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The rise of the teal female independents in #AusVotes2022 provides a striking case study into the power of "disruptive innovation"
(a concept defined by the esteemed Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen) Image
Disruptive innovation is sparked when a small but growing segment of the market is ignored and neglected by existing businesses, deemed “not important" or "not lucrative" enough to bother catering to or investing in.
In response to this void in the market, a new business can enter the market focused on addressing the needs, values and concerns of this "overlooked" segment.

They bring new ways of doing things and fresh approaches that resonate with those who feel unheard.
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Another look at the risk to AP designation if the CRT Ban passes from the @ocregister @roxanakopetman…
Let's review what CRT is, in light of the fact that proponents of these bans think ANYTHING that mentions race or equity is CRT…
Recognition that race is not biologically real but is socially constructed and socially significant.
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I reached out to @MarriottIntl's VP Global Diversity Equity + Inclusion. Orlando World Center #Marriott is hosting a white nationalist CPAC-alternative event this weekend, AFPAC.

How does hosting this event square with Marriott's commitment to #DiversityandInclusion? $MAR
Marriott: "Diversity and inclusion is fundamental to our core values and strategic business goals."

What does #Marriott tell employees about hosting a white nationalist CPAC alternative event this weekend?

#DiversityandInclusion $MAR #ESG Image
I will report if I receive a response from @MarriottIntl's VP of #DiversityandInclusion, Maruiel Perkins-Chavis. $MAR #ESG Image
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Grenfell Tower Inquiry diary week 54: ‘Our consideration of evacuation at this time was something of a blind spot’…

IS @NexusChambers #MichaelMansfieldQC @_lesliethomas WHO ARE WITH THE CIRCLE OF @OCCRP WHO ARE THERE TO LIMIT THE DAMAGE TO @taxpayers DENYING THE @VictimRightsLaw .

WHILE THE @grenfellinquiry IS DOING AS @InquiryCSA HAS DONE TO US THE @ProductsSystem.

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📣Great NEW content featured on @TheLancet homepage - "Advancing women in science & health"

1/ Black #womeninmedicine - rising above invisibility by @onyi_eke @OnyekaOtugo @DrJessIsomMDMPH…
2/ Advancing women in healthcare leadership: systematic review of multi-sector evidence on organisational interventions by @HelenaTeede & colleagues…
Scientific medical conferences can be easily modified to improve female inclusion: a prospective study 👇🏼

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This #ResearchThursday, we're honored to spotlight Jasmin Graham (she/her)! She earned her MS in biology from #FSU & has research shark ecology & phylogenetics. She's also the CEO of Minorities in Shark Sciences & the coordinator of the MarSci-LACE project!

#SharkWeek2021 A photo of Jasmin Graham with the title "DIRECTO ResearJasmin Graham is an FSU alumni who studies elasmobranch (sha
During her time at FSU, she worked as an instructor for Saturday at the Sea & presented at last year's #FallSymposium on her work with MarSci-LACE promoting minority students in marine science (poster below, alt. text at end of thread)!

#fsudirecto #DiversityAtFSU
If you'd like to nominate yourself or others to be spotlighted, please visit….
Minorities in Shark Science website:

#DiversityandInclusion #DiversityMatters #research
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1. EVERY MAN IN THE AD INDUSTRY MUST READ THIS, stop this and stop other men doing this. 2. Nothing changes until MEDIA NAMES NAMES (I've been trying to make this happen for years) @zoescaman… @Campaignmag @adage @adweek @thedrum @digiday @businessinsider
Together with reading @zoescaman's post… watch the first 15 minutes of my 2017 @3PercentConf keynote, to understand why everything Zoe cites is the single biggest business issue facing the ad industry (and every other industry) today
In my @3PercentConf 2017 keynote I quoted @rtraister and continued, "Nor can we see the great ads those women would have created, the @cannes_lions they would have won, the agencies they would have started, the ad industry they would have transformed."
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Ladies, re-upping this @RachelKrantz @bustle interview with me because you may find it useful. Also, remember that in addition to business and #diversityandinclusion consulting and speaking, I also do personal coaching 🙂…
'Consider that when you ask for a raise, you're not just helping yourself — you are also acting on behalf of other women by helping to close the pay gap'..."As women, we don’t get taken seriously until we get taken seriously financially." I talk to @bustle…
'Gallop tells @bustle, "Very simply put, if you do not ask for a raise, and if you do not ask for the most money you can possibly make in your job, you will not be valued." @RachelKrantz…
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A reminder that a 'Diversity' event doesn't mean getting women to speak/ chair/ organise. There's a WHOLE lot more to #DiversityAndInclusion than just gender.

(And there's a lot more to gender than men and women).
1/4 Image
The 'who can we think of?' method of finding speakers/ chairs/ organisers is what helped create a lack of diversity in the first place. Even if you're finding 'diverse' contributors, stop and think- why do I think of *these* people? Could it be #SurvivorBias? 2/4 Image
If you are getting the same few people to represent 'diversity' in your events; if you are getting 'diversity' that looks different but says the same things (lack of #ThoughtDiversity); if every 'diversity' story sounds like a 'how I succeeded against all odds' story...
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The hiring process has long been identified for school administrators as their single most critical job duty..

..but, en masse, hiring in education remains woefully antiquated.

Here’s a potential fix..

#iledchat #edchat
1️⃣ Rid the hiring process *completely* of the overwhelmingly fixed mindset-rooted Q&A that plagues it.

There is **zero** research base to associate a teacher “thinking on their toes” in giving “the right” answers to questions on the fly, and their efficacy in the classroom.
2️⃣ Replace the anti-#growthmindset Q&A with a lesson the candidate delivers in front of a hiring panel.

The content/skills to be developed during the lesson should be given to the candidate at least 48 hours in advance of the screening date.

In other words, kill the “gotcha”..
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'A bio for Donna Strickland, the physicist who invented a technology used by all the high-powered lasers in the world, was created on Wikipedia. In less than 6 mins it was flagged for a “speedy deletion” & shortly thereafter erased from the site' @ftripodi…
'This is part of the reason Dr. Strickland didn't have an active Wikipedia page when she was honored with the Nobel Prize in Physics 4 years later. Despite clear evidence, some didn't feel her contributions were notable enough to warrant a Wikipedia bio'…
'Much scholastic work demonstrates the extent of gender inequality on Wikipedia. Women in all fields are underrepresented, articles about women’s interests are underdeveloped, and women are less likely to edit Wikipedia articles' @ftripodi @sage_publishing…
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Networking tips that built my self-efficacy (thanks @midhatf3) a self-reflection and follow-along 🧵

(cc: @InclusiveGradEd @APSphysics)
apparently, MORE than 80% of jobs are found by networking?!! And networking is more than just starting a connection - it is also about maintaining it. I'll just leave some silence to absorb this statistic (looking at you #phdchat) and next up is identifying who's who
Networks and people are continuums... but identifying one or more roles a person in your network serves can *srsly* help you make a bettr elevator pitch.

Let's brainstorm & try to categorize our networks. Lets identify the category that needs more ppl. Lets build ntwrks robustly
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“Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise so I’m changing myself.” - Rumi

beautiful individually can be amazing together

“we need to become more conscious of our unconscious biases” a mentor once said

at the time I thought that’s surely an oxymoron!
but on reflection, that’s 🎯
Who’s in the room?
Who has access?
How we do things around here?

Patrick Voss
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You're idiots, white Hollywood. '@McKinsey's study concluded that America’s film industry is the country’s least diverse business sector and that its systemic anti-Black biases cost it at least $10 billion in annual revenue.' @franklinleonard @nytopinion…
'Black content is undervalued, underdistributed and underfunded, @mckinsey's analysis found. It also found that Black talent has been systematically shut out of creator, producer, director and writer positions.' @franklinleonard @nytopinion… #Racism
'That is despite the fact that films with two or more Black people working in those roles made 10 percent more at the box office per dollar invested than films with no or only one Black person in those capacities.' @franklinleonard @nytopinion… #Racism
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Brands, marketers, agencies: it's 6 weeks to #Pride and Rana Reeves of RanaVerse has some MUST-READ advice: 'Consumers who identify as LGBTQ+ expect brands to see and hear them every day of the year—not just during June.' @adage…
'Brands flock to New York and L.A. to tap into the biggest Pride events and queer markets. But #Pride is celebrated nationwide, and there are currently 27 states that lack LGBTQ+ nondiscrimination laws, including Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina' @adage…
'There’s a geographic privilege to queer marketing that needs to change, and it starts with brands looking inside the coasts to communities that could truly benefit from big brand support.' Rana Reeves @adage…
#DiversityAndInclusion #Pride #Pride2021
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Had a fun time talking about #leadership in #STEM (at any stage of career), #BlackExcellence #WomenInSTEM #DEI #DiversityandInclusion to a range of students and faculty at @tennesseetech. Thanks for the invitation @JosephCSlater. Look forward to building further on this.
Talked about ways to take on community level leadership roles to develop skills in acquiring funding, managing a budget, team building, managing people, executing.

Know what you are good at and balance the rest with your team. Don’t try to be it all.
Particularly on #Twitter, being overt about terms like #bias or #BLM or #racism can result in blowback. That does not mean what you said was wrong rather others may have insecurity or have work to do. Manage your energy as an advocate. Avoid burnout.

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🚀We could learn a lot from Star Trek

✨Star Trek reminds us the importance of diversity & how we should treat each other

They worked to better themselves & humanity with compassion & integrity, earning respect across the Galaxy
Greed had been mostly eradicated...
Hate was not tolerated
Though Ferengis painted a clear picture of monetary greed, Cardassians painted a better picture of the dangers of abuse of power & the horrors of slavery & trafficking
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'Men are three times more emotional than women at work.' Any woman could have told you that. Also in politics, government, in fact everywhere. @JessRapana @StylistMagazine…
'According to the findings, men are twice as likely to get emotional when their “ideas weren’t heard” or because they “were criticised”.' @JessRapana @StylistMagazine… #GenderEquality #DiversityAndInclusion #ChangeTheRatio
'What’s more, men were three times more likely to feel emotional if a project went over budget, missed a deadline or got cancelled.' @JessRapana @StylistMagazine… #GenderEquality #DiversityAndInclusion #ChangeTheRatio
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We are delighted to announce that we have just registered a sister charity, The PressPad Charitable Foundation, and are thrilled that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their Archewell Foundation will be among our first donors. (1/4) #DiversityandInclusion #archewellfoundation
The Foundation exists to provide bursaries and support to complement the work we’ve already started at PressPad to link mentoring, networking, and accommodation to help young people of diverse backgrounds gain entry into the journalism industry. (2/4)
We look forward to continuing to make positive & lasting change to improve social mobility in the UK media. You can find out more about the foundation on our website. There will be more announcements coming soon about our trustees,activities & plans:… (3/4)
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Re @BurgerKing: years ago I was hired by A Very Big Company to review some advertising they were planning to run targeting women as part of their #DiversityAndInclusion program. I was clear upfront that I was not going to 'rubber stamp' their advertising, and that I would only...
take the job if they agreed to act on whatever I recommended - which they committed to. They showed me the ad. I said to them, I want to see the list of the creatives and crew behind the ad, but even without having seen it, I know this ad was written by white men. (It was.) ...
I knew that because it was a 'clever' ad that those men would have congratulated themselves on. I said to the client, this ad is 'cleverly' dramatizing the problem. (Career obstacles for women.) We live with the problem every day. We don't need the problem hammered home to us. ..
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'Thus, as a white, 40-year-old man, I am now going to voice my opinion about inclusivity and gender issues in marketing.' We welcome your allyship, @JPCastlin 🙂@marketingweek @BurgerKing @burgerkingUK… #DiversityAndInclusion #ChangeTheRatio
'We highlight diversity in our campaigns, but most creative leads are still white men. We talk about the importance of inclusion in our keynotes, but conferences still feature far fewer female speakers than male.' @jpcastlin @marketingweek… #ChangeTheRatio
'We write about the brilliance of women in marketing, but top marketer lists are often dominated by men. We speak of how woke we are, then celebrate International Women’s Day by running a campaign proclaiming that women belong in the kitchen.' @jpcastlin…
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1/ If you call yourself an ally and you are at Google and want to effect change, you can organize/support a union or quit. Anything else you're doing is performative. #DiversityandInclusion #DiversityInTech #ISupportTimnit #ISupportAbril #ISupportBlackWomen
2/ #Timnit and #Abril are casualties of a toxic culture that may not have it's roots in HR but is weaponized against Black people and Black Women specifically. Here's how I know this. #DiversityandInclusion #DiversityInTech #ISupportTimnit #ISupportAbril #ISupportBlackWomen
3/ HR has the data that more than 50% of people who identify as Black categorize their experience at Google as negative. The only group at Google that has that distinction. Stats are similar at other #BigTech companies #DiversityandInclusion #DiversityInTech #ISupportBlackWomen
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You end racism in business by hiring, welcoming & promoting Black talent, bc then you PAY Black talent & channel wealth to Black households. This esp needs to happen in #crypto, where wealth needs to spread beyond white men. But: @coinbase @nathanielpopper…
“Most people of color working in tech know that there’s a diversity problem,” said Ms. Butler, who resigned in April 2019. “But I’ve never experienced anything like @Coinbase.”
@nathanielpopper @nytimes…
#BlackLivesMatter #DiversityAndInclusion #crypto
'Much of @Coinbase’s culture stems from the one around #Bitcoin..which..has attracted a generation of fans known as “#crypto bros.” Many have propagated a brash male-dominated way of life, facing criticism for sowing racism and sexism.' @nathanielpopper…
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Supporting High-Quality K-12 Schools Across America
Only one party understands that a quality education is a critical public good-NOT a commodity. A quality education is the right of every child. 1/13
#Democrats will make sure schools do not engage in & appropriately address, discrimination,bullying & harassment related to sex, including sexual orientation & gender identity; race; national origin; immigration or citizenship status; religion; disability; & language status 2/13
#Democrats will protect the rights of transgender students.
It is unacceptable that America’s public schools are more racially segregated today than they were in the late 1960s. 3/13 #DemPartyPlatform #TransRightsAreHumanRights #EducationForAll
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