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Apple, con boom infezioni #COVID19 l'iPhone City in Cina diventa una trappola. Titolo sotto attacco a Wall Street, la Big Tech paga il manicomio made in China: a #Zhengzhou si lavora anche con il virus, #iPhone14 conta più della vita #foxconn #29dicembre
1/Dalla politica di tolleranza zero nei confronti del #Covid_19 al "liberi tutti" senza una strategia precisa. #Cina fuori di testa. Dall'iPhone City: 'mascherine al lavoro, ma come facciamo se dormiamo poi in OTTO tutti insieme?" @restofworld…
2/11 ore al lavoro con #COVID19 : "#Foxconn employee in his 30s told rest of the world that several colleagues had been working despite having a fever. Although they felt sick, the worker spent 11 hours inserting screws into iPhones on Saturday. “I had trouble breathing by 7 p.m"
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#Tianjin city is no longer requiring 72 hr covid test result from subway passengers. Image
#Guiyang permits hotels to admit guests with yellow health codes. Image
This is a big one: #Beijing public transport no longer requires 48 hr covid test results from passengers starting Monday, Dec. 5. Image
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China's #Zhengzhou City will allow buses, subways, and taxis to resume full service from Nov 30: press conference
China's #Zhengzhou City: Residents who take public transportation such as buses, subways, and taxis need to hold 48-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate and green health code.
China's #Zhengzhou City: Many citizens were infected in process of shopping and purchasing in this round of epidemic. Personal protection must be done when going shopping. Citizens are recommended to reduce time of staying outside during shopping.
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#Protest against #Covid19 #lockdown after fire kills 10 in Xinjiang | Nov 26
- Late Friday, videos circulated widely on the Chinese internet showing throngs of residents in #Urumqi marching to a government building and chanting “end lockdowns,”…
#China is #Rothschild's Model for #NWO | Dec 9, 2019
- The #genocide experienced by the #russians in Ukraine, funded by the #oligarchs and carried out by the #Azov-#Nazi - battalions is a copy the #China’s genocide against the #Uyghurs
#Rothschildism #MSM: 154 articles in less than two days.
Title: "#China's Communist Party to celebrate 100th #birthday in show of pomp and power."
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What's going on in #Zhengzhou and the Foxconn factory? Is it a #Zerocovid protest or a labor dispute? Let's break it down...Full thread 🧵
Foxconn said that “some new hires” at the Zhengzhou campus had complained to the company about work allowances. It seems the major problem here is compensation that was promised but not delivered.
One former worker said that the terms of a “retention allowance”, which had been promised to new employees who stay at the plant until February 15, 2023 had been changed, according to reports. Workers now need to stay until March 15 to receive the bonus - an extra month.
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Fresh unrest at the world’s largest #Apple iPhone factory according to Reuters. “People describing themselves as Foxconn workers pulled down barriers and argued with hazmat-suited authorities at a #COVID-hit plant” in #China’s #Zhengzhou.
More details coming through re fresh worker protests at #Foxconn: reports of injuries in clashes with authorities; some workers complaining that those who've had #Covid are being allowed back on shift; others saying they've not been paid bonuses. Some want to go home. #China
More #Foxconn protest details: some workers used sticks to strike surveillance cameras and windows at the factory complex; police have been brought in to manage the tensions there. The global supply of #Apple iPhones was already being hit by the previous mass breakout there.
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China's Zhengzhou city takes steps to improve the precision of epidemic control measures after being criticized for its 'one-size-fits-all' method.
#China #COVID19 #Zhengzhou
The central Chinese city of Zhengzhou will only lock down a single unit if there are fewer than 2 new Covid cases in the same unit of the community, instead of putting the entire community under temporary control measures.
#China #COVID19 #Zhengzhou
Zhengzhou City: Will avoid oversimplified anti-epidemic approaches. Will strive to ensure normality for the majority while controlling a very small number of infections.
#China #COVID19 #Zhengzhou
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Workers have broken out of #Apple’s largest assembly site, escaping the Zero #Covid lockdown at Foxconn in #Zhengzhou. After sneaking out, they’re walking to home towns more than 100 kilometres away to beat the Covid app measures designed to control people and stop this. #China
Workers have broken out of #Apple’s largest assembly site, escaping the Zero #Covid lockdown at Foxconn in #Zhengzhou. After sneaking out, they’re walking to home towns more than 100 kilometres away to beat the Covid app measures designed to control people and stop this. #China
Meanwhile nationalists in #China have convinced themselves that their country has a monopoly on wisdom re the correct handling of #Covid. They’re often going on about “the West” and its opening up but actually its the whole world apart from China which has abandoned Zero Covid
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🚨 4 banques chinoises bloquent les retraits

Ces banques de la province du #Henan ont gelé au moins 178 millions de dollars de dépôts, sans donner d'explications aux clients sur les raisons et la durée de cette mesure, laissant tout le monde dans l'embarras. #bankrun
Plus de 1 000 clients venus de toute la #Chine se sont rassemblés devant l'une de ces banques à #Zhengzhou . Les clients impactés ont organisé plusieurs manifestations et tentent de se faire entendre alors que la situation dure déjà depuis plusieurs mois.
Cette manifestation est l'une des plus importantes que la Chine ait connues depuis la pandémie. Selon des témoins, des dizaines d'agents de sécurité sont intervenus et ont traîné les manifestants dans les escaliers et ont frappé ceux qui résistaient.
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A working 🧵 to track #inflation-related #protests around the world

Some mvmts are learning from others (Canada-Dutch-Italy-Germany), and some are more extreme than others (Sri Lanka vs. Peru).

MSM isn't reporting, but you can be sure Western govts are watching

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Wie Apple den 🇺🇲 Aktienmarkt endgültig in die Knie zwingen könnte

Wir sehen derzeit, wie von vielen berichtet, einen beispiellosen Stau vor den Hafen 🇨🇳
Was passiert, wenn #Apple , mit 6,92% größtes Gewicht im S&P500 aufgrunddessen beginnt, schlechte Zahlen zu melden?
Bereits am 14.03. fährt Foxconn die Fabriken runter, die für @Apple
essentiell sind. Dies fließt in die Zahlen des 3. Quartals ein. Wann kommen die?…
Apples Geschäftsjahr startet im Oktober. Daher kommen die Zahlen für Q3, welches in die aktuellen Lockdowns fällt, am 25. Juli.
Die Zahlen sind bereits schlechter als in den letzten Quartalen. Man hat die Erwartungen fiatmäßig mal eben nach🔻angepasst, daher Kurs stabil.
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There’s been an orchestrated campaign against the foreign media in #Zhengzhou, fuelled by the Communist Youth League. So the strategy to try to make it a patriotic duty to harass those doing real reporting to distract from criticism of bad infrastructure not coping with flooding?
The Communist Party is very good at manufacturing “outrage” in #China and social media is used because then it can all be chalked up to the supposedly spontaneous response of “netizens” whoever the hell they are.
Kind of amazing how the “netizens” who are blocked from seeing the BBC because their government doesn’t trust them suddenly have access to the BBC when it’s time for them to “express their anger”.
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So far, China’s authorities have announced an unimaginable death toll of only ~33 dead & 8 missing in the Henan floods (contrast w/Germany flooding ~180 ppl lost). Some Weibo msg tracking reveals at least ~1,000 dead via photos/comment… #ChinaFloods #河南 #郑州 #洪水 #Zhengzhou
Post-flood scenes like this in Zhengzhou, solidify that despite CPC govt ‘positive energy’ #正能量 cleanup vibes—unlikely we’ll see accurate flood casualty numbers associated w/the tragedy that impacted cities like Zhengzhou #郑州, and its ~11M citizens.
Time-elapsed 4hrs (13:40-17:40) in Zhengzhou, Henan Province—traffic tunnels & the subway/metro (in particular) were impacted severely w/water drainage & flooding issues in a very short period of time.
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Seeing and thinking during Nucleic Acid PCR Test in Nanjing
(2/n) Image
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Kurz zum Klimawandel und Wetterextremen wie zum Beispiel dem #HeatDome, "unserem" #Hochwasser und jenem in #Zhengzhou. All das ist viel extremer als die Klimaforschung für diesen Zeitpunkt angenommen hätte.
Kurz und lesenswert dazu:
Bemerkenswert ist, dass die Klimaforschung einerseits sehr erfolgreich darin ist, den Anstieg der Temperatur durch mehr CO2 zu bestimmen, andererseits die Folgen quasi hier auf dem Boden teils dramatisch unterschätzt.
Woran das liegt, und an welchem Punkt wir beim Klimawandel derzeit sind, kann man sich dabei an einem einfachen Beispiel grob veranschaulichen.

Stellt euch einfach vor, wir fahren alle mit einem voll beladenen Kleinlaster mit 120 über die Autobahn.
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Horrible to see flood devastation from the heavy rains (~year’s worth of rain in 3 days, >617mm) in Zhengzhou #郑州—20 July 2021 panorama view of Henan’s #河南 provincial capital city. (郑州市被淹全景). A city of ~11M residents—death toll remains unknown.
What some refer to as the cradle of Chinese civilization—Henan #河南 has seen it’s heaviest rains in 1,000yrs. Dozens of cities are flooded w/unknown death toll. PLA has issued a warning that Luoyang’s #洛阳 Yihetan dam #伊河滩大坝 (west of Zhengzhou) could collapse at any time". Image
PLA regional troops reported the downpour has caused a 20m breach in the Yihetan #伊河滩 dam in Luoyang #洛阳—a city w/a population of ~7M, which risks “collapse at any time”. Authorities have dispatched soldiers to conduct emergency response incl blasting & flood diversion.
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Archived content: sketch of how extreme rainfall in Zhengzhou, China was related to (1) moisture transport enhanced by the monsoon gyre, (2) deepening upper-level trough, and (3) leeward inverted trough and upslope flow. 1/n
#Henan province has seen 837 stations with 24 hour rainfall amount of 100mm+ (~4"+), 195 stations above 250mm+ (~10"+), with the bullseye centered over the state capital of #Zhengzhou, which was submerged under widespread 400~600mm totals.
Maximum hourly rain rate observed at #Zhengzhou was a staggering 201.9mm between 4-5pm local time. This is a new record for all 2418 national stations in mainland China and possibly the largest downpour in human history for a city with 10+ million population.
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Starkregen hat in Teilen Zentralchinas schwere Überschwemmungen verursacht.
In Zhengzhou stecken Passagiere in einer überfluteten U-Bahn fest mit Wasser, das bis zu ihren Schultern reicht.

Ein Damm könnte brechen, nachdem er kürzlich schon durch einen Sturm beschädigt worden ist.
Weitere Informationen über das Hochwasser hier:…
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#Zhengzhou #chinaflood #ClimateEmergency #graphic seen on Wechat
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Floods in China's Henan province and it's capital Zhengzhou seem worse even than what happened in Germany last week. Today Zhengzhou had 200mm of rain in one hour. In Germany, they had 154mm in 24 hours. See @javihagen for more.
Passengers trapped by rising floodwaters on the #Zhengzhou subway await rescue by Henan firefighters. I hope they’re all okay.
Distressing scenes as China’s #Henan province experiences unprecedented flooding. The subway in #Zhengzhou, a city of 10.4m inhabitants (larger than any European city), was inundated after 200mm of rain fell in an hour. via @TimJ_B…
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The videos shared on Chinese social media about the floodings in Henan following the heavy rain really show the severity of the situation. These are some of them.
Subway passengers trapped in the water.
Several cities including Zhengzhou were hit by downpours, leading to extreme scenes.
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#China🇨🇳:Heavy rainfall occurred in Henan Province causing floods. Affected by the heavy rain, many cars were washed away by the flood.
#China #Fire #洪水
#China🇨🇳:Heavy rainfall occurred in Henan Province causing floods. Affected by the heavy rain, many cars were washed away by the flood.
#China #Fire #洪水
#China🇨🇳: Meanwhile in China; #China's CCP deployed PLA in Henan.

Currently, as per CCP propaganda department one person have been killed and two other missing, about 849 people have been rescued with 1,500 relocated.
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Meanwhile in #France,
"the peak of this second wave is over"

(according to the President in his Adress to the Nation):
Wait... "the peak is over" doesn´t mean "it´s back to normal"!

Confinement will only fall on December 15,
if there´s less than 5.000 new cases a day.
(today it´s ~9.000).

France is disappointed.🙁

Although they certainly can make it happen.
Meanwhile in #Switzerland:
(excess mortality of the second wave is significant)

Good news: fastest decrease in infections happens in the worst hit areas now.
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#China struggled to reopen today- especially firms in the #globalsupplychain. Manufacturers dealing with a tangle of conflicting requirements that vary province to province, city to city. Most being asked to provide extensive prevention of #coronavirus before they can reopen.
#GuangdongProvince requires 4 steps:
1) set up prevention/control protocol 2) quarantine non-local/migrant workers
3) supply protective gear for all workers
4) conduct routine temperature checks/disinfection
Factories meeting demand can apply for approval from local authorities.
For those with factories in #Shenzhen, the city explains its application process here:… #coronavirus
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