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I want to bring it back to #BlackLivesMatterAustralia and share some of the stories/voices of the families that I'm working closely with.

There's 438 black deaths since 1991. There are so many stories you should know. #SayTheirNames
Blak deaths in custody continue at horrific rates - despite 29 years ago a Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody which set out a roadmap of why and how to prevent blak deaths. The 339 recommendations have been ignored. Read them here.…
Blak deaths in custody continue for many reasons but largely the systemic, structural & direct racism in the justice & coronial systems, lack of accountability & because we are mass incarcerated in the first place. Our mob are 28% of prisons but only 2% of the population.
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REMINDER| #GeorgeFloyd said #Icantbreathe SEVERAL times because he was claustrophobic. In fact, HE asked to LAY on the GROUND.

Mark my words. This case is a shit show. Too much fkry to convict. It will be televised to OJ proportions.
"i just had #covid19, man." #GeorgeFloyd

#DerekChauvin tells him talking takes up a lot of #oxygen. And tells "speaker 13" not to come close.
MUST-READ: Body Cam Transcript Tells a Different Story on the Death of George Floyd

It Now Looks Like #GeorgeFloyd, Not #DerekChauvin, Killed George Floyd????…
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Humility is driven into you as a trainee. I tempered my expertise for so long that I didn't even tweet until after my postdoc.

Well, dagnabbit, I AM AN EXPERT on #racism, #BlackMentalHealth, + #TheTalk, and of my 40+ (!!!) media appearances last month, here are my #TopTen faves:
And what about police tactics worsening #PublicHealth during the protests? Check out my commentary here in this @FastCompany piece:…
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💥#JulianAssange #BlackLivesMatter Connection?

Does #JulianAssange Know About This?

I'm confused. Why is @Action4Assange raising $ for #BLM & #georgefloyd?


TY for alert @rsqk9s of @TransparentMed1
#GeorgeFloyd #BLMMOVEMENT Posters Via #JulianAssasnge?

So from my understanding #JulianAssange, who i spoke to btw eons before the #MSM knew who he was, is stuck rotting in the U.K.

What do others think of this?
#JulianAssange #BlackLivesMatter Connection?????

Does this #Icantbreathe #GeorgeFloyd #BLM POSTER also double as an👁️Exam? Is it sick programming? Is it a symbolic SICK joke? Is it to see how stupid sheep are and then laugh at us?

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~$1.3mill funds so far from @LowitjaInstitut, Indigenous Advancement Strat, MRFF for writing guideline for Management CKD in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. ‘The story can change from kidney disease to kidney health’ Jun2019 #CatchingSomeAir
I’ve been part of the @cariguidelines group initially as convenor of technical writing group (2016-19), and latter as member of #kha indigenous advisory panel for community consultations.
We r getting closer to guideline being real, and we insisted there be true and meaningful partnership and representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, from across Aust, to inform the meaning of guiding best practice clinical care
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This is how tiny actually China is minus its occupied territories. The time is ripe for the world to #JunkOneChina and show China its real place. The expansionist regime of china has realise the world will not tolerate its authoritarian regime.
You knw why China suppresses the Uighur muslims of Xinjian province? Because Xinjiang ( meaning new frontier) is actually East Turkestan. Which never accepted the Chinese regime.
Hence such state sponsored oppression of Uighur muslims
Time to change, time to #JunkOneChina
When the world should have woken up and resisted these designs of CCP, It chose to remain silent spectator and not one but ambassador of 50 countries praised Chinas efforts in Xinjaing.…
Including many muslim nations.
Time to change. Time to #JunkOneChina
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#GEORGEFLOYD 24 Unanswered Q's

1. Who's REALLY the independent examiner? #michaelbaden why aren't you running a Tox Report? It's standard procedure. 2. Why did 2 @Hennepin commissioners try to remove #andrewbaker, stating he caused 'irreparable damage to #blackcommunity?

3. Why did #EricGarner also say #Icantbreathe 11X & was also repped by Benji & Baden? 4. What did #DerekChauvin do exactly for #ENR for 17 years? 5. Where did #GeorgeFloyd sister get that tee-shirt? 6. Are print shops considered essential or was it a tasteful gift?

7. Why was the casket too small? 8. Why does #GeorgeFloyd get 3+ memorials when my mom couldn't travel to bury her sister; while others have had to stand 6 feet apart like they're posing for a Soprano poster? While others have to attend virtual funerals via ZOOM?

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I recognize the right of the people of #CHAZ to self determination and independence, I'm thinking of giving them some oil wells in #Alaska to survive; maybe #Russia can help secure those wells, and calling on freedom fighters of the world to move there:

SATO (South Atlantic Treaty Organizations) should immediately deploy in #CHAZ and secure its territories from the regime of #DonaldTrump which in real oppress and kill their own citizens live on camera with support of the #US National Guards militias.
#GeorgeFloyd #ICantBreathe
The people of #California should allow #FUSA (Free US Army) to burn their wheat fields in order to support #CHAZ independence from the regime of #DonaldTrump who lost legitimacy and is hiding in a bunker under the #WhiteHouse:…
#Syria #Turkey #FSA #NATO
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Lots of people gathering now around Sogo in Causeway Bay for #June12 anniversary. Poster of that day’s events are displayed. Lots of police too, both riot & undercover. Remember:all protests are still banned &police have announced thousands of cops are out tonight to prevent them
20.08 In Mong Kok, a large number of citizens have been indiscriminately kettled, presumably for stop&search. This is a frequently employed rights-abusing technique of the police. Very large police presence near Langham Place.
People also gathering in New Town Plaza mall in Sha Tin.
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#georgefloyd Multi-Layered #Psyop

There's nothing strange that 3 years ago ,#ericgarner, another black man represented by @BenjaminCrump & examined by #michaelbaden also said #icantbreathe 11 times!

Quick! Let's pull that slogan circa '17 out of our vault. Who'll remember?
There's nothing strange that #youtube yanked some vids of #ericgarner. Nothing strange that #georgefloyd sister was wearing a tee-shirt that read #Icantbreathe. I am sure print shops under #conyouvirus #covid19 are essential or it was a gift.
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What has Protesting Accomplished?
--- by Christopher Reilley

👉🏾Within 10 days of sustained #protests:
#Minneapolis bans use of #chokeholds.

👉🏾Charges are upgraded against Officer Chauvin, and his accomplices are arrested and charged.

👉🏾#Dallas adopts a "#DutyToIntervene" rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in inappropriate use of force.

👉🏾#NewJersey’s attorney general said the state will update its #UseOfForce guidelines for the first time in two decades.

👉🏾In #Maryland, a bipartisan work group of state lawmakers announced a #PoliceReform work group.

👉🏾#LosAngeles City Council introduces motion to reduce #LAPD’s $1.8 billion operating budget.
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Le drapeau de la République du Rif à la manifestation #BlackLivesMattters à Bruxelles en ce moment.
Je suis allé à la manif #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER au Palais de Justice de Bruxelles avec ma femme et ma fille aînée. Il devait y avoir 10.000 personnes environ.
"Justice for Adil, Mehdi, Mawda, Ouassim, Lumumba" #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER
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(THREAD) In high school or college, a friend gifted me a copy of BLACK RAGE - a reflection of two Black psychiatrists (Grier & Cobbs) who "tell it as it is" and "reveal the full dimensions of the inner conflicts and the desperation of the Black man's life in America." Image
1/ Unfortunately, I never read more than a few pages. And I'm not sure why he gave it to me - maybe he knew something I didn't or couldn't fully appreciate at the time. Or maybe he had heard of the novelist, playwright, essayist, poet, and activist James Baldwin. Image
2/ Last week, I observed many angry reactions to George Floyd's murder, but had a different response. Something more like emotional detachment/disconnection. At times, I felt like a dispassionate spectator and wondered what was wrong with me. (Answer: nothing.)
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Dear @AttorneyCrump:

A few questions on the #georgefloyd case for the record.

1. What did cop remove from his pocket? A lighter? Nothing of significance?
2. His friend who lived in the same Jiovanni-owned building says #GeorgeFloyd had not been around for 2 weeks...

If he was, let's say with his gf, we're they both under quarantine, given #georgefloyd was supposedly found to be #covid19 positive in April? When did THAT happen? Are we going to track & trace everyone who was in contact with him?
3. How can 2 autopsy reports be so different?
.@AttorneyCrump is #michaelbaden denying there were all those drugs in his system? Was he poisoned?
4. Why did the 911 caller assume the fake twixie was his? Why did anyone?
5. #DerekChauvin case in 2006. Are you reviewing it? What did inmate accuse ALL those officers of?
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1/ Thread: How we got here (in brief).
2014: #MichaelBrown killing sparks #Ferguson unrest, #EricGarner killing triggers #BlackLivesMatter #icantbreathe protests. #HowWeGotHere
2/ 2015: President #Obama's post-Ferguson task force releases a report on 21st Century Policing outlined specific improvements that can make policing more just, safe, effective and constitutional — and work better for everyone.… #policereform #HowWeGotHere
3/ Fall 2016: Colin Kaepernick kneels for 1st time, #Trump says he should find another country.… #KaepernickKnee #HowWeGotHere
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Der Mob zieht in dieser Nacht auch marodierend durch Berlin-Neukölln und wirft Scheiben von Geschäften und Banken ein.

Hier zu sehen: Karl-Marx-Straße.
Bilder aus Berlin-Neukölln.

Der ÖRR wird es uns dann als friedliche Solidaritätsdemo gegen Rassismus verkaufen.

Weitere Impressionen der antirassistischen Entglasungsaktion gegen Rechts in Berlin-Neukölln:

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A couple dozen gathering in front of #Huntsville City Hall for a peaceful protest. It’s unclear who is planning it.

HSV police, Madison Co. Deputies, and state troopers combed through downtown for the last hour @whnt
“We were herded like cattle, harassed by cops” @whnt
Protesters explaining the things they want accomplished @whnt
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#Berlin #Neukoelln #B0506: Several shops and banks attacked during spontaneous demo in solidarity with revolt in the so-called USA. #GeorgeFloyd #IcantBreathe #FTP #Gfloyd #antireport Images by @re_voltmag
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Regime security forces shove an elderly man in Niagara Square to the ground giving him a severe head injury, status unknown. (📹@MikeDesmondWBFO) #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloydProtests #ICantBreathe
A regime spokesperson in Buffalo claims the elderly victim "trip and felled" and was arrested. #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloydProtests #ICantBreathe
For a split second one officer seems to attempt to help but is diverted away from the injured victim and directed to continue the violent attack on peaceful protestors. #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloydProtests #ICantBreathe
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Realtime coordination and comms for keeping people safe, we are sharing this list of channels & chats focused on current uprisings. The list may be periodically updated. Remember opsec is up to you; your actions are your own. #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloydProtests #ICantBreathe
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If it's a peaceful protest why is #StarWars @JohnBoyega dressed like an Antifa member? Does he not realise that George Floyd is being used as the catyalist to start a race war for political reasons and George Soros paid Antifa are ironically murdering black men like David Dorn.
Funny John never mentioned him, and funny how he is dressed like an Antifa member, good, military gloves, vest. His words say be peacefully but his body language says the complete opposite. He screams at the crowd in Hyde park, dressed like an Antifa member then there is
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THREAD: Hearing protestors chant in unison "#ICantBreathe," is something that hits viscerally. It's a call for the importance of our individual lives. We have the right to life, and we want to stay alive. George Floyd was dispossessed of the air he needed to exist. He was killed.
Withholding air is also not the only way of dispossessing someone of their rightful access to what they need to live. We all need air, but we also all need food. We can't breathe if we can't eat, and understanding that is understanding that poverty itself is injustice. It kills.
Poverty is misunderstood as a lack of resources, but poverty as it exists today is a legal status. It's a violent act of dispossession that creates poverty. Hundreds of years ago, there was no such thing as having nothing, because we had the planet as a shared natural resource.
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