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Caste-based hatred propaganda, misinformation about Bandit #PhoolanDevi is being circulated. How image of a notorious bandit of #Chambal getting redefined by #Dalit Propaganda eco system and established as a lower caste's role model.(1/20)

Know the truth-- A must read Thread
Hate spreader "The Dalit Voice" Glorified her violent act and said that she killed her rapists in "Behmai massacre". That is not true as she killed innocent upper caste men. Phoolan was accused for 48 criminal offenses including murder, plunder, arson, kidnapping for ransom(2/20)
Phoolan's family had a land dispute with her uncle (same caste). Devi's uncle and cousin (Maiyadin) forced her father to relinquish the land and compelled to live in a small house on the edge of the village. Her cousin beat her into unconsciousness as she protested. (3/20)
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A school teacher in Kannur, #Kerala Md. Faisal Mechery (52) has been arrested on charges of sexually abusing 26 girls of a school.

The number of cases are likely to go up.

#Mindset #SourceBook #RapeJihad
#RapeJijadActOfTerrorism #RapistMullahs #HangTheRapists #RapistInChief Image
#UP: Mohammad Rizwan & Zulqarnain arrested for gang raping a 15-year-old deaf & mute #Dalit girl in Bachhrawan area of Rae Bareli district
They had even threatened the minor girl, to not lodge a complaint

#Mindset #mindsetmatters #SourceBook #RapeJihad #RapeJihadActOfTerrorism
#UP: Mohammad Nazim (25) and Mohammad Zahid (24) arrested for gang raping a 15 year old girl in Muradnagar, Ghaziabad

Both the criminals have confessed to their crimes, and the victim's medical examination has also confirmed the sexual assault
#Mindset #mindsetmatters #RapeJihad
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If the victim is from the #Dalit/ #Adivasi community, the Savarna media & intellectuals divert the whole discussion to either Hindu-Muslim or to victim blaming.

They just ignore the caste angle.
I would say ignoring #caste in such cases is a serious form of #Casteism. Image
These incidents are inhumane & barbaric yet the discussion is revolving around Hindu- Muslim or around the Parent - child relationship. No one is interested in discussing about the problems of safety and security of women.
Noone is discussing about this increasing violence against oppressed caste community. Dalit/Adivasi women are at the bottom in our community. Even within the women's movement, #Dalit and #Adivasi issues have not been taken seriously.
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आफताब ने की श्रद्धा की हत्या
टुकड़ो में फैंकी लाश
आरोपी ओ किया दिल्ली पुलिस ने गिरफ्तार
आफताब और श्रद्धा की दोस्ती मुंबई में call सेंटर में काम करते के दौरान हुई थी
पुलिस सूत्रों के मुताबिक, आफ़ताब ने श्रद्धा की गला घोंटकर हत्या की और आरी से 35 टूकड़े करके, अपने घर मे रखा जिसके लिए आफ़ताब एक नया बड़ा फ्रिज खरीदकर लाया और 18 दिनों तक घर मे रखा, रात को 2 बजे शरीर के टुकड़े को एक एक कर प्लास्टिक बैग में लेकर जाता था और फ़ेंक कर आ जाता था।
आफ़ताब हर रोज़ उसी कमरे में सोता था जहां उसने श्रद्धा की हत्या करने के बाद शव के टुकड़े किये थे। आफ़ताब ने टुकड़ो को ठिकाने लगाने के बाद फ्रिज की पूरी सफाई की थी। आफ़ताब के श्रद्धा से पहले भी कई हिन्दू लड़कियों से संबंध रहे है।
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This incidence from #Dalit archives is clear indicator why #EWSQuota survived.
In 1902, one Govind Mukunda #Mahar in Ahmednagar dared to take water from a waterbody used by Savarna Hindus. The Savarna Hindus filed a criminal case against Govind Mahar before the magistrate.
#Mahar people had somehow awakened. They protested to the government and also set up a fund to fight Govind Mahar's case before the magistrate. But, Govind Mahar was convicted by the then magistrate of Ahmednagar, Mr. Bapu Hari Godbole, a Brahmin by caste. #BrahminicalSupremacy
He imposed a punishment of two week’s imprisonment and fine of eight rupees on Govind Mahar.
#Mahars petitioned to the Collector, Sir Richard, who appealed to the High Court pleading the punishment was unjust. Govind Mahar was acquitted of all charges in the High Court. #Justice
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#Caste is centuries-old disease. But somehow no one seemed too concerned until recently.

Then SUDDENLY many fronts – from India to US to Europe - awakened to this issue together!

We explain the trigger, plot, and protagonists.

A Thread…
In the last 2-3 months, the Caste discourse has soared surprising abroad including in US.

-Dalit Panthers meet Black Panthers on June 6

-Google accused as Casteist for not allowing EL founder Thenmozhi Soundarajan’s speech

-Apple introduced diversity policy around caste

-ICNA(US Jamaat) discusses caste on its forum
-DalitDiva launches book on caste
-Univ. of Minnesota adds caste to its Diversity criteria
-Meena Kandasamy awarded by Pen Germany
-Audrey Truschke attends event on caste in higher edu.
-IAMC hosts event on Dalits(Oct 7)

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When cases have no legal basis, police make new allegations, based on unknown/untraceable complainants, file new cases with little/no evidence.@ManiChander11 identifies techniques union & state govts use to keep India’s ‘inconvenient citizens’ in jail. 1/7…
Activist Javed Mohd made calls for peace on 10 June, arrested as ‘mastermind’ of ‘conspiracy’ leading to violent protests in Prayagraj, UP, on 11 June. Within 24 hrs on a Sunday, 20+ yr old home where he lived (but didn’t own) was demolished as ‘illegal’.

Mohd #Zubair charged with ‘conspiracy’ but police can’t identify co-conspirator; fabricating evidence by deleting tweets but none deleted; accepting foreign donations, but no such donation made. Charges keep changing & an FIR allegedly registered against cash reward.

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Following revelations were shared by the #Dalit #Adivasi and EBC communities at a national convention held by the All India Union of Forest Working People #AIUFWP in Delhi in August 2021, 2 years after forced social isolation.
Report by @Countercurrents…
"caste still remained one of the key instruments of oppression in the remote interiors of India, especially in the feudal domain of the Hindi heartland."
#FRA2006 #UttarPradesh #Hindi #Forest #IndigenousPeoples
Rajkumari, village Naya Basti, Ghoom Nagar in District Sonbhadra in UP, said that her traditionally inherited land in the forest comprising 60 bigha, used for cultivation was set on fire by the local goons during lockdown and destroyed the crops of arhar dal and wheat in 15 bigha
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Wrapping up the "caste" panel, we hear powerful words from Dalit Activist and Senior CoHNA Member, Aldrin Deepak, who has lived and worked in the Bay Area for decades. #BreakingIndiaADecadeLater 1/n
“None of my Hindu friends have ever asked me about caste. The Cisco case is where I HAD to come out as a #Dalit” -Aldrin Deepak #BreakingIndiaADecadeLater 2/n
“Has oppression happened? Yes. But it has nothing to do with what is happening in America. Why has this become center-stage in California?” -Aldrin Deepak "Dalit discrimination is nothing but hatred toward “minorities of minorities." #BreakingIndiaADecadeLate 3/n
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We now discuss one of the most important weapons being used to bludgeon the Hindu community -worldwide! A panel of scholars & activists from Dalit & other backgrounds discusses “Caste and Exploitation of Indian Faultlines”. #BreakingIndiaADecadeLater #Hinduism #dalit #caste
Dr. Arvind Sharma opens the panel, with caste and cognitive dissonance. "Hindu thinkers themselves realize that descriptions in the (Dharmic) texts, which we take for granted now, as reflecting reality, did not correspond to reality" @aravindasharma #BreakingIndiaADecadeLater
“We should delve deeper into the historical evidence or the field reality of the so-called caste system, instead of being misled by an extreme focus on the texts and generalization assumption that the texts corresponded to reality” @aravindasharma #BreakingIndiaADecadeLater
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"A raft of evidence shows that caste discrimination has been imported from India to the United States."

Covers the Cisco and BAPS temples cases from this year, along with surveys regarding #caste identity and caste-based #discrimination in the diaspora.…
Further resources for those who want to learn further about #caste in the United States --

On the Cisco court case (ongoing), in which the allegation is that a Dalit has been discriminated against by two upper caste supervisors:…
On the BAPS temple situation (ongoing), in which a temple is alleged to have used Dalits for forced labor.

This is the most extensive alleged case of forced labor on US soil since the 1990s:… #Dalit
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Sikh Supreme body SGPC blows bugle against #Church activities of converting #Dalit Sikhs to #Christianity in Punjab for d first time when Sikh bodies assumed silence by striking quid pro quo deal with Canada @WorldSikhOrg @sikh_coalition @Khalsa_Aid @khalsaaid_india @unitedsikhs+
गहरी नींद से जागी शिरोमणि गुरद्वारा प्रबंधन कमिटी, दलित सिखों के ख्रिश्चन धर्मान्तरण के खिलाफ उठाई आवाज!
ईसाई मिशनरी पंजाब के सीमावर्ती इलाकों में चला रहीं ‘जबरन धर्मांतरण अभियान’; अकाल तख्त जत्थेदार बोले- SGPC करेगी कड़ा मुकाबला +…
Punjab Christian missionaries menace: Concerns raised over how Dalit are lured to Christianity and their lack of representation in Sikh body Dalits and Minorities Punjab head Dr Kashmir Singh opined that to counter menace of missionaries in the Dalit Sikh+…
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"India is the most dangerous country for Women & Minorities in the World"
19 year old girl was brutally beaten by their family members for talking to the male cousins on the phone. This incident took place in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh India.
A 21 year old tribal women was assaulted with sticks by her family members in Madhya Pardesh #India for allegedly eloping with a Dalit man.
In Uttar Pradesh #India, a man is beating her wife on order of village panchayat for allegedly having an affair and eloping with her lover.
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Throughout the history of Indo-Pak region, we had the intellectual dwarfs telling us what #Muslims should do. How dare Muslims to live under Muslim rule?

#ColonialFeminism has been in existence as long as #feminism, almost a joke now (but we have to care, to protect #Kashmir 1/n
..from this species).

Earlier, we exchanged our destiny with massacres & genocides for #Hindu rulers, or the #secularists.

The #fascist outburst in recent decades turned them as 'guardians of Muslims', framing it as '#Hindutva vs. #Secularists', imposing #Ambedkar as the.. 2/n
...solution with a holy excuse of #Dalit discourse (one more #Hindu).

But as the tide is rising, the two nation theory is back again with full force. And Insha Allah we will see many more #Islamic #republics in #Kashmir, #Maldives, #EastPakistan & elsewhere.

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Will we EVER learn about #PublicHealth?
3rd wave “expert” committee is nearly-ALL #Pediatricians (to keep Devi Shetty’s non-#evidence-based assertion on #children will be entirely affected), #AllMale #Manel, nearly-all #clinicians headed by #PrivateSector #Cardiologist
I request this committee members:
- Please QUESTION Devi Shetty’s credentials to lead this
- Please hold to account #Manel #AllMale membership
- Please include #RuralHealth #CommunityHealth #PublicHealth
- Expertise is NOT only CLINICAL; also social; include grounded voices
Unfortunately no time & bandwidth; but putting this out there
We need:
- campaign for a DIVERSE expert committee including #Citizen #CommunityEngagement #Dalit #Adivasi voices
- Devi Shetty’s position as Chair is NOT tenable; appoint a #PublicHealth expert in his place
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What does #Caste hierarchy and historical priviledge look like in the Temple Building Industry?​​​​​​​ A thread:

( In image: A prototype of a temple design made by Sompura Brahmins and executed by Dalit Adivasi stone carvers​​​​​​​)
SOMPURA Brahmins- main actors of the temple building industry, who work closely with religious organizations such as #BAPS. On one hand, they profit off the blood and sweat of #Dalit and #Adivasi workers who build these temples...
...On the other hand, they consider their touch impure. So, Sompuras touch, bless and do ‘finishing touches’ on the carved stones - made by #Dalit #Adivasi #workers - to make them ‘worthy’ of their temples
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#AmbedkarJayantiWithTheQuint | On Dr. #BRAmbedkar's birth anniversary, here are the top 6 things that all Indians should thank him for.

Check our collection on #Ambedkar’s legacy on modern society here:…
Thank #Ambedkar for your 9-5 jobs! Back in 1942, it was his idea to have an 8-hour workday instead of 12 hours.

More on #Ambedkar's legacy here:…
#Ambedkar was behind the Hirakud Dam, the Damodar Valley River Project, and the Son River Project — ensuring that a young country had enough electricity to fuel its dreams.

More on #Ambedkar's legacy here:…
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#WatchtheState: Our weekly update on patterns of State violence in India.

Here's a quick review of reported instances of State violence. @project_polis

Follow the thread for more:
#AllIndiaRadio Has Downgraded National Languages to Regional Ones: The decision to shut down the central news units of #AIR in several Indian languages in Delhi & shift them to their state capitals is in line with the hegemony of Hindi. @thewire_in…
Following Assault on Muslim Boy Outside UP Temple, Hindutva Groups Harden Communal Rhetoric: Emboldened by Police not opposing bail to prime accused, right-wing groups are using the situation to fuel hatred. @thewire_in…
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Our #RepublicDay #TwitterTakeover with @glorious_gluten has begun!

For the next hour, she will be discussing the relationship between the #police, #State and the #law.

Join the conversation and send us your questions in the comments section.
On #26January, 2021, the Indian republic completes 71 years since its formation; against the background of a global pandemic that has starkly exposed its fault lines. | @glorious_gluten
The 299 member #ConstituentAssembly was unique for there were 15 women (including a #Dalit woman Dakshini Velayudhan) who were voted to be a part of the
Committee and make their contribution to the building of the republic. #RepublicDay | @glorious_gluten
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@naralokesh @ncbn @JaiTDP @PattabhiRamK1
So one of your party worker started @ChangeOrg_India
petition for political reasons to side track the issue you are facing from #Dalit and #Christian community opposition. Image
More details can be found :
@naralokesh @ncbn @JaiTDP @PattabhiRamK1 Please go through GUNTUR URBAN POLICE reply to one of your tweet for more information. Do not politicize everything in the name of #Caste #Religion and #Dalit Image
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Some thoughts/excerpts on "I could not be #Hindu" by a former #RSS sevak/worker Bhanwar Meghwanshi, a #Dalit.

The book is really worth reading, just like #Ambedkar's "Annihilation of #Caste".

It is a unique 'testimony' to the RSS's #casteism.

Bhanwar has realised, in the end, that establishment of #RSS was also a partly reaction to the rise of #Dalit politics under the aegis of #Ambedkar whose first anti-caste mobilisations (including the Mahad satyagraha and temple entry movements).

In fact, Deendayal Upadhyaya defended '#casteism' even more explicitly, in Integral Humanism, a text that is still considered as its ideological charter by the RSS and BJP and other RW fringe groups.

Bhanwar experienced this as well.

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As we end 2020, it is a good time to look back at an explicitly unconstitutional law, which is brandished with utmost impunity. #TooMuchDemocracy?
Here are some fun facts about the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance 2020. A compilation.
Usually, police takes years to update themselves about laws. For instance, sex workers complain that police still use the Immoral Traffic (Suppression) Act of 1956 to harass them, even though the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act was passed in its place in 1986.
The UP Ordinance or #LoveJihadLaw was promulgated on Nov 28. And first case was registered within hours of its passing.
Efficiency max?
It has been a month and there are 35 arrests in a dozen FIRs
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A #Dalit "servant" girl is found dead in her upper-caste Delhi employer's home, family is not told about her death, police cremate her body forcefully, beat up Caravan reporter writing on it.
No front-page or prime time news about it.
But remember Devyani Khobragade' story? >>
One reason that story about an Indian woman being paid less than minimum wage in the US received HUGE coverage is the international case. But another equally important reason to my mind is that Khobragade is a Dalit reserved quota officer. Suchitra Vijayan doesn't say it but >>
I do. The anger about reservations in the coveted Indian civil service is huge. I hold no brief to defend Khobragade and I am not defending her. I am only asking, why such little news about a Dalit "servant" girl's death?
Here's @suchitrav's piece >>…
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Friday 16 October 2020

"Food is our right: the struggle for equitable food systems"

Register here or follow the link to watch on Facebook
#WorldFoodDay #WFD2020 #AfricanFoodSystems #RightToFood @CovidCoalition @PLAASuwc @FoodSecurity_za…
Here's the programme for today's WorldFoodDay social dialogue on the #RightToFood and equitable #foodsystems with @FIANista @NETRIGHT @EsaffHQ @MasifundiseDT @abahlali_abm @FoodSecurity_za @boamonjane @afs_asa
Today on #WorldFoodDay we will be hearing from leading activists and academics from Africa and beyond about how the #RightToFood requires change in our food systems - something long evident in African agriculture @FutureAgrics @IDS_UK
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