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Eric Garland posted some good points. Just in a 'hit piece fashion', as he might put it. The idea's carry over. Remember->gaslighting.
This is classic gaslighting. Any rube knows that an account with x number of followers vs tweets blahblahblah. It's meant to be elementary.
That's how you build up the confidence of the reader. Next, you promote that if you can't follow the oppositions argument--it's 'vague'.
Ie. If you zone out or can't validate the facts with what is currently in your head--NO WORRIES!!!
If you didn't know it, it's not worth knowing. Politics are complicated on a good day. If you don't research the topics, you are uninformed.
Common sense sounds like a good idea. But politics are not one variable problems. All that does is invite your reader not to learn.
Thinking without taking in actual data is simply circular logic bias. Which is also how you attract bigots to your cause.
The #Resistance is made of many diverse sub groups. Infighting is inevitable. But falling into an old habit of bias doesn't have to be.
We call it 'politically correct'. It's just breaks down to empathy and real communication. Both of which are in short supply these days.
A strong mind can entertain an opposing beliefs. A weak mind requires eddies of comforting thought.
It's not a sign of weakness to apologize for offending a fellow member of the resistance. It's a sign of respect for a fellow resistor.
Likewise, if you are offended by a fellow member of the resistance--you can address them with civility.
As Eric Garland points out pro agenda trolls use your outrage to sow doubt. Infighting makes it that much easier.
Pro agenda trolls also push misinformation and disinformation. If you get caught RT(ing) or tweeting it discredits your voice on twitter.
What he's describing here are also broad topics. Which in this slanted format are meant for riling up his base.
What it doesn't do, is teach you about basic spotting techniques. Which is intentional by design of his argument. Fearful and uninformed.
1) There are Fun trolls and there are Paid trolls. Fun for the Lulz : Paid for the tolls. Both are effective.
2) Every argument is flawed. A troll aims to..."argue with the devil and win." You can look up argumentation theory if you want.
3) Trolls use divisive tools. Usually a shield which can vary from status, injury, job title, ect--Something to dodge behind.
4) The main object of a troll is to get you emotional. If you are emotional, you aren't thinking and you will make mistakes.
5) Trolls will try to get you to validate strawman or Eristic arguments. This one's easy--just point it out.
6) Trolls will RT your comments to tag in more trolls. Home field advantage. Makes it harder for you to keep up with the convo.
7) Trolls RT comments of you at your worst. Again, it's to get you to over react. Just make fun of the RT(ing).
8) Most trolls follow aggressive speech (text) patterns. The goal is to bait or accuse. This is to throw you off balance.
9) Most trolls have one method of trolling. The ones you watch out for are the ones who can switch styles at the drop of a hat.
10) Great trolls can ride the grey line of the rules like a highway. They don't make many, if any mistakes. Print screen when you see them.
11) The best trolls don't care if you know they are trolls. They thrive off the conflict that knowledge provides. They use it as bait.
12) Trolls know each other. They find each other. They work in groups. Some get paid to do so.
13) Trolls are like raptors. If you see one, you should be expecting the ones you don't see to pop up.
14) Twitter trolling can include scouting, pro agenda, opposite agenda, lists, bots, and just background noise likes and RT(s).
15) Trolls don't label trolling. Most just have a preferred style of trolling.
16) Trolls don't talk about or explain trolling. Most just do it.
#Resistance *How to Spot a Troll Thread* I follow and #FBR If ever you have need of a crazy rabbit, you know where to find me.
Real time example # 1 of How to Defend against Trolling:
How to Spot a Bot:
List bots:
Real time example #2 How to spot a pro agenda troll. This is the second complaint (like this) I've seen on this guy.
USMC_SSDD walks and talks fairly straight forward...if you aren't paying attention. If you do pay attention, he skews the argument.
And if you question in, you will find yourself blocked.
Always check and verify before donating money to 'grassroots' movements. Make sure the money is making it to the intended recipients.
He blocked me after a short back and forth about his meaning on a topic. Very thin skinned over what should have been trivial.
So, I can't see what he's up to now. Stay safe #Resistance
Real time exapmple # 3 'Parody' and false #Resistance accounts. If you see one, let people know.
Crap spam bots:
Fed up of trolls? And decide you want to go on the offensive? Real time example # 1 Counter Trolling:
First: Know your troll. Use spotting techniques to figure out who your troll is and what their patterns are. Identify before attack.
Second: Are you emotional? If the answer is yes, walk away. Trolls don't go anywhere. The illusion here is that you need to reply NOW.
Third: Pick a counter argument point. You can either meet them on their level, or ignore it and start a new topic.
Fourth: If you estimated right on what kind of troll, and you picked a good first counter--> next move (post) is your 'point'.
[5] Now comes the tricky part. They will try to turn the convo again. But now, you are trolling them. Ignore any attempt to divert.
[6] They might try to plant something to bug you--to make you emotional. Ignore it. Keep them off balance. Keep control of the convo.
{7} Your goal isn't necessarily to win. Make points that they can't/ won't be able to argue with. If they ignore them, point it out.
~8~ If/ when you "git gud" You may notice that you receive threats, personal insults, or hate. Troll rage is fun, but it can be unnerving.
*9* If you aren't, you should be using a VPN. Throws your IP about. Avoids IRL personal attacks.
Tenth: Try and keep your troll game clean. No threats. Troll to pull agro or to drag out the argument to qualify them for a ban.
Phone safety tips (advanced trolling):
Real time example # 3 of How to Defend against Trolling: Low End Trolls
Meet Loui. Loui is a basic troll. Please note all the shield techniques within everything Loui does. Don't be like Loui.
Loui Likes to follow #Resistance members and stalk them. Report some of his tweets before blocking him, please.
Here's some examples of Loui's handy work.
Here's a last ditch shield effort by Loui when he is called out for being what he is.
Behold the common low level troll. This is very important-->If you counter troll: DON'T BE A LOUI.
Real time example # 4 The darkside of trolling
When trolling doesn't just stay on the Internet.
I've listed multiple tips and tricks before on how to stay safe. Nothing is fool proof. But, I will try to give you a fighting chance.
1) Two step login verification. Switch to it now! Yes, I know it's annoying.
2) Password strength. 16 character (minimal) That includes: lower and upper case, no words, no personal info (DOB or names), -->
3) one of the following symbols ~!@#$%^&* or something else that is accepted by the password system, and random numbers throughout.
4) Hard to remember? Great! Write it down if you have to.
5) So, you think you've been or are being targeted? What do you do? Don't panic.
6) Cell? Full shut down for 30-60 seconds. If you 'need' to log back on and you are in the same cell radius 2 minutes full shutdown again.
7) Likewise, try not to keep personally info on your cell. It's convenient for you and people who might Doxx or steal from you.
Real time example #5
Another helpful and insightful perspective:
Real time defending against tolling example (I'm not sure what I'm up to number wise):
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