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Alright, I'm gonna try that Twitter interactive vore story I've been throwing around! First post of the story coming in 10min. RTs on this post or on the first post of the story would be highly appreciated! #VoreThursday
You got the job! You say "thank you" and set the phone down before sitting on the foot of your bed, almost in a daze. This is huge! And a massive step up for you.

You start in two weeks, and after a few moment of dazed elation, you decide to treat yourself tonight!
You change in to so stylish skinny jeans and a bold tank top and check yourself out in the mirror. You smile at the nearly-glowing, sexy beast looking back at you, a...
A satisfied smile crosses your muzzle, and with a nod and a casual wag of your tail, you slip on a light jacket and head out.

You want to scratch an itch you haven't tried yet. You search on your phone for a place that pique your interest...
(One of these picks can get you to meet a character from an upcoming story~~~)
(I think I'm gonna make these 10min polls now, I get votes coming in early and then not changing for the rest of the time period. Onward!)
You’re feeling confident and edgy tonight, so you head off to The Eagle’s Catch, the city’s biggest LGBT bar. It caters to the leather & kink communities, and is a popular place for hookups… of various kinds.
Like most Eagle bars, it’s in a somewhat run-down section of town, but friendly enough. You hop on the Metro and grin at the thoughts of what you could get down to doing tonight… And you’re feeling quite lucky.
After about a ten-minute ride, you're getting close to your stop. You look around the traincar to see who's still on board. It's mostly empty, but there are a handful of guys still on board, and you wonder if anyone has the same destination as you. One catches your eye...
The Golden Eagle catches you looking. You're feeling great tonight, so instead of being embarrassed, you just smile and give a quick nod in greeting, which he returns.
You reach your stop, and everyone except the gator also gets off. As you walk the block or two to The Eagle's Catch, you notice that you're walking in the same direction as the actual eagle is - plus the cougar and Great Dane are somewhat behind you.
On display thanks to his red-and-black tank top, the eagle's shoulders catch your interest, somehow being both impressively muscular and yet also still sleek and in-line with the avian's streamlined shape.
The four of you are indeed going to the same place. There's a Malamute at the door who doesn't look 21, and a gorilla taking his time checking the kid's ID. The cougar and Great Dane seem to be conversing behind you now; the Eagle looks over his shoulder and smiles at you.
(Coin flip - cozy up)
Still riding high on successfully landing a job, you take the forward approach: a hand on the small of his back that slides around to the side as you step up to him, your two feet in line with his talons and half of your front against half of his back.
The grin on his beak looks ever so sharper as he pokes it in to the fur on the side of your head and preens it a little bit. "Well, hey there hot stuff. Nice to meet you too!"

A wing-hand slides across your outside hip before both of you notice movement in front of you.
A bald eagle is taking the gorilla's place as the door as the primate escorts the Malamute inside - very closely. The bald eagle just grins after them before noticing you two being very hands-on.

"Ah, hey there Cassidy! Looks like you've already got your catch for tonight, huh?"
You new friend - Cassidy - laughs. A very nice mix of not-too-bright and not-too-deep. "Seems so! I usually get lucky here, but never before even getting in the door before!"

"I'd say Mr. Jackal here is pretty lucky too!" the bald eagle says with a grin, giving you a thumbs-up.
The bald eagle simply waves the two of you in, and Cassidy lifts his wing up over you so it's across your back the same way your arm is across his.

"So you come here often?" you ask.

"Sort of? Maybe once a month. Always a different experience here for me!"
Your mind can't help but begin to imagine what kinds of experiences he's had here, and which one you'll be part of tonight...

It's rather dark in the Eagle's Catch - just enough light to navigate by and see sort of what's all around. And there's a lot to see!
The first "room" that you're in has a bar in the center and some TVs around the walls. Off to the left and right are other large areas with various... contraptions all around. Off to the right seems normal enough - couches, a pool table, some lockers. Off to the left...
Several hanging slings & harnesses. A St. Andrew's Cross. Even something that looks to be a doctor's office setup. Plenty of rope and leather toys hanging on the wall.

All the TVs in the place are playing porn, too, and it sounds like there's a dance going on upstairs.
Cassidy's wing slides down from your side to your ass as he guides the two of you to the bar. As you walk by, you hear lewd noises coming from the couch area that aren't from a TV... The Malamute from earlier is riding someone who's laying down on the couch, though very active...
A whippet greets you at the bar. "Evening, fellas! Welcome to the Eagle's Catch. You, my friend, are the first actual eagle here tonight - drink for you are on the house!"

"Awesome! Can I share with my catch here?"


What do you ask for?
You watch, impressed, as the whippet effortlessly slings some cherry vodka, peach schnapps, and coconut rum together in a BIG glass - this is gonna be a strong one! Your first sip is quite the hit.

Cassidy downs two shots first before getting a bottle of Hard Rock cider.
Two shots down, he leans against you and gives your ass a group through your tight jeans. "Enjoy the drink?"

You answer in the affirmative, and the two of you take a look around as you sip and get a little handsy.
There are several couples and small groups enjoying each other over in the kink area, including the cougar and Great Dane from earlier. The cat is fully naked and getting tied up with ropes by the dog - who looks in his upper 40s and is wearing nothing but a harness and jockstrap
A sign in the kink area reads "NO BITING HERE - ONLY SWALLOWING".

The sounds from the couches change, and the two of you look over to now see the Malamute's lower half showing above the back of the couch instead of his upper half. In short jerks downward, it slowly disappears...
After a moment or two, a loud belch cuts through the music on this floor, and the gorilla from earlier stands up from the couch - front of his shirt pulled up behind his head, junk hanging out of the front of his pants, and massive gut bulging out even further than normal.
Cassidy clicks his beak a bit as he pats your rump. "Simple, but hot, ain't it? I'm curious and excited about whatever we do... later." With that, he stood up from his bar chair. "Dunno about you, but I've got enough alcohol in me to strip down a bit!"
He unbuttons the front of his pants and pulls them down with some effort, revealing what appears to be longer athletic boxers - except for the fact that is was crotch- and ass-free, letting his junk hang free, which certainly caught your eye.

You remember it's your turn then.
(Coin flip - bulge-y briefs)
Your junk flops out well before your jeans drop to your ankles, earning a whistle from Cassidy.

"Dang, fruit loop, how'd you even fit all that in those pants??" His wing-hand cups your junk, feathers tickling your legs, as he slightly licks his beak.
You grin proudly, nabbing a grope of your own on his low-hangers, before he suggests you two drop your pants in a locker

The gorilla is heading back to the front door, not bothering to close his pants or pull his shirt down as he rubs over his gut. Muffled yells come from within
He gives you two a thumbs-up and another belch - smelling of Malamute and sex - as he passes you two as you head to the lockers with drinks in hand.

Pants deposited, you take a swing of your mixed drink and Cassidy drains(??) the cider. "Alright, what next?" he caws.
Cassidy was right - simple sounds great right about now. You can always come back for The Eagle's Catch's more exotic offerings... "Couch!"

Your bulge sways back and forth between your legs as the two of you saunter over to the biggest couch and flop down - him a bit on you.
He ruffles his beak in your fluffy neck fur, laughing boisterously (and a bit unhinged) at the flopping earlier. "To be fully honest, I'm a bit of a lightweight when it comes to drinking," he half-shouts. You meet his gaze and you can see some blurriness in his eyes already.
You lick the side of his beak/face in a canine kiss. "You know, that might leave you vulnerable to someone else's advances...."

He grins back and replies "S'fine if you've already decided you're getting lucky tonight!" as you...
(ooo first poll tonight with three different votes! who's gonna tiebreak?) =-D
Your paw slips between the feathered rump cheeks through the opening in back of his boxer, earning a flutter of his tailfeathers. You grin, and prod at his tailhole with a finger. He moans without reservation, and you slowly roll him over so his stomach is flat on the couch.
His tailfeathers flip right up against his lower back as you push your sizeable briefs bulge against the cleft of his rump, parting his cheeks with your paws so the fabric of your underwear gets to rub as far down as you can manage.
You grind against his ass like this for a minute or so more, your member sliding out of its sheath and making a prominent point in your bulge. Finally, you can't take much more - you drain the rest of your drink, then pull the waistband of your briefs down beneath your balls.
Cassidy raises his hips up as you prepare for your fun.
"Hnng... Good thing I lubed up before showing up..." he mumbles as you line your tip up with his tailhole.
You make sure your tip finds its was in, then quickly reposition your paws with a strong grip on his hips and just slam your hips against his ass, hilting instantly. He gives a loud squawk, back arching suddenly, before yelling "YES!" as you drop down, chest-to-back.
You move your knees to spread his own a little more as you start going to town on his tailhole. His feathers muffle most of the normal slapping noise but ruffle themselves a lot as you drill up and down rapidly, feeling your knot begin to swell as he clenches often
(2 polls next)
His ass feels warm and silky smooth and tight and amazing, and soon your knot it knocking as his back door.
With all of his yelling and squawking, your growling, and the other noise you're making, you think you hear someone approach.
(Again, two polls in one update this time! I left extra minutes for people to vote on these)
Out of the corner of your eye, you see a big bull appear, one hand on his dick and another filming you with his phone.

You don't care. A few more rough pumps of your hips and your dick explodes in Cassidy's ass. You bark out your climax, and ride high for a minute or so after.
You sigh happily and pant against the back of the golden eagle's head, your paw rubbing across the back of his wing as you let your weight rest down on top of him. "That... was amazing..."
"Sure was..." he coos back.
After a little bit more time of enjoying your afterglow, you feel something down at the other end of the couch. You look over your shoulder and see the bull, and hand still filming with his phone, ease both your footpaws and Cassidy's talons into his mouth.
(whoops, forgot the poll for the previous post! BTW, you picked the rando) ;3
Your dick comes out of Cassidy's ass with a wet schlop as you prop yourself up, turning around to voice your non-consent to this development, but your ankles have already been pulled into the bull's throat
"Um, whoops?" the golden eagle beneath you offers "This happens sometimes"
Before you can say anything else, the big bull grabs your thigh and swallows again, pulling both you and the bird in to your knees. Cassidy moans a bit as his still-hard dick is dragged against the couch, before reaching up to comfortingly pet your chest as a whine escapes it.
The eagle then reaches down to ease your member back under his tailfeathers. "Might as well enjoy, huh?" he offers as the bull's lips reach the underside of your briefs. Well, can't argue with that...
You slowly roll your hips in circles against Cassidy's ass as the bull's mouth envelops both of your hips. The bird moans loudly as the bovine's tongue plays over his junk, and you gotta admit the sounds he's making are turning you on again.
You grab the eagle's hips just as they slide into the bull's throat, pinning your arms there. Cassidy's wings are splayed to the sides as those throat muscles start rippling over his member, making him squawk out loudly as he cums in the bull's throat.
Your knot is swelling again from all your grinding - and you have to admit, those warm, tight muscles rippling all over you feel kinda good too - but then you feel your feet enter the bull's stomach as his lips slide up your arms.
Despite knowing you'll almost certainly be back, it's your first time getting eaten, and you start to panic a bit as the bull's lips slip over your shoulders. Cassidy can hear you start panting in fear and realizes it's your first time, starting to coo out assurances.
The bird's wings are the only things sticking out as those flat teeth close over both of your heads. His tank top is also coming off, not quite following his body down the bull's throat, and the loose fabric gets in your face as you're pulled deeper.
Unrelentingly, you and your partner are emptied in to the bull's stomach, which might be quite larger normally but is incredibly crammed with two full-grown men inside. Cassidy rolls his hips against your lap as he says he's been eaten three time before, and all should be fine.
Your own tank top got slightly stuck in the opening above you, and the bull's stomach juices seep into to fur and start working at your skin. With nothing left to lose, you start grinding back against the bird's rump as best you can in the impossibly cramped quarters.
What little air there was in the stomach suddenly rushes upward and out, taking your tank top (and presumably Cassidy's further above) with it, as a thunderous belch assaults your ears. You immediately start feeling light-headed.
Somehow, with the stomach walls gripping you and Cassidy even tighter now, you manage to wedge your knot into the bird's ass, and with a few more short humps, you climax a second time. The eagle murrs in pure, unadulterated sexual satisfaction as you black out...

Not quite the ending you wanted, so.... I'd grade your adventure a C+? Laid, but ate against your will. I enjoyed it though. =-)
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