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#ForThePeopleAct raises amt a national party can contribute to a POTUS candidate to $100,000,000. This ensures major party candidates will have a 100 million dollar advantage over 3rd party & independent candidates.
#GOP limits voters
#DEMS limit candidates
BOTH limit democracy Image
For comparison: The previous limit was "2 cents multiplied by the voting age population of the United States". In 2020 the voting age population was approximately 239 million, making the max contribution just under 5 million. Image
The max donation allowed by an individual to a National Party is $36,500 /year. So if I'm understanding this correctly, this means that for GOP & DEMS, 2,740 people will be able to increase their donation to directly benefit a single presidential candidate from $2,900 to $39,400. Image
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#Resisters #Resist #FBR
#GA is voting RIGHT NOW ON who their next SENATORS are going to be, and it’s going to be decided by constituent turn out!

this election is so important for the Democrats. It will decide if they take the lead in the Senate 1/..
2/.. over Mitch McConnel! We need to be tweeting about it night and day, filling up Twitter so everyone knows the name of
Jon Ossoff and Rafael Warnock over Loefller & Perdue!


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I have so much respect for the people who are actually working to eliminate election fraud!
The only way we’ll know that our DEMOCRACY is LEGITIMATE is if we can map EVERY VOTE to a LEGITIMATE VOTER. It’s VERY SIMPLE, just takes a LITTLE BIT OF TIME and ENERGY. Why is there ANY RESISTANCE?? A: FRAUD, LIES, VENGEFULNESS, spite, power-hunger, etc. Sad day for our country!
Why does our currency have many anti-counterfeit measures, but our ballots have none?
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Dance Party kicking off rally in Lake Oswego
Fire Truck with "Vote like your house is on fire"
Lots of spectators, including Eli Richey, van of Proud Boys were seen earlier.
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#Imagine if @realDonaldTrump was not tarnished by 3 yrs of lies fr the Dems & Media accusing him of treason w #TrumpRussiacollusion?
Imagine if @realDonaldTrump did face a baseless #Impeachment process where falsely accused of doing EXACTLY what @JoeBiden did do?
#Imagine if the Dems & Media didnt repeatedly lie abt Trump's comments
- Hoax
- Good people on both sides
- Didnt dennounce White Supremacy
- AllMexicans rapists & murders
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let's look at this from first principles.

1. H1B visas not necessarily in india's national interest.

2. H1Bs are in the personal interest of middle-class indians who want to live in the US. and of indian IT companies and US firms.

personal interest > national interest? 1/n
not in national interest coz it negates #makeinindia, and skews aspirations away from, say, mechanical or civil eng jobs which are needed for manuf/infra.

training up these migrants is a drain on the indian economy, and then they all become medium-skilled coders 2/n
they then depress wages in the US and compete with natives, who are justified in complaining about it.

besides, if they stayed on in india, at least some of them will build solutions to problems we have in india.

yes, admittedly, some individuals' US migration will be hurt 3/n
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Proposal: "There is established in the legislative branch an independent, National Commission On Congressional Rules..." #Congress #CountryOverParty #Democracy #Constitution #Dems #GOP
. . .whose purpose shall be to review, revise, amend and establish baseline rules of proceedings for the U.S. House and Senate to fulfill the requirements of Article I, Section 5...
. . .The Commission shall establish rules of proceedings designed to establish rational, unbiased decision making and to encourage true bipartisanship in fulfilling the Congressional responsibilities in developing legislation...
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"I just want the record to show" #Pence "never answered the question" about how the #Trump admin. would make insurance companies continue to cover people with #PreExistingConditions (because they won't) when Trump overturns the #ACA in court.
That said, #Harris and #Biden should answer. Why does anyone think it would be wrong to increase the court seats when the #GOP leaves it unbalanced 6-3? The courts are supposed to be impartial, not partisan. If #Barrett gets appointed, #Dems absolutely should add until it's even.
And then they should set a system like @AndrewYang proposes, and like #Dems just proposed, to set term limits and cycle judges in a fair manner that will maintain ideological balance. The way it works now is ridiculous.…
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After the #senate gave up on stimulus, offering an emaciated $0.5T, #Trump is desperate for a deal to win voters. After starting new negotiations, low-balling, calling it off, then calling it back on when stocks dropped, he's bumped his offer to $1.8T.…
Unfortunately, it's all ultimately pointless, as it would still have to go through the #senate and #McConnell still says a stimulus deal is "unlikely in the next three weeks," even going so far as to call economic relief for starving #Americans an ”extraneous issue.”
#McConnell considers packing the supreme court to be the ONLY priority. Two sources close to #Senate leadership said #Trump is desperate and has zero leverage to push them to support a bill.
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In an interview, #Trump called for his political opponents – #Obama, #Biden, and #Hillary - to be jailed, relating to 1,000 pages of unverified documents rejected by both #Dems and #Reps on the Senate Intelligence Committee as Russian disinformation.…
The spurious documents suggest Clinton personally tried to “stir up a scandal” against Trump by “tying him to Putin and the Russians’ hacking of the DNC,” and that Obama was aware of her actions.
Trump: “Unless Bill Barr indicts these people for crimes — the greatest political crime in history of our country — then we’re going to get little satisfaction. And that includes Obama, and that includes Biden.”
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1. #FFS What is wrong with you people @Channel4News so called @Channel4

#Obama pioneered use of #AntiSocialMedia in electioneering


#Trump did same


So why is #Channel4News all about him

2. How did #Channel4News expect #TrumpCampaign to categorise #DemocratVoters on #DemocratPlantation?!

As people to encourage to vote for #Dems?

Or even as people to try to get out to vote for #Trump?!

And what do #Channel4 think #Democrats were doing with #TrumpVoters?
3. When is #Channel4News so-called going to release #Obama #Clinton #Biden #KamalaHarris #JeffBezos etc tax returns & campaign "secrets"

Oh & #Trump campaign spent HALF what #Hillary did

But you're OK with that

Why are you wasting your advertising revenue-my food bill on this!
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🔴 Senate #Republicans have KILLED 400 bills passed by the House, most w/ GOP votes. #Dems need to win 4 seats (3 if #Harris is VP). 6 races are tossups: CO-Gardner, GA-Perdue, IA-Ernst, ME-Collins, MT-Daines, NC-Tillis.

thread: Bills Killed by Senate GOP…
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans:

Climate Action Act
Raise Minimum Wage
Violence vs Women Act
Corporate Transparent Act
Enhanced Background Checks
Gold Star Family Relief Act
Save the Internet Act
Equality Act
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans #2

Paycheck Fairness Act
Protect Preexisting Conditions Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act
Ban Offshore Drilling Act
Invest in Maine Street Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act #2
#STEM education
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White supremacy is so systemic in the United States that in #Election2020 it literally has #BIPOC and other marginalized people repeating the mantra that "if you don't vote for a white, land-owning male from the one percent (I.e. #JoeBiden) you are throwing your vote away."
I am the only candidate in #Election2020 whose platform includes abolishing slavery, honoring treaties & removing the racism, sexism & white supremacy from the Constitution. Neither #JoeBiden or #DonaldJTrump have any intention of addressing our problems at a foundational level.
If we want change, real change, systemic change, then we need to take the courageous step of running and voting outside the two party system of #DEMS & #GOP. That system exists to maintain the status quo.
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People who refuse to #VoteBlue b/c they're mad about #M4A won't get ANY healthcare bills up for a vote, not even the 3 rx-price bills already passed by the House b/c McConnell blocks them. He's blocking 400+ House bills right NOW.…
People who refuse to #VoteBlue because they're mad about #M4A will deliver unto us a #conservative Supreme Court for decades to come that would OVERTURN #M4A if it passed & were challenged by #Republicans the way Trump is asking them to do RIGHT NOW w/ the #ACA. Image
If you agree with the #democrats that healthcare is a human right, then #VoteBlue. If you want to pressure Congress to pass #M4A, #VoteBlue. The #Republican Party is BLOCKING basics like rx drug prices & challenging the #ACA in court.
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Now #DEMS are insinuating that @Potus is intentionally knee-capping USPS. Do they even listen to #TRUMP?

The Postal Office's issues extend far beyond #covid19.

Is this latest attack because TRUMP stands for in-person voting vs #Mailinvoting?
This article about #USPS is biased and full of holes. Looking for #trump supporters to point out the errors. #USPS has received TEN BILLION LOAN. Why isn't that ENOUGH to fix ISSUES? Why do you want MO MONEY @SpeakerPelosi?…
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In June, #DeJoy bought $50,000 to $100,000 of #Amazon stock options. In July, a directive to sort Amazon packages 1st meant "deliberately delaying the delivery of 1st-class & priority mail" (@PressHerald 8/10). thread…
"Hundreds" of #sorting machines "have been destroyed around the country," acc'g to #Maine Rep @chelliepingree. Some are worth more than $1 million. “There is no rational explanation that any mail sorting machines would be secretly thrown in the trash,"…
"On the heels of Pres Trump’s assertion last week that he was deliberately blocking support to USPS, this report calls into further question the Trump administration’s attempts to hinder voting-by-mail and destabilize our elections": Rep @chelliepingree (D-ME).
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Wednesday’s @ProgNewsDaily contains over 100 articles & videos you NEED to see to stay current on the latest developments in: the federal judge assassination attempt,

Please ❤️ RT Follow & subscribe via email!…
another dead soldier at #FtHood, more @_michaelbrooks video tributes, lots of coverage of the #Constitutionalviolations happening in #Portland, #RealityWinner diagnosed with #COVID19, #defundpolice, so many stories!

Please ❤️ RT Follow @ProgNewsDaily…
Wednesday’s Top Articles:

* #FortHood IDs Another Soldier Found Dead Off Post - @Militarydotcom

Please ❤️ RT Follow & subscribe to @ProgNewsDaily via email!…
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#DEMS, You want Trump out of office & you accuse me of stealing Biden's votes. Watch my campaign video. Learn about my vision for #AllThePeople. Look at my First 100 Days plan. Then ask yourself, who's stealing votes from who?
Here's a link to a one page summary of my #First100Days plan:…
And here's a link to my proposed edits to the Constitution that remove the racist, sexist and white supremacist language that's littered throughout.…
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Thread #ElectionSecurity is THE #VoterSuppression issue.
1. I want you to listen to this @nytimes #TheDaily podcast about the #GeorgiaPrimary meltdown… Listen to how they tiptoe around the issue of #votingmachines & don't identify them as the CENTRAL issue.
2. Why are #votingmachines the central #VoterSuppression issue in #GA & many other states? Because they are the new #JimCrow. The machine is the way officials control how many ppl vote & how those votes are counted. It might as well be a literacy test. Could it be more obvious?
3. The podcast notes that the counties that did not get enough voting machines (for example 3, when they needed 8) were the counties with LARGE #Dem populations w/predominantly voters of color. W/a touchscreen voting machine if you don't have enough machines you have long lines.
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The fact that #DEMS, both in 2016 & in 2020, counter president Trump's divisive rhetoric of #MAGA by insisting to the American public that they (DEMS) can make the US "truly great" is evidence they don't understand much about the dangers of the myth of American Exceptionalism.
American Exceptionalism is the coping mechanism for a nation in deep denial of its genocidal past as well as it's current racist & sexist reality. We need to stop talking about our mythological greatness & instead focus on creating a #CommonMemory.
#Markcharles2020 Image
Walking into a more inclusive future starts by acknowledging our divisive past.
Prison Reform begins with abolishing slavery.
Healthcare for all starts by removing racism & sexism from US Constitution.
Addressing economic inequality begins by decentering white, land-owning men.
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This is the type of info consume - rational talk from doctors, scientists & healthcare professionals. We don't have to be cultists. Rather, we can continue to think and revise our preferences and recommendations.

"A #COVID19 Reality Check," with @ZDoggMD
America's rationed healthcare system is the culprit behind our #COVID19 crash - and both DEMS and the GOP chose it for us. I love @ZDoggMD, because he tells the truth - without notes, from his heart.

"Stay away from healthcare if you want to live a long and healthy life." ~ZDogg
This isn't about Doctors NOT KNOWING good medicine - it's about a system that prevents MD's from practicing good medicine. #PublicHealth is a concept that was hidden and lost under #PredatoryCapitalism, exposing the fundamental flaws America's corrupted healthcare infrastructure.
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This is what @SpeakerPelosi and the #Dems wants in the #coronavirus “stimulus“ package: Institutionalized ballot harvesting (i.e. voter fraud).

@dbongino @cnn @marklevinshow @seanhannity @rushlimbaugh @foxnewspolitics @RichSementa @DonaldJTrumpJr
As the author of the most recent Florida elections reform bill that passed into law I know this issue well.

Under this scheme people can request a ballot without ID and vote without proving they were the person voting. All they would have to do is “say” it was them.
Under this bill, a person can be paid to ballot harvest as long as they are not paid on a “per ballot basis”. So, essentially, someone can be riding around with hundreds of ballots in the front seat of their car and nobody could stop them as long as they’re paid hourly/salary.
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#SANDERS CONCEDED THE RACE 3/11, said millions decided his "friend Joe #Biden" was more likely to beat Trump. No blaming the #DNC, no cries of rigged election. He began: my #1 goal is defeating Trump. Time for ALL #Sanders fans & #dems to unite.…
#Bernie counted on overperforming w/ young voters, but nearly 3% fewer people under 30 voted in 20 compared to 16. This was the only demographic group where Sanders had an advantage. The drop in youth vote & the surge in ALL OTHER groups (who voted #Biden) cost Sanders the race.
#Sanders earned LESS of the vote in EVERY RACE in '20 when compared to '16. On average, he underperformed by 17.6%. He did 35.4% worse in VT. He was down 10.9% in #DemocratsAbroad primary this weekend.
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In EVERY state, #Sanders has done less well in 2020 than he did in 2016, underperforming by an average 17.6%.

In Vermont, for example, he won only 50.7% of the vote in '20, a drop of 35.4% from his '16 win. / thread
#Sanders' underperformance is partly explained by his failure to get new & young voters to the polls. In nearly every primary thru early March, fewer of those voters turned out than they did in '16.…
.@CNN exit polls show nearly 3% fewer voters under 30 voted in '20 than they did in '16. #Bernie Sanders needed to overperform with this demographic.
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