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NEW: In the coming weeks, Maricopa County will be producing a comprehensive report addressing all of the allegations and questions from the Arizona Senate's final audit report. We will take the time needed to be thorough & accurate. #AZAudit
On Friday, the County provided real-time responses to many of the allegations made by the Senate’s contractors. This technical report will provide a deeper dive into the County's early ballot and tabulation processes.

It will also include election staff’s research into the actual voter IDs included in the Senate’s review. The County’s technical response will address many of the "anomalies" that stumped the Senate's contractors but appear not to have been fully investigated by their team.
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"So here's from the report, and it was a very conservatively done report.

"It's much worse than this. The astounding findings include, ready?"

23,344 mail-in ballots from persons no longer living at that address

17,322 duplicate ballots, which surged AFTER the election

2,382 voters who voted in-person but had moved out of Maricopa Co

2,081 voters moved out of state
5,295 over votes from people voting in more than one county

282 dead voters

At least one batch of 50 ballots “was run through the tabulators twice.”

Official Canvass recorded 3,432 MORE ballots cast than people they recorded as having cast a vote
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Many others have pointed out the problems in the Cyber Ninja's #AZaudit report (@maricopacounty @Garrett_Archer @GRamachandran03 @get_innocuous @ErrataRob @HarriHursti). I won't repeat them, but I think a few points deserve attention. 🧵
1. Report debunks many wild theories. No mistabulation, Sharpie-gate, watermarks, adjudication fraud, Asian ballots, or chicken-farm burning. No hacking by Dominion, Smartmatic/Venezuela, Italian satellites, or Hammer-Scorecard. Paper ballots, cast vote records, & results match.
2. The report takes back prior explosive claims based on bad assumptions. 74,243 mail-ins without a record of being sent is now 397 (5.6.4). "Late voters" went from 3,981 to 198 (5.6.8). Calibration/bleed-through caused no issues (5.7.5 & 5.7.10).
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The #azaudit final report includes party breakdown numbers for all of the matching they did.

I really wish this would have been included yesterday.

Note: The accuracy of these totals is still in question and the county is verifying this data.

A thread.
Finding 5.3.1 Mail-in Ballots voted from previous address:
Total claim: 23,344

Democratic: 39.5%
Republican: 33%
Unaffiliated: 26.5%
Libertarian: 1%
5.4 More ballots returned by voter than received
Total claim: 9,041

Democratic: 34.4%
Republican: 30.4%
Unaffiliated: 30.1%
Independent: 3.7%
Libertarian: 1.3%
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#Wahlbetrug #Hochrechnung #AzAudit #btw21
In der höchst informativen Präsentation der Ergebnisse vom #AZAudit gestern, haben wir gelernt, dass die Wahl eine riesige #Shitshow ist. Es wurde seitens der Ämter nicht nur der Zugriff auf zahlreiche verdächtige Aspekte verwehrt (1/5)
#Wahlbetrug #Hochrechnung #AzAudit #btw21
Nein es wurden auch noch Unstimmitkeiten und Sicherheitslücken auf #Skriptkiddie Level aufgedeckt, die eine Einmischung von Außen quasi von Haus aus erlaubten - Es wurden scheinbar Wahlzettel mehrmals eingescannt u. Sensible Log´s..(2/5)
#Wahlbetrug #Hochrechnung #AzAudit #btw21
direkt vor dem beginn des Audits (durch "Anonyme" User!) gelöscht. Updates / Patches grob vernachlässigt. Man denke sich nur, was bei einem deutschem Finanzaudit z.B. los wäre, wenn nur ein Bruchteil davon zuträfe. - (3/5)
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We're on to the Forensic Audit.

Process was transparent, secure & thorough
Doug Logan speaking.

They have not done splunk logs and routers.

The settlement says that will be done.
.@maricopacounty held a lot back.

Ridiculous that @GeneralBrnovich refused to step in & seize the equipment.

My words, not Logan's.
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A thread of Doug Logan's #azaudit presentation. It will include live tweets and fact checks when I have them.

Let's do this thing.
He starts with a description of the audit's chain of custody as well as ballot handling.
"All counters were Maricopa residents who voted in the last election."
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Let's make history.

@FannKfann puts the ball in @GeneralBrnovich court for the "penalty" phase

And the blame on @maricopacounty for forcing the #AZAudit in the first place.

She's right.
.@FannKfann isn't holding back.

@maricopacounty broke statutes, they didn't follow the law.
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NEW: Here’s round two of our #FactCheck on several of the claims Cyber Ninjas identified as the most serious in their report: 🧵
CLAIM: Election management database purged

BOTTOM LINE: This is misleading. Nothing was purged. Cyber Ninjas don’t understand the business of elections. We can't keep everything on the EMS server because it has storage limits.
We have data archival procedures for our elections and @MaricopaVote archived everything related to the November election on backup drives. So everything still exists.

EXPLANATION: The Election Management System (EMS) database does not store election information forever.
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NEW: After a preliminary review of the draft #azaudit report, we can provide a #FactCheck on several of the claims Cyber Ninjas identified as the most serious in their report:
CLAIM: 23,344 mail-in ballots voted from a prior address.

BOTTOM LINE: Cyber Ninjas still don’t understand this is legal under federal election law. To label it a “critical” concern is either intentionally misleading or staggeringly ignorant. AZ senators should know this too.
1) Military and overseas voters can cast a “federal only ballot” despite living outside the U.S. The address tied to their ballot would be their prior address in AZ.
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BREAKING: The #azaudit draft report from Cyber Ninjas confirms the county’s canvass of the 2020 General Election was accurate and the candidates certified as the winners did, in fact, win.
Unfortunately, the report is also littered with errors & faulty conclusions about how Maricopa County conducted the 2020 General Election.
Board members & election officials will pay close attention to what is said at Friday's scheduled Senate hearing & share facts as needed.
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.@abc15 obtained what is purported to be a draft copy of the #azaudit report from multiple independent sources.

The draft finds that the forensic hand count was not substantially different than the official results.…
@abc15 The draft report alleges multiple inconsistencies in Maricopa county's voter registration were found when the files were bounced off of commercial data warehouses.
It also lists multiple areas in which election logs and data were removed from the EMS server prior to the start of the audit. The county maintains that the equipment was handed off with no changes made.
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1/7 - In light of the AZ State Senate and Maricopa County settlement, let's look into John Shadegg and see what he's been up to.
2/7 - The link attached shows John Shadegg moved into the lobbying business in 2012. You can cycle through multiple years to see who he represented.

John Shadegg represented Facebook in multiple years.…
3/7 - The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), quickly amassed 100s of millions of dollars in donations to help local election offices-most notably, $350 million from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife. CTCL issued a grant to Maricopa County.…
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Let's do a Commander Jovan thread, shall we? I took a few recordings from his lengthy AMA. A lot of it was nonsense and him lashing out at people directly, which is a common theme for him, but there are some interesting bits as well! 1/

First - the big one. Here is Jovan admitting that he and his team looked at 2,089, 417 ballots for the audit. That is 146 off from the total handed over by the county. This difference can be explained by a few things, but it does fully eliminate both excess and missing ballots 2/
Next here he is saying "the strangest thing I've ever seen with a ballot is someone vote for Mickey Mouse" not fraudulent ballots? If the strangest thing you've ever seen is that, you would assume he hasn't actually seen any fake ballots, right? LOL 3/
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NEW: Board of Supervisors responds to Senate subpoena, continues to take stand against #azaudit
Read the response:…
Statement from Chairman @jacksellers ⬇️…
Key points to AZ Senate:
• Routers: No means no.
• Passwords: Why demand passwords we don’t have for tabulators you’ve already returned?🤔
• Images: Can’t find what we provided in April? Check Ballot Pallet 46 or subfolder AFFIDAVITS on Lacie hard drive. Or the lab in Montana.
We are also concerned about the treatment of the materials already provided.
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Let's walk through APs "article" about #AZAudit. It's a doozy. Sadly, there's nothing new here, just the old usual stuff regurgitated, again.
I've taken the piece paragraph at a time, with my reply in blue in each screenshot. Grab a beverage!🍹Let's Go!…
That opening paragraph, my goodness.😳 Image
Bennett locked out!!!😬 ImageImage
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Outside the Phoenix, AZ rally that Donald Trump will headline, attendees are yelling at us, “No masks.”
We are indeed wearing masks. This will be an hours-long indoor rally as the Delta virus has led to an increase in #COVID19 cases.
Here’s what it looks like inside. The front section is packed— the back and two upper levels are empty so far. I’ve seen 2 masks on attendees.
The rally has officially started, w/@annamajaCNN & me among a very small handful wearing masks in this indoor rally for Trump
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Was wondering why the Maricopa County Recorder is also obstructing the Senate's #AZAudit. What kind of fraud is he hiding? Why is he worried about the routers? I'll offer this for consideration:
This was a declaration on the AZ state lawsuit here:…
Basically, the guy registers to vote in AZ in 2017, moves out of state in 2019 and finds out he (someone) voted in 2020. They changed his voter registration. Later on, he...
goes back to the County Election's website only to find his voter profile deactivated. Voter registrations are on the VM08 system in the Maricopa County Recorder's office. So is this a big deal? Well, consider these numbers...
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More fact checking from today’s Senate briefing on #AZAudit
CLAIM: Maricopa County received 74,000 more mail-in ballots than we sent.

FACTS: In Maricopa County, we allow people to vote early in two ways: 1) by mail and 2) in-person at Vote Centers. These are all considered early votes.
The people who vote in-person use ballots provided at a Vote Center. This is not a new practice, so it's not unusual that we would have more early votes than mail-in ballots sent.
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Here's a look at the conversation on Twitter today during the audit. These are all amplified tweets with the following hashtags:

Zooming in, here's the activity around #azaudit - you're looking at tweets with that tag that have been quoted or retweeted by other tweets
Hilariously, faaaarrr off frame, is this cluster: it's Joe Flynn trying to start the hashtag #bigtruth
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#AzAudit Router information not turned over yet! Previously county agreed within 60 days of election. Then in May said it would compromise & would NOT turn over! CRITICALLY important to substantiate. Validate facts: breach during 2020 election by county, legal, law statements.
Registration info breached,Jan.2021 county acknowledged unauthorized access to server of 11/3/20 election;cybersecurity&network problems-antivirus not updated-NONE of the endpoints in Maricopa system updated since Dominion installed in 2019 #AZAudit registration system vulnerable
#AZAudit County concern to withhold router info not valid per expert Cotton-no sensitive personal data will be turned over to get info the audit NEEDS.MAC and IP addresses needed.Why use same router for election &personal info-REALITY is totally different than Co.public statement
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Good morning from Phoenix where AZ Sen Pres Karen Fann is holding a hearing on the latest on the so-called audit. Seated at the front is OAN’s Christina Bobb, who has promoted fundraising for the audit and spread conspiratorial lies #AZAudit
Former President Trump sent out an email blast saying, “Big hearing in Arizona.” We've been told this "hearing" does not include public comment or press questions. The room has quite a few spectators #AZAudit
In addition to OAN, Victory News and Gateway Pundit are present. I also see local news stations here.
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#AZAudit It's moving day! Machines are nearly loaded, and the pallets are being shrink wrapped for storage. Phase 1 of the first Forensic Audit in USA History is nearly complete.
#AZAudit They broke down a lot of tables and equipment overnight and were here early this morning. Contrast this to just a few weeks ago:
#AZAudit Machines in storage. Starting on pallets of ballots.
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#AZAudit Good morning on the last day at Veteran's Memorial Coliseum☕️ Completed corral is open and one of the review monitors is on. We'll see how this will go today, as they still have to secure the ballots, machines for return and break down/remove the set up.
#AZAudit Looks like more weighing of ballots and forms from specific pallets today.
#AZAudit 3 Teams checking specific pallets boxes doing the weighing process now in the completed corral, cameras 3 & 5.
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