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Thread: Hindutva & Nazism: A Revised Perspective

Purpose of this thread is to analyze the recent statement by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in which he claimed that the political wing of RSS known as BJP is following the ideology of Adolf Hitler/Nazism. Intro: 1/3 Image
Thread will revisit the historical context of the statement in both theory & practice of RSS. It is a basically an old-school research based on existing historical evidence which proves that current regime of India is following the ideology of fascism till date. Intro: 2/3 Image
All the well published evidences are furnished with references in the end of this thread. The later part will cover visual evidence including footages & interviews. So, I will only be sharing published work here nothing from my own. Intro: 3/3 Image
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#DelhiRiots accused Umar Khalid in his arguments in a Delhi Court said that nothing illegal happened at the #CAA protest sites & involvement of PFI was later shown only to make the situation muddier,"

A witness had alleged the involvement of Popular Front of India (PFI). Image
Khalid's lawyer Adv Trideep Pais also argued against the allegation that on Khalid's father's instance 250 #bangladeshi women were called to the protests sites and Khalid made a statement that Bangladeshis should be sensitized.
#DelhiRiots #UmarKhalid
Adv. Pais said that the statements of the witnesses alleging PFI's involvement and 250 Bangladeshi women having been called were fabricated.
He said that there was no physical evidence and it was just prosecution's 'tadka' to the whole story.
#DelhiRiots #Umarkhalid #caa_nrc
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Adv Tanveer Ahmed Mir rebuts Prosecution's arguments against #SharjeelImam who has sought bail in a case connected to #DelhiRiots before Delhi Court. "Sole indictment on the speech. Incumbent duty upon all of us to look at the speech... If it incident violence"
Mir argues in a case of #Sedition against Imam. On #NRC, Mir argues ultimately his client's speech talks about advocating of a policy like... "In a university if we don't debate public policies, where do we debate?" #sharjeel_imam #CAA_NRC #DelhiRiots
Mir: This is a criminal court. We don't go by inferences. I am not denying my speech. For the speech to fall under #Sedition... My friend can't have discretion to add his own thoughts and inferences. #sharjeel_imam #DelhiRiots
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1/ As dawn broke in London today, members of the diaspora and friends of India in the UK dropped a huge banner reading #ResignModi from Westminster Bridge. #indiaIndependenceday #IndependenceDayIndia #IndependenceDay2021
2/ Earlier they held a candlelit vigil at the Indian High Commission to remember all those killed under the Modi regime #ResignModi #IndependenceDay #IndependenceDayIndia2021
3/ They have released a statement explaining the reasons for the action ( thread) #ResignModi #indiaIndependenceday #IndependenceDay2021
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THREAD: Let's talk about the "#PerfectVictim", a phenomenon in which 'allies' believe that the moral compass for judging behaviour lies with them - even when they're not the ones being affected by the issue. (1/9)

Illustration: @ShreyaTingal
First, let's talk about who the ideal "perfect victim" is and what "good behaviour" entails. (2/9)
Why is this concept problematic, and why is it damaging to a cause? (3/9)
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2020 and

Welcome #2021NewYear is not only a new year but also we are going to enter a new decade 2021-2030.
A decade in which we will be completing studies , being settled , getting married, having kids .
Some will loose their favourite person .

Welcome 2021 live (1/8)
Everyday in hustle
Another year
Another struggle

More responsibilities
Life will be more tougher

But remember YOLO
Keep yourself occupied, give time to yourself and your family , nature , animals and our country .

Be a responsible citizen of society .

Peace ☮️ out ✌️ #2020IsOverParty
This year was very different for all generation
We never saw these things
#lockdown #coronavirus #protest #unemployment #Rammandir #CAA_NRC (just before 2020)

But lot of good things happened
Students got promoted
Adults got married
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हिंदुहृदयसम्राट बाळासाहेब ठाकरे यांच्यावर भरभरून प्रेम करणाऱ्या आणि अजूनही हिंदुत्व न सोडलेल्या उरल्या सुरल्या शिवसैनिकांनो एक लक्षात घ्या...
मरिअम मोहसीन अख्तर मीर ही CAA-NRC विरोधक आहे. आणि पुण्यात हिच्या CAA-NRC विरोधाच्या जाहिर सभेत घुसून #हिंदुतेजसुर्य धनंजयभाई देसाई यांच्या हिंदुराष्ट्र सेनेच्या हिंदुराष्ट्र वीरांनी विरोध केला होता. त्यात त्यांना अटकही झाली होती..
एकूण काय? तर तुमच्या पक्षात एक #CAA_NRC विरोधक आलीये हे कायम लक्षात असू द्या..

|| जय हिंदुराष्ट्र ||
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आता लवकरच अमेरिकेचे अधिकृत राष्ट्राध्यक्ष घोषित होतील..मी काल ट्रंप आणि बिडेन यांच्यामधील प्राथमिक फरक सांगितला होता..त्या धाग्याची लिंक खाली आहेच! आज आपण त्या दोघांचा भारताप्रती नक्की काय दृष्टिकोन आहे याबद्दल जाणुन घेऊया..
#म #मराठी #रिम #USAElections2020 #Trump2020 #Biden2020
१)अमेरिकेतील भारतीय कायम डेमोक्रॅटिक पक्षाला समर्थन देतात ज्याचे उमेदवार सध्या #Biden आहेत.पण ह्यावेळीस #corona पार्श्र्वभूमीवर #trump यांनी चीनला ज्याप्रकारे धारेवर धरले..त्यात कोरोनाला सरळ सरळ चीनी वायरस संबोधणे अथवा ट्रेड वाॅर इ. यामुळे भारतीय ट्रंपच्या बाजुने झुकलेले असावेत
दुसरीकडे बिडेन पाकिस्तान च्या बाजुने कृती करत असल्याचे दिसुन आले ज्यामध्ये त्यांनी पाकिस्तानला ६०० मिलीयन$ ची मदत घोषित केली जी मदत ट्रंपनी आर्ध्यावरच आणलीय.पाकिस्तानच्या मते त्यांना ते पैसे दहशतवाद व आतंकवाद विरोधात वापरायचेत पण वस्तुस्थिती आपणा सर्वांनाच माहीती आहे🙏🙏
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Lodged complaint at #FCRA desk @HMOIndia to cancel for #FCRAViolation by @HAQCRC NGO which is illegally using foreign donations to propagate #Hinduphobic bias hiding behind facade of child rights, sought detail inquiry to find out its role in campaign against #Assam #NRC (Cont.) Image
While publishing report with @QuillFoundation on "Butalising Innocence" on @Uppolice' so called brutalities on minors it went on bashing @myogiadityanath Govt but didn't utter a word against those misusing kids in anti #CAA_NRC protest, thus own agenda exposed! Hypocrisy! (Cont.) Image
Quill Foundation suspected to b proxy group funded by @HAQCRC n have venomous #Hinduphobes like PB Savant, @HRLNIndia head Justice Hospet Suresh, Kolse Patil, @harsh_mander, #DelhiRiots suspect @Apoorvanand__ Saba Naqvi as board members. It's extended hate front of HAQ (Cont.) ImageImageImageImage
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Today lawyer @pbhushan1 filed a reply to the contempt petition against him from the Supreme Court. Some highlights:
"Tweet regarding the CJI riding a motorcycle
(6 June) was made primarily to underline my anguish at the non physical functioning of the SC for the last more than 3 months, as a result of which fundamental rights of citizens, such as those in detention, those destitute & poor..."
"... and others facing serious and urgent grievances were not being addressed or taken up for redressal...The fact that he was on a motorcycle costing 50 lakhs owned by
a BJP leader had been established by documentary evidence published on social media..."
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It's clear that #AnuragThakur, #PraveshVarma and #KapilMishra gave provoking statements, Govt should take action on them and #TusharMehta you are Solicitor General of India,not private lawyer of BJP. Stop defending people who are not related to Central Govt.
Let's think, wasn't there any riots before their statements? Wasn't buses were burn in the name of saving dEmOcRaCy? Wasn't AAP MLA's (especially #AmanatullahKhan) also gave provoking speeches? (Which is the root of all this nonsense) Wasn't he shared stage with #SharjeelImam?
Wasn't Delhi Dy CM #ManishSisodia spread fake news by sharing old video of Delhi police saying Police lit up the buses? Wasn't #NDTV journos gave limelight to so called 'Sheros of #Jamia' who doesn't believe in Secularism and Judiciary of this country & rushed to defend Sharjeel?
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आखिर #CAA और #NRC में गड़बड़ी क्या है? (1/3) Image
👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿(2/3) ImageImageImageImage
#CAA_NRC ImageImageImageImage
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@rajinikanth Sir, you have said students should not be misled &should consult elders/learned people about #CAA_NRC #NPR .Can you kindly answer a few questions so that we are all enlightened?1.What will happen to those who are unable to produce docs needed to prove citizenship?1/n
2.If a Hindu from say, Tamil Nadu or Karnataka does not have documents what happens to him or her and likewise if a Muslim from TN does not have documents what happens to them?
3. Do you support the concept of putting people in detention camps ? 2/n
4. Do you support disenfranchisement of/removal of all Govt.benefits to people if they don't have citizenship documents irrespective of religion? Specifically should a Hindu who has no documents also be put in detention camp or be disenfranchised?
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Public discussion on CAA, 2019-NRC-NPR to begin shortly at the Music Academy, Chennai.

Justice (Retd) AP Shah, N Ram, Chairman of The Hindu Publishing Group, Legal Scholar, Usha Ramanathan and Rohini Mohan, Journalist to speak at the event.
@nramind : I don't think we need to exaggerate this movement (referring to Anti-CAA demonstrations).... against this unjust and indeed an outrageous piece of legislation...

There is no question that the students have come to the fore in this movement, says @nramind

#CAA_NRC_NPR #CAA_NRCProtests #CAA_NRC_Protests
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Aamir Khan feels unsafe to live in India, Farhan Akhtar protests #CAA_NRC without knowing the facts & Deepika Padukone shows up at JNU to support Aishe Ghosh. It can’t be a coincidence and it’s not. They are all managed by a Mumbai based company - Spice PR 👇#DeepikaPRBackfires
This is how the PR machinery works. They have creatives, content, strategy all figured out much before the actual event. Right after Deepika left from JNU, the following creatives started floating on SM platforms like Twitter, FB, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. #DeepikaPRBackfires
Soon within 24 hours #ISupportDeepika was trending at No. 1 in India with 236K tweets and No. 3 in Worldwide trends with 234k tweets. But how did they get so many tweets in 24 hours when #BoycottChhaapaak was trending at No. 2 with just 177K Tweets? Weird no? #DeepikaPRBackfires
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I encountered some genuine concerns about #CAA_NRC_NPR in many people's minds.

In a way misinformation spreads fast and in very lethal way, but I am certain that Government could not clarify the whole exercise in crystal clear manner, with unanimity and solidarity.
As I am reading, researching, watching from quite a while now, Explaining the actual scenario verbally or personally to a mass of people is not possible to me at this point, so taking this SM route to spread awareness.

I will link some govt sources here to avoid over explaining
Lets have step by step knowledge about these things. Lets start with #NPR as it is smaller and very straightforward thing!

Pure misinformation led #NPR getting connected with #CAA_NRC. It should be looked as a joint exercise with Census.
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Do you know there is a tribe in Pakistan that lives in the mountains of Hindu-Kush and practise an ancient form of Hinduism called "Kalash"

The Kalash kafirs (kafiristan) are facing an existential crisis and are being forced to convert to Islam
@vivekagnihotri @Aabhas24
These people living in 3 remote mountainous valleys in Pakistan, are the last remnants of the ‘Kafirs’ of the Hindu Kush

In 1896 they are more than 100,000

Today they are around 4,000, which indicates a drastic decline in the population of those Kalasha people #ISupportCAA
Hindus in Afghanistan converted to Buddhist during the time of Ashoka & Kanishka

During Arabic invasion, these Buddhists could not save themselves even for 25yrs

Buddhists who changed religion due to fear of sword called these Kalash people Kafir & their territory as Kafiristan
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For more than a month the #CAA_NRCProtests have not only sustained, the continue to grow. From Assam and the North East, they have now spread across the country. And we have seen the government, not only obfuscate, but also lie +
First the government claimed CAA-NPR-NRC is one chronology.
Then they said there is no chronology.

Earlier they said religious persecution. Now they say persecuted minorities.

Said this will help minorities, but have Dec 31,2014 as cut off +
As protests started to grow, in BJP rules states witnesses violence and brutal state repression.

In Jamia the police attacked by entering the campus and the library.
In JNU, the VC asked the police to stand outside the gates until an armed mob had finished the assault +
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.@amjedmbt condemns @hydcitypolice act of booking 25 cases against TS&AP JAC leaders for organising #MillionMarchHyderabad, against #CAA_NRC, Appeals CM KCR & @KTRTRS to take note of this dirtiest act of @CPHydCity or face consequences in upcoming Elections./1 @TelanganaDGP
One thing is common in all cases that the Convenor JAC Mohammed Mustaq Mallik has been shown accused in all the cases and along with him others has been mentioned. All the FIR's are a copy/paste of one other. The word others will be never ending story. /2
#MillionMarchHyderabad was first of its kind since independence, There was no traffic jam, No untoward incident, No anti religious slogans, No stone pelting and moreover the organizers cleaned the entire roads upto late night after the Million March. /3
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देश भर में कंपकपाती ठण्ड पर
विभिन्न दलों की राय इस प्रकार हो सकती हैं।

भाजपा :-
ये कंपकपाती ठण्ड सबका साथ, सबका विश्वास का अद्भुत उदाहरण हैं। ये ठण्ड बिना किसी जाति, धर्म के भेदभाव किए बिना सभी पर समान रूप से पड़ रही हैं।

हम इस सद्भावनापूर्ण ठण्ड का स्वागत करते हैं।
कॉंग्रेस :-
ऐसा नही हैं कि, ये ठण्ड हमारी सरकार में नही पड़ती थी, पड़ती थी किन्तु ऐसी भेदभावपूर्ण, विद्वेषपूर्ण ठण्ड आज से पहले कभी नही पड़ी।

हम पूछना चाहते हैं इस सरकार से अल्पसंख्यक इलाकों में ही ज्यादा ठण्ड क्यों पड़ रही हैं?

हम संसद में कंपकपाती ठण्ड पर बहस चाहते हैं
केजरीवाल :-
हम पूछना चाहते हैं, मोदी जी से
आखिर दिल्ली चुनाव के ऐनवक्त पहले ही इतनी ठण्ड क्यों पड़ रही हैं ?

5 साल इतनी ठण्ड क्यों नही पड़ी ?

मोदी सरकार अधिक ठण्ड पड़वाकर वोटरों को डराना चाह रही हैं। हम विधानसभा का विशेष सत्र बुलवाकर इस षड्यंत्र का खुलासा करेंगे।
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The strategies BJP is using to get people to call their support #CAA missed call number!

I’d die laughing if I didn’t know just how effective a way this is to capture data! 🙈

#CAA_NRC #CAA_NRC_Protest ImageImage
I’m hoping what tricked you was more sophisticated than this @venkatananth! 😋
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As protests against the #CAA_NRC continue in India, some are taking cues from #HongKong and elsewhere to adapt those tactics to Indian conditions.

@Chandini2594 and I report for @ReutersIndia.
In recent days, Hyderabad has seen a rash of flash protests, organised by small groups of people via WhatsApp.

The location of the protests, which change daily, are posted an hour or two in advance, with the exact spots shared just minutes ahead of time.
“The objective is to get 30 minutes at one spot. Some people support us, others come and argue with us,” Faheem, an organiser in Hyderabad told us.
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A brief analysis of @SadhguruJV's video on #CAA_NRC
In the beginning, he says "I even wondered have I missed something really? Bcz I havent read the Act fully, I only know it from newspapers & what's generally out there."
#IndiaSupportsCAA #IndiaDoesNotSupportCAA
He then states some facts: He says that after the partition of India "23% (of minorities) stayed back in West Pakistan and arnd 30% in East Pakistan (Bangladesh). Thats what people say...I am no expert but it can't be totally wrong." It is totally wrong (…)
Next up he says: In these countries there is discrimination against minority by law. He gives an example of how Hindus are not allowed to get married in Pakistan by following their own religion. Pakistan passed a law in 2017 to enable this. Read:…
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Factual thread with

Documented, verifiable facts:


7 July 1947: Gandhiji calls for all Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan to be allowed to come to India whenever they wish, if they feel persecuted in Pakistan
9 Nov 1947: Congress Working Committee adopts a resolution for the same, stating specifically that India will accept "all non-Muslims" from Pakistan at any time.

Nehruji and Rajendra Prasad Prasad make speeches about this multiple times.
2 April 1950: Nehru signs an agreement with Pakistan's Liaquat Ali Khan: Refugees allowed to return to sell their property, abducted women and looted property to be returned, forced conversions to be reversed, minorities granted state protection.
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