rule breaking

rampant corruption in PPE contracts

entire Church of England condemning Nazi style deportations

Queens Council writing to PM demanding dialling down of rhetoric

tory cronies appointed to public bodies

upper house crammed with #Brexshit sycophants

=Germany 1938

Elections Bill

Policing Act

Right to Protest removed

Tory ex pat donations allowed from abroad

NHS reform Bill

Secrecy Act - journalists threatened with 14 yrs in prison for reporting negatively about tories

this govt is not conservative - I keep saying this!

it is a hard-right, nationalist, authoritarian dictatorship

now ministers are openly talking about expelling CofE bishops from the House of Lords for speaking out against Rwanda deportations Image
The ECHR was proposed & kinda created by Churchill and was MAINLY written by BRITISH lawyers, to protect humans FROM GOVERNMENTS LIKE OURS!
The European Human Rights Court recognises that those people getting called illegal immigrants are in fact ASYLUM SEEKERS: Image
Wikipedia page on the Court of the Council of Europe (which has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE EU) Image
this sums up perfectly where I honestly believe we really are (thanks @sconnorswrites) Image
when Queens Council writes to govt demanding a dial down in rhetoric, ordinary citizens should REALLY SIT UP & PAY ATTENTION Image
it is NOT "LEFTY WOKE" lawyers interfering in "hard won #Brexshit sovvrinty" it is simply the human rights of humans being protected from a tyrannical dictator Image
our govt is also intent on BREAKING INTERNATIONAL LAW under the guise of "it's the EU's fault".

NO IT IS NOT. (this is from the Times by two QCs) Image
and do #Brexshiters really want to celebrate this? Image
this explains the ECHR so even those at the back can easily grasp its meaning!
and yet ANOTHER QC has written in politics home about the NIP, Jonathan Jones QC, former head of the government legal department between 2014 & 2020 Image
Stack the courts with conservative men:…
so many people calling for the UK to leave the ECHR, but what would that mean? Image
Boris Johnson is the grandson of Sir James Fawcett, a member of the European Commission for Human Rights for 20 years and its president for half that time Image
now read this AGAIN please! Image
“I don’t support the Human Rights Act and I don’t believe in economic and social rights,” 2009

"The spread of rights has become contagious." 1998

Dominic Raab, current Justice Secretary, in charge of reform of the #HumanRightsAct
I've previously done threads on our data and how tories want to be able to sell our data to Palantir, now this:
Friends, we are sleepwalking in to REALLY DARK TIMES:…
One was forced into a restraining harness on the plane. Officers pushed him to the ground & put a knee on his head, he couldn’t breathe, & it gets worse:…
this *particular* govt has absolutely no regard nor respect for the rule of law, standards or ethics

the PM asked Lord Geidt to advise him on something that the PM knows breaks the rules so Geidt resigned Image…

Scrap worker & environmental rights & protections scream the #Brextremist shills!
this is how many cases the UK wins once referred to the EHRC! Image
it's beyond ridiculous now! Image
right, some facts about the ECHR Image
at the beginning of this thread I also highlighted the #ElectionsBill, here's a thread on how tories are rigging the system in their favour!
what sort of "regime" needs to bring online an ADDITIONAL 10,000 prison beds? Well a regime that's introducing laws against protest, noise & journalists who dare to write negative stories about the tory party, that's who!

Ethics Adviser - Lord Geidt

Ethics Adviser - Sir Alex Allan

Top Legal Civil Servant - Sir Johnathan Jones QC

Anti-Corruption Tsar - John Penrose

LORDS Treasury Minister - Lord Agnew
here are the factual stats on how many refugees the UK has helped, don't believe tory lies or RW tabloids! Image
actual working examples of how ECtHR has helped citizens in the UK Image
link to the British Institute of Human Rights, the UK "branch" of ECtHR
completely unrelated to this thread, OR IS IT? (I blame most of this country's ills on the RW propaganda tabloids tbh!) Image
ECJ ECHR & ECtHR here is the PM confirming he believes in them and that Winston Churchill created them and our lawyers were involved in their creation!

and here's what the Human Rights Watch has to say about the UK!

right to protest
voting rights
Judicial Review limited
Austerity = deaths
and so much more Image
and lest we forget tories are also rigging the elections in their favour! Don't believe me? read and weep tweeps:
so let's do a bit of reading about the Law itself: Image
a reminder of the tenets of the ECHR Image
just a reminder! Martin's poll above is a re-run, because he didn't get the answer he wanted first time around! Image
here's a really significant thread from @AndrewPRLevi about the camps to which the UK sent Jews. And the deportations...
#deathpenalty please note, most importantly, that the #ECHR prevents capital punishment which #PritiFascist #FascistPatel & #DimDomRaab want to bring back - they have to ditch the ECHR in order to do that, so by riling up their racist base over Rwanda BE AWARE of ulterior motives Image
Political Science: How to overturn democracy 101:

tweeps how many can we tick off? Image
from 7 above: discourage accountability for all crime: BOJO might not replace Ethics advisor....... #PartyGate #JohnsonLiedPeopleDied #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern #ToryFascists #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis…
and this is how our govt & its staff behave towards these black people, in ALL OUR NAMES: torture: read this article, right to the end...…
List of ECtHR Judges Image
the UK govt seeks to leave international organisations that will enforce the rule of international law upon it, this isn't about democracy, it's about becoming a pariah rogue state Image
please do watch this, it really isn't *just me* who worries about the extreme right wing dictatorial tendencies of this *current* govt
poll closed, result very clear! Image
when someone shows you who they are, believe them: Image
tories are damaging all UK institutions - dark money is flooding in to the UK and swaying policy decisions:…
we can no longer trust the way in which tories attract donations, where they come from, or how they are spent, this govt is completely undermining the rule of Law, intent on centralising power like in 1938 Germany:…
our current PM considers not re-appointing another Ethics Advisor, following the resignation of his SECOND in 2 yrs!…
let's not forget the massive scale of corruption in PPE!…
and let's be honest, our govt is the worst ever at managing the economy, we have the highest taxes in 70 yrs, rampant inflation and a #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis…
and just when you think tories can't plunge any deeper in to the cesspit, Lynton Crosby returns - he of dubious misinformation spread!…
and where was the PM during the first wave of COVID #JohnsonLiedPeopleDied…
just look at the long list of people who've resigned since #Partygate…
UK CITIZENS BEWARE - see two tweets above - more dangerous times ahead - tories will misinform the public!…
Lord Geidt issues further clarification regarding his resignation following RW tabloid spin: Image
and something I haven't yet touched on is the influence of Russians & Russian funding: Image
now I'm going to move on to the #ElectionsBill - which as far as I am concerned has given tories "control" over elections in a way, that I bet, the majority of Brits won't realise: Image
For elections to be free & fair, they must: Image
it really isn't just me that's come to the conclusion tories are rigging the elections, these two people quoted here, are very well respected, institutional leaders Image
and a reminder Boris Johnson FULLY SUPPORTS the ECHR, which his grandfather helped foster, and served on its board for 20 years, 10 as its chairman!……
“Patel’s Rwanda policy looks more like the forms of rendition facilitated by the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act in the US, whereby those who escaped were more readily returned to the condition they had fled.”
I digress, (again) but have to say this is BOJO personally scraping the underbelly of the barrel: (using the dictator Putin's invasion of Ukraine to deflect from his own shortcomings) Image
this thread is getting long now!
how many tories even pay tax in the UK Image
back to BOJO & using Ukraine's misfortune to cover his own fat sadarse Image
#PritiFascist #FascistPatel #FascistScumParty #ToryFascists #ToryFascistDictatorship has ordered the Home Office to electronically tag ASYLUM SEEKERS, and for those at the back, ASYLUM SEEKERS ARE NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS…
#BBC #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern #ToryCronyAppointments #nepotism #torynepotism BOJO wanted to appoint his mistress to a £100k tax payer funded role…
so tories appoint sycophantic cronies as the Chairman BUT ALSO appoint the Director General Image
Migrants who arrive in the UK in small boats or in the back of lorries will be electronically tagged and will face prosecution if they fail to comply…
BOJO tried to appoint Carrie as his Chief of Staff!

Don't forget he was also providing #JenniferArcuri with tax funded £100k loans AT THE SAME TIME TOO!!!!!! Image
please note, this was happening at the same time as our taxes were funding #JenniferArcuri
a list of times BOJO was reported publicly for having affairs!
all the crushing defeats that tories suffered in the House of Lords during the last session, have simply been combined and tabled in the latest Queens Opening of Parliament Speech - be in no doubt they are DRACONIAN in nature!…
has the govt breached our rights by ending COVID mitigations?

are they failing in their duty to provide the safety & security of UK citizens?…
Home office uses methods usually associated with dictatorships to remove those legally applying for asylum in the UK…
and *even* white Ukrainians, who were promised sanctuary now homeless…
UK govt by paying Rwanda is akin to slave trading & people trafficking…
#DimDomRaab has been working to ditch the ECHR most of his life, and advocated to sell off all remaining council homes, TO BRING BACK DEBTOR WORKHOUSES, and to sell hospitals off:…
be under no illusions the current govt is attacking the rights the world fought for in WWII Image
the Daily Mail has taken this story down from their website, but not before MSN had published!!! (I'm only adding this for posterity as I had already included another website's reporting on this above)…
do we want an elected BOJO dictatorship or the rule of Law???…
the Johnson regime is shaming us on the international stage:…
so many are calling in to question the performance of this govt…
#SuellaBraverman performance...... should she be able to tell blatant lies? Image
MPs should receive training in order to understand the roles of Lawyers! Image
for the sake of posterity, here's the print version of the Times with the exclusive on another of BOJOs shags being lined up for a £100k job, later replaced in the online version with BS about racist ECHR judges! ImageImage
for posterity here's the print version with the online updated version ImageImage
and just to re-iterate how evil #pritifascist #FascistTories are: Image
I have screenshot the Daily Mail article that disappeared!!! Image
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Jun 18
I just posted screenshots of this article, and THEY'VE DISAPPEARED !!gonna try again!
copied in to word, and screenshot from word to here this time Image
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Jun 18
I have a really serious question....

given we know COVID enters the brain, and is already known to damage brain functions

with masks having been ditched in the NHS

what happens if NHS staff, with brain fog, give the wrong dose of medicine?

the health of MILLIONS is at stake
if thousands of NHS staff end up off sick, during the next surge, JUST BECAUSE NO ONE WEARS MASKS ANYMORE??????????????

WHAT ABOUT #LongCovid for NHS staff, who we know aren't able to secure PIP for their #LongCovid

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#heatoreat #energyprices #EnergyCrisis #energy #CostOfLivingCrisis

tweeps, just got in from work, shit just got real....... Mum's in tears.....

standing charge also doubled
two further things to note,

the letter also warns that their bill will increase *the the same percentage* in October, ie: to £6,600

the doubling of standing charges is, according to Martin Lewis, to *cover the cost of the companies which went bankrupt*

and I have a question
how the hell are businesses going to cope, expenditure will feed back in to price rises across the board, including food.

Also: what about old peoples' homes??????

there is no cap for business.....
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Mar 9
they are going to bin the GDPR and grab our NHS data just as they attend the US private healthcare conference in Vegas, whilst forcing us all to utilise the Palantir healthcare app that will scrape all our personal data
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