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Local police from different districts of Delhi have also been called in.

LIVE updates:
Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal briefs media on #DelhiViolence

LIVE updates:
@ArvindKejriwal Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal: I appeal to all Delhites to maintain peace. We are worried about the violence in #NortheastDelhi. Several policemen & civilians were injured & some lost their lives. Several houses were set ablaze and shops were damaged. It is very unfortunate.
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Fresh stone pelting was reported in Maujpur and Brahmpuri; #AmitShah held a meeting last night to discuss the law and order situation in #Delhi.

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#ArvindKejriwal will meet #AAP MLAs and officials from areas affected by the #DelhiViolence at 10.30 am at his residence; fire dept await police protection as fire rages on in Karawal Nagar's tyre market.

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Union Home Minister #AmitShah on Tuesday has called for a meeting at 12 pm to discuss the prevailing situation in National Capital after violence broke out in #NortheastDelhi yesterday.

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Shaheen Bagh: Supreme Court begins hearing on the petitions seeking clearance of the Kalindi Kunj road which has remained blocked for over 60 days on account of the anti-CAA protest at Delhi's Shaheen Bagh.

Justice Kaul says certain section of the society is opposed to a legislation, that legislation is being tested in the Court; not saying people don't have the right ti protest but the question is where to protest

Justice Kaul says today it's one legislation people have grievance with, tomorrow it may be another but the question is not about that, the question is if public area can be used for protests.

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CAA Protests: Court bound to see that people have a right to agitate, says Bombay High Court

#CAA_NRC_Protests #CAA_NRC_NPR #CAAProtests #CAA…
The Bombay High Court on Thursday held that persons peacefully protesting against any particular law cannot be called as traitors or anti-nationals.

As stated in the order passed by Justices MG Sewlikar and TV Nalaawade,

"Court is expected to consider the right of such persons to start agitation in a peaceful way.Persons cannot be called traitors, anti-nationals only because they want to oppose one law."

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Hi @SreenivasanJain, since you sought proof, follow this thread.

The extent of fear-mongering, radicalization & poisoning of the minds of impressionable kids that's going in #ShaheenBagh is deeply disturbing.

Hope you keep your promise & play it on your channel at Prime Time.
This child at #ShaheenBagh protest says - “Hum Modi aur Amit Shah dono ko maar ke rahenge ab!”

Clearly, the kid has been brainwashed by her handlers to such extents that she is calling for the assassination of country’s PM & HM at such a tender age.

This girl at #ShaheenBagh says - “Modi ko log gaali nahi denge toh kya puja karenge?”

An idea was planted in her mind that she would be sent to a detention camp where her clothing shall be snatched & no food shall be provided. Brainwashed?

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A thread on protests, and attempts to discredit them.

In 2015, I was one of the many to report on the writers' protest after the murder of Dr M M Kalburgi. Hundreds of writers joined in spontaneously, returning awards, "everything except the garland".…
+ In retrospect, this was one of the first warning flares of what was to come. The writers had it right when they sounded the alarm about rising intolerance, less space for free speech, and violence against dissenting voices.…
+ It was 2015. We were not yet fully used to the IT Cell's tactics, or to the spread of fake news, disinformation, the "godi media". When this happened, most writers were taken aback and unprepared for the "award wapsi gang" tag.…
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The ruling Congress government in Punjab has passed a resolution in the State Assembly demanding scrapping of the controversial CAA. Hope all the states which ruled by anti BJP govt no matter who is @INCIndia or @asadowaisi 's alliance party should pass such resolution.
And not to make any type of contradiction between us unlike @NitishKumar who voted to support CAA in parliament and issued the notification of NPR
and in this way @PunjabGovtIndia become second in list after @CMOKerala for passing the resolution to scrap the controversial CAA meanwhile such act comprises within the territory of union list.
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When #RedJihadi nexus started boycot of Hindus who support #CAA & closed down their shops in protest to #CAA ; Hindus woke up & started opening shops in Kuttyadi, Kozhikode

Yes, we too need to survive & have no intention to cow down to #RedJihadi threats
Many Hindu shops were forced to close down in past two decades due to lack of funds to compete with petro dinars and riyals pumped into market.
We are now paying the price for our lack of unity and tendency to go behind short term benefits by ditching the age old shops of 'Kumarettan' & 'Sathishettan' for the posh 'Supermarket'
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It is hugely problematic that so called ‘lefties’ are even contemplating supporting Barry Gardiner.

His sycophantic support for Modi and his recent intervention over the Kashmir motion was a disgrace.

He used his privilege to stoke tensions in MY community. #EmpireIsOverMrG
I urge people who regard themselves as ‘left’ to seriously consider what bullshit they’re supporting with this ‘Barry for Leader’ crap.

The message it’s sending to our Muslim comrades. The #CAAProtests deserve our attention - being ‘internationalists’ is not just about the EU
I’m asking as an Indian Hindu to really think about the message your support for Barry Gardiner is having on our Muslim comrades.

The Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens in India by Modi is the biggest attack on Muslims India has seen. #CAAProtests
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HUGE protest gathering right now inside the IIT Bombay campus below Shailesh J. Mehta School Of Management building opp. Convocation Hall. I've grown up inside the IITB Campus, this is unprecedented. There are about 1000 people here, peaceful, no mics, but energy 🔥 #CAAProtests
Students - Btech, dual degree, Mtech, PHds, project staff, professors, admin staff, IIT B security, Mumbai police everyone here. Students & profs taking turns and venting out. Now they are reading the preamble. Collecting again tomorrow evening same place 6-7PM. Surreal!
Tukde Tukde gang bol bol ke poora desh unite kar diya. Also, just saw this poster.
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Thread on #JNUViolence.

1. So it all started with winter registration which were opposed by left wing student organisations.

They tried to stop other students from registration but many students still went for the registration.
2. As per @timesofindia on 3rd January masked students went inside Information centre of #JNU and made servers dysfunctional.

The JNU registrar said
"The act affected ongoing registration process" (see the 3rd picture taken from TOI)

[Keep in my who was opposing registration]
3. But many #ABVP students still went for registration.
[Note : ABVP is opposition to Left wing orgs in students' politics in JNU]
on 5th Jan Left wing students attacked ABVP students in Periyar hostel.
[confirmed👇by @NDTV,a left wing news outlet]
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Thread on #facialrecognition & police surveillance databases. #CAAProtests

Facial recognition is a new technology, cops have start adopting since 2015. National Crime Records Bureau recently issued a tender for national facial recognition system.…
But what people are missing out is facial recognition system will be a part of Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System. Again this system became operational post the Mumbai 26/11 attacks to link all police stations starting with the one in coasts…
CCTNS will link all police databases, so that any police department can access criminal records of other departments. All of these criminal records are essentially with NCRB, which is why they are issuing this tender for facial recongition.
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Thread on UP: Photos of women in Lucknow beaten in police crackdown which spared "nothing and no one." Top official in the state said there was a process for public grievances& if anyone complained to the police, the law would be followed. #CAAProtests…
Watch: A video shot by a Lucknow resident on Dec. 19 after policemen went on a "rampage," a charge denied by the police. Nearly 10 homes in that neighbourhood reported vandalism. #CAA_NRC_Protests…
A prominent actor-activist went out to protest India's citizenship law in Lucknow. She never made it back.
Our report on how police in UP are targeting Muslims and activists in the state…
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In Uttar Pradesh's Meerut, we found CCTV footage showing police striking CCTV cameras with batons before screen goes blank.

Five men were killed by bullets in the area that day. Families accuse police. Police deny charges.…
#CAA_NRCProtests #CAAProtests
Here's another CCTV video from Uttar Pradesh's Meerut, near to where the violence that killed the five men on Dec. 20 took place, showing police hitting a CCTV camera at a shop on that street. #CAA2019 #India #protests
One of the 5 who died in Meerut that day was Zaheer Ahmed, shot in the head as he was sitting next to a beedi shop.

“I don’t know who engaged in the violence, but my husband didn’t,” his wife said. “Why did they kill my innocent husband? How can they kill innocent people?”
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So the judiciary so far -
1. SC has issued notice in all 60 petitions challenging CAA. No stay on operation of CAA.
2. Calcutta HC has directed CM @MamataOfficial to remove all posters saying that WB Govt will not implement #CAA and #NRC.
3. Delhi HC refused to grant any 'no coercive steps' order against the students of #JamiaMilliaUniversity. Issued notice. Next date - 4th Feb.
4. Madras HC refused to interfere with DMK rally against #CAA. Directed videography of the rally to fix liability of leaders.

5. Lucknow Court dismissed bail application of Sadaf Jafar.
6. Delhi Court dismissed bail application of 15 accused arrested in connection with #CAA_NRC_Protests.
7. Allahabad HC directed @Uppolice to produce before it the arrest memo pertaining to the arrest of Mohd Shoaib.
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Post lunch hearing in the Delhi High Court on the plea seeking constitution of a fact-finding committee to look into the Jamia violence commences.


Jaising says that the University has closed their doors, it has rendered the students homeless. She demands that there has to be adequate accomodation for these students till they return home or find a safe haven.

#JamiaMilia #JamiaProtest #Jamia #CAAProtest
Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves asserts that the students were "brutally attacked".

He is taking the court through the sequence of events.

#JamiaProtests #JamiaViolence #CAA_NRC #CAAProtest
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Follow the thread below to get updates on Police crackdown on peaceful #CAA_NRC protests in Delhi and around! #CAAProtest #Section144

17-18 bus students detained from Jama Masjid and nearby areas
Shut metro stations - Munirka. #CAA_NRC
Orders by @DelhiPolice to stop internet services in parts of Delhi. #CAAProtests #CAA_NRC
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Lead story now on

The cities where protests have so far not been disallowed include Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata and Bhopal.…

#NDTVLeadStory #CAAProtests #CitizenshipAmendmentAct
Road No. 13A between Mathura Road and Kalindi Kunj is closed for traffic movement. People travelling from DND or Akshardham to reach Delhi: Delhi Traffic Police.

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Priyanka Gandhi & all student protests seem to be focused solely on #CAA. But #NRC is the bigger danger. Do people realize that? In 2018 INC boasted it had created NRC & had deported 82728 Bangladeshis whereas the BJP had deported only 1822. #CAA_NRC…
The #CAB is a decoy. It's a red herring - that was bound to cause #CAAProtests to errupt to draw attention away from #NRCBill. CAB is to NRC what the #Dataprotectionbill is to #Aadhaar. The real danger is from Aadhaar. Like it is from NRC. @Stupidosaur?
Explanation :The #CABBill does not specifically say it will not give citizenship to Muslim immigrants. If it does, the #CAA will straight away go to court as it's blatantly Unconstitutional. But the #NRC which is random, can easily target more Muslims if that's BJP govt's aim.
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#CAAProtests clear pattern is emerging..
First Congress, Commies, Namazwadi parties tried to defeat the bill..Once they failed, #MediaCorp was pressed into service..When that too failed, #StudentsCorp was called in..After #StudentsCorp was exposed,
+ ever useful and usual idiots of #FilmIndustryCorp is pressed into the service..#ActivistCorp has already moved the SC.
So far the main objective of Breaking India forces, of inciting communal riots across India has not succeded..There is no blood and mayhem on the streets.
+ Now, #LetterWritersCorp will be pressed into service..About 2000, retired armed force personnel, scientists, activists, lawyers, sportstars, playwrights, industrialists etc would be pressed into service..
This pattern is repeated from last 5.5 years..
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A list of sundry "celebrities" who were providing overt and covert fire to #CAAProtests ! Have made a comprehensive list of their tweets. Take a good look India, at the people willing to exhort/sacrifice ur kids to fulfill their ambitions! Feel free to add more! (1)
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#CAAProtests #CAA2019 #ISupportCAA #JamiaProtests
A thread to CAB and NRC, as per my understanding. Feel free to educate me more :
CAA is constitutional if we talk about it separately, without taking NRC into the picture. As, it doesn’t exclude anyone from taking refuge. It’s just about the special inclusion of the persecuted minority, and giving them citizenship.
Anyone can become citizens of India by naturalisation process of 12 years. For persecuted minorities it has been reduced to 5 years. Although, the govt. still hasn't made rules how to identify minorities from three countries if they don't have any document.
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Having interviewed many grassroots activists who have organised 100s of protests with even over 10,000 people, I've learnt that takes YEARS of mobilising, conversations, leadership, to keep rallies non-violent, especially when the causes are often life & death. + #CAA2019
Twitterati condemning and giving sage advise to students to keep calm, not slap a cop when he slaps a student, probably don't recognise how HARD it is to be non-violent in the face of asymmetric power of the state. + #CAA2019
We can't forget that a student's slap is not equal to trained cops in riot gear shooting bullets, tear gas & a history of quelling protests of all kinds with cases of "kidnapping govt officials", "blocking govt work", causing nuisance etc. #CAA2019
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