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What Stops Practice from Growing? In this thread of tweets let’s analyse the reasons why professionals can’t grow their practice beyond a point. What affects momentum of growth. Whether it’s avoidable? Let’s quickly dive into it. #CA #Lawyers #CS #ICAI #Professionals #cabiznet
Taking up the Wrong work - in initial period, professionals tend to accept any kind of work that comes their way, fearing they may not get another work if they deny available work. This behaviour should be curtailed and professional should be patient enough to wait for right work
Not Specialising - it’s a proven fact that specialist earn more. For eg, a heart surgeon will always earn more than a general practitioner. Today focus is needed in any profession.
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Don’t take my advice - Dnt listen to any consultant- listen only to your customer - talk only to your customer - that’s enough to understand what is needed to grow your practice. Having constant touch with customers is the sure way to grow any kind of business
When you talk to customers , you have very steep learning curve. You instantly know how market is changing and consequently how clients needs are changing. You can take first hand feedback about your product or services and also about your team members.
When you keep in touch with your customers they feel strong support and feel that you care about them and you are listening to their suggestions and issues.
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#Lawyers, if you're thinking about learning about #crypto and incorproating it in your practice but you're not sure if it's oversaturated....look below. There will be opportunities for all.
Take these Gents in the picture below. They are building #DeFi platforms which are systems and products that emulate existing centralized financial products and systems, but in a “decentralized” way. What kind of lawyer will they need in the future?
No one knows for sure, but they may need Transactional lawyers to receive investment, to buy other platforms, to license their products and services, to potentially register as companies, where to wind down. Even if they don’t incorporate, they still need help with governance.
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No matter how well an elected Republican president performs in office, ever since the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration, Democrats have demanded that the election results be reversed.
Two weeks before the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Donald Trump refused to say that he’d respect the results of this election. By doing that, he’s threatening our democracy.”

As a Democrat she should know something about not respecting election results.
Since Jan. 20, 1961, when Eisenhower left office, Democrats have introduced impeachment articles against every single elected Republican president.
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What would be the path and intensity of a tornado?

Edward Lorenz, a scientist, made an insane discovery.

#path #Laws #lawyers #lawsikho
Even the flapping of the wings of a butterfly that occurred several weeks prior can greatly influence the ultimate outcome of how and where the tornado forms, how far it travels and how soon it ceases to exist.

Ridiculous, right?
Let me quote from a celebrated scientific paper:

“one flap of a sea gull's wings would be enough to alter the course of the weather forever. The controversy has not yet been settled, but the most recent evidence seems to favor the seagulls.”
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It's not just end of a year, today we say good bye to an entire decade. Today is the last day of teenage for the twenty first century. From tomorrow, it will be twenty plus!

#decade #investments #time #lawyers #laws #lawsikho
I am sure we are all going to party tonight. And reflect back at the decade we are leaving behind.

It would perhaps take a few years to understand what this decade was all about.
For India, 90s were about economic liberalisation, globalization, rise of engineering and IT, the first computers and ridiculous bollywood movies we fell in love with.

90s was the decade when love marriage began to become the aspirational thing.
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Are you a law firm lawyer or litigator looking to shift into an in-house role? It is a great idea.

#opportunities #counsel #jobs #lawyers #lawsikho
This is a line of work that has gained a lot of prominence and is an in-demand choice for young lawyers.
Law firms have not remained as attractive as they used to be, as the horror stories of long nights at work, cruel partners, boiler room situations on a daily basis and difficult work conditions have made it less attractive for millennial lawyers.
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What is the biggest hurdle for young lawyers and law students on the way to success as a lawyer?

#lawyers #negativity #environment #success
I would say it is the general negativity and environment of doom and gloom that every young lawyer in this country is subjected to. Junior lawyers are given horrible advice all the time.

I was watching a video today, where a woman was being interviewed. She was driving a truck.
When she was asked, she informed that she is a lawyer, but when her husband died she was forced to turn to drive a truck for regular income.

Here is the link of the video:
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My most productive time in the day is the morning. And morning is the time I end up wasting very often, because I have the whole day to work, right?

#productive #Time #lawyers #law #lawsikho
When I was younger, I mostly worked late at night. I found that time to be serene and less distracting. Also, as I didn’t get the work done the entire day, sometimes I was just forced to work hard late at night.
I even got convinced that I am not a morning person, but someone who needs to stay up late and work. I called myself a night owl.

However, entertaining such fantasies while I was in college was easier.
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It’s not my fault that the work is not done!

I always watch out for people who would not take responsibility for the end result and want to keep such people at bay.

#law #lawyers #lawstudents #learning #lawsikho
So does everyone who has the experience of handling a team, a business, or any responsible position.

There are two kinds of people out there - some of them have learned how to get things to work,
And there are those who can give you impeccable reasons for why things did not work.

I try to find how can I make things work when it is not supposed to work, and I have made a career out of it.
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I was talking to a friend today. She is a specialist in work like SEO and social media. She is hard-pressed for some work, and I suggested trying out online marketplaces.

#professional #market #success #lawyers #lawsikho
After all, these services are in really high demand these days, and there is a lot of freelance work out there one can do.

She told me that she is not able to get any work from Upwork or Fiverr. Those platforms don’t work for me, she said.
Why is that? Well, I have posted some amazing services but nobody buys them!

Crazy. How is the service amazing if nobody wants it? Why are you creating novel and unique services? Why not provide the services people already want and posting about?
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In the last one week, I have been to 3 cities and at least a dozen campuses. And I am clear that there are two kinds of people out there in our law colleges. This includes teachers, students, and administration.

#environment #victim #law #lawyers #lawsikho
There are some people who have come to believe that there are no opportunities, too many obstacles and that the sweet status quo is comfortable and they can sustain in it.
They remind everyone that better things are not possible and recount the number of past failures to justify no progress. They believe that luck and privilege is the key to all success, and there is no other way we can achieve any significant success.
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I have been writing about habits for a while. Naturally, I have got many questions about what are the most important habits for lawyers to cultivate. I think this is a very important question.

#habits #successful #lawyers #law #lawsikho
I have been studying successful lawyers for a while, through my interviews on Superlawyer, or when I interview successful lawyers on our Legal Practice Management Course on what led to their success.
We also have a lot of such events at LawSikho office with top lawyers, clips of which interactions you can watch on the LawSikho YouTube channel here.
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While the profile and attraction of in-house legal roles have drastically increased, understanding of what it takes to be a successful in-house counsel......

#successful #Legal #Counsel #lawyers #lawsikho
And how it is different from a role in a law firm or litigator is not very well understood by a vast majority of lawyers who want in-house jobs.

I spoke to 5 CEOs who have hired General Counsels or set up a legal team to learn about their experiences.
What they said was markedly different than usually what the in-house counsels have to say.

Since it is often a CEO or CFO who decides who to hire as a General Counsel or Legal Head, I think this advice would be pretty important!
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It was November, 2017. Just about 2 years back.

I was at the peak of my obesity. I weighed a solid 107 Kgs. It is not like I didn’t know what was happening to me.

#approaches #successful #hardworkpaysoff #Lawyers #lawsikho
I had body pain almost every day. I drank too much and smoked a lot. I was on the verge of a depression. I didn’t feel the greatest.

This was while I was fighting hard to keep LawSikho afloat during a few very troublesome period.
I decided to give that all my energy and life force. LawSikho must not only survive, but thrive. I am glad to say we have come much further than what I could foresee back then.
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Can I get a good law firm job despite horrendous grades?

This is a very frequently asked question. And the answer is yes.

Your grades are relevant at best when you are applying for your first job.

#lawfirm #lawyers #grades #lawsikho
If you are being asked the same in your 2nd and 3rd job, then you must be doing something terribly wrong. If it is relevant even after that, you must be living on another planet, not this one.
And of course, such questions would be asked by either a law student or a greenhorn lawyer with very little understanding of how the profession works.

I do not remember my grades. Neither do most other successful lawyers you will meet.
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I was talking to the managing partner of one of the top law firms yesterday. They have over 200 lawyers according to LinkedIn, across 4 offices.
#lawyers #lawfirm #lawstudents #lawsikho
I was interviewing him for my book on 30 law firms that were started by lawyers under the age of 30 and made its mark.

I will not name him today, wait for the book.

I asked him what has been his strategy to attract top talent.
Internship programs, he said. They prefer when they can hire lawyers at the entry-level from their internship program. Long term interns preferred.

They do go to campus recruitment increasingly, but results are not comparable. Campus recruits leave sooner.
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I already got a PPO. What can I do now to ensure that I crush it when I join my job as a new lawyer?

Recently I got a mail from a regular LawSikho subscriber. Here is the gist of what he had to say.

#PPO #job #lawyers #lawsikho #lawstudents
I already got a job in a top tier law firm after doing 5 corp law internships in top law firms. I am now in my last semester in 5th year. I never really got time to enjoy my college life, but now that I have finally got a job,
I want to spend the rest of my days in college enjoying myself. I was thinking of taking your course earlier, but I think I can give it a skip now.

When I read it, it reminded me of my 5th year in college.
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Stress, anxiety and depression are not uncommon in a lawyer’s life. According to a survey conducted in the USA by John Hopkins University in the 1990s, lawyers are 3.6 times more prone to depression than other people.

#stressed #Anxiety #depression #Lawyers #law #lawsikho
India is the country with maximum depression in the world according to recent reports. I know a few things about that.
I have been working as a lawyer since 2012 and have been fighting depression for quite some years now.
My lived experience tells me that depression is not uncommon in the legal sector of India. When I talk about it, people around me opens up and confides in me about their troubles. After all, being a lawyer is a demanding job.
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This is outrageous ‼ The #UK is #blocking a Spanish Judge from getting testimony from #Assange - re: the US SPYING on him while at Embassy- to #protect the #US #extradition case from being #thrown out of Court

1/ "The British justice system is blocking a Spanish judge’s request to question Julian Assange in London as a witness in a case exploring allegations that the Spanish security firm Undercover Global S.L. spied on the WikiLeaks founder while he was living in d Ecuadorian embassy"
2/ "The British position, unprecedented in these types of requests for judicial collaboration, is being viewed by Spanish judicial bodies as a show of resistance against the consequences that the case could have on the process to extradite the Australian cyberactivist to the US."
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Roll up, roll up, one and all. The circus is in town!
Marvel at the clowns as they slip and slide around... the truth.

It's called "Friends O Science".

You see, that’s the joke!

As Prof @KHayhoe explains: "It's like calling vegans Friends of BBQ."
Prepare to be threaded...
They are the darlings of the denialists, the trumpeters of tall tales, the pedallers of hyperbole. They pretend to love children, yet prefer they be seen but not heard. "Go sit in the corner, dear. The grown-ups are talking."
They abuse the message and image of @GretaThunberg to sell their snake oil and boost their reach

Their recent vid "A Letter to Greta" once again foists the falsehood of the "500 Scientists" onto unsuspecting viewers.

#Lawyers of Twitter, does this not violate the Lanham Act?
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Struggling to get #lawyers on board with a big change, strategic, or technology initiative? Here's a fun way to engage them (and the whole firm) and turn them into advocates for something they'd otherwise likely complain about. 1/
Start by announcing a competition pitting teams of lawyers and peer professionals against one another to craft and deliver a "closing argument" for a secret (for now) firm-wide initiative. Teams might be office vs. office, partners vs. associates, etc. 2/
The secret initiative might be the firm's new strategic plan, a new CRM tool, a client-service model, an alternative fee pricing strategy, etc. It doesn't matter what the initiative is so long as it has firm-wide impact and is something they've not paid a lot of attention to. 3/
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In-house counsel v. law firm partners: knowledge deficit

I spent a good part of my weekend with a close friend, a VP legal of a finance company. He was helping me to figure out what to teach in a banking and finance litigation course.
#lawfirm #partner #knowledge #lawyers
This is an in-house lawyer who is meticulous, has every update on his fingertips and is respected for the depth and breadth of his knowledge.
He has overtaken many senior lawyers to become a VP in a big private equity and finance company thanks to his sheer knowledge and ability to apply the same to complex situations.
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The story of Knocker Uppers and a lesson for lawyers

A few days back, I was reading about the Industrial Revolution in Europe when I came across the story of ‘knocker-uppers’.

#knockerupper #lesson #lawyers #revolution
It was a profession in Britain and Ireland that started during the Industrial Revolution. This was prevalent even in the 1920s when alarm clocks were priced exorbitantly and were not reliable. A knocker-upper's job was to rouse sleeping people so they could get to work on time.
They would wake up their clients by tapping on their bedroom windows. On the street outside, walking to the next customer's house would be a figure wielding a long stick.
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