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1. The statement today by the DOJ Office of Inspector General is exceptionally noteworthy.…
2. What makes the statement noteworthy is that IG investigators don't generally talk when they're in the midst of their investigation.
3. The fact the DOJ Inspector General released a statement, generally implies the underlying investigation is coming to a close. [They are, most likely, in the writing report findings phase.]
4. Many people probably were probably not even aware the Office of Inspector General was investigating the FBI.
5. Those who were aware (the DOJ-OIG was investigating the FBI), likely forgot the investigation was happening because it has been going on for almost 11 months.
6. The investigation began in January of 2017 as an outcome of (righteous) concern the FBI senior leadership was compromised by politics ahead of the mission.…
7. As you can see from the originating memorandum, the Inspector General probe has a wide berth to look at how internal politically corrupting influences might be shaping the outcomes within FBI investigations.
8. the DOJ-OIG anticipated their investigation lasting approximately a year. We are almost at the end of that year. Hence, the likelihood they are assembling a final report.
9. Based on the exceptional amount of controversial FBI decisions in the past several years, there's every reason to believe that IG report will lay bare the politicization at the highest levels of the FBI.
10. That anticipated 'IG-report-reality' is exactly the reason we are seeing this:
11. No doubt the highest FBI politicized leadership that remains within the FBI is sending coffee talk to Comey (and others including media allies) who are no longer inside.
12. Those internal forces, black hats per se', are also likely the primary leakers from within the FBI over the past several years. They are leaking to media types like the New York Times, Washington Post and to a lesser extent CNN.
13. And that's what explains THIS:…
14. In essence, the (generally ignored) year's-long Inspector General report of the top-tier of the FBI is coming to a close. And those *insiders* are leaking to get out ahead of the content of that IG report.
15. Remember, the entire construct of the IG report was based on identifying if politics was driving FBI outcomes. Naturally, there are going to be politicians, beneficiaries of the politicization, who will also join in the effort to undercut the IG findings in advance.
16. The inherent politicization, the BIG PICTURE here, is what explains THIS:…
17. The likelihood of multiple top FBI officials, and more importantly their behavior, being identified by this probe is very high.
18. There's also great trepidation. Publicly showcasing how the FBI has been politicized for the benefit of one political ideology, and creating two sets of justice, is also very dangerous for the chief law enforcement agency of the country.
19. "Outing corrupt FBI officials" is not an endeavor to be taken lightly. In actuality it can undermine the entire system of the way law-and-order is perceived.
20. Think about how you would approach identifying corruption amid the FBI, yet still retaining public confidence within the institution.
21. Initially it might be easy to say: 'who cares, just do it'. However, there are big ramifications if not done correctly, with brutal honesty, and with full disclosure and public sunlight to explain the reasoning therein.
22. In advance of revealing such damaging information, the IG would need absolute impenetrable examples to hold up as evidence. In part because one-half of the ideological enterprise, including media, will seek to tear down any report not favorable to their tribe.
23. Meanwhile, if history serves as an accurate precursor for what follows, the leadership of the adverse political ideology will seek to blame Trump for eroding the trust, faith and integrity of the FBI.
24. It certainly appears the pending IG report on the FBI is what lies behind much of the current activity stirring amid the swamp. The top tier of the FBI, those who will be outed as "Black Hats, also have nothing to lose.
25. This FBI 'zero-sum outlook' explains why the FBI top-tier officials have refused to comply with congressional requests for information.…
26. Why should FBI officials help congress to discover information that shows those same FBI officials are corrupt? The easiest way to avoid oversight is non-compliance with the request from the compliance officers.
27. If you are a corrupt FBI official, inside an agency holding lots of top-tier corrupt FBI officials, and the only risk is political - and your tribe will attack your opponent based purely on ideological alignment, who cares if congress holds you in contempt.
29. The Black Hat FBI officials have been hunting White Hat leakers adverse to their ideological goals.…
30. Meanwhile, President Trump appears fully aware the IG report on the FBI is coming soon to the sunlight. He too gets to hear about leaks. The Black Hats leak to MSM, the White Hats leak to other White Hats.
31. People often think of Trump in narrow terms and forget he worked his way up to being an apex predator in Manhattan real estate by fine-tuning his instincts. He can smell a drop in an ocean. Those instincts are why he seems to have the ability to see around corners.
32. Trump, sort of like a lawyer, doesn't tweet something he doesn't already know the answer to. He baits the media to attack him.
33. This IG investigation is almost finished. No doubt Trump has a great instinct on the contents therein... hence, the tweet-bait. He's setting the stage for the grand reveal, by coaxing, goading, the MSM to chase him.
34. Trump wants media attacks on him, for his criticism of politicized FBI and Intelligence leadership.... because ultimately Trump knows the FBI and Intelligence community have been weaponized by politics. Heck, we all know this.
35. The media will chase him. Critics will blast him... and then all of a sudden, WHAMMO.... here's the year-long IG report on a political FBI leadership team. Which proves what he's been critical of.…
36. And with the full attention of the public upon the dynamic, the issue of faith in the FBI is less consequential than the visible issue of Trump -VS- the Swamp. In essence, Trump protects the White Hats in the FBI by taking the heat upon himself.
37. See how that works?

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