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#SadarPranam @PrashantKishor ji. Why shouldn’t #CAA_NRC be applied in Bihar? As per the Constitution of India no state can go against it. I explain it wrt Constitution in this thread, as you seem to have never read it.

Read thread & respond should u have enuf substance.
2/n India is a “union of states”, “not a federation of states” which is headed by the @rashtrapatibhvn . The PM & the Council of Ministers are appointed by the President to run the Republic of India. The Governor is head of states being the nominee of the President.
3/n The @rashtrapatibhvn acts on the advice of the @PMOIndia as per article 74 of the Constitution. Interestingly Indira Gandhi through 42nd amendment made it mandatory for the president to accept advice of PM & council of ministers.

Read snippet from the Constitution
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Aamir Khan feels unsafe to live in India, Farhan Akhtar protests #CAA_NRC without knowing the facts & Deepika Padukone shows up at JNU to support Aishe Ghosh. It can’t be a coincidence and it’s not. They are all managed by a Mumbai based company - Spice PR 👇#DeepikaPRBackfires
This is how the PR machinery works. They have creatives, content, strategy all figured out much before the actual event. Right after Deepika left from JNU, the following creatives started floating on SM platforms like Twitter, FB, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. #DeepikaPRBackfires
Soon within 24 hours #ISupportDeepika was trending at No. 1 in India with 236K tweets and No. 3 in Worldwide trends with 234k tweets. But how did they get so many tweets in 24 hours when #BoycottChhaapaak was trending at No. 2 with just 177K Tweets? Weird no? #DeepikaPRBackfires
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I encountered some genuine concerns about #CAA_NRC_NPR in many people's minds.

In a way misinformation spreads fast and in very lethal way, but I am certain that Government could not clarify the whole exercise in crystal clear manner, with unanimity and solidarity.
As I am reading, researching, watching from quite a while now, Explaining the actual scenario verbally or personally to a mass of people is not possible to me at this point, so taking this SM route to spread awareness.

I will link some govt sources here to avoid over explaining
Lets have step by step knowledge about these things. Lets start with #NPR as it is smaller and very straightforward thing!

Pure misinformation led #NPR getting connected with #CAA_NRC. It should be looked as a joint exercise with Census.
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Do you know there is a tribe in Pakistan that lives in the mountains of Hindu-Kush and practise an ancient form of Hinduism called "Kalash"

The Kalash kafirs (kafiristan) are facing an existential crisis and are being forced to convert to Islam
@vivekagnihotri @Aabhas24
These people living in 3 remote mountainous valleys in Pakistan, are the last remnants of the ‘Kafirs’ of the Hindu Kush

In 1896 they are more than 100,000

Today they are around 4,000, which indicates a drastic decline in the population of those Kalasha people #ISupportCAA
Hindus in Afghanistan converted to Buddhist during the time of Ashoka & Kanishka

During Arabic invasion, these Buddhists could not save themselves even for 25yrs

Buddhists who changed religion due to fear of sword called these Kalash people Kafir & their territory as Kafiristan
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.@amjedmbt condemns @hydcitypolice act of booking 25 cases against TS&AP JAC leaders for organising #MillionMarchHyderabad, against #CAA_NRC, Appeals CM KCR & @KTRTRS to take note of this dirtiest act of @CPHydCity or face consequences in upcoming Elections./1 @TelanganaDGP
One thing is common in all cases that the Convenor JAC Mohammed Mustaq Mallik has been shown accused in all the cases and along with him others has been mentioned. All the FIR's are a copy/paste of one other. The word others will be never ending story. /2
#MillionMarchHyderabad was first of its kind since independence, There was no traffic jam, No untoward incident, No anti religious slogans, No stone pelting and moreover the organizers cleaned the entire roads upto late night after the Million March. /3
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1/n #SadarPranam @VishalBhardwaj ji. There has been lots of fuss about #Faiz & his poem but it’s unfortunate that most of the people have deviated from hard facts in order to take sides.

I request you to read thread below where I explain the concern.
2/n In fact the great Historian @irfhabib tries to school people about #Faiz but misses the root point.

What is really important right now is to speak a bit about a very important poem “Vande Mātaram” with its reception.
3/n Syed Imam Ali,a Shi’a Muslim,President of Muslim League condemned Vandematram on December 30,1908.

Source: Vande Mataram: A Historical Lesson by A. G. Noorani, Economic and Political Weekly
Vol. 8, No. 23 (Jun. 9, 1973), pp. 1039+1041-1043 (4 pages)
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देश भर में कंपकपाती ठण्ड पर
विभिन्न दलों की राय इस प्रकार हो सकती हैं।

भाजपा :-
ये कंपकपाती ठण्ड सबका साथ, सबका विश्वास का अद्भुत उदाहरण हैं। ये ठण्ड बिना किसी जाति, धर्म के भेदभाव किए बिना सभी पर समान रूप से पड़ रही हैं।

हम इस सद्भावनापूर्ण ठण्ड का स्वागत करते हैं।
कॉंग्रेस :-
ऐसा नही हैं कि, ये ठण्ड हमारी सरकार में नही पड़ती थी, पड़ती थी किन्तु ऐसी भेदभावपूर्ण, विद्वेषपूर्ण ठण्ड आज से पहले कभी नही पड़ी।

हम पूछना चाहते हैं इस सरकार से अल्पसंख्यक इलाकों में ही ज्यादा ठण्ड क्यों पड़ रही हैं?

हम संसद में कंपकपाती ठण्ड पर बहस चाहते हैं
केजरीवाल :-
हम पूछना चाहते हैं, मोदी जी से
आखिर दिल्ली चुनाव के ऐनवक्त पहले ही इतनी ठण्ड क्यों पड़ रही हैं ?

5 साल इतनी ठण्ड क्यों नही पड़ी ?

मोदी सरकार अधिक ठण्ड पड़वाकर वोटरों को डराना चाह रही हैं। हम विधानसभा का विशेष सत्र बुलवाकर इस षड्यंत्र का खुलासा करेंगे।
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A brief analysis of @SadhguruJV's video on #CAA_NRC
In the beginning, he says "I even wondered have I missed something really? Bcz I havent read the Act fully, I only know it from newspapers & what's generally out there."
#IndiaSupportsCAA #IndiaDoesNotSupportCAA
He then states some facts: He says that after the partition of India "23% (of minorities) stayed back in West Pakistan and arnd 30% in East Pakistan (Bangladesh). Thats what people say...I am no expert but it can't be totally wrong." It is totally wrong (…)
Next up he says: In these countries there is discrimination against minority by law. He gives an example of how Hindus are not allowed to get married in Pakistan by following their own religion. Pakistan passed a law in 2017 to enable this. Read:…
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Factual thread with

Documented, verifiable facts:


7 July 1947: Gandhiji calls for all Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan to be allowed to come to India whenever they wish, if they feel persecuted in Pakistan
9 Nov 1947: Congress Working Committee adopts a resolution for the same, stating specifically that India will accept "all non-Muslims" from Pakistan at any time.

Nehruji and Rajendra Prasad Prasad make speeches about this multiple times.
2 April 1950: Nehru signs an agreement with Pakistan's Liaquat Ali Khan: Refugees allowed to return to sell their property, abducted women and looted property to be returned, forced conversions to be reversed, minorities granted state protection.
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Important to note: What I saw outside #UPBhawan today was dramatic, but it was nothing compared to the kinds of police brutality happening in Uttar Pradesh right now, or what happened at #JamiaMilliaIslamia and #AligarhMuslimUniversity University on Dec 15. (1/7)
I wrote about all of that for the @latimes yesterday. What I saw today was “just” aggressive handling of protestors - not, as has been the case the crackdowns I’ve written about, the use of batons, teargas, guns, and in reportedly even stun grenades. (2/7)…
This is Rohool Banka (@rohool_banka) after the crackdown at #JamiaMilliaIslamia on Dec 15. A 25-year-old Kashmiri Muslim, he told me that when police stormed the library he was studying in, he tried to pretend he was Hindu. That’s the only way he thought he’d survive. (3/7)
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What a shame for modern India. Still these fasadis r roaming freely & given spl treatment.

My heart sinks at reading the atrocities done on Hindus by these hypocr!tes, k!llers & fasadis of India.

Musl!ms' ideology is to k!ll Hindus thn why do Hindus stay blind to this fact?
What has changed since Hindus Massacre on 12th October 1946 ?

Sadly Nothing !

Year 2002 Godhra ! And many more..

List of riots 👇…

Most of those who are opposing #CAA_NRC are Hindus !

Still hindus are blind to the ideology of k!llers cult culture !
Bhagat, Rajguru, Chandrashekhar, Savarkar, Bose & many more patriots who happily sacrificed their lives & their families for the sake of Bharat Mata.

They never thought if they had "Gandy" like crowd following or not. They just did what was right.
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We don’t need Amit Shah to tell us whether or not NPR will lead to the NRC/NRIC.

It’s there in the rules notified by the Vajpayee govt in 2003. This is the law of the land. Read it for yourself.…

#NPRisNRC #CAA_NRCProtests #NRC_CAA_Protest #NRCवायाNPR
“For the purposes of preparation and inclusion in the Local Register of Indian Citizens, the particulars collected of every family and individual in the Population Register shall be verified and scrutinized by the Local Registrar....” #NPRisNRC
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चलता था...
अबे चलता होगा...पर
अब नहीं चलेगा....समझे..???

नहीं समझ आ रहा.??
ये भी नहीं चलेगा...समझे...???

समझना ही पड़ेगा...समझे...???

अब समझ तो गये ही होगे..
कि किसको बोल रहा हूँ...??

चलो समझाता हूँ कि क्या नहीं चलेगा...😎🇮🇳

तो सुनो...
एक समय की बात है कि इस देश में कुछ...
लोगों ने
पाकिस्तान,बांग्लादेश,अफगानिस्तान से आये अपने-२ "शांतिप्रिय" चाचाओं,मामाओं को... "शांति" से अपनी "घनी बस्तियों" में "धीरे-धीरे" प्रश्रय देना शुरू कर दिया..
पहले एक दो आये..
फिर इन लोगों ने समझा कि घंटा इस देश में कोई फर्क ना पड़ रहा.. सरकार तो XYZ मिक्स है..या कांग्रेस की
और हमारे धर्म का वोट इन फलाने ढिमकाने XYZ और कांग्रेस को ही पड़ता है..तो 10-12 ने 50-100 अपने रिश्तेदारों को भी बुला उन्हीं घनी बस्तियों में बसा और छुपा लिया..
कुछ नेपाल के रास्ते घुस आये..
कुछ जिस रास्ते से "कसाब" आया..उस रास्ते से घुस आये.."हर शहर" की "खास घनी बस्तियां"..इनकी
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GoI says illegal immigrants will be thrown out but here they are assuring Bangladesh that it won't affect them.
So where will the people go?
They'll either be made second class citizens (no voting, property rights etc.) or put in detention camps forever.
The law will not be extended to Rohingya Muslims persecuted in Myanmar; Shia and Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan; Hazaras, Tajiks and Uzbeks in Afghanistan; Tamils in Sri Lanka; and atheists in Bangladesh.

So how is it for persecuted minority & secular?…
So when lakhs, maybe even crores of people inevitably fail to provide their documents, they will be forced to declare themselves as non-Muslim illegal immigrants who have come to India.
That would create a ruckus...

Most questions answered…
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Read carefully, why #CAA_NRC are the last chance for India's existence

#Thread on story of Lebanon:

In 70s Lebanon was called 'Arab's paradise'. And its capital Beirut was 'Paris of Arabia'

Lebanon was a progressive, tolerant and multi-cultural society, just like India is
Lebanon had the best Universities in the world. Where children from all over Arabia used to come to study. And then they used to stay there & work

Lebanese banking was one of the best banking systems in the world. Despite not having oil, Lebanon was a great economy
Lebanese society can be gauged from this, that 60s Hindi film "An Evening in Paris" was also shot in Lebanon

When there was unrest in Jordan in 70s, Lebanon opened the doors to "Palestinian refugees", by 1980, Lebanon was in exactly same condition as Syria today
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Yes. These protests also puncture the BJP's claim, built upon mass media, whatsapp forwards and 'first past the post' election wins, that the national mood backs it. 1/n
This posturing has served the party well till now. It has projected power well – and institutions and individuals have buckled. Even SC judgements have hewed towards what they considered the new majoritarian consensus. 2/n
Now, as protests fill roads in big and small towns; with people of all faiths who gather despite 144; with lawyers who chant shame in a delhi courtroom; with people who step out to listen to bureaucrats who heeded their conscience, that claim seems just like a... claim. 3/n
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While hearing petitions pertaining to Section 144 in Bangalore, Karnataka High Court Chief Justice Abhay Oka: Do you want to take school students to the police station?
Advocate General: I don't know #Section144 #CAAProtest #CAA_NRC #Bangaloreprotests
CJ Abhay Oka: Can state go under the assumption that every protest will disturb the peace? #Section144 #CAAProtest #CAA_NRC #Bangaloreprotests
CJ Abhay Oka: Are you (state) going to ban each and every protest? How can you cancel permission of a previously granted order? #Section144 #CAAProtest #CAA_NRC #Bangaloreprotests
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@erbmjha 2.

Must listen to this.
@erbmjha 3.
90 Hindus killed in Amarnath Yatra in 2001 but no stone pelting in our country.Many Hindus killed in Kashmir ,force to leave their home, no stone pelting in our country. But today when CAA are passed for minorities of afghan,pak and Bangld,...
@erbmjha 4. Jehadis can blindly trust NDTV for coming to their rescue. Amazing consistency
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Suppressing freedom of speech with force is not democracy, cutting out communication is not governance. Govt was elected to represent every Indian. If anything govt must allow people to dissent and must come out clean if debated, instead of mass blocking them. (1/6) #CAA_NRC
Govt should come out not only for election rallies but should go to their constituencies/states and must build trust and allay people's fears if something is widely opposed, hiding with an excuse of "Manifesto" is not the way, how many Indians have even read it? (2/6)#CAA_NRC
Its like those corporates saying, it's in the terms and conditions and you agreed to it. No, this is not governance. All this advanced technology, all this user targeting can't be used to inform people better, Take up questions? I was targeted based on my location (3/6)#CAA_NRC
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Thread -

#CAA_NRC को लेकर ग़लतफ़हमी दूर करने के मक़सद से भारत सरकार की तरफ़ से ये नोट जारी किया गया है।

इसमें बहुत अच्छी तरह से सवालों के जवाब दिये गए हैं, सबसे अच्छी बात यह बताई है कि आने वाला NRC आसाम से बिल्कुल अलग है
यही सबसे बड़ी वजह भी रही कि देश भर में इतने बड़े स्तर पर प्रदर्शन हुए हैं । क्योंकि सबने NRC का उदाहरण आसाम ही देखा है और 19 लाख लोग बाहर हुए हैं वहाँ पर NRC से जिसमे 13 लाख हिन्दू भी हैं । अमित शाह ने यही कहा था कि जो NRC आसाम में है वैसे ही पूरे देश मे होगा ।
ये क्लेरिफिकेशन शुरू में दे देते तो शायद आज ये हाल न होता । शायद ये बदलाव प्रदर्शन के बाद ही किया हो ये कह नही सकते क्योंकि आज से पहले NRC पर कोई क्लेरिफिकेशन नही दिया था सरकार ने

अभी भी कुछ सवालों के जवाब और देने चाहये सरकार को

मेरे कुछ सवाल अभी भी हैं
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What is the difference between a ‘refugee’ and an ‘illegal immigrant’?

Refugees are ‘legal’ asylum seekers who who fled persecution from other countries. Eg: Sikh Refugee

Illegal immigrants enter or stay in India without a valid visa & can be arrested & deported. Eg: Rohingyas
These refugees INFORM & seek refuge from the govt & enter Indian borders.

Illegal immigrants are those who like shown in the movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ enter the country without permission & pose a threat to national security!

#CAA_NRC #CAASupport
Those refugees who are legally under India’s asylum have been provided an eased up process to gain citizenship in India - instead of 11 years, they can now get citizenship in 6 years!

They can get jobs, pay taxes & join the formal economy. Most importantly, lead a dignified life
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One of the best videos i have seen.

मेरे अंदर का SECULARISM मर गया आज !

अगर अाप का Secularism भी मर गया हो तो SHARE जरूर करें ।

डर लगता है।
एक Aflaq पे अमिरका तक देश बदनाम हो गया मेरा और
मै Chandan Sharma का नाम तक भूल गया!
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There's so much going on there's a risk of losing sight of what we're fighting for.

So here's a quick recap for whosoever it may concern.

CAA is arbitrary, facially discriminatory and, despite attempts at legal jugglery, arguably, anti- constitutional.

In conjunction with the NRC it is diabolical.

That is what we are protesting.

Why the two together?

I'll let Amit Shah explain.

"Chronology samajh lijiye"

The logic is simple.

Can you prove you are an Indian. Yes? Good.

No? Are you a Muslim? Yes? Face uncertain future.

No? We will give you citizenship under CAA.

On the face of it this is an anti-Muslim legislation.

But in fact, it is worse than that.
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Post lunch hearing in the Delhi High Court on the plea seeking constitution of a fact-finding committee to look into the Jamia violence commences.


Jaising says that the University has closed their doors, it has rendered the students homeless. She demands that there has to be adequate accomodation for these students till they return home or find a safe haven.

#JamiaMilia #JamiaProtest #Jamia #CAAProtest
Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves asserts that the students were "brutally attacked".

He is taking the court through the sequence of events.

#JamiaProtests #JamiaViolence #CAA_NRC #CAAProtest
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