Michael Flynn is trending on Twitter this morning after explosive allegations from Everett Stern, a former HSBC Bank whistleblower & GOP candidate for PA Senate. He is accusing Flynn & operatives of trying 2 recruit him 2 find dirt & blackmail area politicians @davetroy Image
Everett Stern, in a press conference in Philadelphia on Saturday claimed a group called the "Patriot Caucus" led by General Flynn was also potentially plotting upcoming malign operations in places like Virginia. Virginia has a critical election for Governor on Tuesday #VAGOV
He later provided this photo via his twitter account @EverettStern1 where he is pictured with Andrew Meehan on the left and an unidentified Flynn supporter on the right. Andrew Meehan ran against and lost to @RepBrianFitz who is currently the Rep. for PA's 1st district. #PAGOP ImageImage
Everett @EverettStern1 says he was approached by this Flynn backed group in April 2021 to utilize his skills & private intel company Tactical Rabbit to gather intel & dirt on politicians to "move" or blackmail them towards Trump-supported election audits #BigLie #infosec #InfoOps
Here is a link to the full 20 minute press conference Everett Stern
@EverettStern1 gave on Saturday can be found here:
@davetroy @visionsurreal
We attempted to track down a website related to the group "Patriot Caucus" that might be functional. We found patriot-caucus[.]com that was interestingly registered at Godaddy anonymously on Feb 10, 2021 a a month after the #Jan6th insurrection. We think it is Texas based ImageImage
This patriot-caucus[.]com website is fairly non-descript, is hosted on a Google IP address and has only a simple contact form. It does interestingly use a very specific Getty image from a candlelight vigil for 5 officers killed during protests, in Dallas on July 11, 2016 Image
In the photo @EverettStern1 provided where he's standing with Andrew Meehan at a Kiwanis park presumably in Pennsylvania theres a "Patriots" logo displayed. Everett addresses both "Patriots" & "Patriot Caucus in his presser. We've not been able to find other examples of this logo ImageImage
Everett @EverettStern1 tweeted this earlier today. There are of course lots of questions and much of his accusations obviously need to be verified ... but many already align with work done by a great number of excellent researchers like @visionsurreal Image
There are also a number of parallels to this absolutely bizarre story 2 months back about Staci Burk and the Arizona election #fraudit #AZaudit that perpetuated the #BigLie
With everything, one needs 2b cautious & verify verify verify. These accusations are incredibly serious & theres plenty of odd things going on behind the scenes. For example someone attempted to create a Twitter account @everett_stern that appears to have been promptly suspended. ImageImage
A number of people are suggesting that the unidentified woman in the photo at the Kiwanis park in PA is Velma Anne Ruth Image
In addition 2 the suspended account @everett_stern presumably trying to pose as @EverettStern1 another account is currently successfully posing as Everett. @I_HeartDeJu was previously Nick from Germany back in 2020 & in 2016 seemed 2b a woman having trouble returning Gucci shoes ImageImageImage
Besides Twitter on multiple occasions suggesting Russian or Turkish accnts to follow on this fake Everett Stern account @I_HeartDeJu the actual followers of the account are incredibly suspect. Really looks like repurposed hacked Twitter account. Why or what its purpose .. unclear ImageImageImageImage
Here is a thread from @visionsurreal very much related and definitely worth reading. #infoOps

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3 Nov
Its crystal clear that Democratic politicians are as a whole TERRIBLE at communicating / motivating the general public. They think everyone will just buy the free-range beef without asking. The GOP on the other hand repetitively markets the crappy "Trump steaks" at a 100% markup
They can't even properly analyze what went wrong last night. Some of them now think it was a mistake to try & tie Younkin to Trump. Ah no .. the mistake was you only tried in the last month of the campaign (no repetition) ... & even in the last month you were horribly ineffective
Look at the exit polls. Younkin had I think a 55% favorable rating, Mcauliffe was 43-44 and Trump was 41%. And Younkin did everything he could to stiff-arm Trump away from his campaign. They understood it.
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Dear Crazy conspiracy, anti-vax & #MAGA people, the device you’re reading this on contains GPS technology, digital cookies, and Facebook API connections, so that you can be tracked at all times.

Read the Terms & Conditions to see how this ends.

Signed George Soros
We are screaming towards a total ban on women’s reproductive rights, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Salem witch trials. Please please exercise your right to vote today. Our Democracy is in hanging in the balance #VAgov #ElectionDay Image
Sadly this isnt even the craziest thing this White House correspondent has tweeted in the past few yrs
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BREAKING: @MaddowBlog tonight. So it WAS a covert communication channel between Trump, Alfa Bank, Spectrum ect. in 2016? Quote, "Its clear there's hidden communications between Trump and Alfa Bank". So John Durham lied about this in his investigation? @RepAdamSchiff @RepRiggleman
Here is a link to last night's segment on @MaddowBlog who expertly goes through the new implications that seems like ABSOLUTELY warrants new investigations and an investigation now into John Durham. #infosec #osint democraticunderground.com/1017690476
Our thread from earlier this month on yrs of collected details on the purported covert communications channel between Trump & Alfa Bank that has NEVER been explained. Their newest conspiracy that it was actually made up has fallen flat in a HUGE boomerang
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EVERYONE needs 2 read the @capitolhunters thread. If you still believe in our country & Democracy, I implore u to give 20 mins of ur time & go through their thread with ur family. Pay special attention to Officer Fanone's testimony & the pain in his voice
Watch the new 10min Youtube video in the 2nd tweet of the thread & ask yourself why would ANYONE in congress not want to get 2 the bottom of what happened on #Jan6th & wks of preparation and incitement leading up to the insurrection. #SeditionHunters
Many people & groups like @capitolhunters, @SeditionHunters, @visionsurreal & ourselves have volunteered 100's and 100's of hours archiving, reviewing & piecing together videos, events and people leading up to #jan6th. We do it for Democracy & Officers Fanone, Goodman, Dunn ect.
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21 Oct
Seems like an inauspicious start to Trump's Truth Social media site. Hours after the press release it is defaced by Anonymous. And he is also apparently going to take this "idea" to be publicly traded in the US stock market via an #SPAC mechanism. #socialmedia
Whats an SPAC you ask? I hadn't heard of it either. Apparently its a new means 2 take an entity that has no real business to the public markets instead of the traditional means of an IPO. Given Trump's biz record of multiple bankruptcies, it seems little like a ponzi scheme 2 me
Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: DWAC) a publicly traded company now with Trump Media & Technology Group via an SPAC at an EV of $875 million with a potential additional earnout of $825 million. Subject to regulatory and stockholder approval.
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6 Oct
INCREDIBLE new reporting. Proud Boys crew breached the top of the NW scaffolding stairs at ~ 2:07 pm, then ran, yes ran, to the only two unreinforced windows in the Capitol building complex. They breached the Capitol 1st at 2:11 pm #SeditionHunters #OSINT
Numerous videos just prior 2 these images show a couple dozen people, many in tactical gear, running towards this small obscure alcove at the Capitol bldg on the Senate side after they fought their way through a police line at the top of the NW scaffolding steps. #SeditionHunters ImageImage
Here is our #OSINT timeline of some of the major events of Jan 6th and the times have held up remarkable well. #SeditionHunters slickrockweb.com/capital-coup-t…
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