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The 3 most powerful (& liberating) words a #clinicianeducator can use…

“..I don’t know”

Most junior #MedEd faculty will be tempted to avoid them b/c of #impostersyndrome.

I went far too long resisting them but now am free. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Here’s why…👇
Saying “I don’t know” will…

-Normalize gaps in knowledge – “we can’t know it all” (say it with me 👏)
-Flatten the hierarchy to increase psychological safety
-Increase the collective curiosity on the team to increase dialogue and stimulate learning

-Model a #masteradaptivelearner framework of looking up the answer and asking for help when we don’t know
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After 10+ years in the public sector, I joined SAS Software at the end of 2022. I’ve spent most of the last decade analysing data for the public good - I hope to continue this but from a different angle. Here’s a thread about my learning curve in SAS. #government #SASLife
Week 1: Induction was a nice ease into a new company and the people were lovely. In one of the many meet & greet sessions someone suggested I should keep notes about my early days - turned out to be good advice as now I can post this. #SASLife
Week 2: Still finding my way, completing compulsory e-learning and technical training courses. I was always the biggest critic of point and click but changing my mind now I’ve seen Viya in action. Also comforting to find that I can keep using Python with Viya #datascience #viya
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Got imposter syndrome?

Don't worry, let's use it our advantage.

Wondering how? Read the thread below.


#productivity #growth #impostersyndrome
👍 Using the Imposter syndrome as motivation

The imposter syndrome is the belief that your achievements at work are unworthy of you and that you will eventually be revealed as a fraud. Imposter syndrome sufferers believe it is detrimental to their achievement.
However, the actions that "imposters" do to make up for their self-doubt might improve their performance at work and inspire them to exceed their counterparts who are not imposters in terms of interpersonal skills.
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Recent publication that I have been v. bad at sharing!

Brilliant to work with @jiaburford and @netstah on this book chapter, "Working with/against #ImposterSyndrome: Research Educators’ Reflections" >>…

What's it about, you ask? (1/8)
As researcher developers, we hear about, see, feel, and discuss #ImposterSyndrome a lot. In this chapter, we talk about 4 key strategies to address this in our programs and actively nourished researcher community spaces. (2/8)
1st strategy to address #ImposterSyndrome: Contributing to the creation of conditions for belonging for all researchers. We talk about the "need to ensure that all researchers see themselves as a part of the institutional fabric". (3/8)
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As someone who knows nothing about cars, I weirdly enjoyed watching #DriveToSurvive on #Netflix, the #FormulaOne docuseries 🏎🏎🏎

I found some interesting parallels with my experiences as an #ECR.

Let me explain...

#AMPlify2022 @AusMusPsySoc @AcademicChatter #ECRchat

Before we get started, I acknowledge my privilege as an academic with ongoing employment.

I acknowledge many ECRs will face additional challenges I haven't covered in this thread. Feel free to add your own observations 😊

OK, "LET'S GO!" (that's an F1 rallying cry, btw!)
🏎 F1 drivers are persistent.

What's the best for ECRs way to emulate them?

Keep showing up, especially in the face of failure:

• pick yourself up after disappointment
• don't let negative feedback derail you
#KeepPushing (a hashtag borrowed from the #F1 world!)
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Directness & saying what you mean is important. The receiver also needs to be ready to tolerate this. Society & business places tend to prefer the passive aggressive so being direct does invoke blowback.
There is particular social cost to being direct & going against social norms

if your optics/demographics invoke mental models …say of expected discretion, “civility”, or “be kind” or “softness”


if mental model invoked is “angry Black woman/man”…
“Be kind” is red flag: it identifies the passive aggressive shushing/shaming people who are threatened by @candor & perceive directness as aggression. It’s a fixed mindset trait or a negative consequence when empathy/emotions overindexed in ways to block growth & learning.
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He spent his life as a first responder when others needed him. When he had a heart attack on the job, system overwhelm meant no resources available for him.

This is betrayal.

We’ve been asking, pleading, negotiating, screaming for this not to happen.
Those #HCW who spoke up early on #safety? Fired.…
Maybe listen to the ones who care enough to speak up on REAL #safety issues rather then fire them.

The current #HCW correct dismissals over refusal of #VaccineMandate claim administrators are “bullies” because that HAS been true in past.…
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At every critical step past the early life & career stage (then rewarded for just delivering)

when protecting loved ones from harm
or #leadership

listening to #BlackExcellence/Black women gave me the framework to understand & the tools to be effective.…
“Model minorities” chase impossible standards? Then let’s try to match of achievement level set by Black women

…who accomplish so much while mislabeled, hated, un-/underpaid, killed, losing their children to violence of others’ fear/anti-Blackness…
This is NOT the standard:
-keep your access/proximity to power via a politician
-stay in spotlight
-use your credentials (& frowns/soothing tone) to gaslight a nation that deaths occurring not a concern to you

known for a collection of Hermès scarves…& now >700K American deaths
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/21/2021…
How opium led to ‘the banality of evil, the birth of megacorporations, the foundation of empires’…

#opium #tea #GlobalTrade #BritishEmpire #history #india #china
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Beyond thrilled to have been awarded a *renewal* for my @NIH_LRP award!!!!!! Story time (on #privilege and #perseverance)

#medtwitter #academictwitter #blackinSTEM 1/
As a first-generation #Kenyan American, raised in #Kenya and very much an #African child (if you know you know), a #doctor is very much what I was going to be from the time I was born. 😋 (thankfully, also a marrying of my love of science and taking care of people!) 2/
So it was to my parents’ incredible delight when I got accepted to #medicalschool, never having... basically... known someone who had done so, in the US anyway. #firstgen #firstgeneration (yes, this story has a comical peak, wait for it...) 3/
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#Programmers on Twitter often unintentionally create a false image of what it means to be a professional developer.
1. You don't have to tweet all day every day about programming related things to be a good programmer.
2. You don't have to be the creator of some amazing library/framework/podcast/blog to be a good programmer.
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Thanks @IWS_Network for inviting me to share my story as an #international #immigrant #WomanInSTEM! Throughout this week I will share my journey so far, challenges & triumphs; inviting you to share yours and connect with me if it resonates with you! #VoicesIWS
I grew up in #Delhi #India, a place I still think of as home & where my family still resides. Living in the capital, my parents, sister and I spoke to each other in #tamil, #hindi, & #english. My mom was my first #chemistry teacher. #WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS @IWS_Network Image
As a teenager I fell in love with the vibrant colors & creative possibilities of the chemistry lab. Nandini ma'am & other excellent teachers, most of whom were #WomenInSTEM at The Mother's International School were my role models. @IWS_Network #VoicesIWS #WomenInSTEM Image
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We live in an attention #economy & what #Tweetiatricians have known for decades (#Twitter started in 2006): importance of drawing attention to factual science-based information as compared to #misinformation & #disinformation, especially on #vaccines…
You have to be fast & prolific to play catch up to this. I have 77K tweets, a moderate sized band of 6K followers interested enough to tolerate my volume but use of hashtags allows reach across Twittersphere. Trending hashtags = better for riding a way for that attention economy
If is unclear if we are now so siloed that tweets are ineffective with anti-vaxx. But not all anti-vaxx are QAnon
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This is a form of privilege not often spoken about.

It is not “just” the money but the financial literacy, the comfort navigating certain spaces, feeling is belonging vs #impostersyndrome. It affects ability to do unpaid internships. It affects who is bullied. #MedTwitter
Women of more affluent families may not be the ones targeted by or vulnerable to slimy professors too.

Learning requires a “safe space” in reality as well as in your own head. #MedEd has a LONG way to go before #education spaces are truly open to all. #MedTwitter #equity
For instance, while my mom’s family was in Pakistan, I grew up knowing my mom had her own identity & her own money (she always reminded my dad he had no Islamic right to 😂
=the confidence of a woman who *could* leave)

She dressed simply but had the confident demeanor of a queen
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Shame & #impostersyndrome = energy waste you canNOT afford (I realized w/ chronic illness & pain). You WILL fall - while rest & recovery are important - sometimes the ball about to drop is too important
Don’t miss your shot

BUT do miss a lot of shots. I promise you, it will drain you of less energy to try over and over than to try to be perfect. You will ALWAYS fail to be perfect. You will only sometimes fail to make the shot


Of course there will be these people, (whether in reality or your perception of it - but perception becomes reality).

They have only as much power as YOU give them.

Go to your beginner’s mind. Find that inner child’s courage.

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When folks online think women at midcareer are “too much” or “overcompensate”

you are 100% right

=working 3-10x as hard to get 1/2 as far
on display

Tired of experiencing us online?
Try living this way ALL THE TIME
If you don’t recognize it, ask yourself whether your goals and/or identity align with power, privilege, structural inequity

..and in how many domains?

How complex or intersectional is your identity?

Centering on self is the best way to misinterpret the world around you.
If you start by asking yourself questions

you will start to learn to ask others questions, not assume

One version is called “the beginner’s mind” or a child-like curiosity about the world that promotes learning & understanding

Opposite of expert
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Hello 👋 new followers. Feel free to introduce yourself.

Me: A top strength of mine is “input” Others in pics.

I tweet A LOT. I tweet long threads with links to articles, with highlighted screenshots, links to others’ tweets. I hold onto info & reference past yet “futuristic”
You have to know the past to understand patterns and see possibilities as well as navigate past barriers for the future.

If you like control or boundaries, run now as I promise you I will be 🤯 for you.

If you like creativity, expression, innovation, equity, ethics, welcome.
I am going to constantly run around the world finding interesting concepts & facts, be passionate & outspoken on justice/equity, re-use old tweets to explore new facet in new thread.

I’ll shape shift & if you try to pin me down or box me in, you will be frustrated.

All me:
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My mom taught me self compassion, something she was not always allowing herself. She was the perfect mom to a child with neurodiversity to protect me from what the world normally does to sensitive girls who end up in Gifted & Talented (drawing ire of male classmates & their moms)
This kind of resentment is common in #STEM too:controls, ridicules, & shames creative or out-of-box women. Neatness takes up less space and is perfectionist. Perfectionism is a form of anxiety. Anxiety blocks risk taking necessary for innovation. Then we say women not innovative.
Girls start out confident.

If you did not have my mom, you would lose confidence, develop #impostersyndrome, like most girls do.

Your language would narrow. You would start to contain yourself. Reviewers would rate your grants as less “innovative.”…
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1/ Another great episode of @ShinyEpiPeople! (Last week’s with @DebJakubowski was also fabulous - so 👏🏾many 👏🏾gems!👏🏾). Two ideas struck me from this @BillMiller_Epi interview:
2/ #1 Creating inclusive work cultures. @BillMiller_Epi talked about his #ADHD & how worn out he can feel after mtgs, how he sometimes has to move & situate his body in certain ways to focus, how he has to set time limits on mtgs...
3/ This is all the more relevant in our Zoom culture where mtgs can be stacked back-to-back without a worker ever getting up from a chair or being kicked out of a conference room. Being mindful of mtg length, flexibility w having cameras off, taking mtgs outdoors helps everyone
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100% agree with @DxRxEdu and @rabihmgeha--a #missionstatement is essential to ANYONE who wants to be #missiondriven.

I often ask: "What's the WHAT?" Like, WHAT's the purpose or the point of anything I'm doing--or the impact of it?

Your #missionstatement defines that.

The WHAT helps me to decide:

What to work on
What to decline
Where to go
Where not to go
What to write
What impact I wish to have
What & who gets my time and energy
Aspirations & goals

It also helps me to push past my #impostersyndrome & keep going when I fail or fall short.
Here's my #missionstatement:

"To honor patients, learners, and the community through respectful and psychologically safe clinical and learning environments that celebrate and elevate diversity, health equity, and growth mindsets."

This is my WHAT. Image
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Dear #MedTwitter please, please, if you are a licensed medical professional and/or in school to be, do NOT delete your tweets or comply with anyone telling you to do so. It will harm you far more than leaving them up and explaining. Nothing is ever deleted. Can be used in court.
When I was at Harvard Med School and at an esteemed children's hospital, a case against an esteemed professor, that NO lawyer would touch cuz this was someone who had WRITTEN the textbooks and trained every expert, was won ..based on "a document was deleted" - creating suspicion
"Sunlight is the best disinfectant" you will hear me say OVER and OVER - wins & losses *should* be on data/standards but unfortunately wins & losses are in the court of public opinion. So be reliable, credible, and trustworthy. Transparency is one way to achieve that reputation.
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I was just reflecting on that this last day.

There is SO much shame in various cultures: healthcare (medicine, nursing), religion (Catholic, Muslim, Jewish), political (conservative or progressive/woke).

People who say “shame on you” are revealing they’ll a lot about selves.
If you shame others, is that your own internal wiring?

Thing is, if you allow shame to be your go to for others, you keep it alive internally. That is SO easily manipulated.

It is also the basis for ostracizing behaviors associated with bullying.…
It is the lazy person’s way to express themselves in interpersonal interactions IMHO because most of us had shame instilled in us by culture, religion, family, education. It is why so many have #impostersyndrome which is really is about ego, not ethics or getting 💩 done.
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Spot on.

No one agrees on definition of #professionalism.

Differs by field & setting within medicine.

Let’s be more precise.

There are several cultural and system changes/shifts happening in healthcare that change interactions, expectations, parameters.

More from @Dr_Bowser - yes, #professionalism is diffuse, varied

It quickly devolves into
shaming labels
in/out group
(=You do not belong in the profession/club)

Fear of being ostracized

to enforce “rules” that are
not verifiably mapped to quality
often indefensible
Methods to exclude, ostracize, label as “out group”

are hallmarks of bullying

which we know is too prevalent in medicine and education

Not everyone who uses term “professionalism” intends to/is a bully but many of us are complicit
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Yes, the #vaccine rollout is slow, uneven, not matched to need. "Botched"? That is a bit too strong. Much blame to go around.

American #healthcare is built for silos, turf, acute care, reactive..not #populationhealth #publichealth #prevention. It shows. Why is anyone surprised?
And #MedTwitter, despite your hashtags & publications, when it comes to real life actions inside departments, hospitals, or even on Twitter, all you all do is turf, ego, cliques, us vs them, etc. I am unimpressed. Build *systems* Yes #impostersyndrome makes you crave validation.
I am a #pediatrician and if you need validation, I've got a whole box of stickers for you. I will even let you choose your own sticker. How is that? Because, yes, you are special. You matter. You are wonderful. Happy?

Then after that, could we get 💩 done?
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