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Thread : Four questions that may predict success of lawyer.

1/ Suppose you do have a abilty to read a law report and to make notes from that.

But do you also have ability to do the same when heat is 47 C and when there is no air conditioner?

#lawyers #lawstudents
2/ Do you have that abilty even when you are very much tired and feeling very sleepy ?

You may have ability to read any law report when you are required to do so for a case. But suppose, in your free time you are sitting in a court's law library,
3/ do you feel like opening any law report randomly and to start reading it randomly?

Suppose you have come to court but you have no case today. Do you feel like going and sitting in court of a most boring and most rude judge, a judge who keeps insulting lawyers one by one?
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Thread : Can a Police Officer seek Stay Order from Court if he is transferred, for not investigating as per wishes of political leader?

1/ The general answer is NO.

2/ Before 1982, if a govt officer was transferred in violation of guidelines, Courts used to stay such transfer
3/ Then a legal principle was evolved, "No govt servant has right to serve at any particular place". (So even if he is transferred in violation of transfer guidelines, no court can grant stay order on transfer.)

This principle of law, put all govt servants at mercy of Admin.
4/ After this principle was evolved, the Courts became helpless.

Though they can see that an honest govt servant is being transferred wrongly, they cannot stay the transfer order..
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Thread : About double lives of Public Personalities and some methods to see what is hidden from public eyes.

1) If you become a public person, you may also have to start living a double life.

A public person has to manage perceptions of public.

#lawyers #lawstudents
2/ The public perceptions of a public personality is formed by the way he is seen in public, the way he speaks when he is public, what he is seen "writing for public viewing". This is all about managing optics. Now professional services of Perceptions Managers have also come up.
3/ This automatically means that a Public Person must hide that which is distasteful to public eyes and he should display only that which is suitable for public. This creates a double personalities within one individual.
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About usefulness or not usefulness of Reading Books of Famous Lawyers:

As a young lawyer, I too read such books. They inspired and I hoped that reading them would improve my English expressions and use of idioms and phrases.

But after many years now, I have different views.
2/ I have found that such books have not helped me in my journey.

Some of these books were just showcases of their intelligence.

In some books they just tried to transfer their unfulfilled arguments, dreams, Just as our parents wanted us to pursue their dreams..
3/ None of the books which I read was specially written to empower Lawstudents or young lawyers. This was their last consideration.

Successful lawyers of these books had different circumstances, different education,
Their parents were different. Their cities were different.
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Can we please stop this #NowPlaying long drawn out past decade of pushing #BlackPeople out there as if #BlackLivesMatter @ukblm now have the #Blackpower who will make that change who are listening to their own @Blackbirds to #Brainwashing you into thinking,
well if #BlackWomen #blackmen #LeadersDebate are seen to be in talking #StopRacism in the @churchofengland @ECB_cricket that must put an end to #PoliceBrutality #policecorruption #RacismReckoningMed22 as the rest of those like @mjtward19 who loves #football along with
the rest of @GREATBritain as @wabbey @UNESCO ?refuse to see the real reasons #ToryCorruption #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern #BorisJohnsonMustGo, being the very same reasons @Keir_Starmer #StarmerOut who should never ever have been the #LeadershipDevelopment for @UKLabour
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Thread to remove many misunderstanding in mind of people about Law of Anticipatory Bail.

1) This is an easiest law.

And yet when a person hears that police has registered FIR and may call him to police station, he becomes very very much frightened.
2/ If he learns that in FIR his aged parents are also named, his panic increases.

If the charges in FIR involve more than 7 years, 10 years or life imprisonment, his fears multiply.
3/ If he is debtor and if Creditor has filed FIR, his fear increases. He fears that police will call him to police station and will force him to sign a settlement and will force him to give post dated cheques.
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Thread on "Do Lawyers have conscience? Why they fight cases of criminals and rapists and for the most corrupt parties?

1) In India, lawyers are called Advocates under the Advocates Act.

#lawyers #advocates
2/ One meaning of word "Advocate" is "To speak on behalf of others".

And legal system is designed as "Adversial System".

Two parties are supposed to strongly argue on behalf of their clients and in this contested atmosphere, a Judge is supposed to give a balanced Judgement.
3/ When an advocate is arguing for prosecution, he is not supposed to speak on favourable points for accused.

When advocate is arguing for criminal, he is not supposed to speak in favour of prosecutor.
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Thread about how Judges examine a document when a doubt is expressed about genuineness of that document.

1/ The question was about genuineness of a Will.

The man claimed "He was servant of the deceased. All his relatives had left him in his old age.
#lawyers #lawstudents
2/ He was looking after all court cases between deceased and his sons. Being pleased with his service, the old man, before dying, signed one page typed will, in which one property was given to him."

There was doubt about genuineness of this Will.

3/ Judge examined the Will like a Detective.

It was possible that this man may have obtained signature of old man for purpose filing some case and then he may have misused this paper for making Will in his favour.

Judge carefully looked at Will.

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Thread "How to argue in court" - an easy to understand explanation to day to day Court Language.

1) First learn, "What is a Statement and how to make a statement to open an argument in a court.

a) "Defendant is fraud" This is your opinion. This is not

#lawyers #lawstudents
2/ a Statement for purpose of argument.

b) "Defendant has cheated me." This is again, your opinion. This is not a Statement for purpose of argument.

c) "Defendant cheated me of 50 lakh rupees by giving promise of giving a flat". This can do. The Judge

#lawyers #lawstudebt
3/ can understand what is your problem.

Judge can then ask you, "Why do you say so? What is your basis for saying so?"

Now here you are supposed to answer with some evidence (documents or other things) from which it is obvious that you might be speaking truth.

#law #lawyers
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Thread on story of lawyers, cobblers, tailors and rise of pro-poor political parties

1. 50 years ago, cobblers were seen outside every court. They used to sew and polish boots of lawyers.

Then machines came which made boots for lawyers. Machines also came to replace
2/ boot polishing work. Now they have almost disappeared..

The tailors used to have a shop in every street. They used to sew coats for lawyers.

Machine made clothes and coats came. And the tailors too disappeared.
I do not know where they went and

#lawyers #lawstudents #law
3/ how they may be maintaining their families.

Then there are talks that robots have been invented which can replace lawyers.

I am not sure where lawyers will go and how will they maintain their families.

In the meantime, movies and TV shows taught

#lawyers #lawstudents
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Thread on "Citing Reportable and Unreportable Decisions of Superior Courts after explosion of Internet Law Reporting Software which give a unique citation reference to each judgement."

1) There was a time when lawyers used to cite SCR a govt publication in arguments.

2/ Then came a period when lawyers begin to cite SCC (And AIR) a private publication in arguments in courts.

Then many other publications came, like Judgement Today, SCALE, and several other weekly and daily reports came and they used to be cited..

Then internet came.
3/ After internet came, many software's like Manupatra etc came.

Lawyers begin to take print outs and the print outs were cited as judgements.

Many times, these print outs used to print name of lawyer who is licensed to use this law software.

#lawyers #lawstudents
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Thread on need for lawyers and lawstudents to participate in public debates

1/ If you are a lawyer or law student, I can say,

"Vasant J Desai, my senior, used to say, 'Contribution of thoughts is the greatest contribution one can make to mankind'

#lawyers #lawstudents
2/ You can contribute your own thoughts on social media on any platform..

It may also improve your verbal expressions and presentation writing skills.

#lawyer #law #socialmedia #lawstudents
3/ It can also improve your arguments in courts.

Expressing one's thoughts, coherently, in a string of words is a skill required in legal profession..

There need to be an order and a subtle curtsey to opposite side, in whatever we may say.

#lawyers #lawstudents
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For Law Students and lawyers : Scope of Pillory Punishments

1/ In middle ages, a wooden plate was fixed around neck and hands of a convict, in such a that he can look like a walking banner. The hands were so fixed in wooden plate that he cannot eat or drink with his own hands.
2/ Then the convict was allowed to move in the town with wooden plate in his neck and hands.

This had dettent effact on people and there used to be less crime (Perhaps).

There are however provisions that

In present times, such punishments are not prescribed in law
3/ That certain crimes can be allowed to be compromised only with permission of Judge only.

This gives some powers to invent some new types of punishments to a Judge..

It was in news some years ago, that a political person was forgiven by judge only if he filed an undertaking
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A thread for law students and young lawyers.

1. The real life is full of deception.

All cases of deceptions, cheating come to court.

You will also see human greed and how it grows up within close family members.

You will also see criminality, lust and other vices in cases
2/ In cases, you will see how facts are selected and reordered or presented in such a way that White looks Black and, Black looks White. Innocent can be portrayed as guilty and guilty can be portrayed as Innocent.

You will see lot of misery in litigants.

You will also see
3/ how judges and lawyers treat litigants.

And you will also see that there is nothing much you can do about anything..

At such time, read some books on history of evolvement of law.

You may find that we are far better than our past versions.

We are just pawns in the game
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Thread for law students who have high potentials.

1/ The world may not judge you by your potential and desire to work hard.

But I believe that every Law Student is an acorn from which a tall oak tree can grow by natural process. I believe that even without a mentor he can
2/ grow and can stand alone. I believe that in order to shine, he needs no training. No lift is needed. I believe that every oak tree grows tall by inbuilt natural process.

All that is needed is to remove obtactles which prevents an acorn from becoming an oak tree.

3/ obstacles may be like a hostile soil, lack of water supply or lack of sunshine.

How these obstacles can be removed?

We may go in a jungle and can ask an oak tree, how it removed its obstacles.

It may reply,

A) "Inspite of hostile soil, I digged my roots deep so that
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CROONICLE: Blog Article or Explainer Video…
CROONICLE: Why Do You Need Top Real Estate Agents?… #realestate
CROONICLE: Essential Tips to Help Sell Structured Settlement ...… #annuity
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Opinion Editorial: Time For Change at the #Courthouse
In the flurry of enthusiasm for top of the ticket candidates, in 2018 #Democrats voted overwhelmingly straight ticket in #HarrisCounty. Unfortunately, officeholders doing a good job were swept out in the wave—replaced by (1)
...less than optimum alternatives. Witness how quickly two separate County #Clerks resigned or did not seek reelection, mainly due to errors and incompetence regarding multiple elections under their charge. Witness the judges who fail to run timely dockets, leaving plaintiffs (2)
and defendants languishing for years to see justice—including several judges who haven’t held a single trial since taking office! Witness further the dramatic rise in crime due to a misapplication of the fundamentals to practical #criminaljustice reform and non-functioning (3)
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LEAVES ME WHERE @DavidLammy #TheresaVilliers @clarehjohns @UKMissingPerson IN @MPSColindale REBECCA BIRD LEFT ME ON #SaturdayMorning 24/1/2015 IN THE #freezing COLD AT @OurTottenham MARSHES WHILE @MPSBarnet @MPSHendon @MPSEnfield @MPSHaringey WERE ALL BUSY COVERING UP #TheTruth
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The funny thing is, I am absolutely bored when I listen to @StaffordScotty
But even funnier still is what @ADPAC6 has stated, #WeMatter when saying #Congratulations @ICALondon .

I hope you do not take me the wrong way as this is no way aimed at what ever work @ADPAC6 do as
I have never heard of you until I came across this tweet, however, the person you are talking of is not who you are placing on such a privileged respected level who many who have not been chased off over the years that #TonisArmy have been fighting for #justice4ambrose
and the #LovellTwins👩🏿‍🤝‍👩🏾 being the @ProductsSystem part of the exposed bogus @InquiryCSA set up by @theresa_may and @NSPCC @PeterWanless claiming to be dealing with historical @ChildJusticeInc @Lambeth_SA being one of the boroughs included in the #iicsa.
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own actions that we can not believe that she as not lost the plot yet.

When you can have so manty turning their backs on what has to be the worse #CrimeStoriesIndiaDetectives #crimenews that I have witnessed in my throughout my entire life. Why?

Because the whole
#CrueltyFree @actionfrauduk is allowed to continue without a single
#Lawyers professionalism have we seen throughout the past 6/7 years as @Blklivesmatter @lemoisdesnoirs @MeTooMVMT #MeToo #EpsteinFiles @TheDukeOfYork @InquiryCSA acts as if the #LovellTwins👩🏿‍🤝‍👩🏾
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It’s well known that our society is infected by concepts which make us unhappy, damage our communities and endanger the biological world. These concepts infect us, we become contagious, then we infect those around us.

We know the sort of concepts they are. They look like this:
–You need more
–Take, don’t give
–Winner takes all
–Greed is good
–Appearances matter
–Those in power deserve their power
–Those with wealth deserve their wealth
–It’s your fault you’re poor

Some of these concepts simply misinterpret Darwinism. Some are demographic falsehoods. Some are empirically false. All lead us to a dangerous outcome for our species.
I consider them viruses–contagious & malign concepts which are part of a mind plague that’s harming us all.

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What is a #DAO and what are the predictions that will impact lawyers (aka opportunities and growth!) - a thread. #legal #lawyers #law #crypto #blockchain #legaltech Complete research briefing at
DAO - decentralized autonomous organization. This is a new type of company type (e.g. LLC), in which there is no leading member of the organization that has a majority rule and no human-based active decision making.
DAOs - operate through a series of smart contracts with extremely limited human interaction. This means the business can run without a traditional business structure.
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How good is the #Oxford Masters (MSc.) in Law and Finance program?
Pairing Finance with the law or Legal studies is not a bad combination.
But, you need to develop a road map for your career.
Whether you would like to start off as a #paralegal or as a financial / management accounting or a compliance analyst in the financial services sector of the economy in the long run?!
Because such degrees make you neither fish nor foul.
This is strictly my opinion and you may disagree.
Oxford Universities Degree/s, are second to none.
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