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Hey hey hey, it's time for a #VoreThursday interactive story, don't you think? First post in 15min, RT this to spread the word!
You close the door behind you, now back in your apartment on a Friday early evening after a long work week, humming a little as you quickly head back to your bedroom to change. You've got a big night ahead of you! You have to go meet...
As you're picking your underwear for your date, your phones buzzes. It's you're BF, simply saying "hi" and saying he's excited for tonight. You smile and send a few heart emojis, plus a lick and a cake, back to him. You just can't get enough of your....
(coin flip - husky!)
Your pup quickly responds with a "We'll see who licks who" with a laughing face to go with it.
You're still deciding on underwear when your phone buzzes again, this time a picture of that one pink thong you looooove seeing him in, still sitting on his pillow
You fish a pair of briefs out of your drawer the exact same shade of pink as the thong you love taking off of your husky... You slide the pair up your legs and adjust the pouch a little bit before admiring yourself in the mirror.

(So what are you? 2pt poll)
(2nd part of the poll: what's your build?)
(one vote on the species and five on the body type... okay) X-D

You fill out your pink briefs well, your stomach hanging over the waistband ever so slightly as you then go about finding some suave-looking pants and shirts that will fit. You finally button your pants over the...
...back of your long, somewhat-thick tail, take one more look int he mirror and suck your guy in a little to make sure your shirt is tucked in properly, then head out for your date.

You start walking down the street toward... Wait, where did your pup say to meet, again?
As you feel the warm, late spring air, you remember - he wanted to take advantage of the lovely (rain-free!) weather today and go to the park! You make your way a few blocks down from your apartment toward Crossroads Park, the biggest urban park in the city.
Your phone buzzes again - it's your beau, letting you know he's running a tad late. Well, that's the bus system for ya... That gives you some free time to wander a bit before meeting him at the pier on the west side of the lake. Where do you go?
You feel a bit naughty and make your detour to the Nocturne Forest. The area of Crossroads Park with the densest trees has always been known as a cruising spot, both for carnal and predatorial pleasures... You give your lips the smallest lick and think you'll only be a minute...
Thankfully there's one loop in the forest that always stays near the treeline, so you decide to stick to that as you loiter until your husky arrives as the lake.

Even just barely inside the forest, the noise of the city dies down and it gets darker with how thick the threes are.
It doesn't help that it's getting close to sunset either, meaning as you look off the trail toward the deeper parts of the forest, it's amazingly dark... You swear you can hear *things* going on deeper in the forest, both on and off the trail network in there.
You pass a trail junction that drops a path deeper into the forest from this outer loop... Maybe twenty or so feet down said path, you can make out a muscular gorilla leaning against a tree. The front of his jeans are wide open as he idly jerks off, clearly watching the outer...
...loop for passerbys like you to make eye contact with. He grins at you and rubs his meat with a little more intent, making the front of your own pants begin to feel a little tight.
(playing dangerously now, are ya?)
Just to relieve the growing tension in your crotch, you unzip your own pants and let your pink bulge hang out as you walk over the gorilla. The stud is grinning like he's won the lottery and is holding his dick out proudly right in front of him.
He waggles that massive piece of meat at you as you get close. You grab it, your paw not even making its way all the way around that pillar as the primate's large other hand rests heavily on your shoulder, encouraging you down to your knees.
You dutifully open wide and work your lips over that member as best you can, attempting to bob your head forward and back without breaking your jaw.

After a minute of this, your phone buzzes again. Your husky is at the pier and wondering where you are.
You quickly say to the gorilla that you have a date to meet, and in consolation to continue to lick up and down that pillar of meat as you text back that you "got distracted" and will be over shortly. As you begin to stand, you wrap your lips over the head of that member and...
suckle just a little bit, enough to draw forth a nice, salty dollop of gorilla pre that you swallow down. Your bulge bumps against his member slightly as to stand fully upright, earning a chuckle from the large primate. "You better come back, y'hear?" he grunts as you walk away.
You hastily stuff your briefs bulge back into your pants as you speedwalk out of the forest and back over to the lake.

Your husky is waiting for you at the entrance to the pier, smiling and shaking his head a little bit. "Were you over in the forest?" he asks with a smirk.
You feign innocence, though you both just chuckle. "Sometimes I really think you're more a weasel with all the trouble you get in to, y'know?" the husky says as he closes the distance between you, giving a lick to the side of your face before leaning in for a real kiss.
Your tongues explore each other's mouths for several moments before you hear a kid nearby giggle at your PDA. With that, you two begin walking down the boardwalk for the first part of your date.
You two make your way to the end of the pier, out in the middle of the lake where a small Ferris wheel had been built, right in the middle of the park in the middle of the city. Everyone said it was a really fun view of both the financial district and the historical district...
For you and your pup, though, it was an opportunity for privacy in one of the other most open places in the park!

The ride operator closed the door of the car behind you, and the two of you almost immediately went to making out again. Soon, your car is rising in the air...
Your paws quickly find the front of your pup's pants and undo the button and zipper there, your hand giving a grope to the front of his thong before sliding it back to feel his fuzzy rump cheeks.
His pants slowly slide off as your Ferris wheel car slowly rises in the air, his tail wagging wildly above your paw as you force him down into one of the Ferris wheel car's seats, using your weight to your advantage to cover him.
For a while, you two stay like that with you completely in control of your makeout session, the front of his thong getting a small moist spot in it. Soon enough, though, you feel his paws begin going for your pants as well, and you break the kiss long enough to quickly disrobe.
Free of everything else, you grind the front of your bulgy pink briefs against the tent of his pink thong as you resume making out, your fingers sliding up and down through his bellyfur beneath his shirt. One of his paws kneads your paunch a little bit as he moans beneath you.
The Ferris wheel car makes it to the peak of the wheel and pauses there, the two of you taking a moment's breather. You share a grin, though...
(coin flip - lift those legs)
You hook your hands under your husky's knees and hoist his ankles up to your shoulders, earning a flustered "YIP" from him as a blush rushes across his ears. With one hand, you pull the front of your briefs down, freeing your member to stand tall.
With your other hand, you take the strap of his thong and pull it aside, revealing his tailhole as it was already winking a little bit in anticipation. You aim the tip of your member against your BF's hole and then slooooowly ease your way in...
You both moan as his warm tunnel envelops your member, inch by inch disappearing into his rump until you hilt inside him - he's very used to your member after all. You lean in to kiss him deeply as he clenches down around you and wiggles his hips a little.
You chitter a little bit as you pull your hips back, soon leaving nothing but your tip still inside, then ease your way back in. You're leaking pre like always, easing the insertion as you two work up into a slow rhythm, your Ferris wheel car rocking back and forth a bit.
By this point, you're starting the trip back down to the pier already, and you slowly but steadily increase the pace until your husky is practically barking beneath you, your gut rubbing over the tent of his thong and causing quite a sticky spot to appear at its tip.
You squeeze your boyfriend's knot through the fabric of that pink thong, making him howl as he suddenly shoots his load, some of it shooting with enough energy that even the slowdown of going through the thong wasn't enough to stop a few drops from jumping to his shirt.
His ass tightens around your member with his climax, and soon you're groaning and shooting your load too, painting his insides with seed.

You two are left panting for several minutes, but he finally comes to enough to say you need to get dressed again before finishing the ride.
The ride operator pretends to not really notice either of you as you leave the ride, the two of you managing to not chuckle until you're a little ways back down the pier.

After laughing for a bit, your pup asks "So what now? Is it time for food?"
(coin flip - whole husky)
You just grin in response, saying your gut is getting "one thing and one person only", giving your pudge a rub before giving his (used) rump a playful swap. Husky BF just giggles a little, ears blushing again, and asks if he can have some funnel cake.
Being the loving, caring, generous meerkat boyfriend that you are, you agree immediately, earning a happy yip from your pup as you walk him over to the pier's big snack booth. The goodie is on you, and you tell him to make it a decadent as he wants.
Five minutes later, you two are sitting on a bench between the forest and the lake, looking out over the water with the grand daddy of all funnel cakes sitting in your pup's lap. You just chat about your weeks as he works piece by piece of that pastry down his throat.
You have to admit, the smell of the funnel cake, complete with chocolate drizzle, ice cream, and fruit topping is quite enticing... You stomach growls loudly on occasion, both from the smell and from your anticipated canine dinner.
After about an hour, there's only a few bites of funnel cake left. Ever the sweetie, your husky holds up a couple for you to eat from his hands, which you happily do - as it's also a great opportunity to suckle on his sweet, sticky hands and enjoy some of his flavor, too.
Soon, the paper plate is completely empty, and the two of your are having trouble keeping your paws off of each other as you wander back in to the Nocturne Forest.

You take one of the paths that immediately leads deep into the forest, where it's almost pitch black by now.
After walking a minute or two down the trail, you finally can't take it any more. You grab your pup and yank him off the path. Going by feel more than sight, you find a large tree about 20ft off the path to push him up against and make out passionately.
You could undress him, but you're absolutely starving by now... That big, soft tummy of yours has been waiting long enough. You could undress him, but you know everything he's wearing aside from the thong is cotton, so you begin spreading your jaws around his muzzle already.
The husky whimpers a little at your dominance but puts up no fight as your lips slide over his face. You do your best to wiggle out of your own shirt and pants, not bothering with your bright pink briefs, as your jaws soon make their way over his head and collar around his neck.
Your meerkat head is smaller than his, but that's never stopped you before... It takes some effort, but your jaws finally work their way over his shoulders as well, and he shudders a little bit as his consumption begins to speed up.
Your soft gut groans and growls in anticipation of its husky meal, your pudge not really showing the appearance of the canine inside until almost all of him was inside! His footpaws and meekly wagging tail are all that's sticking out of your maw by now...
You've repositioned yourself at this point, sitting down on the ground with your back against that giant tree. Even in the dark, you can kinda see that fluffy, curly tail sticking out from under your nose. You smile around those footpaws, suckling a little, then finally swallow.
The last of your boyfriend disappears past your lips, and one loud GULP cuts through the nighttime sounds of the forest as the pup's feet slide down your throat... You sigh happily, smacking your lips a little at the flavor of your beau.
Your massive gut has spilled out between your legs in front of you, applying a pleasurable pressure from above as it - or, more appropriately, your boyfriend - presses your member down against the ground. It's hard to see or feel the bulges your BF makes in your gut from...
all the padding already there... Still, you rub over him appreciatively. You just sit there for a bit to let your digestion process begin, and nod off a little bit...

An owl hooting wakes you from your nap. It's probably well past midnight, and any previous sign of your BF...
has already seemed to have completely smoothed over.... Seemed to, at least. It was always hard to tell with your paunch.
A moment later, a massive belch erupts from your mouth. Even in the dark, you can clearly see the bright pink thong fly out. You smile, lick your lips, and...
go to fetch that thong. It's an effort to do so, since your gut is still mostly husky-sized, so you drop the thong back with your shirt and pants and sit back down for a moment. It'll take at least an hour before you're ready to walk easily enough again... When that rolls around:
Your neighbor in your building is a night owl, so you try him first and he actually picks up. He sounds a little drunk, but all you need is an extra pair of legs to help you walk back anyway, so you let him know your BF is currently on your waist and you need some assistance.
He says sure, and you hang up. It takes maybe twice as long as you might expect, but he eventually finds where you are in the forest and helps hoist you to your feet. He's definitely drunk and not entirely steady on his feet himself - probably why it took the tabby so long to...
get to you in the first place - but together, you're able to collectively walk much better than either of you could individually and make it back to your apartment building. He follows you in to your apartment, apparently not wanting to break physical contact with you by now.
He's not exactly being handsy, but you think there's an element of interest there, if only from his semi-drunken state. What do you do?
You stumble-guide the cat into your bedroom, at which point it becomes very clear this was on his mind, his maybe-handsy actions changing to full-on groping now. You pull back the covers and free him of his shirt and pants; he frees both of you from your undies as you lie down.
He may be a bit tipsy, but he's got more energy than you do now, what with a husky churning away in your gut. You quickly end up as the little spoon in the some haphazard cat-on-'kat action. The sex isn't great, especially since he went in dry, but you can't complain too much.
At least it looks like you've got another fuck buddy now! He falls asleep almost immediately after cumming between your legs, having slipped out in his errant thrusts.

And hey, you know he's not gonna wake up until 1pm at the earliest tomorrow - meaning breakfast in bed for you!

Another fun escape tonight, right? No super-detailed vore scene tonight, but you've got three sexy scenes and one more implied meal there. I'd rate that B+ or even A-!
I'm curious as to what @MilesTheMeerkat and @RootBeerAD think of tonight's interactive X3
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