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G'day, Mates!

We saw a U.S. SEC #FOIA request floating around regarding Jason Kowalik's @jasonbondpicks proving an active #SEC investigation, and thought we would kick the tyres. Here's a copy of the request submitted by yours truly. Notice that word #investigations 1/x
Sure as fuck, @JasonBondPicks is under #investigation by the Security and Exchange Commision. Mates, real talk. Giving your money to an unlicensed con artist who's under investigation by the federal government of the United States seems like a pretty dumb fucking idea, ya? 2/x
But, holy FUCK, Mates! it gets waaaaay better! The whole lot of these fake fucking #yolo sheilas are under investigation: Jeff Gallant aka Jeff Bishop, @Taylor8xeno8, @bensturgill, @JasonBondPicks, @ThePennyPro 3/x
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#Rassistic #Antisemitic incident!!

The #Bundeswehr is again confronted with at least two #rightwing #extremists. The "@BILDamSONNTAG" reports that the Military Shielding Service (#MAD) is investigating several members of the elite unit "Kommando Spezialkräfte" (KSK).
Among other things, a #sergeant in the segant carrer is strongly suspected of being a #rightwing #extremist. The #intelligence #investigation against him should last for several months. The Ministry of Defense (@BMVg_Bundeswehr)has confirmed the process.
The necessary legal action against the #soldier had been opened public because #information had come to the public, says a ministry spokesman in the #newspapper
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I’m going to make a thread the the articles I personally loved writing and the stories I personally loved covering in the past 2 years. This might be a slightly long thread, so don’t hate me for it
Where I wrote about Pakistan’s 5th column warfare: The senate report on how to widen faultlines in India and how the media happily plays the role of Pakistan’s OGW happily…
2. Illegal Kabab vs Legal Sharab

Where Yogi Adityanath shutting down illegal slaughterhouses created an outrage, but the actual ban on legal alcohol by Nitish govt was accepted without a peep…
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Follow @dbongino on Twitter, Facebook , and YouTube for daily updates on #News & #Truth through #Investigation - Author of #Spygate & #Exonerated
#ICYMI - Ep. 1077 This is a Dogfight Now. The Dan Bongino Show 9/30/2019. @dbongino #WhistleblowerHoax , Actual Collusion by Dems, Dems lie about when they knew about Ukraine call, Ukraine Whistleblower Pre-Planned Hit & More!
#ICYMI - Ep. 1078 Panic is Breaking Out at The NY Times. The Dan Bongino Show 10/01/2019 @dbongino #SpyGate #ObamaHoldover strikes again, Biden & Biden, Deep State & Media collusion fallout, & More!
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Today marks two years since the VC Summer #nuclear construction project was suddenly abandoned, quickly becoming one of the largest financial, legal, political and regulatory debacles in the history of South Carolina. Thread (1/?):
A quick search of @thestate's archives show we have since published more than 500 stories, editorials, op-eds, and letters to the editor about VC Summer. I've spent the past two years following the story, with tons of help from @sfretwell83 and others here.
We interviewed sources and reviewed hundreds of thousands of documents to piece together how the project failed, who enabled it and benefited from it and how it had caused the power bills of millions of #SC residents to soar. A few highlights:
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holy shiiii -- it's about to go down!

The SWAMP runs deep.
DNC server(s) hold many answers.
House of Cards.
You didn't think the plea deal was the end did you?
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The WH knew of the recording of Flynn talking to Kislyak for days before acting.

Trump absolutely knew Flynn was under FBI inv’n when he fired him, making Trump's tweet a lie

GOP Amash says Trump should be impeached.

War of Will wins the Preak­ness Stakes

Breath of fresh air!

Biden Goes on the Offensive Against Trump

Thousands turn out at Philadelphia rally as former vice president presents himself as best candidate to beat Trump

Harvey Weinstein Trial Documents to Remain Sealed #Counterintel #Investigation

Trump seeks to pardon several American military members accused or convicted of war crimes, incd’g high-profile cases of murder, attempted murder & desecration of a corpse

#Dehumanization leads to atrocities against humanity #Immigrants #Jews #Catholics

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Ukrainian iron-ore producer Ferrexpo Plc plunged the most in 3 yrs as its auditor & 2 directors resigned amid a money laundering investigation at a charity supported by the company.…
Greg Barker, a member of Britain’s House of Lords and the chairman of En+ Group Plc, was awarded a bonus of about 3 million to 4 million pounds ($3.9 million to $5.2 million) for negotiating the removal of U.S. sanctions on the Russian company.…
Ferrexpo, whose major mines are in #Ukraine, said #investigation was ongoing & new evidence pointed to potential discrepancies. Zhevago owns FC Vorskla soccer club & has been a member of Ukraine’s parliament since 1998.…
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NIGERIAN security operatives, fake federal, state and local govt revenue officials and gangsters extort over N5.8 billion annually from traders conveying livestock from the far North to the country’s South-South and South East states, an investigation by #TheICIR has revealed.
With a minimum of 400 truckloads of cattle leaving the North to the 11 South-South and South East states weekly, traders pay a minimum of N300, 000 per truck in illegal levies, fees and taxes.
@officialEFCC @PoliceNG @HQNigerianArmy
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[Sep 21, 2017] Samantha Power, the former US ambassador to the UN, was #unmasking at such a rapid pace in the final months of the Obama admin that she averaged more than 1 request for every working day in 2016…
[Oct 18, 2017] Former President Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations has testified that others made so-called unmasking requests in her name, House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy said Tuesday.…
Those with the most to lose are the loudest.
Those who 'knowingly' broke the law in a coordinated effort [#treason] are the most vocal.
Crimes against Humanity.

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[Pg 11] Previously CLAS 'scope' > [Rod Rosenstein] to [MUELLER]
The scope memo [highlighted w/in Mueller report] confirms the dossier was the tool used by [RR] to justify Special Counsel & was the primary vehicle to which [RR] tasked MUELLER.…
If dossier was known to be unverified & fake, how then was an investigation started to begin with?
At what point did #MUELLER determine there was no collusion? [18 mths ago? (Oct 17)]

Rosenstein Has To Answer For Appointing Mueller As Special Council…
Was #investigation kept ongoing as a talking point to rig midterm elections?

Was investigation kept ongoing to retain #BLOCKADE to essentially restrict POTUS from unmasking & informing the public as to #TRUTH abt what really happened?…
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Democrat Hypocrisy 101: [Jan 2017] Many Democrats also blame FBI Director James Comey -- for re-opening an investigation of Clinton’s emails -- just 10 days before the election & Congressional Democrats let loose on him.…
Democrat Hypocrisy 101: [10/2016] Democrats declare open season on Jim Comey.

Hillary Clinton & her top aides & allies are pulling no more punches against the FBI director.…
[11/2016] After FBI Director Comey announced in a letter to Congress he had revived investigation into Clinton's email server, Dems went on the attack

Since then, Americans have witnessed 1 of the great displays of political #hypocrisy in modern history.…
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y'all ready for some fun facts on De Niro?

Those who are loudest...
[2016] De Niro’s Tribeca Film Institute took a donation from figures at center of a wide-ranging fraud & embezzlement case. De Niro’s name appeared several times in connection w central figures in the case, part of an ongoing criminal investigation by DoJ…
[Sep 2016] De Niro was getting to know the Malaysian PM & 1st lady, Jho Low — their close associate & the businessman at heart of DOJ #investigation who is alleged to have used 1MDB as his personal piggy bank — was doing a spot of shopping in NY…
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Special Counsel Mueller’s probe of Russian interference in US politics is over, but prosecutors are investigating 2 prominent Washington lobbyists for their work for the former pro-Russian gvmt of #Ukraine, according to 3 sources close to the probe #PAIN…
Could it be...the #podestas ?

We tried to tell y’all. Bout to be in a world of pain with the cascade of information soon to be released
"evidence from Mueller’s 22-month investigation may yet ensnare more prominent Washington figures, federal prosecutors in Washington cited a former US congressman 'working for the gvmt of #Ukraine' in charges filed Thurs against former Obama admin official Greg Craig."
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Though this is a complex & ongoing #investigation, it’s clear the DNC has not been open & transparent—for what reason we don’t yet know. This is a poignant example of why we need new laws to open up the finances of our elected representatives.…
[7/2017] Imran Awan, a House staffer at the center of a criminal #investigation potentially affecting dozens of DEMOCRATIC lawmakers, has been arrested on a bank fraud charge & is prevented from leaving the country while the charge is pending.…
[08/2017] Awan was still on payroll for Debbie Wasserman Schultz until he was indicted last mth...longtime IT staffer who worked for > 2 DZN House DEMOCRATS, has been at center of an ongoing criminal probe on Cap Hill related to alleged procurement theft…
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[1988] The subsequent #investigation of the downed cargo plane revealed for 1st time a connection btwn the office of George #Bush & a clandestine campaign to arm the #contras during 1984-86 period when US Congress had ordered a halt to CIA & Pentagon aid.…
[2010] Undoubtedly the most startling moment in Matt Lauer's conversation with George W Bush came in the first 5 minutes of the interview, when #Bush recounted his mother's miscarriage—& how she had showed him the fetus in a jar.

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John Solomon & Sara Carter discuss their coverage of special counsel Robert #Mueller's #investigation, #bias in the mainstream media #MSM

via @YouTube
showtime, baby!


#Qanon #RussiaGate #SpyGate #FISAgate #RussiaHoax
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UPDATED: Clare Bronfman faints in court after Judge Garaufis asks if Michael Avenatti secretly represents her

The plot thickens... #NXIVM…
Yesterday, EDNY DOJ prosecutor Mark Lesko told Judge Garaufis that he met w Mark Geragos & Michael Avenatti concerning Clare Bronfman’s criminal case. This revealed publicly the surprising news that #Avenatti likely represents #Bronfman

Lauren Salzman entered the guilty plea to #conspiracy charges his week at a hearing that wasn't on the ct calendar. Afterward, a judge agreed to seal a transcript until parts of it could be blacked out. #NXIVM…
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The simple fact that this made the news (multiple articles) should tell you all you need to know.
We are the second most attacked group, after Trump at number 1
Post tracking sites now censoring / adjusting visitor counts?

#Qanon #BandOfAnons #QArmy
FBI clashed with DOJ over potential 'bias' of source for surveillance warrant: McCabe-Page texts…
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Huber’s allegedly leading an investigation...Allegedly is the operative word because DOJ refuses to answer even the most simplest of questions regarding Huber and his investigation.…
Who FIRED/REMOVED the traitors within the FBI/DOJ?
Strzok Joins List of 25 Top FBI, DOJ Officials Who Have Been Recently Fired, Demoted, or Resigned…
The bureau's Office of Professional Responsibility had recommended that Strzok be reprimanded with a demotion and 60-day suspension, but the office of Deputy FBI Director David Bowdich decided instead that Strzok should be fired altogether.…
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Since @JohnBrennan has SOOO much to say about OUR President...time to break down some facts about him. Spoiler alert: He's as corrupt as they come. Also a verified LIAR.

[2015] CIA Director @JohnBrennan lied when he denied ordering agency employees to search Senate comps to trace a leak. Frustrated w his unwillingness to admit the obvious, 3 Senate Dems called on Brennan to admit that his agency crossed the line.…
[2014] The scandal stirred fresh doubts abt John Brennan’s ability to lead the CIA & could make it difficult for the agency to push back on the findings of a Senate report on Bush-era “enhanced interrogation” techniques that might be released this…FYKg
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The Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis is sometimes called "Little Mogadishu." It's center of the nation's largest concentration of Somalis, & fertile ground for Islamic terrorist groups recruiting….co/12ohhyMilX
Abdullah Rashid, 22, a Georgia native who moved to Cedar-Riverside last year, has been making the rounds in the Somali-dominated neighborhood, telling people not to drink, use drugs or interact with the opposite sex.…
Police & community members pinned blame for the bloodshed on an ongoing feud btwn Cedar-Riverside neighborhood gangs like 1627 & Madhiban With Attitude (MWA) & their rivals, the Somali Outlaws, whose territory incl area around Karmel Mall…o/KBHnvS0GNf
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[1995] Starr has decided not to pursue 1 of the most serious allegations against Clinton, that as Gov he pressured a gvmt small-business agency to make a $300,000 loan to Mrs McDougal in 1986, which was then used to prop up the tottering Madison Guaranty.…
[2016] It's not clear from the government's court filings why the draft indictments would be more sensitive than that kind of analysis, but the new submissions do argue that the drafts are covered by grand jury secrecy.…
[1998] Clinton was cleared of any wrongdoing by special prosecutor Kenneth Starr in Nov &HRC has not been charged... #investigation resulted in 14 convictions & 2 acquittals. The last 6 indictments, handed down in April, were dismissed by a judge…9OBT25xL
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