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The Earth’s climate is in crisis, and we must act now. During #COP27, world leaders are discussing how to address the challenges posed by #climatechange. A new Focus issue by @NatureHumBehav and @NatureClimate highlights the role of human behaviour in adaptation & mitigation. 🧵 Image
In 12 original pieces, our authors discuss some of the aspects that are central for mitigation of and adaptation to #climatechange. We have also curated a collection of research articles from across @NaturePortfolio:…
Our two editorials offer an introduction and an overview of all pieces.

Editorial in @NatureHumBehav:…
Editorial in @NatureClimate:…
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🚨🌍 Global Carbon Budget 2022, out now!🌍🚨

It provides the latest update on how we humans have tampered with Earth's remarkable system of #carbon stocks and flows.

So what are the take-homes from our latest update?

@gcarbonproject @PFriedling
It's a story of persistent high global #CO2 emissions, but with some hints (and some hope!) that *total* human #emissions are levelling off.

(Although with considerable uncertainty in the land use change emissions).
But did anyone mention that we need to get that red line 👆 to hit zero to meet the commitments made in #Paris?

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The last few months eco-friendly #Bitcoin mining or biomining has been a trending topic. I looked into the opportunity for miners using wasted or stranded #biogas as an input. Making Bitcoin mining a #CarbonNeutral or even #carbon negative operation. 🧵👇 3.2MW landfill gas to energ...
#Biogas is produced through a process called anaerobic digestion. A series of biological processes in which micro-organisms break down biodegradable material in absence of oxygen. Inputs can be:
- Waste crop residues
- Animal manure
- Municipal Solid Waste
- Wastewater sludge Biogas plant at a potato ch...
The precise composition of biogas depends on the type of feedstock and the technology used to produce it. The main technologies applied are:
- Biodigesters
- Landfill gas recovery systems
- Wastewater treatment plants Image
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#China struggles to pursue #foreignpolicy and great power #diplomacy

Jia Qingguo (CPPCC's Foreign Affairs Committee) sees 3 causes:

📍Contradiction China’s identity vs interests
📍Inability to process own rapid growth
📍Own unique features

Let's unpack his piece🧵 Jia Qingguo picture - sourc...Image
📌Who is he?

One of 🇨🇳 top foreign policy advisers

📍Member of Standing Committee of National Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
📍Member of CPPC's Foreign Affairs Council
📍Former dean of Peking University's School of International Studies [2/15] Image
📍China's confusing foreign policy choices often stem from conflicted identities, which are subject of domestic debate
📍China still lacks understanding of outside world
📍Consensus on need for assertiveness & preventing containment but debate on how to do it [3/15]
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🚗 FUN FACT - SUVs are the world's 6th largest polluter (if they were ranked as a country)

😷 Total emissions of all the SUVs globally is more than Germany, Saudi Arabia and South Korea

🌍 But despite the fact we are facing a #ClimateEmergency, car makers are still pushing SUVs A bar graph that shows the total annual carbon emissions for
In fact, Growing demand for SUVs was the second largest contributor to the increase in global CO2 emissions from 2010 to 2018. #pollution

The increase in global #emissions from SUVs was more than heavy industry, shipping and #aviation…
But there's more

⛽ Oil consumption from SUVs reached 5.5 million barrels per day in 2020.

🚗 Emissions from SUVs have nearly tripled over the past decade.

⚡ Even electric SUVs contribute to pollution through higher amount of particulates from tyres.…
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#Climate negotiations are entering a new & challenging phase. Many countries need to do more to lower greenhouse gas emissions to keep the targets in the 2015 #Paris agreement alive.

Read our latest policy brief by @AnthonyDworkin & @MatsEngstrom⬇️
Ahead of #COP27, multilateral climate negotiations are stalling due to geopolitical tensions, distrust between the global south and high-income countries, and concerns about #energysupplies.
It is necessary to move faster in implementing #emissions-reduction measures, but the need for consensus in the global #climate process makes this difficult.
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Half through sorting the #dataviz bookmarks and still haven't found the links I am looking for (the curse of over bookmarking).

But here are 10+1 super amazing, interactive, and midn-blowing🤯 #environment, #climate, #trade, #emissions related websites that are just 🤩

1/ The #WorldBank's #SDG atlas covers each #SDG goal in detail with some great datavizzes inside each of them. Check it out! Really a lot of effort went into this.
2/ @ChathamHouse brings an interactive resource website that allows you to explore bi-lateral #trade linkages. Data currently ranges from 2000-2020.
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1/12: YOUR GREED, OUR #DEATH: #ClimateDebt is killing us!
📢“We as a country and as a region did not start this war against nature. We did not provoke it. The war has come to us.” #DebtForClimate
2/12: The richest tenth is responsible for almost half of all carbon emissions…
… ‼️Whereas the poorest half are only responsible for a tenth of #emissions.
#DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima
3/12: The average #carbonfootprint of someone from the richest 1% of #humanity is 80 times the size of someone from the poorest half.
#DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima
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[1/10] 🆘#BreakingNews:
Please #share 🔁 this video:

Calling employees from every company in the country to take action from the inside and challenge their #employers to do more in protecting the #environment
[2/10] Take action on six steps - Read more on detail:…
[3/10] One - Awareness:
When you are aware of #climatechange negative impacts, you will also question if a project is detrimental to the #environment.
The challenge is to apply that personal awareness and thinking to the projects we are professionally responsible for.
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In 2022, #coal use for power & #steel production in #China has dropped. The target to peak #CO2emissions means it must fall more, yet investments in coal power & coal-based steel plants have increased.

Our new report w/@GlobalEnergyMon looks at what's happening. Image
In the first half of 2022, China’s local governments approved 28 new coal-power units, with 15 gigawatts of capacity, while Chinese steel firms announced 16 new coal-based steelmaking projects in the same period, the most since 2019, with a capacity of 30 million tonnes/year.
Steel emissions are due to peak by 2025. Emissions are falling now & there is little scope for them to increase before the peaking deadline. The steel emission peak target also means China can't use the infrastructure & construction push it used for previous economic slowdowns.
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If anyone on this planet thinks EV is pollution free, emission free, pls do some technical research

EV is not emission-free, it is just exporting emissions to somewhere else away from the driver but on this planet itself, and that too 40 to 400 times more

So if you buy an EV or
expensive Tesla and think you are making this world green, you need to go back to school

DGP needs a lawyer to team with and challenge his EV policy in SC
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With heat waves raging across the globe, more and more people are eager to take #ClimateAction.

Today, we share ten impactful action steps recommended by @EarthHeroOrg and @ProjectDrawdown to tackle the #ClimateCrisis and some recommendations on how to implement them.👇 1/12 Image
The @EarthHero app helps users set targets to reduce #emissions relative to global averages and #IPCC recommendations.

The app also includes action steps that involve working together, advocating for change, and holding decision-makers accountable. 2/12 Image
Action #1: Plant-Based Diets

@EarthHero identifies #PlantBased diet as one of the most effective ways to slow #ClimateChange and protect planetary health.

Browse our "Dietary Change" resources to put this step into practice:
3/12… Image
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Power interruptions are more than a minor inconvenience in #factories. It takes conventional generators some time to power up when a blackout occurs. This short but critical ‘change-over-time’ impacts the production process and efficiency.
Our factories, therefore, provision for uninterrupted power supply (UPS) through established methods. However, the #HCCB factory in #Khordha, #Odisha, has recently deployed a UPS system that uses only 30% of the space versus the traditional power backup system.
#Lithium #Ion batteries require much less energy to keep them charged. They charge much quicker, too – almost 1/3rd of the time.

Moreover, these batteries have an extended life of 10-15 years compared to the 3-4 year life of the traditional batteries.
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1️⃣ Deciding between multiple alternative #aviation fuels is a complex and daunting task, as all options have unique advantages and weaknesses. #RECCE, our new tool, aims to streamline this decision-making process:
2️⃣ The Resource to Climate Comparison Evaluator (RECCE) allows users to systematically compare 15 aviation fuels across the entire system, from the resources required to produce each fuel to #emissions resulting from infrastructure, manufacturing, on ground operations and flight.
3️⃣ The Resources section displays the cost, #electricity and feedstock required by 2035 to produce enough of each #fuel to fly everyone in the world 1,300km - the average distance flown by each person on Earth in 2019.
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Isaac SSentumbwe, a climate justice activist from #Uganda is at @stopg7elmau Germany to issue some very important demands.

🔊 He wants climate finance by having the #DebtForClimate cancelled!

👏 He rightly says Justice is #ClimateJustice

💥“We cannot achieve climate justice without putting into consideration the debt that is being put on developing countries, and yet they are suffering some of the worst impacts of the #climatecrisis...." 💥


"...We want the countries Global North to take responsibility for their actions, to take responsibility for what is happening in our countries. It's because of them that the #emissions in the atmosphere what are multiplying each and every year..."


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Our new report: 'Unburnable #Carbon - 10 Years On' finds global stock markets 🏦 are financing energy companies which are sitting on 3x more #coal, #oil & #gas reserves than can be burned without breaking the 1.5°C Paris climate target… #CarbonBubble
🧵Despite growing urgency to tackle #ClimateChange, 'Unburnable #Carbon' reveals “embedded #emissions” in the #FossilFuel🛢️reserves of companies listed on stock exchanges – the CO2 released if they’re extracted & burned – has grown by nearly 40% since 2012…
@CarolineLucas @EdwardJDavey @Ed_Miliband @MichaelEMann @CFigueres @AnnPettifor @billmckibben @martinwolf_ @AlokSharma_RDG The report warns that 90% of all known #FossilFuel🛢️reserves & resources held by companies must stay in the ground as 'unburnable #carbon' to limit global warming to 1.5°C🌡️🛑… #KeepItInTheGround
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🧵In 2011, our 1st report: 'Unburnable Carbon: Are the World’s Financial Markets Carrying a #CarbonBubble?' found ~80% of declared reserves of listed #FossilFuel companies were at risk of stranding, if the world stayed below 2˚C temp rise...… Image
Since 2011, both #emissions & #FossilFuel🛢️reserves with listed ownership have increased 📈, while the world’s climate policy ambition has strengthened post #ParisAgreement to not exceed 1.5˚C temp🌡️rise🛑… #CarbonBubble
Despite the global distribution of #oil, #gas & #coal mining production, financing of #FossilFuel companies is concentrated in a small number of financial centres & stock exchanges in likes of New York, London, Moscow… Image
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Kayrros data show #CO2 emissions levels from #Europe and #China started dropping last month, and have reached levels unseen since the worst of the Covid pandemic. (1/6) ImageImageImage
Although this is good news from a #climate perspective, it is a worrying sign that the global #economy is coming under serious strain from the effect of high #energy prices and supply chain issues. (2/6)
In #China, overall CO2 #emissions have been in a counter-seasonal decline and cement production has dropped to levels normally unseen at this time of year. (3/6)
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In May, we saw cattle burp #emissions from space for the first time, cases of #monkeypox in the UK, and the @HumaneSociety urged the release of 80 beagles from an animal testing lab.

Here are the top stories you might have missed from May in 60 seconds ⬇️
The story of the month goes to @henrymance who explored the secret life of pigs, which made the front cover of @FT magazine:…
Another story we'd like to highlight is @GeorgeMonbiot's piece via @guardian, “The banks collapsed in 2008—and our food system is about to do the same,” marking the launch of his book, Regenesis: Feeding the World Without Devouring the Planet.…
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Climate Economics and Finance are completely ignored by the private sector based financial sector and other economic sector participants.
The climate-related financial disclosures aka #TFCDs and other nudges, being promoted by different global financial institutions and economic blocs, have not yet reached many countries.
Most banks and other firms are now investing in climate-related risk modelling and stress testing.
Central Banks in the Third World should ask licensed banks to do the same to promote a Green, Clean, and Care Economy.
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Our analysis of materials released by @IESO_Tweets in response to our Freedom of Information Request

1. Thirty-two Ontario municipalities, representing almost 60% of Ontario’s population, have asked @ONgov to phase-out gas-fired electricity generation. 1/

2. According to Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) October 7, 2021 (misleading) report,Decarbonization and Ontario’s Electricity System, phasing-out gas power by 2030 would raise residential electricity bills by 60% [page 1].

3. In response to a Freedom of Information Request (FOI), we obtained drafts of the IESO’s report. These drafts reveal the following facts:

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"We find that, between 2009 and 2013, #tourism’s global #carbon #footprint has increased from 3.9 to 4.5 GtCO2e, four times more than previously estimated, accounting for about 8% of global greenhouse gas #emissions."…
"The United States tops the carbon #footprint ranking (Fig. 1,top left) under both DBA (1,060 MtCO2e) and RBA (909 MtCO2e) accounting perspectives, followed by China (528/561 MtCO2e), Germany (305/329 MtCO2e) and India (268/240 MtCO2e)."
"The majority of these carbon #footprints are caused by domestic travel."
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2/ 11 EU nations say “Now is the time to be bold and to move ahead with determination with the green transition. Any delay ... will only prolong our energy dependence … negotiations on the package should therefore be accelerated and ambitions ramped up”
3/ “A strong ETS is the cornerstone of the FF55 package, providing us with an effective tool to ensure a cost-effective transition combined with ambitious sectoral measures and standards”
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The latest #IPCC report with recommendations on how to deal with #climatechange was released yesterday. Here are some highlights ⬇️ 🧵 1/20
Once again, it is a massive document, with more than 3000 pages. Part 1 was about the facts, part 2 about the impacts, this one is about answers. The main points are 👇 2/20…
📈 GHG emissions are at an all-time high, but growth has slowed down 3/20
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