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Be a Poll Worker!
As well as VOTING & REGISTERING others, being a poll worker (or Poll Watcher) is one of the best ways to help Democracy & ensure fair elections in your State
State-by-State Requirements for 50 ALL STATES & links to sign up.
What’s the difference between Poll Worker & Poll Watcher?
#PollWorker Nonpartisan,Paid
(Clerks, Judges, Inspectors, Checker, Precinct Worker)
#PollWatcher Partisan,Volunteer
(Observers, Monitors, Challengers)
Be A Guardian of Democracy!
Be a Poll Worker or Watcher #Elections2020
Be A Guardian of Democracy!
#PollWorker #PollWatcher
A decade ago, Tea Party recruited saying “build relationships w/ election admins; they control access to vote” & they're still manning voting stations.
Volunteer. Help take back the vote. #Elections2020…
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There are 23 GOP Senators up for re-election in 2020 #Senate2020
#FlipTheSenate #BlueWave2020

Democratic Challengers for #SENATOR
(per @Politics1com & @ballotpedia)
Update Sep 2019

There are 23 GOP Senators up for re-election in 2020 #Senate2020 #23GOP

#FlipTheSenate #BlueWave2020
Dem Challengers for #SENATOR (per @Politics1com & @ballotpedia)
Update Sep 2019

Hey #ALASKA! Can you help #FlipTheSenate?
There are 2 Democratic Challengers
for Dan Sullivan's seat
Al Gross
Valerie Nurr'araaluk Davidson
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There are 22 GOP Senators up for re-election in 2020 #Senate2020
#FlipTheSenate #BlueWave2020

THREAD of all the Democratic Challengers for #SENATOR
(per @Politics1com & @ballotpedia)
Update Aug 2019

Hey #ALASKA! Can you help #FlipTheSenate?
At the moment there is 1 declared Democratic Challenger for Dan Sullivan's seat
Al Gross, Surgeon & Commercial Fisherman @DrAlGrossAK

Hey ARIZONA! Bye to @SenMcSallyAZ in 2020?
She's up in Special Election!
3 Democratic challengers for #SENATOR #ARIZONA
Mark Kelly @ShuttleCDRKelly
Mohammad Arif @Mohamma27433472
Juan Vasquez

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"Cell Phones and Contraband Sparked South Carolina Prison Incident that Killed 7"

That is NONSENSE, yup @TomCottonAR is wrong again (hard to believe)…

1. Here is proof that cellphones are NOT responsible for the Lee Riot or the unprecedented violence in South Carolina's prisons…
2. In fact, the only reason that we know what happened during the Lee Riot is BECAUSE of cell phones in prisons. In addition, the CAUSE was certainly not cellphones @hthompsn
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#22GOP Senators are up for re-election in #Elections2020
You see how great it is to have Flipped the House Blue, yes?
So, let's get started to #FlipTheSenate with #BlueWave2020

THREAD of all 22 with (POTENTIAL) Democratic Challengers (so far)
per @Politics1com
@SenMcSallyAZ up for re-election!
Democrat challengers for #SENATOR for #ARIZONA (per @Politics1com):
Chris Deschene @chris_deschene
Mark Kelly @ShuttleCDRKelly
Greg Stanton @gregstantonaz
Juan Vasquez, Physician
#Elections2020 #FlipTheSenate

Democrat challengers for #SENATOR for #ARKANSAS
There are 2 potential Democrat challengers for SENATOR for ARKANSAS (per @Politics1com )
Wesley Clark, Retired Army General, Ex-NATO Commander @GeneralClark
Joyce Elliott, State Senator, Ex-State Rep, Retired Teacher @xjelliott
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#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

102. #Duke TE Daniel Helm
Height: 6-4 1/8
Weight: 249
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 33 3/8
Wingspan: 79 5/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

103. #Iowa TE TJ Hockenson
Height: 6-4 6/8
Weight: 251
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 32 2/8
Wingspan: 77 7/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

104. #Mississippi TE Dawson Knox
Height: 6-4 3/8
Weight: 254
Hand: 9 6/8
Arm: 33 4/8
Wingspan: 80 4/8
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This will be the 2019 #NFLCombine measurements thread. (The league records prospect information in 8ths of an inch and does not reduce the fractions...if you don't like it, tweet management.)
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

1. #Utah K Matt Gay
Height: 6-0
Weight: 232
Hand: 9
Arm: 30 4/8
Wingspan: 73 4/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oklahoma K Austin Seibert
Height: 5-9 2/8
Weight: 213
Hand: 8 7/8
Arm: 30 3/8
Wingspan: 70 4/8
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Today, I’m headed to Greenville, #SouthCarolina, where Minnesota Sen. @amyklobuchar is meeting with local Democrats. Yesterday, the 2020 White House hopeful was in Georgia, where she spent time with former President Jimmy Carter & @staceyabrams…
Sen. @amyklobuchar has arrived in Greenville, South Carolina, where she’ll soon address a room full of Democrats in the conservative Upstate.
About 15 minutes into her speech, @amyklobuchar gets laughs from this room of Democrats when she says she needs to have a “@marcorubio moment” - but enlists some help to open up a water bottle.
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NOW: US Education Secretery @BetsyDeVosED is wrapping up a tour of a #SouthCarolina school with Lt Gov @PamelaEvette, state Education Secretary @Molly_Spearman & @RepTomRice. DeVos is observing improvements in a once-struggling district in what’s known as the “Corridor of Shame”
After a round table discussion with educators, @BetsyDeVosED is touring a Florence SC technical college campus with @Molly_Spearman & Lt Gov @PamelaEvette
”I applaud the direction that the school and the district have taken to really meet the needs of individual students ...” @BetsyDeVosED said today during a trip to one of SC’s most historically underperforming areas. My full story-and photos from the day.…
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🏆In the astonishingly corrupt world of politics in Washington today, it is important to acknowledge people that do the right thing no matter the consequences. I think we should acknowledge the 58 members of the 115th Congress who did the right thing.

🥇These members of the 115th Congress didn’t think about the political ramifications, their reputations or the timing; they just voted honorably not to table the measure to impeach a prez who is clearly not abiding by the law or representing our country the way it deserves to be.
🏆Most of these members of the 115th Congress are still in Congress, but some are Governors or in new positions. One member, Louise Slaughter D-NY, sadly died in 2018. More on her later.
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JUST IN: US Education Secretary @BetsyDeVosED to visit "Corridor of Shame" during visit to #SouthCarolina on Thursday.
MORE: DeVos and Deputy Secretary of Education Mitchell Zais will join @RepTomRice and SC Superintendent of Education @Molly_Spearman in Florence, to meet with education leaders in the impoverished area along I-95, where schools consistently fall below standards.
The visit comes amid ongoing debate on how to improve South Carolina’s education system. In his State of the State address last month, Gov. @HenryMcMaster pledged that “the words ‘Corridor of Shame’ will be a distant memory.”…
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Today I’m still on the 2020 trail in #SouthCarolina with @SenGillibrand, who just arrived for services at Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church in North Charleston.
Some of today’s music is provided by the Gospel Choir from @ncatsuaggies. This video in no way does them justice; they are absolutely incredible.
“I love the fact that your Bibles are under your seat. When you go on a plane, and they say, your life preserver is under your seat - OUR life preservers are under our seat!” @SenGillibrand told the crowd here at Mount Moriah Baptist.
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Today I’m in Columbia, #SouthCarolina, with 2020 presidential hopeful @SenGillibrand, who is strolling a Main Street farmers market and meeting voters. Next up, a luncheon and gathering with business owners in this critical early-voting state.
At a luncheon hosted by @WhipClyburn’s daughter, @SenGillibrand talked about her plans for fixing education, which include severing property taxes from school funding. She also said the candidate who wins in 2020 must be willing to be “as disruptive” as President Trump.
Kiki’s Chicken and Waffles in South Carolina's capital city of Columbia has become a must-visit location for Democratic presidential hopefuls. @SenGillibrand is here, now, having a roundtable meeting with a group of predominately black business owners.
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I’m a mom, a businesswoman and a state legislator serving South Carolina. At a young age, I was determined to forge my own path through life. And nearly 20 years ago I became the first female graduate of The Citadel after following in my father’s footsteps.
I also have experience starting my own business and in 2017 ran for - and won - a seat in the state legislature, on my own terms.

As women we make a fundamental mistake when we make our identity as women the WHOLE story.

The point of breaking glass ceilings is so that, after they’re broken, it doesn’t matter anymore. The American experiment is built on the premise that if you set a goal, show up on time and work hard, then success is within reach. (3/6)
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@Ben_C_Chambers oh yes, not just "some" - at least a few thousand:…
@Ben_C_Chambers As John Hope Franklin showed, as early as 1834, Southern slaveholders - led by Fire-Eaters mostly out of #SouthCarolina - were eyeing Brazil (& indeed the entire Gulf & Caribbean - as places to expand their slavery empire.
@Ben_C_Chambers From Franklin's The Militant South (excerpts from my own Masterless Men:)
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According to Chuck Todd, host of @MTPDaily, this tweet is a “tell” that Donald Trump is panicked about the effort from 18 Republican Attorneys General to challenge the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in court▶️seeking to end protections for those with pre-existing conditions. #LieGate
⚡️It’s certainly not a good look for Republicans less than 3 weeks from the November Election.

▶️Neither is talking about separating more children from their parents and putting them in cages
▶️Neither is talking about stripping Social Security & Medicare programs
▶️Neither is protecting the murderers of a respected journalist, then using money as the reason and inflating the numbers while you’re doing it

🔗Link to lawsuit against the ACA:…
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(1) #Florence #PhotoThread: Week Two, starting 9/20/18.

(Some pix in this thread are from Week One. The first thread is here: )


Please donate to a Governor's fund (NC, SC, VA) or trusted charity.
(2) State level #HurricaneFlorence fundraisers:




Below: NC Gov Roy Cooper & Mrs Cooper at a shelter this week.
(3) Rescued at night: "We made it!"
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🙌🙌🙌You know what's going to be sooooooooooo good?!?

🔪When Trump turns on Rudy Giuliani.

🔥Can't wait.

[With Rudy Giuliani, What You See is What You Get]

Giuliani has "tragically plummeted from greatness."…
📃Well, that was the narrative.

💥But the article points out that Rudy Giuliani was walking the streets on 9/11 because his Emergency Center—which he insisted on locating on the 23rd floor of 7 World Trade Center—in spite of advice from the Police Commissioner was gone.
🍸There are many people who don't believe in the story that Giuliani has recently had a "fall from grace." The article quotes legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin describing Giuliani with “naked aggression and a thirst for attention.” Aggression, meaning refusal to listen to subordinates
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While we are all working to importantly save this country by electing Democrats to #FlipTheHouse and #FlipTheSenate in November-

Electing Democratic state governors is extremely important, too. They can be an important line of defense at the state level. 1/6
State governors can:
✅Help #SaveTheACA
✅Help save and expand #Medicare
✅Protect #NetNeutrality
✅Protect the environment and deal with #climatechange
✅Help end #Gerrymandering and voter suppression.
✅Enact #GunSense legislation.
✅Protect abortion rights.
And more. 2/6
Here are governors' seats we need to hold or are competitive to flip. Please follow, donate, add them to your RT lists, & if you are local, get involved with their campaigns on the ground. Candidates all through primary elections.
#Arizona @dg4az
#Colorodo @jaredpolis 3/6
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#GOPComplicit incumbents represent their donors over constituents.

🇺🇸All states have a moment
🔴All #GOPTraitors have a thread
💵Top donors tagged to rep(s)
📰Negative news in each thread

🔎from:batmanresist ST## / STSEN

Hold them accountable for their actions.
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