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Well-Being Director|Co-Chair, Human Potential Team|#EMWellness @StanfordEMED•#selfcompassion•#doctorsarehumanstoo•#DEI🏳️‍🌈•#HPRT|@SUBiodesign fellow|•ex-🌲APD
Oct 9, 2020 13 tweets 14 min read
Jumping from the #LEADatStanfordMed Diversity and Inclusion Forum to the @StanfordWellMD Physician #Wellness Forum... Today, we'll be doing a journal club!

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#StanfordMedDEI On the first paper:
820 physicians and 57 leaders took the survey
As an aside, there are more men than women in #leadership positions in this study.

Burnout score, professional fulfillment score, self valuation score among leaders, and their wellness scores.

Oct 9, 2020 18 tweets 20 min read
It's happening!!! #LEADatStanfordMed|#StanfordMedDEI

Lead 3.0: Group 7: Breaking Down the notion of "Otherness" to Combat #ImposterSyndrome and #Burnout

What a fantastic group of scholars!

#doctorsarehumanstoo #diversityandinclusion Have you ever felt like you...ImageImage #ImposterSyndrome, #Burnout, #Otherness: areas that need to be addressed to advance #diversity, #equity, and #inclusion, as well as #physicianburnout.

#YouAreNotAlone #DoctorsareHumansToo

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Oct 9, 2020 9 tweets 18 min read
Love this topic, #MinorityTax: Accounting for the Burden of Being a Representative.

Great list of speakers including Dr. @BoatengMD, Dr. @RoxanaDaneshjou & Dr. Angela Niemi

#LEADatStanfordMed #StanfordMedDEI

@pedimichelle @drjessigold @DrEnemchukwu @PetePoullos @StanfordODME Marginalization of minority medical professionals is often e Discussing uncompensated time spent on #diversityandinclusion efforts a week... #underrepresentedinmedicine.

This affects retention.

Jul 10, 2020 14 tweets 9 min read
We're so excited to welcome Dr. @Kanapicki at the @StanfordWellMD as she shares some life hacks and productivity tools: "1,440 minutes: Time Management tools for the busy physician"

#efficiencyofpractice #cultureofwellness What true successful managers value is time. We can never get back TIME.

Where are your minutes going? YOu can't trust your head when it comes to time.
Write down where is your time going.

If you had 2 more hours a day, how would you want to use it? <--GOAL
Jun 12, 2020 20 tweets 21 min read
The #LEADatStanfordMed is hosting our graduation event tonight! Our scholars from diverse backgrounds and specialties have spent 10 months with us focusing on leadership capacity building and developing educational materials to advance #diversityandinclusion. We've even adapted to #COVID19, and showed activism on campus in solidarity against #RacismInAmerica

#BlackLivesMatter #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives #LEADatStanfordMed #SoMeDocs
Jun 10, 2020 29 tweets 18 min read
Joining our @CORD_EM Mini-Fellowship on Wellness Leadership is Dr. Jennifer @Kanapicki, @StanfordEMED APD, and @aaeminfo BOD president giving a talk on "1440 minutes: Time Management Tools for the Busy Physicians"

#doctorsarehumanstoo #efficiencyinpractice #HeForShe ImageImage Understanding time management allows us to focus on ourselves and OUR time.

When execs are asked about what they value the most? the answer is TIME.

Check out some tips from Dr. @Kanapicki:…
May 18, 2020 22 tweets 21 min read
The @AmerMedicalAssn's stance on Taking care of our students: Preparing for the 2021 residency application cycle.

So far.. lots of #medstudents attending this sesh
Most programs are considering #virtualinterviews

#MedStudentTwitter #MedED #classof2021 Lots of important stakeholders represented in the Coalition for Physician Accountability.

Next month: watch out for the report on pathways for graduating medical students (#class2020) and their journey to residency.

May 14, 2020 26 tweets 19 min read
Dr. @sherbino is the Medical Education Keynote Address: Efficiencies in Education: How to Hack Educational Training to Get From 10,000 Hours to 100 Hours.

#SAEM20 #MedED When we get into more complex problems in emergency medicine, we construct knowledge instead of just transferred. The use of algorithms doesn't work in a complex rapidly changing tasks.

May 8, 2020 23 tweets 17 min read
It's my absolute honor to introduce today's speaker at the @StanfordWellMD Physician #Wellness Forum.

Dr. @MaryamSHamidi will be sharing insights on the “Nutritional Strategies to Improve Alertness and Mood”.

#doctorsarehumanstoo #preventburnout Here's a nice summary from Dr. @MaryamSHamidi's previous talk...

Apr 1, 2020 6 tweets 19 min read
@RoxanaDaneshjou @StanfordPeds @StanfordEMED @MTYK079 @A_E_Urdaneta @DrEricWeiss @holly_cw @KASchertzer @michelle_feltes @MitaraiTsuyoshi @VivetaLobo @LalehG_MD @MikeGisondi the question is it durable enough to last this year. Definitely not lifelong immunity. @RoxanaDaneshjou @StanfordPeds @StanfordEMED @MTYK079 @A_E_Urdaneta @DrEricWeiss @holly_cw @KASchertzer @michelle_feltes @MitaraiTsuyoshi @VivetaLobo @LalehG_MD @MikeGisondi #COVID19Update: durability of immunity:
Dr. Maldonado's answer: "we don't know"

Serologic test may help elucidate this question via IgM and IgG tests. Does it correlate with neutralizing antibodies?

So for now... we do not know. promising studies to come out by end of next week
Apr 1, 2020 8 tweets 10 min read
Dr. Bonnie Maldonado (@StanfordPeds) shares #COVID19 updates at the @StanfordEMED Town Hall.
🦠immunity is not durable once infected
🦠animals get coronas, and do NOT infect humans. However, human coronavirus on animal furs can spread the virus.

#PerspectiveNOTPanic #EMConf Nasal swabs is a better test. A lot more virus in the nose than other parts of the body, which may explain droplet precaution.

#COVID19 #perspectiveNOTpanic #GetUsPPE #safetyfirst
Mar 15, 2020 14 tweets 11 min read
A dear friend and #nutrition expert, Dr. @MaryamSHamidi|@StanfordWellMD:…

In a study of 245 @StanfordMed physicians, researchers found that a better diet is associated with reduced side effects of sleep deprivation.… Sleep deprivation. Stress. Mood. Diet. all are interdependent.

⬆️ calories food are more rewarding. Higher added sugar/saturated fat/salt = comforting. Also impairs sleep. Weight gain --> sleep apnea.
Sleep deprivation --> want to eat more even when not hungry