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Je, ni kwanini haishauriwi kuchanganya matumizi ya pombe na dawa?!

#thread Shuka nayo ⏬ 1/5…
Tunatoa pole kwa familia iliyopoteza uhai wa mpendwa wao kutokana na kunywa pombe wakati akiwa kwenye dozi ya dawa kwa ajili ya matibabu.

#SafetyFirst #alcohol #medication

1️⃣ Pombe huzuia (inhibit) enzymes (vimeng’enya) wanaopunguza ukali wa dawa inapoingia mwilini kufanya kazi yake. Hii hupelekea kiwango cha dawa kuendelea kuwa kikubwa mwilini na kuleta athari katika viungo muhimu kama ini na figo.

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Hello children,

Going to make my first thread about 'Starknet Airdrop Strategy' ✨🐺👇🏻
⚡⚡ We will cover these topics in this thread :

1. What is Starknet?

2. Why i think they will launch $STARK?

3. Some Tips and Setup for Starknet Testing

4. Starknet Airdrop Strategy

[ 1 ] What is Starknet?
Visit here :…

I have given link because it feels better not to copy this paragraph and make it easy. Haha! ⚡
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Therapist Tip for your #mentalhealth: How to spot a #narcissist We are in a #narcisstic #psychopathic and #sociopathic epidemic. Look for these 🚩🚩1. Mirroring your interests 🚩 2. Love Bombing you at first. Feels like bliss 🚩3. Early obsession. Go too fast in any relationship
Fall in love with you in first week(s). 🚩4. Feels too good to be true 🚩5. They are idealising you & you can do no wrong. You are perfect for them. This is the 'honeymoon' period 🚩6. Them comes drama out of the blue 🚩 7. They come from a position of "how am I?" #psychology
Wanting others attention 🚩They do not care about how you are or how your day was. Do they ever ask you how you are, how was your day, say "that sounds like a tough day for you", show genuine empathy) Watch for 'false' empathy. Does the conversation always go back to them? #narcs
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👇🏻 A great example of the manipulation of language to gain access to children. #dragqueen #storytelling #children #safeguarding #SafetyFirst
What is a "rich experience"? I do believe they are 'story telling'. What does "interactive" mean? An 'understanding of different communities' is used to manipulate, as is 'can reduce inequality'. A healthy positive start in life for children is one withOUT sexualization
Note how they use language & words to make the audience believe that teaching them about drag, etc. gives children a 'positive start' in life. This is manipulation. Exposing children to drag is going to 'reduce inequality' or normalise drag? #linguistics #questions #manipulation
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Therapist Tip 👉🏻The Power of 'NO': the word "no" is a 'boundary'. It is a word that establishes or defines the space between you & someone else. It demands respect & is supposed to be learnt learnt through childhood development. It is a universal cue that people use #boundaries
to let others know that you are not OK about something. Boundaries are designed to keep you safe &/or establish ground rules for the relationship. One of the earliest indicators of #RedFlags in toxic people/relationships is a lack of Respect/empathy for the word "no" #SafetyFirst
This lack of respect is an 'indicator' that someone has a character/personality problem &/or flaw. If a person in your life refuses to listen or respect your "no", you may need help because you now have a 'relational' problem
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I didn't think I'd spend my Easter morning educating hospital personnel about #AirborneTransmission but that's what happened. Here's a summary of the crack-of-dawn 💩 show at a hospital.

Approached screener. I was told to put on sloppy mask. Said I will put over #n95. Not asked any screening Qs. Noticed her mask only covering mouth. I said, "Your mask has slipped down." She points to the plexiglass. I proceed to advise her that #COVIDisAirborne.

I mean there is literally only one other guy that I can see, but aren't they told IT'S IN THE AIR?

I split, go to my destination, & an admin appears MASKLESS. She proceeds to put on a mask under her chin, then asks me questions, unfazed. WTAF.

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1. Been reading a lot about batteries over the last week. While I am glad that consumers are starting to ask the right questions, a lot of disinformation is also being spread around the topic.
Wanted to take this time to explain some of these aspects and why they matter in EVs:
2. Battery health and battery safety are two very different topics...
The former relates to cell degradation and the capacity retention ability, while the latter is about ensuring that the pack functions optimally and safely under all circumstances.
3. Both of them require very different engineering approaches to achieve. The key difference — where many companies falter — is in what they prioritize. At @SimpleEnergyEV, battery safety is paramount. Since we deal in high-performance EVs, even small risks could be catastrophic.
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What to look for in a cofounder:
Oh boy, this is a big one!


The #1 cause of death in startups is 🥁🥁

Co-founder issues!

Who you pick as co-founder is perhaps THE most important decision you’ll make.

I have a TON of advice on the topic, so let’s dive in 👇
The MOST important thing to know:

Your cofounder must fit in the overlap of TWO venn diagrams:

1/ Personality fit

2/ Ability to execute

A pitfall founders make: choosing ONLY ONE.
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📢 El #Aeropuerto de #Vigo se encuentra inoperativo por un problema en la pista.

👉 Los trabajos de reparación se iniciarán tan pronto como sea posible.
📲 La operativa se verá afectada hoy y los próximos días. Contacta con tu aerolínea para conocer el estado de tu vuelo.

Sentimos las molestias.

🦺 Operaciones, Mantenimiento e Ingeniería del #Aeropuerto de #Vigo planifican las actuaciones para reparar la pista.

➡️ La Subdelegada del Gobierno en Pontevedra @DelGobGalicia ha visitado a los trabajadores.
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Remember those glorious days when @BBCNews could state (with confidence) how many children a certain politician had? 🤔

“If anyone says I was speeding, I want to see the evidence.” #SafetyFirst

As convincing statements of total innocence go... 🤦🏻‍♂️…
“For a man who wants to be Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is in danger of developing a reputation for breaking the law.”

Rules (and safety) are for...lesser mortals, apparently.…
‘But Boris Johnson may have a get out from claims he broke the law - because there is an exemption for “a vehicle being used for police, fire and rescue services”.’

An utterly selfish, narcissistic, arsehole always looking to play a “get out” card. 🤬…
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Your Safety and You.


As at time of the accident it wasn't clear the number of persons trapped for easy evacuation and rescue.

1. Develop a manifest/register at work sites and offices

2. Make use of T-cards for everyone working/visiting your sites/offices Image

The cost of safety can't be equated to the cost of ignorance. "I don't care" na person wey e never reach him side.

Don't wait until it happens, stop been reactive be proactive. The rate of building collapse might be on the increase and until people are held
accountable for cutting corners we are not sure these will end anytime soon.

Your looking the other way when processes and procedures are violated makes you an accomplice to whatever eventually happens If you see something!
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Para sofocar alarmismos, os vamos a explicar cómo se gestiona un despegue/aterrizaje cuando hay un 🛬 en final y otro para despegar. En las "noticias" se cuenta todo con dramatismo innecesario cuando el caso de hoy demuestra precisamente que las barreras de seguridad funcionan.
Cuando el control de torre tiene un tráfico rodando para despegar o volando para aterrizar lo sabe. Y lo sabe porque, fundamentalmente, trabaja a la vista. Además suele contar con un radar de apoyo para saber donde se encuentra el avión que llega.
El avión que sale no puede entrar en pista y despegar sin la autorización de torre, al igual que el avión que llega tampoco puede aterrizar.
El controlador de torre valora la posición del avión que llega y decide si le da luz verde para salir antes o después del aterrizaje
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Excited to tune into the @FLOWJamaica Foundation's Safer Internet Day Teen Summit! Happening now. 🤗🤗🤗
How many internet providers acknowledge their duty in recognizing & addressing online safety!? Already off to a great start @FLOWJamaica

Just about everything is online now! Addressing safety, especially among young people, is a must!

#SID2021 #InnaRealLife #SafeYouth
Everyone has a responsibility to make a positive difference online! Parents, Government, Students, Seniors, All of us!

#SID2021 #SaferInternetDay #InnaRealLife
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Alle rufen nach einer #Langzeitstrategie.

Hier ist sie:

#RunterBis10 powered by #NoCovid

Ein Strategie-Thread für wenig #COVID19, wenig #LongCovid, noch weniger #Coronatote, #BildungAberSicher und einen tollen #Sommer für uns

Bitte RT!
Gerne wird #NoCovid von vorneherein als Option ausgeschlossen, da man behauptet es wäre unmöglich die Infektionszahlen im Winter zu senken, wie bspw. von @stohr_klaus Anfang Januar.
#Leerdenker / #Covidioten / #Verharmloser nehmen diese Argumentation gerne auf. ABER, sie ist falsch:

#WIR können das #coronavirus BESIEGEN, wenn wir es WOLLEN.

Der #lockdown wirkt, die #Inzidenz fällt, schwere Krankheitsfälle sind rückläufig.

@risklayer 21.12. vs 06.02.
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If you are conscious Distinguished you will realize that God is not stuck in a building or in the sky but lives in us all. God is a SPIRIT and those that worship Him must do so in Spirit and in Truth. God is not the author of confusion. He is a God of Order. #SafetyFirst
There’s a difference between Pastoring a church and leading a rebellion and the Distinguished rabbi, His Grace @sam_adeyemi is more than familiar with the leadership example of Christ than to play to the gallery to appease the mob at the expense of the safety of the collective.
We can cross over at anytime and it will coincide with at least one of the time zones as we fellowship with the saints as global citizens from the comfort of our homes. Dial down the spread of the pandemic & reduce the impact on our ailing health services. #StaySafe
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(1) Our opponents are exploiting the young age of 16 year old Claudia Conway because no bar is too low for them when it comes to politics these days.

The Conway family is affected by domestic abuse at the hands of George Conway.

Hear me out...
(2) The term "domestic abuse" includes psychological, emotional, & spiritual abuse.

I've survived all three, & law enforcement including these forms in their definition was a big help to me.

Kellyanne Conway is a devout Catholic, trying to keep her family together.
(3) I have a lot of regard for Kellyanne Conway, so I've understood what she's trying to do & have never said divorce would be preferable. At this point, her personal dilemma has reached breaking point, bc her kids are being used.
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Likely to have a large impact on Muslim families celebrating Eid tomorrow.

Unclear why such short notice provided but important that this message is cascaded as quickly as possible given it goes live within a few hours.

The question of whether mosques are allowed to open for Eid (preparations have been happening for weeks), is being asked quite widely and as of yet, there is no clarity

My understanding (no confirmation) is no impact on guidance for mosques & Eid prayers

But some are asking whether mosques *should* still hold Eid prayers (even with social distancing and all the precautions) even if it's technically allowed, given the lockdown & increase in risk.

Discussions ongoing at this late hour.

Will post if I hear any updates
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A great, scientifically accurate overview of the #COVID19 vaccine development process. Thankful as always for @NIHDirector at the helm.…
Re quick timeline to human trials:

"That’s really an amazing part of the science.

While it seems like this all happened in a blink of an eye, 65 days, it was built on years of basic science work...." #ScienceMatters
Re timeline for release to public:

"the real important point is that for the phase 3 trial, there are no timesavers. One must enroll 30,000 people and watch them over months in a very rigorous, placebo-controlled environment" #VaccinesWork #SafetyFirst
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Indu Alagarsamy on the intersection of #DDD as a software discipline with Messaging as a technology counterpart. @Indu_alagarsamy…

👏🏾 in order to capture, understand, implement domain nuances, separate the unified model into new ones in it's own bounded context
👏🏾 decompose models/contexts
- by teams' makeup/composition
- by transactional consistency
- by business processes/ behaviors
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1/n This is a thread about microRNA therapeutics in pulmonary fibrosis summarizing the MiRagen call today - we've been collaborating for >6 years now through an NIH-NHLBI funded CADET II grant to develop mir-29 as a therapy - the progress is amazing! #CureIPF #Mir29
2/n And first and most important is the patient: Teresa Barnes, a patient advocate, speaks about the unmet need of highly specific and effective therapies in IPF #PeopleILookUpTo #CureIPF #CurePF #MircroRNATherapies #Mir29
3/n Rusty Montgomery @rmontonio of MiRagen: The Mir-29 mimic Remlarsen has hit fibrosis targets in a phase 1 trial of Keloid formation - a phase II trial is happening #AntiKeloid #CureScarring
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June 18

Another 7 deaths from COVID-19 were reported in Iowa today, bringing total since March 24 to 677.

Deaths were reported in Woodbury (2), Black Hawk, Dallas, Henry, Louisa, and Polk.

Please mourn the dead, support their loved ones and caregivers, & help stop the spread.
As of 10:10 am, the Iowa Dep't of Public Health has not updated hospitalization numbers.

There were 355 confirmed new cases of COVID-19 today, bringing the total to 24,735 (+1.5%).

This was on 5,191 tests for a test rate of 6.8% - too many new cases and test rate is too high.
Still no update on hospitalization numbers as of 10:40 am.

For the 77 counties where Gov. Reynolds first loosened restrictions on May 1, they were up 171 new cases to 7,589 total (+2.3% in single day).

That's 48 out of 49 days they have increased faster than state as a whole.
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La préparation (PPV) et la réalisation d'un vol long courrier, travail conjoint entre pilotes et dispatchers, comment ça se passe ? Long thread #avgeek #SafetyFirst @nodogazo @flyCSI
Le Dispatch est localisé dans le Centre de Contrôle des Opérations (CCO). Une trentaine de dispatchers (DSP) se relaient en 3/8 pour préparer l'ensemble des vols de la compagnie. Les longs courriers sont préparés manuellement, alors que les moyens sont seulement supervisés.
La vacation Dispatch commence par un briefing des référents au cours duquel les événements exceptionnels en cours sont abordés : tempêtes tropicales, activité volcanique, grèves, problèmes géopolitiques, vols spéciaux ... Cela pose le contexte de la vacation.
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Q: #ShelterInPlace orders are beginning to lift in my area. What activities are safe to resume?

A: While the safest thing to do is stay at home, the next phase of the pandemic will require each of us to make choices on how to resume.
Safety tips from @TheAtlantic below
Some key points:
🧼 Physical distance, masks, and hand washing will remain important pillars of infection control for the foreseeable future.
👥 Avoid crowded spaces, especially indoors.
😷 Make the least risky choices when resuming activities.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Consider how your actions could affect the health and wellness of others when making choices.
🔵 If you don’t need to expand your network, it’s best to keep bubbles small.

Read the full article here:…
#COVID #Covid_19 #SafetyFirst #StayHome
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#Lockdown is critical for slowing the spread of #COVID19, and India has displayed firm resolve in enforcing it.

Massive labour churn; CMIE Data indicates that 120 million people have lost their jobs. We will need strong Govt action to revive the Economy.…
We're already in a Global #Recession, the kind of which hasn't been seen in a century. It could get a lot worse, and we need to be prepared. #ViciousCycle 🔁 : Businesses shuttered, Labour furloughed, Expenditure cut and Demand destroyed. @MD_Nalapat…
The #lockdown and media-fuelled fear have completely brought the economy to a grinding halt. At some stage, #starvation may overtake #COVID19 as the leading cause of death. States like Punjab are finding innovative ways to balance health & economics.…
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