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Mengapa bantuan Relawan DKI ditolak, alasannya sederhana #Momentum, Kehadiran Relawan akan mendegradasi pencitraan diRiau, waktunya saja yang tidak tepat. Logika kemampuan menghentikan Kebakaran itu harus Terpadu (Peralatan,Manusia,SDA) @as_boediono #hening
Intinya adalah, tidak boleh ada Kepentingan Lain atau Kelompok Lain datang mendahului Pencitraan, jika itu dilakukan maka Pencitraan tidak Maksimal atau kemungkinan Pencitraan tidak akan melakukan sesuatu didaerah Bencana #BukanUrusanSaya itu #UrusanPemda @as_boediono #hening
Saya adalah bagian dari Masyarakat Kehutanan jadi tahu persis Kemampuan Manusia melakukan Kegiatan ditengah Hutan, tanpa dukungan Peralatan/Logistik,SDM mereka tidak dapat bekerja Maksimal (Kemampuan sangat terbatas) terlebih untuk berhadapan dengan Bencana @as_boediono #hening
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Necessitem q ens ajudeu a difondre q hi ha eleccions a la Cambra de Comerç. La majoria d’empresaris i autònoms encara no saben q poden votar pq el President Valls no ha volgut enviar mailing!! Hi ha 430.000 potencials votants i només van votar 7000 a les darreres. FIL👇👇
Les eleccions son del 2 al 8 de maig, després de SS només quedaran 8 dies x votar!!! Sisplau entreu al canal telegram descarregueu els vídeos i altres materials i envieu-los x totes les xarxes, sobretot whatsapp, FB i en especial a autònoms i empresari@s👇
Si aconseguim una gran participació, estem segurs q @EinesdePais podem fer fora l’oligarquia del Puente Arreo i governar la @cambrabcn i q faci un canvi clar x ajudar a la PIME catalana i no als interessos de Madrid. ES MOLT IMPORTANT Q HO DIFONEU! Ajudeu-nos a fer la campanya!👇
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[Thread] There is a strange tendency amongst a few of Jeremy Corbyn's most vociferous supporters.

They will invariably tell you how they really against #antisemitism.

Really truly against it.

As #Tpopularfront does.
But then you notice they have promoted someone likes David Duke & Neo-Nazi material.
Let that sink in, they claim to be against antisemitism & they go out of their way to promote a really hardcore racist, #palestinepr
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Ok, it's time to address this idea that #FBPE is an anti-Corbyn-focused organisation.
It has become an increasingly popular trope of the pro-Corbyn, Momentum cult that #FBPE is out to get them.
A favourite way to undermine #FBPE by the #Corbyn/#Momentum crowd is to suggest that it is a being controlled by the right or 'shady billionaires' (which historians of World War II will remember is a nod towards Jewish money).
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There's been a fair amount of twitter commentary over the #Momentum claim story, so here's a thread unpacking the various concepts a little.
1/ For background. It's reported that Momentum is declining to pay a sizeable death claim on a policy where the cause of death was murder. The claim is refuted because of non-disclosure of diabetes.
2/ Let's start with some basic workings of life insurance. The only time your health status matters is the point at which you are buying the cover. It is at this point that you need to be honest and forthright in your insurance application.
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A thread about what has caused the rise of #Corbynistas and why we must never ever let them near power or those who have facilitated it ever be able to hold positions of power either. #Corbyn is an extremely dangerous man. 1/14
The brainwashing of his now supporters began in school & subsequently found favour within Universities too with their pandering to Palestine whilst totally demonising Israel’s right to exist. The wilful ignorance of the Hamas Charter is symptomatic of the propaganda problem. 2/14
It is this unwillingness to see #Corbyn’s past with any sense of critical thinking which sets #Corbynistas apart from others, they're like the mindless fools at a #Hitler rally, incapable of anything other than group-think. A huge problem as history has already demonstrated. 3/14
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As yesterday was Israel’s National holocaust memorial day where six million Jews were sent to their deaths, it seems appropriate to write a thread explaining both the real #FarRight and the #FarLeft in Britain and their obsession with the Jews. 1/17
Why have #Labour under #Corbyn got so much in common with the #BNP under #NickGriffin that both he and the Daily Stormer have endorsed the #Labour Party? They must undoubtedly now be the broadest of broad churches. 2/17
Most of my followers will have heard of the horseshoe theory. The theory is both the #FarLeft and #FarRight at the extremes are so alike they almost touch. Both are totalitarian, authoritarian, anti-Semetic and hate filled. 3/17
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Two serving Jewish Labour councillors have spoken out for the first time to expose the “extraordinary” levels of “institutional anti-semitism” in Momentum’s Haringey heartland in north London - thread 👇…
Joe Goldberg and Natan Doron said they had been repeatedly abused to their faces by pro-#Corbyn #Labour members — including fellow councillors — with crude allusions to their race or insulting references to the #Holocaust 👇
Goldberg the council’s cabinet member for economic development was accused by #Labour councillor of “bagel-barrel politics”

Same councillor said academy schools comparable to “Kristallnacht”, the Nazi pogrom in which 1,400 synagogues were attacked & dozens of Jews murdered 👇
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When #UKLabour openly admits an alliance with the #Communist Party the true problem is few remember #Communism is an authoritarian ideology responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million people. It failed spectacularly in just the same predictable way #Socialism does. 1/9
We get the usual “not real Socialism” excuse. Groups like #Momentum and #Antifa are openly advocating for complete open borders, #UKLabour is now full of #racists, #homophobes, #bigots, #misogynists and #paedophile apologists. They are the Cultural Marxists we were warned of. 2/9
They wish to destroy everything that is dear to us and replace it with nothing, we have been taught at schools and lectured at our Universities that everything must be about oppression and diversity and if you disagree you get castigated by society at large. 3/9
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This concept was touched on in my last thread of #DrainTheSwampUK but since listening to #EricRWeinstein discuss this on the #RubinReport I feel it needs a thread to explain it properly. See link from 90mins onwards. #TIM
The battle for our futures will be fought over who controls the information that we see rather than on any battlefield in the traditional sense, but make no mistake this battle has been going on for years and will continue to be fought for years too this is the #Swamp. #TIM
In Europe the #Swamp is the #EU working with big corporations to maintain control over the population. In the #US the #Swamp is also the giant technology companies working in conjunction with the #MSM & the Intelligence Community to spy on us. #TIM #DrainTheSwampUK #DrainTheSwamp
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