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13 Nov
A compilation of all my Important #Threads & #screeners !👇

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All my Top #Screeners with latest Updates !


Bookmark it, would be updating it regularly.

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Stocks Analysis #Thread 👇

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28 Sep
4th Upd - 26Sep21

QUANTITATIVE Value Investing in Europe : What works for achieving alpha!


#CheapestValue in #HighestPrice #Momentum Stocks
#HighestPrice #Momentum in #CheapestValue

Common stocks in all 5 Best 2-Factor Strategies !

Common stocks in 4 or 3 Best 2-Factor Strategies !

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26 Sep
My SCREENING TECHNIQUE Based #hypothetical #Portfolio
6th Upd - 26Sep2021

📍Purely based on my Financial Data Screening !


📌#Screener Names in👇🧵summarizes Fundamental, Momentum, Valuation traits hence saves tons of analysis time.


Stocks & Screening Technique Methodologies !

@Coolfundoo 🌟25 , 22, 20, 19

Stocks & Screening Technique Methodologies !

@Coolfundoo 🌟18, 17, 16

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10 Sep
Q&A 162

#personalized #screener discussion !

⚡️Take away
- What should be Promoter Holding ?
- How much Debt ? Should we only invest in low debt companies ?
- Should we only invest in less Debtor days ? When can be High Debtor days companies be good investment ?

How much Debt ? Should we only invest in low debt companies ?

Promoter Holding = 0
There are around 90 companies which are run by Board & hence Zero Promoter Holding !

Don't forget them, some are really great compounders !

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7 Sep
Q&A 161

Read this 🧵to understand ROE, PE & relationship between them.👇

PE expansion to bridge the Gap (if any) between ROE & PE.

RT if you find this helpful.

ROE is PE's brother from another mother / Half-brother (Sautela Bhai)


ROE & PE definition continued..

Keep an eye on Equations !

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20 Aug
Q&A 157

Q-> How to filter stocks so that PE is below median line and EPS is going up as shown in graph ?

You can use this #thread of mine to learn how to use EPS formula quarterly YoY ->

For Historical EPS parameters like how we have for Profit Growth, I would request @screener_in team @ayushmitt @faltoo to consider adding it.

Possible workaround - Use Profit Growth instead of EPS.

For PE below 5yrs Median PE you can write following query at @screener_in ->

Price to Earning < Historical PE 5Years

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16 Jul
Q&A 148

📢Study this short 🧵

🌟If you wish to know how to build your #thoughts in to a meaningful #screener Step-by-step ⁉️

🌟How to deal with a tricky scenario in @screener_in ⁉️

#screener #transformation #tips #tricks #workaround

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Situation / Problem / Bottleneck !

Try to brain-storm yourself before you proceed to next steps in the 🧵

2 Image
Step 1 - Identifying the problem correctly. Don't assume everything presented to you is correct.
Most people fail at this step. Sometimes there are data errors in examination paper as well. It's rare but it does happen !

3 Image
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12 Jul
My SCREENING TECHNIQUE Based #hypothetical #Portfolio
5th Upd - 12Jul2021 🧵

📍Purely based on my Financial Data Screening !


🚩This Rally isn't a fade. Several NEW Names Popped up due to build up in financials/Fundamentals !

Not a recommendation! 👇

1 ImageImageImageImage
Stocks & Screening Technique Methodologies !

@Coolfundoo🌟23 , 22, 20, 19

2 ImageImageImageImage
Stocks & Screening Technique Methodologies !

@Coolfundoo 🌟 17, 16, 15, 14

3 ImageImageImage
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5 Jun
Q&A 134

Q-> If some stock comes in #personalized #screener you have created for me ->
How should I interpret it ?
Should I just buy it ?
What are my options ?
Can you explain !

1 ImageImage
Steps to be taken !

2 ImageImage
Here is how R Systems stands on my various #screeners.

An example how one can interpret just by glancing at them !

Similarly you can interpret from your #screeners I have built for you !

Here is the link for the #screenshot

3 ImageImage
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27 Apr
My SCREENING TECHNIQUE Based #hypothetical #Portfolio
4th Upd - 25Apr2021 #Thread 🧵

📌Purely based on my Financial Data Screening !


🚩@Coolfundoo 🌟 = No. of times Stocks appeared on my different screens!

Not a recommendation! 👇

1 ImageImage
Stocks & Screening Technique Methodologies !

@Coolfundoo 🌟 16 & 15

2 Image
Stocks & Screening Technique Methodologies !

@Coolfundoo 🌟 12 & 11

3 ImageImage
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5 Mar
My @screener_in Story !

This is coming straight from my❤️ !

I have my regular job (8-9 hr just like most of us), need to take care of my India, US Equity & Crypto investments and above all need to spend some quality time with my family too.

@faltoo @ayushmitt

Finding right stocks which suits your profile isn't easy. Takes lot of time & info is scattered all over.
Compiling & making sense out of it is just cumbersome. Watching for alerts & news is another nuisance.
How to stay focused & not get diverted with new ideas every day ?

I faced all these CHALLENGES & I am sure most of us do. There is no one right solution. It's like trying to achieve salvation. No one path is right but Jumping paths will just leave you wandering.

I chose mine with @screener_in

Why ⁉️.. Read👇

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23 Dec 20

#smallcap #stock

📌Presenting my study for educational purpose 👇

Will keep adding points to this #thread so you may bookmark & re-visit as you like !

1 Image
R Systems International incorporated in 1993 as a consulting firm in California, US.
Started its India operations in 1997 in Noida.

Per latest AR Dec19
Currently provide services in 40+ Countries for 200+ Active Clients.
7 - $3 Million Clients
26 - $1 Million Clients

📌Service & Solutions Offerings

3 ImageImage
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8 Dec 20

Presenting my study for educational purpose 👇

@Atulsingh_asan - I know you have studied #Axtel in very detail your additional points/thought process/comments will be great addition to this effort !

1 Image
SSGR Analysis !

It gives +ive vibes for future growth. Further the Working Capital management & it's Free Cash Flow further strengthen the view.

SSGR (24%) > Current & Historical Sales Growth

2 Image
#AXTEL Retained Earnings vs Market Cap vs EPS Growth

In last 10 yrs ->

📌For every Rs 1 Retained by Axtel it has generated 17x of Market Cap (Big Boost for shareholders)👍👌

📌EPS Growth has been 7% higher than RE growth 👍

3 Image
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9 Nov 20
Joel Greenblatt's MAGIC FORMULA Screen for Indian Stocks with Additional filtering for Quality.


5th Upd -08Nov2020

Added HOW TO USE Magic Formula & some more updates, so do read till end.

#MagicFormula #Stocks #Indianstocks #JoelGreenblatt

1 Image
📌Magic formula =Good Stocks At Attractive Prices

Higher Earnings Yield = Undervalued Stock

Higher ROIC/ROCE= Better Quality

Rank stocks on ROIC/ROCE (1 for Highest ROIC/ROCE)

Rank on Earning Yields (1 for Highest EY)

SUM the Ranks

RE-RANK on Combined score(1 for Lowest)

Additonal Filtering -

Good ROCE/ROIC over a period of time. Min 22%.

Attractive Earnings Yield > 10YrGSec(5.88%).

Good Operating Cash Flow over a period of time.

Good Asset turnover ratio/Management Efficiency.

Stable Promoter holding.

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6 Nov 20
Q&A 63 #Thread

Chemicals , Manufacturing, Niche Technology & Overall Discussion on Quality Long term Businesses !


1 Image
Me-> Chemical Businesses !

2 Image
Honeywell, GMM, Havells !

Me->Honeywell you will find in my most screeners, Portfolio, low float screener... lot of places..

3 ImageImage
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19 Oct 20
2nd Upd-18Oct20

QUANTITATIVE Value Investing in Europe:What works for achieving!


📌#CheapestValue in #HighestPrice #Momentum Stocks
📌#HighestPrice #Momentum in #CheapestValue Stocks

💞#Thread of #Threads !


1 ImageImage

📌PriceIndex6M & PricetoBV


📌PricetoBV & PriceIndex6M

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26 Sep 20
LOW FREE FLOAT SalesProfitGrowthCashFlow&Safety
2nd Up - 25Sep2020

📌#LowFreeFloat is Now a days #Moat for some good Quality Companies. Here is #stocks to chose from !


Read Criteria & Details in below #THREAD👇


1/8 ImageImage
📌Free Float = Public Float(DII+FII+ MF+ Corporate+HNI+Retail)

No. of Shares publicly traded which we buy/sell from exchange in everyday life.

📌For simplicity I assumed non-promoters shares though custodians & locked in shares should also be excluded.

📌High Free-Float = Good Governance(In general). Promoters less influence & other shareholders can exercise their rights.

📌Low Free-Float = More Promoter influence can easily manipulate stock price for their gain.

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5 Sep 20
📌Can a Leveraged Company be Investable ?

Yes - Which One to Consider?🧐
No - Which One to Avoid? 🔥

Read the #Thread for my Thought Process on this !

Can transform it into #Screener if you want to know the stocks.

Who All Wants ?
Let me Know by your Likes & Retweets💞
Before deep dive, lets ask a simple question with ourselves ->

Why do businesses borrow in Ist place❓

Ans - They need Capital for 1000's of business purposes but ultimate goal of all purposes is to Grow business itself.

Business growth simply means Revenue/Sales Growth.
Common sense - If a Company borrows capital but unable to grow it's Sales & Profits it should be Avoided.

There could be several reasons for this-
Bad Business environment
Govt/Regulatory hurdles
Bad Capital Allocation
Inefficient Management etc
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