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14 Apr 20
Thread: We are in dangerous waters here!

Indian government has relaxed clinical trial rules in the country to let pharmaceutical companies develop a vaccine for the novel corona virus transmitted COVID-19.

2/ The reason rules are relaxed is so India can participate in WHO's "solidarity trials" of a cocktail of 4 drugs (Gates funded?) on the patients they have imprisoned in hospitals. Does general consent signed by you, state you agree to be a Guinea pig?m.economictimes.com/news/politics-…
3/ The WHO project of 4 experimental drugs 8s called "SOLIDARITY." And of course the Gates Foundation is part of it. They are unhappy that they cannot conduct trials on the poor of Asian and African nations. WHY? Will these be secret Covid vaccine trials? nature.com/articles/d4158…
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25 Mar 20
As in Italy, in China too majority who died after testing positive for #coronavirus were aged (70+) and suffered from one or more serious health condition.
Important: MIT study says higher temperatures and humidity seem be the reason why countries like India do not have high number of #Corona + cases. And it says lower testing is NOT a factor as other countries w/high temp & humidity & more tests than the US have fewer cases.
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21 Mar 20
According to Bill Gates, the #CoronaVirus legitimises an #Aadhaar type real-time digital tracking system for every human on earth. Could be implanted in chips? Is the human population dumb enough to let him push this through?
newspunch.com/bill-gates-cor… Image
The Gates chip implanted in everyone for #Corona could not only track you with #ID2020 (#Aadhaar) and confirm if you’ve been vaccinated but it could also tie in the banking system all into one easy to implant, invisible, digital mark. WORSE - is this DoT?
savedmag.com/bill-gates-qua… Image
Here's how Gates Quantum Dot Digital Tattoo implant to track #COVID2019 vaccine compliance works. It holds vaccination records inside your body. Combined with #ID2020 it likely holds all your other details too. nanowerk.com/nanotechnology… ImageImageImage
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8 Feb 20
THREAD: The history India is silent on that must be revisited as we face the threat of #NRC detention. During the 1962 war with China, India rounded up thousands of Indians of Chinese descent saying they were "foreigners" & a threat, and jailed them for 5yrs in detention centres
2/ A book every Indian supporting the #NRC_CAA_NPR protests #MustRead if you really want to know how deep racist persecution runs through Indian history. Similarly, most Chinese rounded up and sent in trains to #detentioncentres in Deoli, Rajasthan, were from #Assam & #Bengal.
3/ The 3000 Chinese, the Indian govt put into detention centres in 1962 were 2nd/3rd generation in India. Many died in detention due to sickness & starvation. Most were FORCEFULLY deported but did not want to go as India was home! #NRC_CAA_NPR


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4 Feb 20
I reject #NRC in all states including Assam& NE. It's unacceptable that people from a state say that they want to be free to live/study/work/marry/settle in any part of India, BUT that they will not allow citizens from other states to live/study/work/marry/settle in their states.
A Bodo govt official wants all out of #,NRC deported to Bangladesh. Assam began demanding #NRC in 1947 by pushing Islamophobia. But 15 of 18 Lakh out of NRC are not Muslims. 4L Biharis, 1L Nepali, 9-10L Bengal Hindus. Still want them all sent to Bangladesh!theprint.in/india/governan…
40 yr-old Amila Sah, a Bihari Assamese, was put out of #NRC and put into the Tezpur detention camp. Her father settled in Assam in 1948 and raised all his children here. She showed her birth, school certificate & father's name in the 1950 voter's list. freepressjournal.in/india/assam-40…
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23 Jan 20
I never understood why many Indians support #subhashchandrabose's attempts to form an alliance with Hitler & Mussolini to fight the British in India. Do you think Hitler would have come in, ended British raj and waltzed out with a box of Laddus?

Seriously #Asking. Do explain.
Ok. But you didn't answer my question. There must be a conclusion to your thought process. I am just interested to know what it is.
POLL on #subhashchandrabosejayanti

#Subhaschandrabose tried to ally with Hitler and Mussolini to drive the British out of India.

Do you think if this alliance happened, Hitler would have freed India and then left us in peace?
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18 Jan 20
18L out of #NRC in #Assam are going to be imprisoned here. Some of them are being used as labor to build these detention centres. Are liberal Indians silent because 15L of 18L are Hindus? Don't they even care about the 3L Muslims? And 90% of the 18L are citizens. Not immigrants.
Members of the foreign tribunals in Assam are hired with huge salaries & perks to kick maximum out of #NRC. If they don't meet a quota they are given a bad report & fired. One member said they love their perks but up to 14L kicked out EASILY are citizens
Quite unforgivable how some lawyers have been misleading the public on #CAA. The 15L Hindus out of Assam #NRC will have to prove their religion & Bangladeshi citizenship before CAA can be applied. WHY or HOW will they do that when they are Indians? Thread
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8 Jan 20
Haven't seen #Chhapaak. But hope it highlights KEY issues of #acid violence in India:
1) No control on its sale & distribution.
2) It's cheap & available everywhere.
3) Police often don't take action.
4) Hospitals refuse victims.
5) No medical or monetary compensation for victims
2/ The aim of this THREAD is to urge #DeepikaPadukone who is the star & also the producer of the film #Chhapaak, to ensure that the acid attack survivor #LaxmiAgarwal, on whose life the film is based, ensures Laxmi gets a profit & royalty based dividend in the film. She needs it.
3/ Acid survivor #LaxmiAgarwal on whose life Film #Chhappak is based on, lives in desperate poverty. In Sept 2018, she was on the verge of being evicted from her room with her baby. She had only Rs5000/- and does not get paid for any show she's invited to.
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20 Dec 19
NRC poll: Did you know the Congress party created NRC and since then has deported 82728 Bangladeshis whereas the BJP till date has deported only 1822?

The first NRC was published in Assam in 1951. It went through various stages and was testing ground for a national NRC. m.economictimes.com/news/politics-…
Read the 2011 census guidelines. Most citizens did not know that during the census, govt was already collecting #NPR (for #NRC) and #Aadhaar biometric data ** illegally**. censusindia.gov.in/2011-FAQ/FAQ-P…
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18 Dec 19
Priyanka Gandhi & all student protests seem to be focused solely on #CAA. But #NRC is the bigger danger. Do people realize that? In 2018 INC boasted it had created NRC & had deported 82728 Bangladeshis whereas the BJP had deported only 1822. #CAA_NRC

The #CAB is a decoy. It's a red herring - that was bound to cause #CAAProtests to errupt to draw attention away from #NRCBill. CAB is to NRC what the #Dataprotectionbill is to #Aadhaar. The real danger is from Aadhaar. Like it is from NRC. @Stupidosaur?
Explanation :The #CABBill does not specifically say it will not give citizenship to Muslim immigrants. If it does, the #CAA will straight away go to court as it's blatantly Unconstitutional. But the #NRC which is random, can easily target more Muslims if that's BJP govt's aim.
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11 Dec 19
BJP's political wiles backfired again! It used Assam's prejudice against Hindus, Muslims & Nepali settlers as well as Adivasis, to push the #NCR there. But as most excluded were Hindus, they brought in the #CAB! Assam is on fire for now they feel cheated😒
#CAB2019 might lead to a resurgence in the ULFA killings of Bengali Hindus & Gorkhas in Assam. Last year the ULFA had already started protesting the #CAB, and to drive home the point had begun systemic execution of Bengali families. scroll.in/article/900826…
#CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019 will specially endanger Nepalis living not only in Assam but also in the rest of the NE where they face persecution. In 2015 Meghalaya violently drove out 15000 Nepalis by burning some of them alive. reliefweb.int/report/india/n…
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20 Oct 19
I'm shocked by Nobel Laureate Abhijeet Banerjee's this article on #rape! He thinks men rape because they do not get enough sex! And that child marriage is how village patriarchs try to prevent rape! I'm very worried about his gender empowerment projects!
A thread

2/This article is #AbhijitBanerjee's explanation for the Delhi bus gang rape and an increase in such rapes. Do we assume that if poor men were each given 3-4 room houses where each person has private space to have sex then he won't rape? Do rich men not rape/gang rape?
3/ In all his work with the underprivileged, did #AbhijitBanerjee learn nothing about the sexual mores of various tribal communities in India which are far more open than educated urbans and allow for sexual freedom & choice for men & women (w/out owing homes or having privacy)?
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21 Nov 18
Yes #SmashBrahmanicalPatriarchy and every other kind of patriarchy, misogyny & #sexism regardless of the caste, class, race or religion that habits it. And they all do. But this poster #JackDorsey held was interesting for a number of reasons which I will discuss in this thread.
2/ Firstly, the picture on this poster of a #Dalit woman, reinforces upper-caste, discriminatory, caste stereotypes that holds that the lower caste are dark skinned with Afroid hair & facial features. We all know this untrue. There is no way you can identify caste by color!
3/ In fact it is this kind of stereotype about what Dalit women look like and do, which Jack's poster reinforces, that Dalit women in India have been fighting. #jackinindia
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8 Aug 18
11 signs that the government is gaslighting all citizens in India with #Aadhaar.

Do READ this and think about it! 👇

2/ #Aadhaar is system, govt & pvt co. are using to enslave Indians by gaslighting. #Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. Govt has
brainwashed us to question our OWN identity. Am I who I say I am?
3/ Since gaslighting is a tactic of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders, the goal of using #Aadhaar as a #gaslighting tool is by now pretty clear. It is done slowly, so the victim doesn't realize how much they've been brainwashed.
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12 Jul 18
UIDAI forcing banks to ONLY hire Deloitte (a UK) firm for audits, giving it a monopoly, pay it ₹1,94,700 a unit is for the mandatory internal security audit for Aadhaar & also pay for the travel, boarding and lodging of Deloitte officials!
The #Aadhaar CIDR is neither w/UIDAI nor govt of India but is owned by a pvt US agency that is contractor for the FBI & CIA. Deloitte, the ONLY agency allowed by UIDAI to audit Aadhaar cybersecurity of Indian banks, also has an FBI connection! www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/ab…
Ti put his thread in context for those of you who are unfamiliar about what has been stated by army veterans before the Supreme Court about how India's Aadhaar biometric data base is practically in the hands of the FBI & CIA.
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23 Jun 18
Chillingly, the 10 stages of #Aadhaar : India's enforced biometric ID.
#1. Classification: People are divided into 2 groups. Those who have #Aadhaar (the good people). And those who don't have Aadhaar (the bad people). We don't have this classification for any other ID in India.
#2 People are forced to self identify using #Aadhaar as a single centralized biometric ID, for everywhere they do, everything they have. It's linked to birth, death, marriage, ration, pension, bank, property, school, online shopping, app cab. This happens ONLY in a fascist state
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14 Apr 18
A professional camera does not take professional pictures. A person does. I am a prof. photographer, and that's why I was struck by the angle and framing. This is someone who takes pictures for news & media.
In fact this is someone who works with 'Real Kashmir News' probably, because they were the first ones to publish the pictures the very next day after she was found on Jan 18.
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12 Apr 18
Just like I did with the Delhi bus gang rape & murder, I am following the investigation on #Asifa's case closely. And like the Delhi police, the J&K police have mucked this up too. This chargesheet is full of holes! firstpost.com/india/kathua-r…
1/ So according to this detailed investigation, #Asifa was repeatedly sedated as she was raped over 7 days. And for some reason, the strip of tablets she was drugged with was, as per police report, "kept under a heap of garbage near an electric pole outside the Devisthan." What?
2/n Report says accused "washed the clothes worn by" #Asifa at the time of her death "to remove the clay and blood stains/sperm" before forensic tests. Did they put it back on her? Do forensics confirm this? And what about forensic report on fluid, hair & evidence on & in her?
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19 Jan 18
THREAD: I am putting Advocate Seema Sapra's arguments on the #AadhaarHearings here because it I find it extremely cohesive and think it very important for everyone to read and discuss. The link to her post is above. 1/n
2/n #AadhaarHearing is "framed too narrowly around privacy and there are other more serious concerns about Aadhaar &facts about the Aadhaar biometric identification system that have not been placed before the Supreme Court or are being sidelined by the focus on the privacy right
3/n The focus on privacy in the #AadhaarHearings sidelines the issue "that Aadhaar in its very design and implementation more fundamentally violates the right to identity, to person-hood, to citizenship and consequently the right to life itself."
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21 Nov 17
1/ Thread: The truth behind the government's claim that #Aadhaar will check child marriages, #dowry blackmail, bigamy & Violence against women. google.co.in/amp/s/m.busine…
2/. A network of wedding scam artists, where women would make fake #Aadhaars ids (so they couldn't be identified), marry unsuspecting men, rob them and then flee. m.bhaskar.com/news/MP-IND-HM…
3/. In UP, a family got an #Aadhaar made stating their daughter is 18, when she's actually 11 years, and got her married. The girl reported her family! Or we'd never catch this #childmarriage. Govt says #Aadhaar is the "Voice of Truth." An absolute must! timesnownews.com/india/article/…
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15 Sep 17
Thread #Rohingyas :Biggest community of 100,000 in Pakistan.Vastly impoverished they are denied legal status & jobs nytimes.com/2017/09/12/wor…
A 2009 report from #MSF on the systemic violence against #Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh msf.ca/en/article/ban…
#Rohingyas fleeing to Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia are subject to rape, extortion, murder & humantrafficking google.co.in/amp/amp.timein…
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