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This is a day for doing more than one thing at a time. We must denounce and reject the president’s racist demagoguery—without letting him deny attention to today’s extremely important vote on the minimum wage.
This morning, the House will vote on the #RaiseTheWage Act, a bill that would raise the minimum wage to $15 and lift millions of Americans out of poverty. As a mayor from the industrial Midwest, I know a raise in wages is long overdue. The American people agree.
The #RaiseTheWage Act would give 40 million American workers a raise (that’s two-thirds of America’s working poor, most of whom are people of color) and lift 18 million children out of poverty. In Iowa alone, 63,000 single parents would get a raise.
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BREAKING: The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has released its analysis of the #RaiseTheWage Act, which would raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour by 2024.

CBO’s bottom line: *27 million* workers would get a raise if the bill becomes law.

Additional findings from the report:

- 1.3 million fewer people would live in poverty, nearly *half* of them kids

- Families who earn less than 300% of the poverty level would would see their incomes go up by nearly $22 billion

Meanwhile, don’t be fooled by the conservative hype… as smart economists like @hshierholz point out, CBO’s job loss estimates in the report warrant serious skepticism since they rely too heavily on studies w/widely-critiqued methods and too little on the most robust studies.

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Dear Democrats,
Minumum wage jobs arent jobs that anyone should have if they are raising a family. They are the jobs that are meant for people entering the workforce. People either in highschool, or people working through college. They are the jobs that require very little
skill or experience to be able to do. So when you artificially raise the minimum wage all you are doing is creating more types of jobs that pay minimum wage. You see when you raise the minimum wage to $15hr all those jobs that are already paying more than minimum wage
aret going to be able to magically raise their wages as well. What you have done is created more jobs that pay minimum wage and driven up the cost of everything that you buy. So in essence you havent helped anyone get out of poverty you have just created more people
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"Raising the #minimumwage is always a pro-women, pro-mothers policy because women and mothers are disproportionately represented among low-wage workers."… #1u
"As state minimum wage increases have taken effect over the past 5 years, low-wage workers—especially low-wage women—in those states have had much stronger wage growth than their counterparts in states with no change in the minimum wage."
"The #RaisetheWage Act of 2019—which was introduced this past February, but still has not received a vote—would gradually raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25, where it currently sits, to $15 per hour by 2024.
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Hey @washingtonpost -

Thank you for drawing attention to the massive pay gap at McDonald’s and the poverty wages of its workers!…
Let’s dig into why that is. The CEO-to-worker pay gap at McDonald’s is 3,101 to 1 globally—the largest of any company surveyed.

As I noted in committee, McDonald’s CEO earns $21.8 million *per year*.

The median worker worldwide earns just $7,017.…
Now let’s look at how McDonald's treats its U.S. workers.

In 2015, the company promised to pay workers at least $1 above the local minimum wage. According to their own employees, they broke that promise.…
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Today, March 1st, a minimum-wage worker catches up to what she made in 2009--the last time Congress raised the poverty-level minimum wage (as my colleague @rwest817 shows in new @amprog analysis)…
In 2018, a worker earning $7.25/hr must work an extra 41 days—more than 2 additional months!—just to earn the same amount as she did in a single year when the federal minimum wage was last increased. 2/x
As a result, a full-time minimum-wage worker will lose a staggering $2,370 in purchasing power this year.

That's more than ***47 times*** the average tax cut she gets under the #TrumpTaxScam. 3/x
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