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Let me share with you the funny reason I gave my life to Christ. The story of my salvation.

My parents married each other with their religious differences. Dad was a Muslim and Mum a Christian. They were both happy with their decision and like mum said, they decided they'll worship separately without problems since there is only one God. Like stew, joy was everywhere 😅
Issues came by later as kids came. Questions arose; Who would bend his/her ego to join the other in religion? In what religion should the children be raised? Should their Muslim names be registered officially in school? Or should we just split the children in religion?
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#DallasForPrez #Thoughts #Thread Our military is facing an ongoing enlistment problem and it boils down to one thing, how we treat our vets. If elected, I will be addressing this with an innovative plan that will pay for itself in savings and protect our Vets.
As a nation, we have programs on top of programs to assist our vets. They do a great job and would be more effective if they had less to do. Currently though, we’re addressing the issues facing our vets at the wrong moment in time.
Our vets need to be taken care of before they become a vet. They need to be helped before they fully transition out of the military itself. This is going to take a culture change and a reorganization of resources.
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How to realize Q is legit & Trump is in charge of Q.

Q created a POWERFUL army of free thinkers. Gave MANY a voice. Any corrupt President or Country would not tolerate us. There would be no reason to let us get larger if Trump was corrupt or not behind Q.

In the end we will not go away anytime soon. Trump and others are aware of this fact. We will be a THORN in the ass of many for MANY years to come. This is good. Q boogie man I joked of but is VERY real.

What do you do when the voices of many VASTLY out number the powerful few? This has NEVER been done before. This is the “We Are Q” phenomenon. Brave new world. Indeed.

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Have I researched JFK Jr being alive? Yes. Started the Fusca search.

I’ve also researched flat earth, hollow earth, comb earth, no earth, round earth. Ive researched everything I could find. Thats why I say at the end I believe NOTHING. ZERO. All there is, is faith.

If I could give advice to anyone in the search of truth. Don’t be hungry, don’t be desperate, don’t get attached. Be will to alter your perception of reality. Reality is perception. Glass full or half full? Nothing is as it seems.

Have faith. Find peace, Find love

If you want to look in the right place than this place they call Antartica and they create the image of it. hides the last truths on earth.

God Bless.

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As a child in elementary I use to wonder Y teachers pushed the fear of AIDS, Global Warming, extinction, theories apon theories not one of them God. I would look out the window and these were my thoughts. I don’t blame teachers or doctors they R taught this.

Judge all you want. I never went to high school. I lived on my own got my GED and started as a electrician at 17. I never understood school its not all bad. I just always thought differently. Most of the teachers never enjoyed my reasoning.

AIDs is a issue. Minors having sex and promiscuity is a issue. Its the fear mongering I always disliked.

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(1) #MAGA rally in Charlotte, NC 10/26/18: Live updates thread.

5.35pm: They're about to start the prayer, the pledge and the anthem. Warm-up speeches are underway. Watching this live feed:

(2) #HurricaneFlorence has been mentioned in the opening speeches. We must keep North Carolinians & everyone affected by this major disaster in our thoughts & prayers. My #thoughts about it include the need to #VoteGOP for superior prepping, response & recovery to disasters.
(3) 7.25pm: Charlotte, NC rally crowd cheer and applaud as the President talks about the arrest of the IED mailer, supporting the Police, and building unity in the country.
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*Clears Throat*

How You Are Performing #Magick Everyday and Don’t Even Realize It.


#Manifestation 101.

For any of you more practical folks reading who may be skeptical due to my use of the word “Magick”.

This will not be a “wooey” thread.

It will better your life.

And it will CERTAINLY give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE if acted upon (looking at you @ipb_media).

Keep reading.
First things first, let me clarify that I’m using the word Magick as defined by Aleister Crowley.

#Magick - The Science and Art of causing change to occur in conformity with one's will.
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Some thoughts about the really bigger picture:
1) This week we witness how BTC and blockchain disrupt the banking economy. We all hope to get filthy rich and make a better world.
But what will happen next week?
2) We might see the coming of age of AI and robotics. Look at the latest public robots of Boston dynamics, they work together, realize when a situation changes and react accordingly. Is your skillset still scarce if a bot total recall and <1ms reaction is around the corner?
3) This is the conservative approach, if we look further we might see nanotechnology arriving, which ultimately makes all physical things replaceable and imitable. So what will remain scarce in such a world and as a consequence still be seen as a store of value?
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