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TV Panelist. Writer. HINDU🕉️. Kaffir. Idolator. NonBeliever. MBA @kelloggschool Alum. Engineer. #GeoPolitics #ForeignAffairs INTIMIDATED! DEMS↔IslamoMarxist
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None of the 30 @NATO countries have any twitter handle like @NATOinUkraine. A special aspiration of @NATO to bring @Ukraine under their fold. Twitter handle created back in 2015 - long term game. What does Ukraine have that @NATO was so eager towards @Ukraine? Image Current 30 countries by year of joining @NATO 30 Nato Countries by year o...
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IRF-RT DC run by Greg Mitchell (The Mitchell Firm) had a session on to push: India's designation as CPC

Moderator: Matias Perttula
Their Speakers:
Govind Acharya @amnestyusa
Sunita Vishwanath @Hindus4HR
Rasheed Ahmed @IAMCouncil
John Prabhudoss @Fiacona_us

cc: @IndianEmbassyUS Cc: @nshuklain @jihadwatchRS @samwestrop @Islamist_Watch @Voice_For_India @seanhannity @Aabhas24 @JackPosobiec @KapilMishra_IND @Pushpendraamu @arifaajakia @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @Sanjay_Dixit @rajiv_pandit @VHPDigital @RSSorg @BJP4India @narendramodi @AmitShah
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I condemn IRF-RT for propagating false claims that would lead to massive Hindu genocide in America. The seed for hatred is already being sown by the protected professors in liberal American Universities and non-profit organizations. #Propaganda My letter: nathpurnima.com/articles/f/let… CC: @IndianEmbassyUS @CGI_Atlanta @cgihou @IndiainChicago @CGISFO @USAndIndia @MEAIndia @DrSJaishankar @SwarajyaMag @OpIndia_com @pGurus1 @myindmakers @eOrganiser @hindupost @CIS_Indus @Sanjay_Dixit @Voice_For_India @AmyMek @Aabhas24 @fgautier26 @arifaajakia @Pushpendraamu
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Thread 👇

@USCIRF #Soros & attack on Hindus/India:

Hindu-NAMED leftist lawyer Arunima Bhargava is one of the vice chairs of @USCIRF, & is appointed by @SpeakerPelosi(D)

Who is Arunima Bhargava?
A fellow of open society foundation (under the radar now) founded by @georgesoros You would have thought, how is @USCIRF able to designate INDIA (THE LARGEST DEMOCRACY WHERE HINDUS MIGHT BE MAJORITY IN NUMBERS, BUT MINORITY IN INFLUENCE, CIVIL RIGHTS, EXISTANCE, AND ARE GENOCIDED, MURDERED AND CONVERTED) - as the "country of concern"?

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@sfgov @cityofmilwaukee @CambMA @cityofsaintpaul @CityofSeattle #CityofAlbanyNY #Hamtramck #Michigan:

Since you are NOW the new board passing resolutions/sanctions against foreign countries with @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @USCIRF @UNHumanRights

I need some answers.
THREAD 👇 Please send me the #resolution #number against CHINA , it's Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for it's blatant religious rights violation, concentration camps and atrocities on the Uighur Muslim communities.
#HinduLivesMatter #HinduGenocide
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@TheDemocrats @DNC @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats + Hinduphobic (anti-India) Islamic orgs are passing #AntiCAA resolutions through Democrat city councils. They refused to acknowledge that these #antiCAA resolutions are #AntiNonMuslims. @sfgov is here (THREAD) @sfgov #antihindu #hinduphobic #antiIndia #antiModi #antiBJP (of course they have connected this to @realDonaldTrump) #antiCAA resolution public comment is here for your reference.

Yes, all the usual entities and Islamic orgs are involved. @BJP4India
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So...let us understand the rules 🚷 of the game

(1) Today, @TheDemocrats party claims it is fighting for 'ANTIRACISM''

BUT, deliberately nominates a 'RACIST' who sat on Washington for 50 going years & accomplished big 0???

#HYPOCRITES Thread 👇 Image (2) @TheDemocrats party also claims it is a pioneer of #MeToo...the infamous 'I believe them' gang - who grilled Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on a phony staged uncorroborated 40-years-old @lies to ruin his repuation, while FORD made a boatload of GoFundMe money...
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@Students_A_H : why?

You attacked India
You attacked Hindus
You attacked our Hindu festival - Holi
You attacked a humanitarian law of Indian sovereignty

Why did your @Yale prized student Shreya Singh @shreesters delete the @HoliAgainstHindutva site?

@MEAIndia Image Students Against Hindutva & Holi Against Hindutva campaign Link: holiagainsthindutva.com which now redirects to SAHI website @lawinforce @LegalLro @WhiteHouse @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @JudiciaryGOP We Hindu's ain't spectators anymore and not taking this attack on our faith and land. ImageImage
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I hit a nerve. Now, this Kashmiri Muslims separatist groups sitting right here in United States will come after me, shame me, threaten me, mock me, will try to shut me up, even will try to blow me up or slaughter me.

Let's unpack! Thread @FBI @CIA @NIA_India @IndianEmbassyUS ImageImageImage @Hindus4HR @standwkashmir @Students_A_H @IAMCouncil @CAIRNational @SASIinNYC @SAsiaSolidarity @EqualityLabs @saalt - ALL part of bigger nexus of Islamic jihad anti-Hindu propaganda here in United States.

WE HINDUS AIN'T HAVING IT ANYMORE @narendramodi @AmitShah @myogiadityanath
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India (Matrubhumi) got her independence from British atrocities in 1947, just to get divided. People of Indian region (Hindus: culturally/religiously) carries with them the OLDEST-LIVING-ANCIENT-CIVILIZATION. Science could only prove ~5,000yrs.

India's Independence day thread👇 Image Recently 28,500 year old kalpa-vriksha was found). India is NOT filled with mythology - its living. And, these are our history. Science was not a separate subject for the spiritual sages. They practiced medicine, surgery, engineering, architecture, metallurgy, music, dance, art..
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Kashmiri separatists came in many dress, shapes and colors: Hindu haters, Jew haters, white haters, atheists, religious supremacists, Islamists, communists and so on, such as, Hindus For Human Rights....they even used the word 'Hindu'

More at Thread
#Hinduphobia #HinduGenocide Kavita Ramas:
* Wife of Pakistani Zulfiqar Ahmad
* Advisor of Ford Foundation President Darren Walker
* Connection to Open Society Foundation
* Parents & sister connected to AAP PARTY
* President/CEO Global Funds for Women (doesn't exist now)

Read on

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Million Muslim Votes for Biden (Thread)

> Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) – Nihad Awad, Founder
> Mpower Change – Linda Sarsour, Founder
> Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition (IMCC) – Dr. Dilara Sayeed, Co-Founder

> Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) - Salam Al-Marayati
> American Pakistan Foundation (APF) – Riaz Siddiqi, Chair
> I-PAC Georgia PAC – Rizwan Hasan, President
> Emgage PAC - Wa'el Alzayat, CEO

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Indira Nehru, husband Feroz Khan, adopted Hindu name Indira Gandhi: Muslim PM of India

Jagan Y.S. Mohan Reddy, converted Christian family, kept Hindu name: CM of Andhra Pradesh

Urmila Matondkar Hindu, Kashmiri Muslim husband Mohsin Akhtar Mir: Actress turned leftist politician 'Suzanne' Arundhuti Roy, born to Malayali Syrian Christian Mary Roy, a Christian Women's rights activitst), goes by the Hindu name: loved by @washingtonpost

Thenmozhi Soundarrajan, Hindu named converted Chrisitan uses 'Dalit' Identity, another @washingtonpost fav

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Hypocrites exist...example:

@MayorJenny's summer of love CHAZ/CHOP dismantled as soon as it reached her doorstop
@CityMinneapolis voted to dismantle police only to have taxpayer-funded private security details
@SenSanders did not share 50% of his property or wealth
...(Thread) Image @BarackObama did not share the Martha's vineyard mansion with rioters
@Hollywood showoffs have gated communities
@TheRevAl travels in private jets
@SenWarren can lie to enter Harvard and get paid US $400,000+ for 1 class
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Same story....same pictures...but the story is twisted based on political agenda and religious propaganda. What did these terrorists do to heavenish Kashmir? They made it hell, a death zone.

So, the story goes...(thread) ImageImageImage A Hindu Sindhi civilian was shot and killed (along with CRPF jawan) by an Islamic terrorist in Sindh, Pakistan. His innocent grandson sat on his body. CRPF saved the boy from harm

What are the Is terrorists, terror-supporters and terror-sympathizers doing? Answer: third picture
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A #Radical #Sikh #Khalistani #separatists Group 'Sikh for justice' writes to Chinese President against India and supporting them on Galwan Violent aggression by #China.

35 Indian solders killed in India-China border clash. @NIA_India @FBI @CIA @BJP4India @ofbjp_usa @VHPDigital Image My #Sikh brothers of India, I expect you denounce SJF group is connection with:
- Pak-sponsored antiCAA protest
- Pak-sponsored Kashmir separatists and terror links
- Pak-sponsored terrorists attacking #India
- Pak ISI and SFJ connection has #antiIndia #Referendum2020Mission
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Another #Hindu (#Sanatani) got attacked #thread

@Deloitte @DeloitteUS: You MUST NOT succumb to the pressure from the #Islamic #SEPARATIST #antiIndia #antiHindu GROUP

AMBUSHED: Sriram Panigrahi, Hindu works at Deloitte US

ATTACKER: TrathHindustans, a Kashmiri Muslim handle ImageAmbushed: Sriram Panigrahi ...Image TrathHindusthans's thread (pinned)

Please check the entire thread to know who TrathHindusthans is?

Notice Trath Hindustan (S)...It is a #BreakIndia #Propaganda group

@KapilMishra_IND @Swamy39 @ShefVaidya @Rajput_Ramesh @jsaideepak @theanuragoffice
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Truth is now Hatred...so be it. I will continue to raise alarm against #terrorists #jihadists

Rubbish they are spreading for over 1000+ years has been the death of #Hindus #Hinduism & #Hindus. Hindus are slaughtered, lost its land, mocked severely...YET, THESE HINDU HATERS EXIST ImageImageImage So, true Hindus are the ones who show tolerance and be a GOOD person who spreads peace, not hatred. So, Gandhi likes can tell you to lower your neck, so the #Jihadists have easier way to slay the unbelievers neck and severed head can be presented as a gift for the NEW OWNER.
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Every #Desi group in #Facebook is hijacked! (Read on)

'Desh' is a Sanskrit word that means 'Land', 'Homeland', 'Native Land' or 'Country'. Usually, the word 'Desi', a contemporary colloquial word, is used to describe South Asian Indians, Pakistani or Bangladeshi living abroad. ImageImageImageImage Example:
Desi in Chicago Facebook Group, 13K members facebook.com/groups/1659297…
Creator: Shy Khan, Pakistani Muslim,tinyurl.com/y7mw3xu2
Group discussion : facebook.com/groups/1659297…
All the responders are Muslims (Mohammed Akbar, Sultan Papa, Syed Ayoob, Amer Hydro Nawab Mirza)