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Women are the majority in America.
Stop calling issues essential to our survival #identitypolitics.
We are paid 3/4--or less--than men are for the same work.
We are 80% of the minimum wage workers.
We are the majority of the working class & the working poor.
Single mothers and women over 65 are the poorest people in America.
So when you talk about "economic justice" and the #FightFor15 you're talking about WOMEN--not the white guy Trumpers & Berners the MSM keeps writing about.

The claim of #identitypolitics is meant to shut down discourse on #ReproJustice--but nothing contributes more to women's economic inequality than being forced to have children before she's finished school or is financially ready.
Women are more than 50% of the medical and law students in America but we are less likely to get jobs in those fields and if we do are still paid less. Women with advanced degrees actually have the largest pay gap with men--who make nearly 50% more than women.
In the 13 months since Trump took the election, I have thought almost every day about how different America would be if @HillaryClinton were POTUS, especially for women & POC. Having a 50% female Cabinet that was also 40% POC would have been a game changer. #Revolutionary.
Aside from the fact there would be bans on human beings or attempts to destroy #ACA or slither a huge tax cut for the wealthiest Americans into law, we would have a totally different picture of leadership by having a woman POTUS.
In 2020 we need a female POTUS. We need this because it's been 241yrs without one. We need this because the MAJORITY of Americans have NEVER been represented in the @WhiteHouse.

Argue for Bernie or Biden--the Cocoon presidencies--or some new white dude like Kennedy, but I want to know why you think it's okay that the MAJORITY of Americans should remain without representation.And why any mediocre white guy of any age is better than the smartest women?
I'm disgusted by what happened at #TempleU. Not just b/c it was in my city & at the college where I was an undergrad & have taught. I'm disgusted because this cult is destructive & it's hurting real people--women & POC in specific.No one was upset for those black students.Why?
I don't want Bernie or Biden in 2020. We need to move forward, not back and these old white men are the past, no matter how entitled they are or how much they believe they deserve to be POTUS because they'll be 80 and...what? Biden's too far right, Bernie's got no vision.
The fracas over Franken was awful to witness--folks will cape for any middling white guy & assail any intelligent HARD WORKING woman because that's what we've been taught.

Stop doing what you've been taught.
See women.
We've been here for centuries.
Without representation.
Sanders is a divisive character. He's no more a uniter than Trump. You can't just unite white men in a country that is majority female and more than a third POC. You have to be inclusive. You have to center those who have been marginalized for centuries. That MUST be done.
The REAL #revolution in America was open to us on Nov 8, 2016. We had the opportunity to have the most progressive platform in US history & break the gender barrier for the 1st time in 240yrs.

You blew it.
But we have the chance to create that real revolution again in 2020.
So don't tweet me that we "must choose the best person regardless of gender or race." There are women who can run intellectual and visionary rings around Bernie & Biden--you just don't see women. These women ARE the best people.
It took 240yrs for a woman with the best resume in modern POTUS history to get a nomination.She won the votes. You should have fought for her to be in the @WhiteHouse.

You'll have another chance for a woman in 2020.
The majority of Americans DESERVE representation.
As for the 3rd party argument--we have several parties that you could work to build if you REALLY wanted a 3rd party. But even Sanders' people call themselves "Berniecrats" (imagine the uproar if anyone had ever claimed "Clintoncrat" as a party affiliation).
I've written about being raised a Socialist by Socialist parents. I've been a life-long Socialist. But at some point I recognized I had to work with Democrats to create change--and pull them left. Bleat for 3rd parties, but you don't even take the ones we have seriously.
No one sentient believed Jill Stein could run this country. She couldn't even run a vote recount in one city. In 2010 I thought she was serious about wanting to build the Green Party.But she never did.Still not on every ballot. And how does she become the nominee?Be serious.
Same with Garry Johnson. He & Weld are Republicans who like weed. That's not a party. That's not serious. He never heard of Harriet Tubman. He didn't know what (it's where!) Aleppo was.
Don't vote for these people. They aren't any more competent than Trump.
We need strong competent proven leadership. Not back benchers and folks who've come in last in other POTUS races.
I want full debates so 3rd party candidates are forced to step up their game. Include them without the "must reach x%" bs. We have 4 other long-time parties.
All of this is easy & doable.
Demand it.
Demand accountable 3rd parties as well as accountability from Democrats. (GOP will never be accountable--they are truly the enemy of the people.)
Make 2020 the fairest fight ever.
What we cannot keep doing, though, is compromising women & POC & poor people so that white men can maintain their privilege.

Those days must end. A white penis just cannot be your rationale for everything in America.

<fin--for now>
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