par #Fauci où cette recherche s'est poursuivie. Puis ils ont réussi à modifier le virus afin de le rendre bcp + agressif pour les 🫁et causer des caillots.
#Zelenko #Malonne #Yeadon #Montagnier
La protéine #Spyke responsable des caillots sanguins, 1e cause des décès à court terme. La 💉des jeunes qui provoque des #Cardites. Les fausses couches avec + de 80% après la 1e💉. Puis la fertilité causée sur le long terme
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1/ Post-Elections View of the Pandemic

There are many effective treatments & prophylaxis for the Wuhan virus disease; some were known from the beginning of the pandemic (#HCQ, convalescent plasma), others appeared later: #Ivermectin, Povidone-Iodine, antibodies cocktails, etc.
2/ All of them have been rejected by the self-proclaimed C19 Treatment Guidelines Panel, propped-up by #BigTech & #MSM. They even went as far as effectively banning the use of any of these prophylaxis & treatments, intimidating hospitals & deplatforming practicing doctors.
3/ #Democrat state governors ordered repressive shutdowns & lockdowns, which prevented immunity acquisition in the summer. Mass lockdowns were enforced through #BigTech, while allowing #Antifa to riot & spread COVID-19, free of restrictions.…
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The Fascistic Economics of #Pfizer.
To understand what is happening in the field of health, where our regulators have utterly failed to protect us from the dangers of the "vaccines", one simply needs to look at the field of financial regulation.
Clip is from #ReasonTV:
This thread is based on a @reason TV video about the Netflix video: "Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street by Emmy Award–winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger, which tells the story of the largest Ponzi scheme in history"
This video explains #Pfizer & #BigPharma
As Zach Weissmuller, who narrated the video, has said: "To better understand the Madoff saga, director Joe Berlinger should have consulted the works of the free market economist George Stigler, who won the Nobel Prize in part for his work regulatory capture."
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@leslibless btw: There were many of us tweeting this "authorization was not justified" #warpspeed by DJT and knew HCQ and Ivermectin from the very start stopped covid.
This is a coverup by #fakenews to state they didn't know b/c #Nuremberg2 cometh. lying b'stards.
@leslibless #WarpSpeed Killed Thousands #Nurember2 cometh. Megan is Lying watch her eyes. She knows Media Was Hung Right Alongside the Nazi's for Lying to the Public. Thousands of People were telling everyone about #Ivermectin, I had many tweets #AskACowboy in re.…
@leslibless Here is just one of my files: Vaccination, The Jab, Big Pharma, Covid, Kill Shots. Infographics…
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"..although terrible actions were taken by some providers out of fear and confusion as to what the "right" thing to do was, I cannot ascribe the intent of murder or euthanasia systematically to a population of health care providers. Although I, like…
many others, recognize that individual providers in certain situations may have "lost their minds”,, a.k.a “ethical bearings" and thus may have actually committed those acts out of some combination of ethical ignorance and fear but I refuse to accept they did it out of malice."
I agree with Dr Pierre Kory.

If you look back at it now, you can see that at least initially, the hysteria was much worse than the disease.

There was an article by a nurse from NYC who wrote about this:…
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Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Florida has been running hospital board meetings open to the public.

This is Dr John Littell a Board Certified Dr.

He stood up to speak about his experience treating multiple patients with #ivermectin successfully
His presentation was abruptly terminated by the hospital, and he was escorted off the premises. In another video he describes receiving multiple secretive requests from covid infected Drs, to treat them with Ivermectin, which he did successfully
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Ivermectin still does not work when dosed up to 6 days at doses off 400-600 mcg/kg/day for #covid19

Read the manuscript.

We're presenting virologic data tomorrow at #CROI from Covid-OUT trial on metformin, IVM, & fluvoxamine. One is very interesting.…
Editorial by the JAMA Editor in Chief which summarizes the situation.…
Let's talk about time of enrollment which reflects real world reality of people seeking testing and then seeking care. With the trial there is an inherent delay to consent, enroll, and ship drug. 44% of participants started within 4 days of symptom onset.
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Is it ethical to interrupt a #RCT early because the treatment group is doing too well?

In my opinion NO

Here is a practical example
Adding #pyridostigmine to standard care reduced mortality among patients hospitalized for severe #COVID19

in Mexico a small study of 94 patients per group performed in hospitalized, severe (on oxygen, but not intubated) #covid19 patients…
The magnitude of the effect apoparently is >glucorticoids >tocilizumab >paxlovid

And much much more than all the minor things which still excite covidiots (eg #ivermectin #hydroxychloroquine … )
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Ivermectin: The Truth

"If you can shape the message, then you can shape the world."

From legendary filmmaker Mikki Willis (@Plandemic3Movie). Give him a follow.
#Ivermectin Comeback: Peer-Reviewed Paper Shows 92 Percent Reduction in Mortality

@DelBigtree: "The suppression of this drug "is one of the greatest stories of our lifetime, and we're not going to let it go."
Horse Paste? Ivermectin Is the 'Most Dynamic' and 'Most Rapidly-Acting' Medication for COVID

• antagonizes the dangerous spike protein

• blocks the nuclear entry of the virus into the cell

• changes various intracellular inflammatory mediators called kinases
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イベルメクチンの有効性が「ゴールド スタンダード」RCT で最終的に証明された – コリーン アルダス教授

2023 年 1 月 23 日 ナディア・スワート…

イベルメクチンと COVID-19 の治療薬としてのその使用は、2020 年にパンデミックがすべての韻律と理由を消し去ったとき、舞台の中心に放り出されました。無作為化対照試験がないことについて。それに加えて、主流メディアを作ったイベルメクチンに関連する事実上すべては、数え切れないほどの命を救う
可能性のある薬の否定的な報道でした. ついに、COVID-19 の予防と治療に対するイベルメクチンの有効性に関する大規模な無作為対照研究が発表されました。これは、イベルメクチンの最も強力な支持者の 1 人であるコリーン オルダス教授によるこの記事で説明されています。
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🧵1/“Early Treatment- aspects of censorship”

The Group 3 Thread -
Clips from the historic Space conversation we had on January 8

(Thank you @nada88564211 for all your amazing work here)

Introducing the group Co-Host @thecoastguy 👇🏻 >>
2/ In this group the speakers were:


3/ Dr. Sabine Hazan, MD @SabinehazanMD - Testimony part 1:
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#censorship #covid19 #suppression #Ivermectin #Hydroxychloroquine #mRNA #vaccines #VAERS 🧵



A Twitter space
8th January 2023

Opening statements - Neil Oliver (structure of presentation)…

A Twitter space
8th January 2023

Opening statements - Nick Hudson (censorship's evil twin)…

A Twitter space
8th January 2023

Opening statements - Neil Oliver (parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant)…
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Miracle Drug? The Vaccine-Injured Are Seeing Profound Results With Ivermectin

Why Is #Ivermectin Helping?

- Multiple anti-inflammatory mechanisms

- Likely repolarizes some of the immune cells to a less inflammatory subtype

- Tightly binds to the spike protein
Dr. Pierre Kory (@PierreKory): "I've seen profound responses to it. I've seen patients sick for months, and by the second or third day, they'll tell me that they haven't had a day like that in many, many months."
Dr. Pierre Kory (@PierreKory) is an esteemed ICU & lung doctor. No one knows more about ivermectin than he does.

Be sure to give Dr. Kory a follow.
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@GVDBossche "circulation of 💉-resistant variants is not only going to overwhelm the health care system but also pose a tremendous risk to all health care workers as the vast majority of them have already been 💉ed."…

new link for 👇 video:… Image
"Exacerbated form of disease will go very very fast ... I'm expecting - I'm not a doom creature, not at all - I'm expecting that when this happens we're going to lose thousands and thousands and thousands of people" —@GVDBossche

"Governments are recommending NOT to test for serology"


"It makes people aware that they are no longer capable of developing antibodies against anything else than spike ... a type of message that they don't want to spread"

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He's shown no understanding of or interest in science.
Sure, the left-wing abuses "follow the science" pretending it's an arbiter of truth, but the right-wing is often out in crazyland with ivermectin and vaccine denial.
Sure, it's a flaw among the left-wing the way they demand we can't question science, but the right-wing isn't questioning science so much as going off into pseudo-science crazyland.
The mRNA vaccines are an immense value to those vulnerable to covid19 (like myself).
Citing Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend who claims the vaccines cause his balls to swell is not "questioning science".
Questioning whether its appropriate to give children boosters is.
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