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Goodday everyone.

Here are excerpts from the just concluded Virtual Conference on Nutrition which held on the 18th of August 2020.

#ISMPH #FundNutritionNG Image
Our ultimate goal is to work together with all stakeholders to improve funding for nutrition in Nigeria for the wellbeing of all- Dr Hajo Sani, Senior SA to the President on Women Affairs and Administration, Office of the First Lady at the #FundNutritionNG conference Image
Financing nutrition in Nigeria has been bedevilled with many challenges which have to be dealt with through innovative financing- Beatrice Eluaka, Executive Secretary, @CS_SUNN at the #FundNutritionNG conference Image
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Today, our founder, Dr. @aishambuhari hosts the #FundNutritionNG virtual conference.

Theme: Harnessing Innovative Financing for Nutrition in Nigeria - Unravelling the Bottlenecks

It's time to change the nutrition narrative in Nigeria!

Watch live:… Image
Our ultimate goal is to work together with all stakeholders to improve funding for nutrition in Nigeria for the wellbeing of all- Dr Hajo Sani, Senior SA to the President on Women Affairs and Administration, Office of the First Lady at the #FundNutritionNG conference Image
Financing nutrition in Nigeria has been bedevilled with many challenges which have to be dealt with through innovative financing- Beatrice Eluaka, Executive Secretary, @CS_SUNN at the #FundNutritionNG conference Image
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Importance of #VitaminK in #COVID19. Vitamin's direct/indirect role on COVID 19 complications and disease outcome. @nathvani_ravi #nutrition
1. Helps in Blood Clotting, since many COVID cases found to have blood clotting issue due to cytokine storms.…
2. Vitamin K helps in Calcium Extraction from tissue, and thus helps in Immunological pathway of T cell activation along with Vitamin D.…
3. Being an anti-imflammatory agents, Vitamin K helps in regulating many cytokine secretion…
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Lungs are most affected during #COVID19. Thread explaining top 10 lung-healthy foods. Other benefits of the food is also included. #nutrition
1. BEETROOT: Beetroot are rich in nitrates, which helps relax blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, and optimize oxygen uptake.
2. APPLE: Research shows regular apple intake is associated with a slower decline in lung function in ex-smokers. Some other health benefits are also included.
3. PUMPKIN: Pumpkin is rich in carotenoids, including beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, all of which have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Beta-carotene is particularly associated w/better lung function.
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Would you agree that #Science today is mainly motivated by #politics… NOT #Health
Do you believe Cures exist?
Would you believe me if I told you that #Cancer, #Aids and #Diabetes, all diseases thought to be incurable, actually had Cures and have been proven to be cured?
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/25/2020…
Did a Person Write This Headline, or a Machine?…

#ML #generator #text
Opinion | The Future of Nonconformity…

#thinking #nonconformist
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#COVID19 pandemic could tip over 130 million more people into chronic hunger by the end of 2020, adding to persistent hunger & #malnutrition 🌐 - new @FAO, @IFAD, @UNICEF, @WFP & WHO #SOFI2020 report highlights challenges to achieving 0 hunger by 2030.

The number of people going hungry is ↗️ and #COVID19 is making things worse 📈

The #SOFI2020 published today, estimates that approximately 690 million people went hungry in 2019.

👉 Image
Almost 1 in 10 people (8.9%) worldwide is undernourished, with 3 Regions most affected:
▪️ 381 million in Asia
▪️ 250 million in Africa
▪️ 48 million in Latin America & the Caribbean

👉 Image
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"Yesterday, 230 thousand cases of #COVID19 were reported to WHO.

Almost 80% of those cases were reported from just 10 countries, and 50% come from just two countries"-@DrTedros
"Although the number of daily deaths remains relatively stable, there is a lot to be concerned about.

All countries are at risk of the virus, but not all countries have been affected in the same way"-@DrTedros #COVID19
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#Ayurveda #Herbal #real #Tales
Saw 64y old #patient with #jaundice and severe #itching all over #body (called #cholestatic #hepatitis) in OPD. Went to 3 other #hospitals prior, always evaluated for #liver and #bileduct #Cancer. Always cancer tests #Negative. Liverbiopsy👇 Image
Biopsy shows severe #bile stagnation (#cholestasis) in liver #cells and bile-ducts with #inflammation and #swelling of livercells (#hepatocyte) - classical picture of cholestatichepatitis. CT of liver normal, #MRCP (to see bile ducts) - normal #livertwitter #pathology
CAUSE👇 Image
Patient has #diabetes. Tired of #insulin #diet control. #Ayurvedic #physician advises - stop insulin, start #natural side effect free #treatment. Gives these #CAPSULE . After 6 months on #tablet - liver injury and symptoms start. #nutrition deprived, sugar controlled. #MedEd
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Fantastic summary by @SightandLife to understand role of #nutrition in immune system. Read each #Vitamin & their sources. Very important in context of #COVID19 where prevention is the KEY!…
Role of #Nutrition in immune response. @SightandLife discusses different minerals and their benefits in 2 parts. Qualitative information. #foodsafety @prohealthlyf…
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Bon il faut que je vous parle de l’#agroalimentaire parce là là kou diouk deifar leik diniou empoisonné rk 😂.
#Thread #Kebetu #ConsomméLocal
L’#AGROALIMENTAIRE en tant que tel c’est de la HAUTE SCIENCE . Ça dépasse largement le cadre du simple séchage des produits agricoles et de leur transformation en jus, sirop, etc.
Ça fait intervenir le Génie des Procédés Agroagrolimentaires qui définit l’ensemble des opérations unitaires de transformation c’est à dire une association d’actions appliquées à des produits pour leur conférer des propriétés (Propriétés organoleptiques,
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What affects your triglycerides, your glycemic and your insulin responses to a meal?

This one recruited twins and unrelated healthy adults in an effort to derive algorithms that predict an individual’s postprandial metabolic responses and this is what they found.
Postprandial tryglycerides response to a meal depends on:
Postprandial glucose response to a meal depends on:
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CIM you guise
And if you remove the low-protein diets, it goes like this:
Fat mass went like this, weird huh
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Appel à projets internationaux de la Fondation Louis Bonduelle : les trois projets lauréats pour une alimentation plus végétale 🌱
#Nutrition #Environnement #AlimentationDurable…
Projet LEGU+ (Fr) du Centre de Recherche de l’Institut Paul Bocuse
Comment réduire la viande au #restaurant, au profit des #légumineuses ? Comment augmenter la consommation de végétaux ?
Le projet entend répondre à cet objectif par la co-création de recettes innovantes
EduSensoNet (Fr) : un programme d’#éducation au goût via des ateliers pour les enfants. Projet mis en place par un consortium de chercheurs du Centre des Sciences du Goût et de l’Alimentation (CSGA) de Dijon, en collaboration avec une association
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#REDTalk now live! Is the pandemic an opportunity to review the food system. Live tweets here..
The Shadow Environment Minister @davidzeichner thanks food workers for their support during the pandemic.
Yes, the pandemic is an opportunity to review our food system. But we are unlikely to take it. @DavidZeichner
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Handful of NUTs is packed with multiple healthy nutrients - Protein, Good fats, Fibre, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper, Manganese and Selenium. Unsalted, roasted MIXED NUTS are tasty & healthy snack of all time. #nutrition #nutrient #Nutritionist Image
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It's my absolute honor to introduce today's speaker at the @StanfordWellMD Physician #Wellness Forum.

Dr. @MaryamSHamidi will be sharing insights on the “Nutritional Strategies to Improve Alertness and Mood”.

#doctorsarehumanstoo #preventburnout
It's important to eat meals early (within 60 minutes of natural waking) and weigh the first meal more than the rest.

#IntermittentFasting has so many benefits including decreasing body fat BUT NOT necessarily weight loss. The latter has to do with caloric intake.

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Top 10 key expert opinion recommendations for nutrition support for the critically ill patient with #COVID19 via @ASPENWEB.
These recs are based on indirect evidence (2016 SCCM/ASPEN and 2019 EPSEN Guidelines), direct evidence from limited COVID19 trials, and expert opinion. 2/
Key Rec #1:
-Use wt based equations to determine energy & protein needs
-15-20 kcals/kg/d; 1.2-2 g protein/kg
-Do not use indirect calorimeter as this increases contamination risk
-Monitor for refeeding syndrome (monitor phos, mag, potassium)
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🚨📢 #Tweetorial on #ICU nutritional management in #COVID19 – disclaimer this is from my own insights having worked as an ICU #dietitian & working as a #juniordoctor #Hammersmith ICU resources will be tagged at the end - WARNING it’s long - so grab a ☕️ 1/13
Calculating requirements (Energy)
▪️If BMI>25 therefore opt for AIBW/IBW
▪️Many with single organ failure, ventilated & febrile +
▪️Equations to help – PENN STATE & Mifflin St Jeor – factors temp/vent settings OR if in doubt or time limits ASPEN BMI>30 11-14kcal/kg/ABW/day 2/13
Calculating requirements (Energy)
▪️We anticipate most pt’s will receive only 70% of feed due to variety of issues (proning, aspiration risk/placement delays)
▪️Don’t despair but prioritise tolerance and build up feed and ⬆️ protein provision 3/13
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Day 2 and happy to report the olds are doing their bit staying home & saving lives. They’re even watching a cooking show on Dollshouse+ #DollshouseLockdown #lockdownnz ImageImageImage
Day 3 of the #DollshouseLockdown and mum and dad are chilling on the Playstation, while the kids climb the walls. #lockdownnz ImageImageImage
Day 4. Things got desperate so Mum went shopping. Don’t forget to wipe it all down and wash your hands Mum! #dollshouselockdown #nzlockdown ImageImage
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A dear friend and #nutrition expert, Dr. @MaryamSHamidi|@StanfordWellMD:…

In a study of 245 @StanfordMed physicians, researchers found that a better diet is associated with reduced side effects of sleep deprivation.…
Sleep deprivation. Stress. Mood. Diet. all are interdependent.

⬆️ calories food are more rewarding. Higher added sugar/saturated fat/salt = comforting. Also impairs sleep. Weight gain --> sleep apnea.
Sleep deprivation --> want to eat more even when not hungry
On Food, hydration & performance:
Dehydrated pilots have poor flight performance.
Soccer referees make poor judgment when dehydrated.
Physicians who are dehydrated have impaired short term memory.

HANGRY is real.

#doctorsarehumanstoo #preventburnout
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I found my 7 year old digging through the house for change. I asked why. He owes Carmen, la elotera who sells corn & fruit outside his school, $1.50. I will remember this moment when folks ask why that school, that neighborhood. 1/6
He knows her NAME and schedule ("cada jueves, a veces los miércoles"). #dignity #respect #streetvendors
He is doing MATH ("elote en el palo $2, en la copa $3). #informaleconomy
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Over the last 12 months, @isabellasaund and I have had the privilege of working with @socprogress to develop Australia's first Social Progress Index.… @CSIsocialimpact
@isabellasaund @socprogress @CSIsocialimpact Why measure #socialprogress? We live in a country that prioritises economic growth and #GDP over pretty much everything else. The logic goes that if economic progress increases, so should social progress.
@isabellasaund @socprogress @CSIsocialimpact But we know that's not the case - we know that the mining boom, while contributing to 28 years of unprecedented economic growth, has also had ongoing impacts on communities and the environment where mining companies have now left.
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