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Mar 22 11 tweets 7 min read
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Can smart meters make India's power sector more people-centric?

60% of consumers in India are satisfied with smart meters and would recommend them to friends & relatives, according to a new CEEW study based on a survey of 2,700 households in 6 states.

More 👇 The Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme aims to replace 250 million conventional electricity meters with smart prepaid meters by 2025-26.

They can help power discoms improve billing & revenue collection & enable consumers to track & manage electricity consumption and expenses.
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Smart-metered India for a Digitalised and People-centric Power Sector twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1… Smart meters help consumers make informed consumption decisions. But consumers are unaware of benefits. Need a practical approach in awareness campaigns, need innovative financial models to make them affordable, & need to ensure data transparency: @VivekKumarDewa5, @RECLindia Image
Nov 9, 2021 6 tweets 5 min read
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Netzero announcements ✅
But is the available carbon space being fairly shared?
➡️by 2050, China, the US, & the EU are likely to occupy over 90% of the available 1.5°C #carbonspace.
➡️by 2030, they would consume 45% of the available carbon space.

Read 👇 The study also found that the #netzero commitments made by the 10 big emitters are inadequate and would surpass the 1.5°C #carbon space by 33% by 2050.
Read #pressrelease📜: bit.ly/3D0UXqv
Sep 8, 2021 7 tweets 8 min read
#India recently announced the National Hydrogen Mission & there's growing interest among leading industry players in #greenhydrogen.
But why is green H2 significant for India's #energytransition?
#pressrelease: bit.ly/3l3b8fc In a new study, we examined how #greenhydrogen can help in cleaner steelmaking. We found that:
▶️9% blend of #green H2 in steel making would ⬇️India's emissions footprint by 68%
▶️This #greensteel would be competitive with upper range of conventional steel costs at current rates
Sep 8, 2021 11 tweets 9 min read
'A Multilateral Approach to Building a Global Hydrogen Economy' | Session with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy pscp.tv/w/dAcpOXR3LTMx… 📖 Read our studies:
1. Greening Steel: Moving to Clean Steelmaking Using Hydrogen and Renewable Energy - bit.ly/Green-Steel

2. Speed and Scale for Disruptive Climate Technologies: Case for a Global Green Hydrogen Alliance - bit.ly/G2H2Alliance
Sep 6, 2021 8 tweets 10 min read
What is the state of clean cooking #energyaccess in #India?

Based on #IRES2020, our study found that:
➡️Over 70% per cent of Indian households use #LPG as their primary cooking fuel
➡️85% have #LPG connections
➡️54% continue to use traditional solid fuels

Read more 👇 Image How has #LPGPriceHike affected consumption?
84% of households using traditional #solidfuels with #LPG cited high prices of LPG refills as a reason for stacking fuels. LPG prices have risen by 40% over the last 1 year.
#PressRelease: bit.ly/2Ynelyi Image
Jul 28, 2021 10 tweets 9 min read
Did developed countries meet the pre-2020 #climateaction commitments?
Our new study found that
➡️Major developed countries — including all G7 countries — cut #emissions by just 3.7%
➡️ Developed countries collectively consumed 25 GtCO2eq additional #carbon space
More👇 Why is the pre-2020 era significant?
All countries must now significantly raise #climate ambitions to limit warming to 1.5°C. But, given the principle of equity & common but differentiated responsibilities, the onus of reducing #emissions lay on #developed countries pre-2020.
May 13, 2020 10 tweets 16 min read
CEEW unpacks #FM Nirmala Sitaraman's announcements on the booster measures to cope with & recover from #Covid19 induced shocks & to build a #SelfReliantIndia. We focus on Power sector, MSMEs, & NBFCs.
#AatmanirbharBharat 1/n "Over 1/2 of the INR 5.8L CR stimulus announced today focused on our #MSME sector. 40% of India’s 450 mn informal workers are employed with MSMEs. The recovery of this sector is central to our economic resurgence & the workers' well-being," @GhoshArunabha #AatmanirbharBharat 2/n
Nov 4, 2019 25 tweets 104 min read
Last afternoon, given #DelhiAirEmergency, we gave our employees the option to work from home till 5 Nov, when we will re-evaluate the situation. This thread will explore why there’s no quick fix for India’s #AirPollution woes. #DelhiPollution #Delhi #sustainability 1/n @KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 The #airquality has been ‘severe’ (over 10 times above WHO standards for 24 hr mean PM 2.5 concentration) in #Delhi for 7 days. Parts of #India along the Indo-Gangetic plain have also been suffering the same fate. #Lucknow recorded the worst air quality in 3 yrs on Nov 1. 2/n